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Chapter 0412 To fight the interstellar one is to have strong perseverance

In the evening, The Flash arrived as scheduled and duel with Captain Cold and Mick.

Even Zhou Wenwen saw the scene of Duncan and his team being swallowed by the energy fog, while Tis had been chatting with the golden energy figure.

The blue-and-red villain also found the bottle mouth, and waited for a second or two before reacting, realizing that it was true, and using all his strength, he ran to the bottle mouth.

"Then, what about those gods who are said to have become gods by relying on incense and faith?"

Zhou Wenwen suddenly remembered this and asked again.

The next ones are "Ling Shui Wan Ze", "Palm Wind Like Thunder" and "Fire Zhuo Sun".

As for more functions, what about the water purification effect?

On the contrary, the artillery in the hands of the Transformers showed great power in the battle, and saved Zhou Wenwen's trouble.

However, Transformers are limited by their body weight, and in combat, the ammunition of live ammunition weapons such as artillery, rockets, and machine guns is limited.

Barry managed to make fire and water meet and win. At this time, Joe and Sisko successfully rescued Caitlin by piecing together the video footage.

Zhou Wenwen was instantly overjoyed, he pressed the button without saying a word, and a blue-white time-space tunnel appeared in front of Zhou Wenwen, Tis, and the golden energy figure.

At this point, Zhou Wenwen has finally collected the theory of the Five Elements Great Evolution, and can start to collect the energy of the Five Elements. At the same time, Zhou Wenwen will teach the Five Elements Great Evolution.

Red fire, orange fire.

Brown pentium soil, black hexagon soil.

Soon, the energy entering the energy furnace reaches the minimum requirements, and the energy furnace starts self-checking operation. After the operation, the energy furnace transmits the obtained electricity to the main body.

"So now I have to wait for the energy of the Temple of Doom to recover before the Temple of Knights is useful?"

After Tis jumped off the Star Palace, Zhou Wenwen took out something, which was a card box filled with a bunch of Star Cards.

"So, isn't this a dream?"

On this day, it was finally time for Iris to move out of the house. Before leaving home, Iris and Barry's words eased the relationship between the two a little.

Zhou Wenwen pondered for a long time, and only had a few ideas to answer, but they were all too reluctant, but it was okay, he could prove it from the side.

The energy fog often occurs near the water surface where the cold and warm air meet in the foggy swamp. Generally, after the fog is over, there will be continuous magic chaos.

So, what is the Guardian platform?

But this thing is useless to Zhou Wenwen, what he needs is a strong thug!

"Verification completed, no abnormality found, start linking."

"The link is complete, the No. 114 unit of the Knights Temple sees the Master of Yuanyu."

"Where will the soul be?" Zhou Wenwen asked curiously.

"What is a ghost?"

At the same time of loss, it was fortunate that Barry accompanied Joe's father all the time. Barry said that he should move back.

But when the time came to the afternoon, Zhou Wenwen and Tis couldn't sit still. The weather report from the Mage Tower said that the energy fog would cover the entire foggy swamp tomorrow.

"After receiving this report, Yuanyu approved the upgrade of buildings like the Temple of Knights, giving them the ability and work to adjust units."

Therefore, the magnetism of matter is not caused by the orbital magnetic moment of the electrons, but mainly by the spin magnetic moment.

The approximation of the magnetic moment of each electron spin is equal to one Bohr magneton, the unit of atomic magnetic moment.

The content on the light curtain was first of words that Zhou Wenwen could not understand, and then after Zhou Wenwen's perspective focused on the light curtain, the content on the light curtain instantly turned into simplified characters.

The first copy of "Rotary Wing Dragon" needs 3☆, and the second copy starts, "Rotary Wing Dragon" only needs 1☆.

Zhou Wenwen was a little surprised. It was the first time he understood this word, so he was a little confused about this word.

"Then how do we get rid of these ghosts?"

The two went back to their old days.

Zhou Wenwen naturally did not believe this excuse. He wanted to interrogate the mercenary, but was stopped by the apprentice Mage sent by Duncan, saying that Lord Duncan had designated the mercenary.

see this scene

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The golden energy figure was nothing at first, but after Xianghong himself forgot to cork the bottle in the morning, he suddenly turned pale in shock and hurriedly shouted.

At a press conference the next day, Tony officially announced that he was Iron Man.

You can also understand that Tony is rotten.

The most heavily defended positions of general battleships are conning towers, ammunition depots, turrets and power units, and the defensive armor in these positions is heavier.

Because the ammunition depot and the fort are hit, it will cause the explosion, causing huge damage to the battleship, and the conning tower and the power plant device, don't say more.

Basically, the last second Zhou Wenwen just used the hidden shadow to enter the shadow area, the next second the shadow disappeared, and Zhou Wenwen came out.

It's a bit like the virtual projection of Hero Wei Guang, but Zhou Wenwen can't put out the curry stick, so he can only make the sword huge and use the poor version of the curry stick.

On the way to Tieshan Prison, Captain Cold again planned to escape, and this time, a new partner appeared.

After saying that, the mercenary took Zhou Wenwen to the cemetery of the abandoned church and found the body. After the mercenary left, Zhou Wenwen called out Tis.

Second, soil resists water, because soil produces metal, and metal changes water. In this process, water will lose units. Although soil will not get water, it will not lose units.

"Yo Tony, long time no see."

"Long time no see, doctor."

"Or the president who's now at war everywhere?"

"No, you are nothing, you are nothing without Stark!"

Expressed as, the increase in the internal energy of an object is equal to the sum of the heat absorbed by the object and the work done on the object.

Its generalization and essence is the famous law of conservation of energy, which is expressed as △U=Q+.

With the help of a cutting-edge laboratory, Barry is once again winning piece by piece.

Putting disinfectant, Colt M1911 pistol, double-barrel shotgun, ammunition, and a map into the space, Zhou Wenwen stepped out of the building contentedly and was about to take an adventure before crossing, but he was interrupted because Zhou Wenwen I heard the sound of a car cranking from the surroundings.

Therefore, the 2 battleships converted into missile battleships had their turrets and heavy armor removed, and the vacancies of the battleships ~www.novelbuddy.com~ were all equipped with vertical missile launchers.

Grey Gengjin, yellow Xinjin.

Light blue Ren water, dark blue Gui water.

But the black dwarf star completely ignored them, and Tony's beam attack was blocked by the black dwarf star's skin, without causing even a single wound.

Seeing that Zhou Wenwen was no longer speaking, Tis asked.

"How about it?"

"Like the housekeeper, it has no soul, it's an empty shell," Tice replied, shaking his head.

When Barry got home, Iris came home to get something, and she was excited to learn that she was hired by the new newspaper.


Chapter 0413 Good preview, multi-line explosion!

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