I Have a Random New System Daily - Chapter 2741 Are the earth **** beads fake?

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Ye Tianyi is really embarrassed and difficult to handle now.

But thinking about it carefully, it is indeed better for this Earth God Pearl to appear than not to appear at all!

There is no news or clues about the Earth God Bead staying in the Totem Land. This situation is indeed more difficult!

Now, at least the Earth God Orb has appeared in the Divine Realm, and at the same time everyone is fighting for it. No matter how bad the result is, Ye Tianyi will be able to know the location of the Earth God Bead through his own deduction!

In short, under the current situation, the difficulty of obtaining the Earth God Orb in the future is definitely much smaller than that of the Earth God Orb staying in the Totem Land!

However, what Ye Tianyi is more curious about now is why the Earth God Pearl appeared here.

"Is this the Earth God Pearl?"

Wang Shiyu frowned at the shocking scene.

The legendary Divine Pearl really lived up to its reputation.

"Humph! Venerable May, if you succeed in making this Earth God Orb its owner, I really can't do anything about you, but now you can only release some of the power of the Earth God Bead, that's all , not enough to shake me to wait!"

The strong man in the Martial God Temple roared, and the black light directly penetrated the wind and sand.

At the same time, the power of a large number of other powerhouses is also breaking through the sandstorm!

That Venerable Wuyue felt the power from all directions against him, and his face changed!


He sighed inwardly.

For this earth **** bead, he has indeed made too much effort.

However, in such an environment, he really is not qualified to take this earth **** bead away!

He has worked so hard! He really can't take the earth **** beads with him.

"Humph! I can't take the Earth God Pearl, and you can't get it easily! Even if you want to get the Earth God Bead, you must pay a certain price!"

And how to make these people pay?

He gave up, he tried hard, but there was really no way!

Then let these people continue to fight desperately for it!


Afterwards, Venerable May threw the Earth God Bead in his hand directly from the sky!

"You grab it."

After Venerable May finished speaking, he walked away.

While Ye Tianyi was standing in the distance, he looked up and watched the Earth God Pearl thrown in his direction. .

ah this? ?

"Quick! Grab it!"

At the same time, a large number of powerhouses also directly gave up their actions against Venerable May. After all, the fundamental reason for their actions against Venerable May was actually to **** the Earth God Orb in his hands!

"Quick grab!"

Everyone rushed over.

Ye Tianyi stretched out his hand, released his spiritual power, and then held the Earth God Pearl thrown over in his palm.

Ah this...

Is the Earth God Pearl your own?

It's good luck too.

People just throw it away, such a big place, so many people, just throw it into their own hands?


Ye Tianyi held the Earth God Pearl and frowned.

Although at this moment, the Earth God Orb is in his hands, he is not qualified to take it away!


All the powerhouses gathered in front of Ye Tianyi and above the void!

"Hand over the Earth God Pearl!"

The powerhouse of the Martial God Temple stretched out his hand to Ye Tianyi!

It can be felt that this kid in front of him has a very weak cultivation base, and he asked him to hand over the Divine Pearl, so he naturally did not dare to disobey!

"Boy, give it to me!"

Another strong man stared at Ye Tianyi and said.

"To the old man!"

"If you don't want to die, give the Earth God Pearl to this old man!"

Everyone looked at Ye Tianyi and said one after another.

There are too many people here, otherwise, someone must have shot Ye Tianyi directly and killed Ye Tianyi.

"Then who am I giving it to?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Of course it's for the old man!"

The strong man in the Martial God Hall shouted.

"To the old man!"

"If you dare to give it to others, the old man will kill you!"


Ye Tianyi looked at them and said, "Look, all of you seniors want it, and if I give it to anyone, it will provoke other seniors. How should I choose? I won't give it to this senior, the others. I'm going to kill me, I'll give it, this senior wants to kill me too, what can I do?"

These powerhouses are relatively confident that once the Earth God Orb is grasped by them, basically no one can take it away!

For example, the Earth God Orb fell into the hands of the Martial God Temple and the Moon God Palace. There are many people here. Why can't they hold the Earth God Orb firmly?

"Let's do it this way, the juniors don't want to provoke anyone, the juniors will throw the earth **** beads into the void, and the rest of the seniors will fight for it themselves!"

After speaking, Ye Tianyi also threw the Earth God Pearl into the void without hesitation!

A warrior of the tenth rank of the True God Realm, throwing out the Divine Orb with force, this speed, this distance, is absolutely exaggerated!

Whoosh whoosh—

Those strong men rushed to the void at the same time, and rushed to the earth **** bead!

However, a smile appeared on the corner of Ye Tianyi's mouth.

The earth **** beads have been put away by him.

The Earth God Orb he threw out was just the same thing as the real Earth God Bead in appearance and breath. It was a fake created by the release of the Law of Creation the moment he got the Earth God Bead!

But, in this case, who would have thought of that?

Who can find out?

Looking at the fierce competition between these people, it can be seen that no one has noticed.

Even Wang Shiyu next to him didn't notice Ye Tianyi's little tricks.

In order to compete for the fake earth **** beads, the group of people fought again.

The scene is very grand.

"Wow, that's an exaggeration!"

Ye Tianyi sighed.

In fact, he was in a very good mood.

"In order to compete for treasures such as the Earth God Pearl, it's normal."

Time passes by every second!


The Venerable Wuyue stood there and said to the dozen or so strong men behind him: "There is no way, this Earth God Pearl has no relationship with my Mayday after all."

"It's okay, Great Elder, you have done your best. There are too many strong people here."

Venerable Wuyue said: "It's a pity, if the old man has time to recognize this earth **** bead as the master, then with the powerful combat power and defense power endowed by this earth **** bead, even these people together will not be able to shake this old man. It's a pity that I don't have the opportunity and time."

At this moment, the warrior of the Martial God Temple teleported and suddenly came behind the warrior with the Earth God Pearl in his hand, and slapped him behind his back.


The strong man spurted out a mouthful of blood, and threw the Earth God Bead in his hand just now!


The strong man in the Martial God Temple stretched out his hand to hold the Earth God Pearl.

"Finally, I got this Earth God Pearl!"

The powerhouse of the Martial God Temple showed a sneer!


His eyes glanced at everyone~www.novelbuddy.com~ and said: "I want to see, this earth **** pearl is in the hands of this deity, who can take it away!"

After all, he wanted to release the power of the Earth God Pearl, but...


Under the stimulation of his spiritual power, the Earth God Orb in his hand turned into nothingness!


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