I Have a Seaside Five-star Hotel - Chapter 558 New Mission: The Era of Grand Hotel Begins

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"Is our cafeteria so good?!

"Chen Jianhai said in shock.

Liu Fuhou let go of his dangling heart, and said proudly:

"The chefs in the cafeteria used to cook more than Lake Lane, so after I came, I changed a chef, and at the same time, I discussed with the people in the administrative management office and changed a group of cafeteria logistics staff. Everyone is quite satisfied with this cafeteria."

Chen Jianhai nodded affirmatively: "It's pretty good!"

Much better than the fermented bean curd jar of the Shell Association!

If it weren't for the fact that he was still the president of the Shell Hotel Industry Association, he couldn't afford to lose this person,

Chen Jianhai must take Liu Fuhou, spoil the cafeteria of Zaomen, and come to a denunciation meeting.

take a plate,

Although Chen Jianhai only played a little bit of each dish, at the end, the entire plate of meals also came to the fore.

In the end, I didn't think it was enough and made two cups of freshly squeezed watermelon juice.

When he took his seat,


An inexplicable uncomfortable feeling rushed up his back.

This feeling...hs!

Why is it like the starlings who were pumped to death back then?

Chen Jianhai shrugged uncomfortably,

When he was chatting with Liu Fuhou in the office just now, he always felt uncomfortable.

It feels more and more obvious now.

"Doom Bounces Back!"

Chen Jianhai picked up the tachyon subconsciously, and the two tachyons were intertwined, making a crisp sound like a pop of rice.

next moment,

The sound of heavy objects falling, mixed with a scream, came from the direction of the beverage machine.

"Someone fell!"

What? !

When Chen Jianhai heard this, he quickly put down his plate and ran over.

one look,

I saw Liu Fuhou fell to the ground in an extremely embarrassed manner, holding a glass of juice in his left hand and pressing his right hand under him, his face showing pain.

"what happened!"

Chen Jianhai quickly helped Liu Fuhou up.

Liu Fuhou gritted his teeth and said, "I wasn't optimistic just now, but I slipped while walking."


Chen Jianhai quickly looked at the ground.

The entire cafeteria was wiped clean, and it stands to reason that no one could slip!

"It is estimated that someone spilled some watermelon juice after beating, and I stepped on it."

Cold sweat broke out on Liu Fuhou's forehead, and he bared his teeth in pain. It was obvious that he had fallen hard just now.

Chen Jianhai saw the lines drawn along the shoe traces on the ground through the reflection.


Chen Jianhai was puzzled.

Such a small spilled juice, how did this old Liu step on it and fall so hard!

But now is not the time to wonder about this, Liu Fuhou's matter now matters.

"Come a few people and send them to the hospital!"


Fortunately, the association is close to the city center.

A group of people escorted Liu Fuhou to the hospital.

If you wait for Route 63, you have to wait for people to smoke.

"Don't our association have a car?" Chen Jianhai asked his doubts.

"Nowhere to stop!" Liu Fuhou said helplessly.

"Our association does not have a yard, and there is a yellow road in front of it, and there is not even a place to park around."

"The only means of transportation is the No. 63 bus at the door."

The association employee next to him also said, "Yeah, I really want to buy a car, but I can't buy it."

"Every morning and night, we can only squeeze 63 to and from get off work,"

"Now Route 63 has almost become the general car of our association."

Chen Jianhai listened without saying a word, was silent for a long time, and suddenly said in a muffled voice:

"So, when you said last time you wanted to arrange a car for me, you actually meant to send me to Route 63, right?"

Liu Fuhou suddenly blushed, embarrassed for a long time, and said embarrassingly:

"Limited conditions, limited conditions..."


Liu Fuhou was sent to the hospital and registered with the doctor.

The doctor's first sentence was: "Why are you here again?"

Liu Fuhou said helplessly: "Fall down again."

doctor:? ? ?

"Which hand is this time?"

Liu Fuhou: "The right hand."

Doctor: "It's pretty good, it's pretty symmetrical. Let me take a picture first and come back and see."

After the filming, the doctor said:

"It's okay, just like last time, no bones are hurt, just rest for two days."

Hearing this, Chen Jianhai and Liu Fuhou let out a sigh of relief.

Now is the time when the association is reforming and employing people, Liu Fuhou is another member of the army, unless he is unconscious, he must not get off the line!

Doctor: "But I still suggest you go next door to see your brain."

Liu Fuhou: !


Chen Jianhai: ? ? ?

Doctor: "Frequent falls in a short period of time may be a signal sent by your body to you,"

"I just suggest that you look at your brain when you have time, nothing else."

"Of course, you can also change to a pair of wear-resistant and non-slip leather shoes first, and get used to it for two days."

"Maybe it's the shoes or not."


out of the hospital,

Looking at the thick layer of plaster wrapped around Liu Fuhou's arm and wrist,

Chen Jianhai was helpless,

Liu Fuhou also sighed.

for a long time,

Liu Fuhou gritted his teeth and said, "President, don't worry, you won't delay your work!"

Chen Jianhai took a deep look at Liu Fuhou,

Now any pale promises are to paint the pie of this stalwart,

Any careful emotion can not really make people feel empathy!

For such good comrades and good subordinates, nothing is more convincing than the big bonus at the end of the year!

Good old Liu, I will remember your merit!

Chen Jianhai nodded heavily.

At this moment, only a "ding" sounded in Chen Jianhai's mind.

"Congratulations to the host for winning the title of \"Helm of the Adverse Wave\"!"

"Congratulations to the host for unlocking the \"Grand Hotel Era\" golden mission."

"The related task page has been opened in the functional area, please check it yourself."

Then, the huge blue system panel bounced off in front of Chen Jianhai's eyes.

In the middle of the panel, a golden icon flashed constantly, as if waiting for Chen Jianhai to unlock it.

"President, what are you looking at?!"

Just as Chen Jianhai was staring at the system panel in the void in front of him, Liu Fuhou's voice came from beside him.

"It's okay, I just thought about it for a while."

Chen Jianhai forcibly suppressed the curiosity in his heart, crossed the system panel and sent Liu Fuhou back to the association, then quickly ran back to the office and reopened the system panel to take a closer look.

Click on the "gold icon",

An incomparably gorgeous blue ocean came into Chen Jianhai's sight,

Above the blue ocean, countless white seabirds fly in the air, and a glittering hotel is like a giant ship with high sails, breaking the waves on the sea, just like watching a 4D movie.

"Good guy...is there a cutscene for this mission?"

Chen Jianhai looked at the system screen in front of him as if he were watching an advertisement, and he was completely dumbfounded.

He accepted the system for so long, and it was the first time he saw a mission with cutscenes.


A string of text appears on the panel as the cutscene disappears.

"The Era of the Grand Hotel"

"Mission description: Pioneers pioneer achievements, heroes open an era."

"Dance on the cusp of the market, fight on the battlefield of service, and let the happy little money be sprinkled on the way forward! Please host the hotel in the prosperous world of happy vacations for the whole people, and open the era of big hotels together!"

"This task and the luxury hotel upgrade task are listed as the main line upgrade task of the system."

"Completing this task will get rich rewards from the system."

When Chen Jianhai saw this, he swallowed his saliva involuntarily.

That's pretty hot-blooded.

There is a feeling of going to the battlefield.

"The luxury hotel upgrade task should be my personal hotel upgrade task."

"My hotel is now a platinum five-star hotel, and the next level is a six-star luxury hotel."

"As the hotel gets bigger and bigger, and the number of stars increases, the upgrade tasks will also get higher and higher."

"This is the main task that has been determined when I first got the system."

"This big hotel mission sounds like a group mission?!"

"Can I do it alone?"

Chen Jianhai looked down suspiciously,

Open the "Grand Hotel Era" task, in the sub-page, there are two small icons.

One of the two small icons reads "Coconut Gold" and the other reads "Shell".

Only the icon of "Coconut Umbrella" is lit, and the following shows that the points are: 0.

The "shell" icon is locked in black, and the following points display is: 300.

"What's going on?!

Chen Jianhai looked at the two icons back and forth, and there were more question marks in his eyes.

How come there are no points under the unlocked icon, but there are points for the unlocked icon?

Could it be that this icon requires points to unlock?

Chen Jianhai tried several times,

But no matter what he does. The "shell" icon is still black and cannot be lit.


In desperation, Chen Jianhai clicked on the "Coconut Umbrella" icon.

"Mission milestone: \"First appearance\" Completed!"

"Completion condition: The host obtains 30% approval from the members of the association."

"Get rewards: The host's own leadership is enhanced by +30, and the provincial governor will get 3000 points."

"Reward description: The strengthening of the host's own leadership will enhance employees' sense of following and courage, and every decision you make can be firmly followed by employees and members."

"Mission Milestone: \"Knife Light Out of Sheath\" Completed!"

"Completion condition: Make the first decision that affects the \"Grand Hotel Environment\"."

"Rewards: The host's own decision-making power +20, and the host will get 3000 points."

"Reward description: The host's grasp of decision-making and market observation will be greatly enhanced, helping the host to make more accurate decisions in the complex and turbulent market."


"The helmsman in the against the tide! Achievement task completion rate is 60%,"

"The system detects that the host is blessed with 10 points of golden luck, and the host receives an additional reward "Nanjiang Five-star Hotel Illustration."

"Special Items in Nanjiang Five-Star Hotel Guide): All five-star hotels in Nanjiang are included, and the host can view all hotel information at a glance."

Then, a small envelope with a red dot popped out from the bottom of the system panel.

Chen Jianhai shivered and opened the small envelope.

The ten words "Nanjiang Five-Star Hotel Guide" glittered in his dog's eyes.

Open the "Illustrated Book", which is like a living map, which fully describes the geographical location, personnel status, room status, catering services, staff specialties, hotel advantages and characteristics of all five-star hotels in Nanjiang in detail and completeness. and so on,

Even the owners of major hotels are listed in detail.

...good stuff!

What is this missing!


Chen Jianhai was about to scream in happiness!

Now the core of the "cross-hotel reservation package" that the association is working on is to accurately grasp the advantages and strengths of each hotel, and join forces to fight for the market!

With this "Illustrated Book", he can adjust the contents of the package more freely, better play the advantages of the major hotels, and attract a larger and broader tourism market!

Isn't this association stable?

Chen Jianhai happily accepted the book "Nanjiang Five-Star Hotel Picture Gold, and suddenly felt that the vast world has great potential!"

what did he do? ?

he did nothing...

He just had a meeting!


Did he do something earth-shattering during the meeting?

Except for a few bb words, he did nothing!

What can be exchanged?

It is 6000 points!

It's a new system upgrade task!

It is a book of "Nanjiang Five-star Hotel Guide!"


It's numb.

Just by completing two small tasks, I got 6,000 points. If these two association tasks are done together, wouldn't the points drop like a snowflake?

Chen Jianhai couldn't hold back his excitement. He opened the system panel, personal center, and points.

"Now I have a total of 220,000 points."

"If you count the 150,000 points for the \"Star Gazer\" hidden mission. Then I have 370,000 points."

"There is only 230,000 left from the 400,000 points I owe!"

Chen Jianhai used his unsatisfactory brain to independently complete an accurate mental calculation without the help of a calculator.

And, yes!


Sure enough... the power of the masses is limitless!

There was an enthusiastic citizen "Aquarius Soda" who did not want to reveal his real name and accurately predicted that the association would be used to score points in the future.

Now it seems that his prediction is very accurate!

Without his divine prophecy, the system would not be able to come up with such a world-leading reward method!

"This kind of talent will have to find a way to get into the hotel in the future~www.novelbuddy.com~ Let him take a look at Feng Shui..."

Chen Jianhai touched his chin, and when he was about to turn around, he asked Minister Xie to get this buddy to work for him.

"System, is the mission of the Grand Hotel era a hidden mission of the Lion Castle Hotel?"

With hope in his heart, Chen Jianhai tried to speak again.

He was always thinking about the hidden mission of the Lion Castle Hotel in his heart, and he felt uneasy for a day if he didn't listen to it.


"The mission of the Grand Hotel era is the main mission of the system upgrade, which is not the same mission as the hidden mission of the Lion Castle Hotel."

"The host can choose to continue excavating the hidden mission of the Lion Castle Hotel or ignore it."

"Once you complete the hidden mission of the Lion Castle Hotel,

The master will receive generous rewards from the system. "

The familiar and cold voice of the system sounded again.

still have a chance!


Chen Jianhai's eyes lit up.

He hasn't triggered the hidden mission yet!

Therefore, within the scope of his imagination,

He still has at least 50,000 points of hidden mission reward,

If you can complete the hidden task at the end of the year, plus the task of the association and the task of astronomical stars,

Maybe I can fulfill my promise to Qin Li next year and hold a game carnival for the Gods and Buddhas!

Although he still doesn't understand why the "shell" icon is locked, there will always be time to find out later.

"Work is always worthless...!"

Chen Jianhai exhaled softly.

If you don't want to come up with this cross-hotel package, you can't activate the main task of the system.

Looking at a series of tasks waiting to be unlocked in the system panel,

Chen Jianhai is full of ambition!

Work and earn points!

First stop: Nanjiang Culture and Tourism Department!

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