I Am God! - Chapter 489 : A comet and a teleporter around the sun

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under the rainbow tree.

By praying and chanting the name of the fairy in the forest, Lei got what he wanted from the tree hole.

Most of them were things he desperately needed but didn't have in the Land of Light and couldn't make them himself.

There are also some extraordinary materials.

and others' letters to Ray.

As soon as Lei got the letter, he opened it and read it on the spot, and Wu Si could also see it. However, among the winged people, very few were proficient in snake characters, and Wu Si did not recognize what was written in it.

But after reading the letter, Ray immediately said excitedly: "This is my friend's reply to the idea that the world is not a round place."

Recently, Uth has also had many debates with Lei about this issue, and even attracted the participation of many craftsmen and Matale nobles. During this period, Uth was gradually able to accept some of Ray's theories.

Because many problems can indeed be explained in Ray's way, to explain those problems that were once unexplainable.

But there are some things that Uth still finds difficult to agree with.

Uth couldn't help but ask Lei: "What did the letter say, do they agree?"

Lei held the letter excitedly: "Look, Apostle Oran wrote to me that, in fact, as early as two hundred years ago in the Land of Sunrise, there was an alchemy school that proposed a concept similar to mine."

"And this school of alchemy in the Land of the Sunrise believes that the world is not only not a round place, but a sphere."

Lei is very happy*, there are many people who have similar views to himself.

Moreover, these people have figured out the secrets behind the world without traveling far away, and there are still many wise men in this world.

However, these people do not have too much power, and their theories have not been recognized by others in the past, but are regarded as jokes and deviant actions.


When Ray saw the new statement put forward in the letter, he immediately fell into contemplation.

Then he shivered as stiffly as a robot with excitement, stumbling about.


"Yes, the shape of the circle and the ball is more perfect than the ring belt I made earlier."

Some questions are not raised by anyone, and they dare to think boldly. It will never be able to prove and break through.

For example, some people see that the earth and the sea are not flat, some people think it is abnormal, but others feel that the undulating ground and the flowing sea water are not flat. Isn’t it a very normal thing, the world and the earth itself are not a completely flat existence .

But some people dare to fly out to prove that the world is round.

Lei walked out of the lush, flower-filled rainbow tree barrier and came outside.

He saw the moon, turned his head and said to Uz beside him.

"I think the idea is right that the world is a ball, just like the moon and the sun."

"Look at the moon."

"Look at how perfect this shape is."

"If the world has another form, it must be this form."

Wu Si looked at the many letters in Lei's hand and asked, "What do the others say?"

Ray picked up another letter: "Apostle Sukob said to my letter that he also thinks what I said is right, and is very much looking forward to the day I will be able to go back and complete this trip around the world. "…. .


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