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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

The independent world of monks.

Seeing the Taoist being beaten on the ground by Linglong, who looked like a half-grown girl, and the barbarian woman lying there without knowing whether she was alive or dead, the monk's expression was indescribably gloomy.

Where are the scholars! ?

Why haven't you come out yet?

What is he watching! ?

Doesn't he know.

The gathering of these four people is indispensable! ?

The field of monks is only a little opened.

Looking out, there are limitations.

In essence, he didn't know where the scholar was hiding.

The four of them are indispensable.

But from the very beginning, it was impossible to talk about one heart, and they were on guard against each other.

So monks don't know.

At this time, the scholar has chosen to be a man who can bend and stretch.

Silently bound his cultivation base, he was caught without a fight.

Facing Li Jing's invasion, the monk couldn't care less about wondering what was going on with this **** white-faced scholar, so he clasped his hands together and chanted the Buddha's name.


Stop time.

The color of the world changed.

A giant Buddha with endless golden light appeared behind the monk.

Seeing this, Li Jing pouted.

"Faxiang Tiandi? Do you think that only you have it?"

While speaking, a phantom shrouded in black mist appeared behind him.

The monk's heart skipped a beat when he saw this. What is the background of this person?

It's so terrifying to practice magic all over the body, even the Dharma Aspect Heaven and Earth has it!


What path did he take?

Body repair?



It can't be that he is practicing all three ways, right?

If the Three Paths Qixiu reached this level in the early years of Wansui, I am afraid that even among his peers in the upper three realms, no one can compare with him.

The Immortal Domain was originally just a transit point between the Great World and the Ancient Immortal Domain.

The cultivation environment and the abundance of resources are quite good, but it is incomparable with the ancient fairyland of the past.

Not to mention the Upper Three Realms that can only be accessed by returning to the Yuan Realm...

this environment.

this condition.

How could there be such a heaven-defying character?

The monk was horrified, but his hands were unambiguous.

Faxiangtiandi versus Faxiangtiandi, no one can take advantage of it.

The Buddha and the devil are fighting each other.

At a certain level, no one can take advantage of it.

but here.

is his home field.

Shouting the Buddha's name again, the monk suddenly raised his figure and then sat down in the air, with one hand erected in front of his chest, and he opened and closed his lips and teeth, reciting a piece of obscure Buddhist scriptures.

Consistent with monks.

The Dharma Xiangtiandi behind him is also sitting cross-legged, chanting quickly.

the difference is.

What the monks recite are Buddhist scriptures, and what Faxiang Tiandi spits out is the unfathomable Buddhist voice.

Hearing the Buddha's voice, Li Jing felt his head sank, and he almost couldn't maintain the enchanted state, and the power transformed into demonic energy in his body was about to dissipate.

Said to leave.

In fact, it is scatter work.

This is no joke.

Practice has reached his level.

If it loses power, it will surely perish.

In particular, he has taken the path of physical training.

The higher the cultivation level, the better the physical function.

This is the same no matter what kind of practice it is.

Eyes and ears are sharp, powerful, energetic, etc...

Including bigu.

These are all physical functions that improve with the improvement of cultivation base.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Once these functions are improved, they will not degenerate.

At the same time, everything is maintained by aura.

Compared with Blue Star Medical Scholars

The saying of earth gas is to describe it.

You have obtained biological evolution in the practice, and the quality of all aspects of the body has been improved in an all-round way when it has aura.

But relative.

When you lose your aura, and there is no aura to maintain these bodily functions, what you will face is not only the loss of these functions, but the complete shutdown of the whole body from flesh to organs.

If you can't get spiritual nourishment in a short time, the end will be death.

The theory is actually quite simple.

The practitioner's body will continue to adapt to the increasingly rich aura conditions in the body as the cultivation base deepens, and adjust itself to the best state under the corresponding aura conditions, and then maintain full prosperity and provide conditions for further progress.

However, all of this is maintained by spiritual energy.

The corresponding maintenance conditions are suddenly missing, what else can this stop?

The higher the cultivation level.

The fate of encountering a similar situation is even worse.

People like Li Jing who practice physical cultivation are the best among them.

The body functions of the main physical training far exceed that of ordinary practitioners, and the physical body is where they practice.

By doing other people's martial arts, it might be possible to save him.

He practiced Sangong and died suddenly on the spot. What a vicious monk!

Li Jing narrowed his eyes and stretched out his hand to make a false move.

next second.

Daoqi Xueyin, who was supposed to assist Linglong in playing the battle song "Jiawu Gong" outside, came to him through the Xiaoqiankun Realm. in.

Li Jingchuan took advantage of the momentum to rise up from the sky, arrived at the position facing the monk and sat in the sky, and put Xueyin in front of his knees.


The strings are plucked.

The passive skill with full proficiency is triggered.

Just for a moment.

The annoying sound of Buddha all over the sky dissipated.


The monk stopped chanting, made a question mark and raised his eyes.

He didn't expect to take down Li Jing who could be called a monster with this move.

But he didn't expect it.

The other party would fight against him with the way of vocal music.

He didn't even think of it.

In his home court, Li Jing just plucked the strings to solve his Buddhist music offensive.

In astonishment, the monk caught a trace of a different kind of meaning in the devilish energy overflowing from Li Jing's body.

The power of chaos! ?

Buddha of Infinite Life!

How could this girl have the power of chaos! ?

Shouldn't this be the power that can only be possessed by practicing the Shinto at a very high level?

Even in the ancient Immortal Realm, where Shinto practice was everywhere in the past, there are not many people who can have the power of chaos before they enter the late Guiyuan period and go to the upper three realms!

The monk stared in disbelief.

"Are you finished? Then it's my turn."

On the opposite side, Li Jing smiled lightly. The monk was startled when he heard the sound, and stood up resolutely.

But at this time, Li Jing plucked the strings again.


The melodious and lively music sounded.

The monk suddenly felt his eyes go dark.

Then the next second.

His eyes regained clarity, and his eyes regained clarity.

But look up now.

Surrounded by countless scantily clad women frolicking around him, the white buttocks, boobs, breasts, and waves dazzled his eyes on the spot.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Monks are not close to wine.

But monks are people too...

Such battles.

How could he resist as a man?

At the critical moment, there are more than just those in front of you.

There was also the reverberation of the magic sound played by Li Jing, which made him unable to calm down.

One of the most highly inherited secret songs on the ninth floor of Tianlai Pavilion in Xianle Palace, Lust and Desire to Heaven.

This song is named after the color and Yutian where the charming spirit is located, and it is also the secret song of the highest inheritance of Xianle Palace, so it is naturally unique.

As soon as this song is played, it can attract **** and **** demons who take it as their mission to seduce people and degenerate.

The real kind.


The demons of **** and **** did not really come to this world.

Pureness only exists in the world of vocal music with the color of the score and the desire to heaven, not at the physical level.

But it doesn't hurt.

Key color and Yutianmo don't rely on punching and kicking to get by.

They depend on it.

It is the amazing charm that is inherent in oneself, and the real benefits.

To say a similar level. Demons and demons are very real.

Take the example of someone swearing to witness by a demon.

The purpose of the demon to witness the oath is to devour the person who violated the oath.

But while witnessing the oath, they will leave part of their own power in the corresponding world in a way similar to the imprint of rules, and as a constraint, it is also convenient to "monitor" whether the oath-taker violates the oath.

If this person has not violated the oath throughout his life, this part of the power of the demon will not be recovered.

This said, Heavenly Demon was in a bloodbath.

But something like an oath exists to be broken.

Therefore, when someone made a great oath to the Heavenly Demon, the Heavenly Demon from the Outer Territory Heaven would actually rush to come.

Go to **** and desire demon here. They don't play witness.

The bounden duty is to seduce people to degenerate, to make people indulge in **** and desire, and finally burn themselves to death.

It is necessary to do this kind of thing, how can it be done if it is not realistic?

Before practice, there must be a mind.

Once you have cultivated your mind, it is impossible to be easily shaken.

In order to have "food" to eat, the demons of **** and desire will not spend less effort.

Charm, meeting is the ultimate.

They are more able to subtly grasp the other party's inability to accept the inevitable heartbeat and impulsiveness.

That's why.

The welfare coefficient of the scene faced by the monk in front of him is directly full.

After all, he is a monk, so he is very resistant in this regard.

How can you shake him if you don't go crazy?

Now the effect is really outstanding.

Under the influence of Li Jing's magic sound from the ancient song, the monk's will could not be restrained from shaking, and then he simply lost himself on the spot when facing such a scene.

I saw a smirk on his face, and he stretched out his hand to a nearby Lust and Desire Demon who was sending Gaodi over with his chest up. easily.

He holds all good things in his hands.

The next moment.

A group of strange demons suddenly set the monk on fire.

All good things vanished.

The monk woke up as if struck by lightning on the spot, and then showed a frightened expression.

His origin... was on fire.

Burn in the true sense.

In the dark, there is an unknown existence greedily absorbing his power through the magic fire, sucking it vigorously.

Feeling that his original source was rapidly fading in the burning of the magic fire, the monk hurriedly sat down again, closed his eyes and folded his hands together.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】


Accompanied by a high-pitched Buddha's name, a bright golden light descended from the sky and enveloped him, stabilizing his origin.

next second.

The independent world gathered forces from all directions and turned them on the monk, trying to extinguish the burning demon fire. at the same time.

A miserable howl sounded.

An embarrassing female phantom stumbled out of the monk's body, looked back with resentment, and then turned her head to leave. But at this moment.

A gentle male voice sounded.

"Don't hurry, please call a few more helpers and arrange this bald man."


Xu Ying, who was about to leave, made a question mark and turned his head.

Li Jing this...

Are you talking to her?

They are clearly not on the same level as each other, aren't they?

music color, desire to heaven

The created space of **** and desire is actually a low-latitude space created based on the spiritual world of the practitioner, and only the spiritual body can enter and exit.

Li Jingyi, who plays the piano, can attract such a top-notch sexist and a demon like her, which is outrageous.

The people she had to deal with were outrageous.

Buddhism and Taoism return to the Yuan.

Its restricted rules are nice.

But the spiritual world is still at the Guiyuan level.

Return to Yuan.

This is at the level of a top demon king in the outer world.

Although the power of Heavenly Demon cannot be completely measured by realm.

As long as it is operated properly, even the demons in the real fairyland can overturn Guiyuan in the spiritual world.

But people's standards are placed there after all.

It is very difficult to cross five realms* and turn over a Guiyuan.

There is still a Buddhist practitioner in front of me.

The spiritual world is extremely tenacious.

Such an object is difficult even for the top Demon Venerable of Guiyuan Realm.

But that's all right. The competition in Outer Territories is very high.

The vast number of celestial demons can only stay in the extraterritorial sky, and unless there are special circumstances, they cannot leave to go to other levels, and they will take whatever business they have.

There are difficulties and challenges.

This is a good thing.

It is necessary to be able to turn a strong person whose realm exceeds oneself into a nutrient.

It is many times stronger than the whole simple "business" income.

What is inconceivable in front of Lust and Yutianmo.

Li Jing can actually have a dialogue with himself in the spiritual level.

In this case, it is not impossible.

But it is necessary to be proficient in the rules of space so as to be able to capture the low-latitude space, and at the same time, the spiritual level of practice must be at least above Guiyuan.


It is the spiritual level.

It is not simply a practice.

at this point.

It should only be possible for Guiyuan, who specializes in the spiritual level, to do it.

The kid in front of me is clearly still a respected person...

Feeling unbelievable, the lustful and lustful demon stagnated and looked at someone intently, with red lips opening and closing.

Because they are at different levels, Li Jing cannot directly hear her words.

He can transmit his voice into the space of **** and desire, but it does not mean that the demon of **** and desire can transmit his voice.

But Li Jing can probably understand it through lip language.

She said so.

Big-breasted brother, play harder, I'll call a few more capable Jimeis to make this bald man want to fuck.

Receiving this response, the corners of Li Jing's mouth rose.


There was a bang.

The devilish energy around him erupted as if he didn't want money.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Spiritual power…

Oh no.

Demon energy, all liberated.

Play continues.

But it is completely different from before.

Passive Eternal Singing Song can make Li Jing's playing effect full in one breath, and it is theoretically impossible to go any further.

At this time, Li Jing put all of himself into playing.

The lingering Lust and Yutianmo were taken aback by Li Jing's sudden outburst of demon energy.


Where did this monster come from! ?

Even the top Demon Venerable from Tianguiyuan from outside the Territory might not be able to compare with this kid...

To be able to devour its source...

never mind.

Can't even think about this.

Tianmo is not afraid of difficulties and likes challenges.

But they are not stupid.

If the difficulty is too high, you will lose everything if you force it.

To catch someone who can directly communicate with oneself through the spiritual world, this relationship must also be carefully grasped.

Done this order!

If there is any business in the future, I can ask someone to find her again! Isn't there a repeat customer?

Seeing Li Jing playing with all his strength, his own

In life, there is a tendency to cross from the low-latitude space to the substantive level, so that I have the illusion that I can descend to the world here at any time, and the **** and desire demons are not ambiguous, and they raise their heads in the space of **** and desire. whistling.


One after another enchanting figures descended and appeared in the space of **** and desire, more than twenty came in the blink of an eye.

Just that group.

In fact, it's just the screaming one. A group of them are her external incarnations.

This moment is different.

this group.

It's a real bunch.

More than twenty demons of **** and desire descended in the space of **** and desire, which is equivalent to descending in the spiritual world of monks.

This impact is enormous.

The monk who had just managed to stabilize his source with the power of Buddha's thoughts and the world just now trembled all over his body, and opened his eyes in astonishment.

Look at this.

Twenty pairs of bright beautiful eyes met his immediately.

! !


It was just now that he accidentally followed Li Jing's method of vocal magic.

Not now.

This eye passes.

Those twenty pairs of eyes...

Do eyes eat people?


But the meeting of **** and lust.

Their existence is temptation.

The one just now almost caused the monk to burn himself to death.

It's going to be two dozen...

Without thinking too much, the monk hastily bit the tip of his tongue, closed his eyes and shouted.


"Hey, big, light, head."

A witty voice interrupted his Buddha's name through the spiritual world, and at the same time a lively demon with bright eyes and white teeth jumped to his side and stretched out his hand to touch his bald head.


The source of the monk suddenly burned again, and it was out of control.

This made the monk confused at that time.

Just when he was about to regroup, another tormenting female voice came back to his mind through the spiritual world.

"Don't read Dashi, come and have fun~"

While speaking, a big-hearted demon came over and gave him a facial cleanser.

Then the origin of the monk was like adding a handful of dry firewood, and it burned with a clatter, which was called a vigorous one.

Seeing this, the rest of the demons rushed over.

Only two monks couldn't stand it anymore.

Otherwise, the origin of this monk will be eaten away!

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

There was chaos at the scene.

The demons danced wildly. A real dance of demons.

And it's extremely offensive...

The monk fell in minutes.

He even mistook the spiritual world for reality, and suppressed a demon with twin ponytails hanging behind his head to output crazily. In fact, he was simply outputting to the air.

The more he outputs, the more the source burns.

Witnessing all this, Li Jing couldn't bear to look directly at it, and felt that it was almost time to restrain the demonic energy in his body and stop playing.

The music stops.

The space of **** and desire immediately collapsed.

Planning to completely squeeze out the **** of the monk, the Yutian Demons were stunned, turning their heads one after another complaining.

That little look.

It seems that all the complaining women are too much to bear.

For ordinary.

These **** and desire demons who have not been able to go to the end must be frustrated.

Damn it's not squeezed dry!

How can you just go back after so many visits to Jimei?

But through Jiaoren's **** and Desire Demon, they have already learned that Li Jing is a master who can communicate with Heavenly Demon across the spiritual level.

This can't be offended!

Not only can't offend.

Still have to lick well.

I said it before.


The competition of the day is very great.

Most of the celestial demons spend all day trying to devour something to strengthen themselves, but there are only a handful of celestial demons that really benefit every day.

Get rid of those Demon Lords who dominate one side.

The rest of the demons are really not doing well.

The essential.

Even the devil can't easily leave the outer sky.

The space of **** and desire collapses.

The demons are coming back soon.

The best player in the audience, who squeezed the most source, the demon with two ponytails, who was pressed by the monk to output in the void, boldly blew a kiss to Li Jing from the air, and said with lips.

"Handsome, call me anytime next time there is such a good thing."

at the same time.

Li Jing's real name appeared in Li Jing's mind.

Meng Lu.

Immediately Li Jing also understood.

Next time, if you want to play **** and desire the sky, as long as you want the name Meng Lu in your heart, you can recruit this one.

The rest of the demons were a little surprised when they saw that Meng Lu had told Li Jing her real name.

real name.

It has a special meaning for Tianmo.

Once their real names are known, they can be easily manipulated by those who know how to do it.

The key is that the entity exists permanently in the extraterritorial sky. They cannot really come. When they meet people who are knowledgeable and have means, they can't even avoid them if their real names are known.


It's a bit of a struggle to tell the truth.

Watching Menglu tell Li Jing her real name, she winked at him and then vanished into thin air and returned to Outer Territory, the rest of the demons looked at each other, Qi Qi looked over with gazes that pierced through autumn water.

This time.

Even Li Jing couldn't take it anymore.

At the same time, more than twenty names appeared in his mind.

Li Jing was such a good guy at the time.


Even if there is an eternity swan song with special talents, the color and desire to heaven at most will attract a **** and desire to heaven demon.

Now it is different.

He knew the real names of more than twenty **** and desire demons.

This is directly called the music score color, and the upper limit of Yutian has been increased by more than 20 times!

This wave is pure and refreshing!

The point is.

As long as you follow the color of the music score and the way of desire to heaven, it is difficult for UU Reading to get rid of it even if you are in an independent world.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Because the nature of the space of **** and desire created by the score is an extension of the spiritual world of the Taoist, can you still abandon your own spiritual world?

To some extent.

This song has a "special attack" effect on people with independent worlds.


If you don't know the way or have the ability to resist, this song will not be of much use.

Watching the sultry and lustful demons leave one after another, Li Jing turned his head.

Into the eye.

It was the monk lying there like a dead dog.

Look up again.

Due to the damage to the original source, cracks appeared in the sky of the independent world closely connected with it, and the void behind the cracks could be faintly seen.

Seeing such a strange state, Li Jing couldn't help being amazed from the bottom of his heart.

As expected of a demon!

Very evil.

Replace it with a serious fight.

How difficult is it to break down a world?

At least Li Jing himself has not yet been able to directly destroy the independent world of others.

When the invasion came in, he would at most beat someone up.

As long as the other party doesn't go out, he can't do anything.

These more than twenty heavenly demons of the highest realms almost wiped out a bound Guiyuanjing for life, so that the independent world was damaged.


Putting away the Taoist instrument Xueyin, Li Jing stepped forward to pick up the monk who had passed out, and stepped forward.


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