I Can View Character Attributes - Chapter 362

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After all, the Gardner Mental Hospital is not an old forest, and the Venom Chariot and the Spider Predator unit both have the function of signal relay, so the communication signal is safe.

As the twelve spider predators entered the forest, each video was quickly fed back.

The remote control that is not within the field of view requires switching the horizon screen back and forth, which greatly weakens the flexibility of brain wave control, and it becomes very difficult to perform micro operations.

But fortunately, the spider predator is a robot after all. Even if it does not use brain wave control, it has its own intelligent system. It is no problem to direct its travel and search through basic control commands.

Organisms often have super-sensitivity to 'five senses'. As long as they have the similar combination of eyes, ears, mouth and nose, even if it is just a few vague holes, creatures can usually be recognized at a glance in various complex environments.

This is a stress instinct evolved from the survival of the fittest. Having facial features often means life, and in the wilderness will also mean hidden predators.

Arachnid predators are of course not creatures, but their enemy detection system also has a similar image processing module. In the complex mountain and forest environment, all the pictures that make up the facial features will cause warning and further identification, and finally feedback to Xia Xu's Above the smart glasses terminal.

Xia Xu quickly browsed these feedback pictures, and quickly eliminated most of the wrong pictures and the mountain searchers manually, and finally stayed on the feedback image of the 08 spider predator.

In fact, he just turned over this image for the first time, because it is not a complete picture of facial features, just two black holes in the canopy.

Moreover, the area and distance of these two holes are relatively large, which is not proportional to the eyes of normal creatures. It is very likely that the shape is only caused by the difference in light and darkness between the dense leaves.

Fortunately, he was taking Ultra Brain Controlled Release Tablets, so his brain's ability to retrieve information was extremely strong, and he had an inexplicably strong sense of vision for the pair of 'holes', so he went back and checked it carefully.


The sense of sight became stronger and stronger, Xia Xu's mind moved, and under his control, Spider Predator 08 quietly came under the big tree, and eight sharp spider feet slowly walked up the tree trunk.

Arachnid predators are bionic mechanical spiders, and their arachnid legs also have tufts and claws similar to spiders.

Although limited by size, weight and technical factors, it is impossible to walk on a smooth surface of 90 degrees like a real spider, but it can still be done slowly on this trunk with rough bark.

Like a real predator, it silently climbed up from the tree trunk, and soon the spider-shaped predator 08 sneaked into the canopy, and faced a behemoth that turned back in surprise.

The multi-spectral lens of the spider-shaped predator was naturally icy cold, without any fluctuations, on the contrary, it recorded the fear and horror on the big face in a fine detail, which was fully revealed in front of Xia Xu's eyes.

This is a person.

However, there may be a question mark behind this sentence.

Because this is a 'giant' with a very unusual physique. It is estimated to be close to 2.5 meters in height, and has an extremely strong physique with knotted muscles. Its overall appearance is very similar to that of humans. The only thing that stands out is that the proportion of the head is a little deformed.

"Don't make a sound, stay where you are and don't move."

The indifferent male voice came from the mechanical spider in front of him, which relaxed the giant's nerves that were about to break, and then tightened them even more.

Relax because this mechanical spider can communicate and is controlled by someone, and it is not a strange creature.

The tension is also because this mechanical spider can communicate, and there is someone behind it.

Who is he?

The mastermind behind all this?

And what happened to this world? How come there are even things in animations like mechanical spiders?

Am I really crazy? Or has the world changed? Or is this what the world really looks like?

"Come on, I found it."

Ignoring the giant's fear and doubts about life, Xia Xu let the spider predator 08 continue to stare, and the rest of the units quickly moved in that direction, and at the same time, he also greeted Grant and Atto to re-enter the forest.

Walking all the way, when the two and one dog came to the hidden position of the giant, the giant had already descended from the canopy and was surrounded by twelve spider-shaped predators in the middle.

"It's said to stay where you are and wait for a while, I have no ill intentions."

Xia Xu said lightly and walked out of the forest.

Just now, the giant wanted to escape, but he was stopped by the spider-like predator before he could go far.

But I didn't really do it, and I don't know whether it was because I was afraid of the spider-shaped predator or worried about attracting those mountain searchers, or because of my weak personality.

"Who the **** are you!"

The giant's mood is very unstable at the moment, and it looks like it is about to collapse. There is both fear and hatred in the eyes of Xia Xu and Grant.

"Relax, we are not people in Gardner Asylum, let alone enemies."

Xia Xu used the most intuitive way to appease the giant's emotions, and first checked the giant's attribute panel.

【Name】: Zhao Ming

[Life Level]: 1

[Fate potential]: [Supporting role: "Giant"]

[Talent Potential]: Architectural Design (1 star)

[Special]: Giant gland · T068 experimental type (1 star)

[Obsession]: Escape!

【Favorite】: 0

[Giant gland · T068 experimental type (1 star): This target has been implanted in the T068 experimental giant gland, which will achieve abnormal growth and development, but this type of experimental body has been verified as a failure, and the physical growth does not meet expectations , and will cause abnormal brain abnormalities. 】

"Not the main character."

Glancing at the attribute panel, Xia Xu was a little disappointed.

In fact, he had doubts. Perhaps the protagonist of the "Giant" plot has long been in Gardner's mental hospital, and he may have appeared as an experimental body or something.

Whether this is the case now cannot be determined for the time being, but at least the protagonist in front of him is not the protagonist he hoped for.

However, the [Giant Gland T068] in the special entry column verified his previous speculation in disguise. Gardner is indeed conducting some kind of artificial gigantism experiment, and it has almost succeeded.

"Now, I ask you to answer, the first question, how old are you?"

Because of the lack of the protagonist and the early story characters who link the previous story, Zhao Ming's supporting role is still not enough to unlock the story introduction, so he can only ask for information.

It's not suitable to explain too much for the time being, Xia Xu speaks directly and forcefully.

"Ten...fifteen years old."

The giant hesitated for a moment, and said weakly.


Grant looked shocked and couldn't help saying: "You are fifteen years old?"

"What are you calling, don't scare other children."

Xia Xu glared at him, not too surprised by this.

According to Grant, it should take no more than a month for the mutant werewolf to be transported to the magic capital.

Even if Gardner could research the technique to reopen the epiphysis immediately after the mutant werewolf arrived, they must have done such experiments before that.

Before the technology of reopening the epiphysis, if they wanted to truly succeed in making giants, they could only use juvenile experimental subjects, and adults could only develop laterally and become deformed and obese patients who were only used as research attempts.

At least in terms of height, Zhao Ming is indeed a successful 'giant'. Even the development of gigantism needs to be based on the basic law. It should not grow so big in just one month, so it may only be an early juvenile experiment. body.

"Your child is 2.5 meters tall."

Grant still couldn't help but complain, but then he didn't interrupt Xia Xu~www.novelbuddy.com~ Xia Xu continued to ask: "How did you escape? What's going on inside Gardner? Nobody is with you?"

After asking three times in a row, seeing Zhao Ming's fear and hesitation, he added: "Relax, we are official people who are here to investigate these bad guys."

"I... I escaped with Hong Yan, Xu Zhaoxin, and the others. Also, Dr. Cui."

Under the official credibility, Zhao Ming pursed his lips for a moment, and finally spoke.

"Doctor Cui? Which Dr. Cui?"

Xia Xu's expression changed slightly when he heard the words.

"I knew it was called Dr. Cui, that's what Hong Yan and the others called."

Zhao Ming said timidly: "Dr. Cui is a good person. We can escape only after he helped us remove the things that those people controlled us."


After hearing this, Xia Xu couldn't help but scolded secretly, knowing that it was a bad dish.

There are many people surnamed Cui, and there are also many doctors surnamed Cui, but in the "Giant" plot, who can help this group of people remove the characters that Gardner controls the experimental body, who else can be except Cui Xinghua.

Zhao Ming and the others came out on the strength of their physical fitness, and they made such a big noise. Can Cui Xinghua get it?

These people were obviously unable to protect themselves and fled, so it was no wonder that they could take care of Cui Xinghua.

"What about Dr. Cui?"

Before he had time to think about how Cui Xinghua recovered his surgical ability and pretended to be crazy and mixed in with Gardner, Xia Xu quickly asked Zhao Ming about his whereabouts.

Compared with the unexpected joy of giant glands, Cui Xinghua was his main purpose, not only for the second heart project, but also Zou Jin and his family were waiting for help.

Even if we don't talk about it, there is no reason for a five-star talent to miss it, and it is the difference between an egg and a laying hen. If he loses it, he will feel heartache.

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