Heroes of the Invincible Undead - Chapter 2855 Undead Commander

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Magic City.

Frazer and the undead generals gathered here each received a delicate parchment scroll.

Opening the packaged parchment, Frazer couldn't help frowning as he looked at the densely recorded content on it.

"General Faleze, what the **** is this?" Beside him, the big red demon Rao, twice as tall as him, also held a scroll in his hand, and couldn't help asking him.

"This is a speech. Soon after, you will address His Majesty Rhodes, the Doomsday Kings, and Dragon King Moliel at the military parade as a representative of the elite of the undead army." Farese said indifferently. explained.

"Really? Oh, **** it, I can't read at all, I can't understand what's written on it, what should I do now?"

Rao became anxious immediately, and he carefully pinched the parchment with two fingers, lest the boiling heat around the big devil completely scorched the parchment.

In the entire Undead Legion, only the most fearless members of the Legion can join the Hundred Deaths Squad and become a member of the Hundred Deaths Elite, and Rao is one of them, and is also a representative of the Hundred Deaths Elite. There is no need to say much about ability.

The Hundred Dead Squad is the sharp knife unit of the Undead Legion, and also the core force of the Undead Legion. It is famous for its extremely high death rate in missions, and its almost 100% mission completion rate.

Every member of the Hundred Deaths Squad has experienced tens of hundreds of deaths. In the Hundred Deaths Squad, there is a strong presence of the entire legion, and there are many great demons like Rao, and all of this is due to the Death Domain on Rhodes.

Every one of the hundred-death elites has a spiritual imprint left by Rhodes. When they are killed, their corpses will usually be brought back by their companions and transported to Rhodes. If they cannot be brought back, Rhodes will personally Set out to find it, and use the power of the death domain to resurrect it, so that the resurrected elite can continue to fight for him.

In front of Rao, was wearing a shiny red medal, which was made by the most powerful swordsmith in hell, and was bestowed on him by Rhodes himself.

The Hundred Deaths Medal contains powerful power, and it is a supreme symbol of glory. Not only the Hundred Deaths Squad, but also the members of the entire Undead Legion are proud to receive the Hundred Deaths Medal. For all legion members, that is A supreme honor.

With the blessing of the Hundred Deaths Medal, every time Rao comes back from the dead, he can gain more powerful power. This power has helped him to be invincible, and he has cleared away countless enemies blocking the way.

Although Rao's combat ability is extremely powerful, he has a small flaw, that is, he is illiterate. Although, as a big devil, he has spent a hundred years in hell, which can be described as a battle-hardened person, but the big devil who lives by fighting has no leisure to slowly learn to read, he prefers to use a scythe Harvest the life of the enemy.

Not only Rao, this problem also exists in many other great demons, and even in the whole hell, except for the cronies of the king of hell, almost no demons can read and write. The only meaning of their existence is to keep Transformed into a more powerful demon in the killing.

The current Rao couldn't understand what was written in the speech at all, and he couldn't read the content because he couldn't read, so he turned his eyes to Falezer who was asking for help: "General Faleze , or you can help me read the contents of the speech later."

"What? No." Frazer was stunned, and then rejected Rao's request. He couldn't do this kind of thing for him, "It's still early, you'd better find someone to tell you what was written on it. Compared to a life-threatening fight, I'm sure that's nothing difficult."

Rao was very helpless, and hurriedly asked the nearby generals for help. He looked around, and soon his eyes fixed, and a suitable target appeared in Rao's sight: "I remember you, I fished you out of the sea , I didn’t expect that you also got that speech.”

Listening to Rao's narration, Kegel, who was stopped by him, let out a dissatisfied cold snort: "I am also the commander of the marine undead. Did you look surprised to be on stage?"

Kegel looked displeased. Ever since he lost the battle for the sword of ice at the end of the ocean, he was completely frozen by the divine sword and drifted on the ocean. I don’t know how long he was washed by the waves, and finally he was killed by the ocean undead. It was discovered that the Undead Legion sent the elite reinforcements of the Hundred Deaths Squad to rescue him, which allowed him to escape from the predicament and return to the kingdom of the undead.

Recalling the bone-piercing coldness contained in the Excalibur, and the monstrous power exuded by the person holding the sword, Kegel couldn't help but tremble all over. In front of the holder of the sword of ice, time seemed to be completely frozen, and Kegel was completely frozen without even making any resistance.

After the world lost its flames, Kegel has not felt real warmth for a long time. Even though he has escaped from the ice, his soul still seems to be left in the ice. Every time he thinks of that biting chill, he feels It will take away his mind and make him feel like falling into an ice cellar. No matter how thick his clothes are, he can't dispel the coldness in his bone marrow.

"You came at the right time, help me to see what is written on it." Seeing that Kegel could read, Rao seemed to have found a savior. He brought the speech in front of him and asked him to explain it sentence by sentence. mean.

Kegel was a little helpless. He didn't want to do these boring things at first, but because this matter involved the face of the entire Undead Legion, if Rao lost the chain during his speech, he might lose the face of the entire Legion. The Doomsday Kings sneered for a long time, and he had no choice but to help Rao explain it sentence by sentence.

On the side, after dismissing Rao, Frazer checked the speech in his hand again. The more he read, the deeper his frown became.

After a long time, after reading the entire speech, Frazer took a deep breath and tore the parchment in half from the middle. After overlapping, he continued to tear it several times until it was completely broken into pieces. Then he stopped.

"General Frazer, why did you tear up the speech? This was written by Speaker Erica for the military parade, and it is full of wishes for the kingdom of the undead and respect for His Majesty Rhodes. Do you understand the text of the speech? Are you dissatisfied with the content?"

A hoarse reminder came from the side, and a blind old woman came over. She was Margaret, who was in charge of intelligence and monitored all undead movements.

Margaret is holding a parchment scroll of the same style in one hand, and holding a huge eyeball in the other hand. The eyeball is as big as a head, and the shrinking hole is bigger than a clenched fist. A unique magic eye creation.

Noticing the appearance of the blind old woman, the faces of the nearby generals changed slightly. The Demon Eye organization she is in charge of monitors every move of the entire kingdom of the undead. monitor.

Under the control of the old woman, the eye boy of the magic eye was facing the parchment, and transmitted the contents of the parchment to her mind verbatim. This can't help but make Frazer secretly sigh with emotion. Some people have lost their eyes, but they can still observe the world freely, while some people have intact eyes but are illiterate, wasting their abilities in vain.

From Margaret's words, Frazer also felt her questioning meaning. As the chief intelligence officer who has been reused in the hands of Speaker Erica, Margaret knows the big and small intelligence in the country, and is also directly responsible to Speaker Erica, supervising and thoroughly investigating all kinds of hidden dangers in the country.

Frazer's actions now also caught Margaret's attention. To tear up the speech prepared by Speaker Erica seems to mean dissatisfaction with the content of the speech, and even further, dissatisfaction with Erica. At this critical moment, no one wants any accidents to happen.

"I don't like the content of the speech. The speech prepared by Speaker Erica is very neat. Even the doomsday kings can't fault it, but this is not what I want." Farese said calmly, he Throwing the torn parchment into the long-extinguished stove, when the flames in the world are quiet, the stove can only be used for decoration. His eyes looked into the distance, which is the palace of the big red dragon, "I decided to play freely."

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the entire military parade, Speaker Erica prepared speeches for all the speakers, so as not to say things they should not say in front of the doomsday kings and the hero Morrill, but Frazer obviously did not This speech is needed, and he, who has top leadership skills, knows what to say in order to mobilize the morale of the entire army.

Margaret said again: "In this case, please write down what you are going to say, and I will hand it over to Speaker Erica for review."

Following Margaret's words, the magic eye in her hand also raised her body, staring at Faleze with those huge eyes.

"Didn't I say it? I decided to play freely. I only know what to say when I get on stage." Frazer said calmly, rejecting Margaret's proposal.

Seeing that Frazer insisted on this, Margaret couldn't persuade him, so she had to say: "I will tell Speaker Erica the news. In addition, the commander of the flying undead now has a suitable candidate, and Erica The Speaker personally appoints and will also speak at the ceremony."

Frazer nodded, showing a slightly surprised look at the same time.

For a long time, there were only two commanders of land and sea in the Undead Legion, namely him and Kegel. Relying on his superb tactics and extraordinary leadership skills, Frazer not only serves as the commander of the land undead, but also the commander-in-chief of the entire undead army. Kegel relied on his familiarity with the ocean, coupled with top-level navigation skills, to become the commander of the ocean undead.

Among the undead legions, the most powerful ones are naturally those land undead. Any undead transformed from land creatures can be counted as a member of the undead legion after being resurrected in the realm of death. After the Battle of Bracada, The undead in the legion reached millions, which is an extremely terrifying force.

With the continuous exploration of the ocean by the undead legion, the undead of the sea have also shown their terrifying potential. Who would have thought that those swimming fishes that can be seen everywhere and have low strength, after being transformed into the realm of death, can burst out more terrifying than sixth-order creatures? the power of?

The endless sea is wider than this continent. The number of fish in a sea area alone is enough to exceed the total number of land undead in the legion. With the continuous spread of the ocean undead, their number is geometrically multiplying increase, they are the most numerous in the undead army, but the most easily overlooked existence.

However, due to the particularity of the undead in the sea, once they come to land, it is difficult for them to move on their own. Even if they become undead, the fish will not have legs. Show off. Only those sea undead who have been watched by Rhodes and gained the power of vampires can move freely on land by turning into bats.

In addition to the two commanders of land and sea, there is no special commander of flying undead in the undead army.

Many undead creatures have the ability to fly, and those vampires can turn into bats, so that they can fly freely in the air. In a sense, they can be regarded as a kind of flying creatures. Before that, even the more powerful ghost dragons were also under the command of the land undead, and they all obeyed Falezer's orders.

But at the moment, from Margaret's words, Frazer seems to have heard something. It seems that Speaker Erica has found a suitable candidate to command the flying undead in the legion, and the management of the flying undead is replaced by land undead. Separated from it, it became an independent force.

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Frazer didn't ask too much. He believed that the various decisions made by Erica, at least everything she did, would not endanger the kingdom of the undead, and neither would any general in the legion, at least in this regard On, he can be sure.

The dull horn blew from a distance, and legion members from all over the snowy region gathered outside the city of magic, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

No one knows the final direction of the ceremony. Even Frazer, after learning that Rhodes was cornered by the angels and even fell into a different space, his frowning eyebrows never stretched out. He only heard faintly recently The information made his look better. Apart from him, the other members of the legion didn't know about those things.

Feeling the huge breath of death approaching outside the city, Faleze also stood up. As the commander of the undead legion, he was naturally very familiar with that breath. It was the monstrous aura emitted by countless undead gathered The breath of death, before that terrible breath, no enemy can stop the army.

Bearing the will of many undead, soon, Faleze and other generals also came to the square where the ceremony was about to start, where the big red dragon was already waiting.

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