God Soldier Atlas - Chapter 439 God Bing 5 colorful robes, heaven and earth live together

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"Need a reason?"

Mu Zhixing looked around at him and said, "The magic weapon you cast is so good, isn't it normal that I want it?"

"It's really normal."

Zhou Shu nodded.

"The magic weapon can be given to you."

"My lord!"

Shi Songtao was a little resentful.

The magic weapon that the lord made with his own hands is priceless, how could he give it to this guy like Mu Zhixing casually?

Zhou Shu smiled slightly and continued, "However, it can't be free."

"I've never done a loss-making business in my life, and this time is the same. But I'm sure I can't make your money from our friendship."

"So, you can just give a cost price."

"How much does it cost?"

Ju Zhixing is subconsciously authentic.

He really didn't care, it wasn't him who paid for it anyway!

In fact, Mu Zhixing just made a tentative sentence, and he didn't expect things to be so simple at all.

He originally thought that he would have to spend a little bit of hands and feet, or maybe he would have to steal to get the magic weapon.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Shu agreed to give himself the magic weapon that Zhou Shu cast in such a big battle.

Not afraid of the high price, he refused to take action.

"It's very simple, I don't want money, and I don't want to cast soldiers."

Zhou Shu smiled and said, "I just need you to tell me all the information about your elder brother Mu Tian carefully."

"I'm talking about all the little things you know about him since he was born!"

"As long as you tell me this, I will give you the magic weapon I just forged."

"That's it?"

Mu Zhixing was surprised.

This requirement is not too much, but too simple.

Just telling stories, can you get a magic weapon for nothing?

Moreover, there are people who are secretly coveting the magic weapon, and even offer a high price.

As long as he gets the magic weapon, he can buy it at a very good price.

This is a sure-fire deal.

As for the matter of his eldest brother, there are no secrets. His eldest brother is a dead person. What other secrets are worth keeping?

At least Mu Zhixing felt that there was nothing he knew about his eldest brother that he couldn't tell Zhou Shu.

"It's that simple."

Zhou Shu nodded and said, "But you have to promise that you will tell everything about your eldest brother, and you can't hide anything."

"Of course I can guarantee it, but I can't guarantee it. I know all the secrets of my eldest brother."

Mu Zhixing rolled his eyes and replied.

"You just have to say everything you know."

Zhou Shu nodded and said.

"Okay, deal!"

Ju Zhixing said excitedly.

Things went well unexpectedly. I really didn't come back to my ancestral land for nothing. This time, I made a lot of money!

Mu Zhixing's face blossomed with a smile when he thought of the promise that the mysterious man made to him.

This is a total surprise!

Of course, the main thing is that Zhou Shu is strong enough.

If it wasn't for him being so good, how could the mysterious man pay such a high price for his magic weapon?

"speak Now?"

Ju Zhixing said impatiently.

Now it seems that he is in a hurry to tell the story to Zhou Shu.

Zhou Shu was not in a hurry.

"Wait a minute, I'll finish the business first."

Zhou Shu said calmly.

Mu Zhixing shrugged. Although he was anxious, there was nothing he could do.

"General, big brother, deputy pavilion master Shi, I have something important to do when I come back this time."

Zhou Shu looked at Meng Bai, Mi Ziwen and Shi Songtao, and said.

"Your Highness, please order!"

The three said in unison.

No need to guess, they can also know that Zhou Shu will never come back for no reason.

It didn't take long for him to go to the world behind the door, according to what Zhou Shu said when he left

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, He will only come back to pick up everyone after he has gained a firm foothold in that world.

In such a short period of time, how could Wang Ye have the ability to lead people to the past?

And he came back so suddenly, if you think about it, you can know that something must have happened.

"I want to migrate all the ancestral people to the big world behind the door!"

Zhou Shu said solemnly.

Meng Bai, Mi Ziwen and Shi Songtao looked at each other and saw the doubts in each other's eyes.

Migrating to the world behind the door, isn't this an agreed upon thing?

Has the prince really opened up a territory in the world behind the door?

If that's the case, he doesn't need to be so serious.

Isn't this a good thing?

"Honestly, it's a little too early for everyone to migrate."

Facing the three of them, Zhou Shu did not hide it, and said, "Although I have done some things in the world behind the door, I have not been able to protect so many people."

"Let's put it this way, the risks that everyone will face now in the past are enormous, and it is very likely that the entire army will be wiped out."

Zhou Shu said in a deep voice, "The disaster of extermination, understand?"


The three of them showed surprise on their faces, and they were silent for a moment before slowly opening their mouths.

It is conceivable how severe the situation is if Zhou Shu can use the words "disaster of genocide".

Back then, when the five days were aimed at the ancestral human race, Zhou Shu never said the word "disaster of genocide".

Zhou Shu and Huaxia Pavilion are many times stronger than before.

In this case, Zhou Shu still used the words "disaster of genocide", which shows how powerful the enemy they are going to face.

"My lord, do we have to face it?"

Meng Bai pondered for a moment, then said solemnly.

He was not afraid, but felt that it would be a very good choice if he could stay in a corner.

After all, the world behind the door, no one has been to the ancestral land for tens of thousands of years, is also living well.

"Must go."

Zhou Shu said solemnly, "If you go, there is still a chance of life. If you don't go, the ancestral people will be destroyed."

"To go or not to go, we will all face the disaster of genocide. The only difference is that we can still struggle when we go to the big world."


Mi Ziwen was shocked.

The big world, what kind of world is it?

There, is it really dangerous to this extent?

"Pavilion Master, Mu Zhixing said before that the world behind the door is full of gods, and there are as many Taoist realms as dogs. Is it true?"

Shi Songtao opened his mouth in horror.

"it is true."

Zhou Shu nodded, "Tianzun, in the big world, it can only be regarded as ordinary, there are false gods above Tianzun, and there is sacredness above false gods."

"These, you should have heard of some of them before. One of the saints who was defeated at the beginning still hid with us."

Zhou Shudan said.

In the battle of the gods that year, the defeated Sacred had a survivor who hid in his ancestral land. When he returned this time, Zhou Shu hadn't gone to see him.

Meng Bai and Mi Ziwen nodded.

"I don't need to say more about the danger. After you go, you will naturally know."

Zhou Shu said solemnly, "Sun Fairy, Yang Hong and Zhang San strayed into the big world and were killed by others. I haven't found them yet."

Zhou Shu's expression was a little heavy.

The expressions of several people changed suddenly.

Sun Fairy, Yang Hong, and Zhang San have been missing for a while, and everyone thought they would come back by themselves after a while.

Unexpectedly, they went to the world behind the door.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Shu said that the three were killed!

Sun Fairy, Yang Hong and Zhang San can be regarded as the highest combat power of Huaxia Pavilion other than Zhou Shu.

They are all killed, how dangerous is the world behind the door?

What's even more terrifying is that even the prince has not found them!

A world where the prince is helpless, what kind of world is that?

A world like **** has been drawn in the hearts of the three of them.

That world is everywhere

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Dangerous, after Zhou Shu went to that world, he was frustrated everywhere and had to return to his ancestral land. He wanted to move the ancestral human race there and rely on the strength of the people to gain a foothold.

To be able to force Zhou Shu to such an extent, that world is too dangerous!

Even in danger, Mi Ziwen, Meng Bai and Shi Songtao all showed firm expressions.

"My lord, no matter how dangerous it is, we will follow your lead. If you say go, we will go!"

Mi Ziwen said solemnly.

"In these years, we have come here with so many ups and downs, I don't believe that we will not be able to overcome this hurdle in front of us!"

Yoneko said firmly.

"Big brother, it's not that I destroy my prestige. This time, things are far more dangerous than you think."

Zhou Shu shook his head and said, "I just want to fight for a chance now. I'm not sure if it can be done."

Zhou Shu's expression was extremely solemn, and the mood of several people became heavy.

Mi Ziwen felt a little distressed, since he knew his second brother, he had never seen him like this.

Even though he was just a small soldier-casting apprentice back then, he was still full of confidence.

But now, he seems to have lost his confidence.

What did the second brother experience in the big world?

Make him so depressed?

How the **** did those nasty guys in the big world bully my second brother?

Do you think that my second brother is a lonely man, easy to bully?

Then you are wrong! There are still so many people in our ancestral land, and we will always stand with the second brother!

We will definitely let you know how great we are!

Yoneko clenched his fists.

"My lord, it's easy to talk about the ancestral people."

Meng Bai said solemnly, "We have been preparing for these years. As long as the Huaxia Pavilion gives an order, everyone can act at any time."

"But that portal, ordinary warriors, can't pass through—"

At the beginning, Zhou Shu spent a lot of effort to pass through the portal, and he couldn't even bring them along.

It's easier said than done to move the entire ancestral human race there?

You must know that with the strength of the ancient heaven, those people who want to pass through the portal can't get it, and they can't make their dreams come true until Zhou Shu is born.

"You don't have to worry about this, I will handle it myself."

Zhou Shu said solemnly, "You immediately start to mobilize the ancestral people, and we will act immediately when they wake up without worry."

Zhou Shu does not want any delay.

It's too late to change the fate of the future, and he doesn't have much time to waste.

He was afraid that time would not be enough!

"we know!"

Meng Bai, Mi Ziwen and Shi Songtao had solemn expressions and said solemnly.

"Pavilion Master, I'm going to order now. Huaxia Pavilion has a lot of things, and it will take a while to pack it."

Shi Songtao said.

"Do it, the sooner the better, and all the unimportant things are left behind."

Zhou Shu said solemnly, "I have a hunch that this place will soon become a **** on earth. If we don't leave quickly, we will not be able to leave."

Zhou Shu's words changed the expressions of the three people again.

In their view, the ancestral land is peaceful, and they are enjoying a rare peaceful time in ten thousand years. They can't see the danger at all.

But Zhou Shu said so, and they didn't doubt it at all.

"Let's act now!"

The three did not dare to delay, and immediately got up and left to mobilize the ancestral human race.

Seeing the three of them leave, Mu Zhixing looked at Zhou Shu strangely, and said, "I said, my lord, what are you doing to scare them?"

"How do you know I'm scaring them?"

Zhou Shu looked at Mu Zhixing and asked back.

"Isn't it? Is the big world behind the door so dangerous?"

Mu Zhixing spread his hands and said, "Heavenly Zun is as numerous as a dog, and it's true that the Taoist realm walks all over the ground, but who would dare to touch your Tiangong Pavilion's pavilion master?"

"We don't have to brag, just show your identity, those false gods, who dare not give you some face

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? "

"People who migrated from a small world to a big world, who would fall out with you over such a trivial matter? Do you really know how the dead word is written?"

Ju Jixing said speechlessly.

The big world is vast, and people like the ancestral human race can be put down on any site.

Those false gods don't care about this little thing at all.

You must know that Zhou Shu, as the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion, has already had several false gods who died because of him.

Which pseudo-god would not open his eyes, because someone from a small world would provoke Zhou Shu?

"You do not understand."

Zhou Shu shook his head and said, of course he wouldn't tell Mu Zhixing, he said that because he saw the future.

In the future he saw, the ancestral human race was indeed wiped out.

In other words, except for the one remaining in the war, the rest will be destroyed.

And the price of keeping one of the battle is to take out one's own bones...

Zhou Shu couldn't tell anyone about these things.

Even Juzhi Xing, it is impossible to believe.

When he said it, others would only regard him as a fool.

"I don't understand."

Juzhixing shrugged and said.

"You are too low-key!"

Mu Zhixing pouted and said, "Okay, can I speak now?"

Zhou Shu nodded, closed his eyes, and a look of exhaustion flashed on his face.

Before, under the Tiankeng, he had been casting magic weapons.

Casting divine weapons from the bones of peerless powerhouses, the pressure during the period is not enough for outsiders.

Now that Zhou Shu has not fallen, he is already strong enough.

In fact, his spirit, which has always been like a tight string, has already reached its limit.

Now that he is in the Huaxia Pavilion, surrounded by trustworthy brothers, Zhou Shu is rarely relaxed.

Mu Zhixing didn't think so much, he thought for a while and said.

"Where did it start?"

He said slowly, "My eldest brother is much older than me. When I can remember, my eldest brother was already a strong one."

"But at that time, he was not as powerful as he was later, and he has not yet established a heavenly court. I don't remember it clearly. At that time, he should have just been in the realm of Taoism."

Ju Zhixing's face also showed a thoughtful color.

This was already tens of thousands of years ago, and he almost thought he had forgotten it.

If it wasn't for Zhou Shu's inquiry, he would not have thought of what happened at that time.

"Later, when my eldest brother went out, he entrusted me to a good friend to take care of me. That good friend was the later Jumang Tianqing Emperor."

Juzhixing said.

"When I see my eldest brother again, there should be hundreds of years in between. At that time, he had already established the Heavenly Court and proclaimed himself Heavenly Emperor."

"My eldest brother is very strange. He rarely tells me about his own affairs. After he became the Emperor of Heaven, he did not reveal my identity to the public. He said that he had enemies all over the world and did not reveal my identity to protect me. ."

Ju Zhixing recalled, "I didn't have a problem with that. I wasn't too interested in those powers anyway."

"I am very familiar with Emperor Jumang Tianqing, and I have always been with him. Others say that Emperor Wutian betrayed Heavenly Court, but I know that at least Qingdi did not betray Heavenly Court."

"Because there are actually two Qing Emperors that others think, one is Qing Emperor and the other is me."

"Not much to say about that..."

Mu Zhixing continued, "One thing is very strange. My eldest brother is already the number one person in the world, but he still likes to retreat very much. Often a retreat is hundreds of years."

"Once I broke into the palace where he was retreating and found it was empty."

"Later I wanted to ask my eldest brother what he was doing, but I didn't have any problems, and the heaven was gone—"

Mu Zhixing spoke while recalling.

He did keep his promise and told everything he knew about Mu Tian.

But I don't know if it's because Ju Zhixing is too incompetent, or because Ju Tian is deliberately preventing

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Prepared for him, these things that Mu Zhixing knew were not of much value at all.

The only thing that is slightly useful is that Mu Tian will take the opportunity of retreat to do things in secret.

At that time, he may restore Yang Zhitian's identity...

"Mu Zhixing, think about it again, your elder brother, are you looking for something in this world?"

Zhou Shu asked thoughtfully.

"Looking for something?"

Mu Zhixing frowned, "I don't know either. Let me be honest with you. Although he is my eldest brother, I really don't know him well."

"He'll never tell me about him. Otherwise, why do you think I should learn his Self-transformation Law from you? Can I just ask my elder brother to learn it? He can do it, too."

"He will also transform him into the Law of Freedom?"

Zhou Shu woke up suddenly, yes, the Ancient Heavenly Court Heavenly Emperor will definitely transform him into the Free Law.

If this is the case, then he is already 100% sure that the Ancient Heavenly Court Heavenly Emperor is not dead!

A person who is proficient in the method of his transformation is almost impossible to kill.

Unless the person who killed him was much stronger than him.

With the cultivation base of the ancient Tianting Heavenly Emperor, it was impossible for Tianyi to plot his death, and Tianyi's strength at that time was definitely not so much higher than him.

"Fake death to escape the world, what exactly do you want to do?"

Zhou Shu muttered to himself.

"If you think about it again, is there anything else you're missing?"

Zhou Shu closed his eyes and asked.

Mu Zhixing frowned and fell into memory.

After a while, he clapped his hands and said, "I almost forgot! I have a sister-in-law!"

"Do you have a sister-in-law?"

Zhou Shu was taken aback, he had never heard of this matter!

Whether it was Zhan, or the rest of the Ancient Heavenly Court, they never said that the Heavenly Emperor of Ancient Heavenly Court, and the Queen of Heaven!

"Why have I never heard of it?"

Zhou Shu said solemnly.

"Just like me."

Mu Zhixing said, "My eldest brother feels that he has offended too many people. He is afraid that others can't deal with him, but he will deal with his relatives, so he doesn't even dare to let me know, let alone my sister-in-law?"

"Actually, I've only met my sister-in-law once. That time, my elder brother brought my sister-in-law to have a reunion dinner with me."

Juzhixing said.

"Later Heavenly Court was destroyed, my elder brother died, and I never saw my elder sister-in-law again. I almost forgot about it."

Mu Zhixing's face was also a little puzzled. He didn't know why, but he almost forgot about such an important matter.

Even now, although he remembered it, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think of what his sister-in-law looked like.

It was as if a layer of fog shrouded his memory, preventing him from remembering what his sister-in-law looked like.


Zhou Shu narrowed his eyes slightly and said solemnly, "Do you still remember your sister-in-law's name?"

"Can not remember."

Mu Zhixing shook his head and said, his face full of doubts, "It's strange, why would I forget such an important thing? I can't even remember what she looked like."

Ju Zhixing also noticed something strange.

With his cultivation base, even if it happened ten thousand years ago, he would never forget it so thoroughly.

What's more, that's his sister-in-law!

He has only one elder brother and only one elder sister-in-law. Even if he has only met once, he cannot even remember the other person's appearance.

If you take ten thousand steps back, even if you can't remember the appearance, the name can always be remembered!

But he also forgot these.

If it weren't for this coincidence, he wouldn't even remember that he has a big sister-in-law!

"My lord, you say, is there any magical power in this world that can make me forget someone?"

Mu Zhixing asked with a somewhat surprised expression.

"Of course there is."

Zhou Shu said.

"Someone wants you to forget her. This person may be an outsider, or she may be herself."

Zhou Shu said solemnly.

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Mu Zhixing said in surprise.

"It's just a guess. If you want to know the truth, the best way is of course to find her."

Zhou Shudan said.

"It's been so long, it doesn't matter if she's dead or alive. Where can I find her?"

Mu Zhixing frowned.

"You are still alive, how can she die?"

Zhou Shu snorted coldly.

Mu Zhixing was speechless, why did this sound so awkward?

What do you mean I'm still alive?

My Juzhixing is very strong!

Ordinary people may not necessarily have my strength!

"Mu Zhixing, you are pitiful."

Zhou Shu glanced at Mu Zhixing with sympathy.


Mu Zhixing was puzzled.

Zhou Shu stopped talking about this topic. Mu Zhixing's elder brother and elder sister-in-law may still be alive.

"I'm thinking, how can I find your sister-in-law, if I can find her, I'm not sure—"

Zhou Shu pondered.

He didn't say the second half of the sentence, if he could find her, maybe he could find Mu Tian!

Now, he is almost certain that Mu Tian is still alive!

"Since you have told me all these things, then I will keep my promise. This magic weapon is yours."

Zhou Shu changed the subject and said.

As soon as he looked up, a white light flew towards Mu Zhixing.

Mu Zhixing raised his head subconsciously and grabbed the white light in his hand.

The light dissipated, and Mu Zhixing had a magic weapon in his hand.

"My lord, this is the magic weapon you cast at the bottom of the Tiankeng? You made such a big noise in the Tiankeng, and this is the result?"

Mu Zhixing widened his eyes and said.

"if not?"

Zhou Shu was calm, and said Tan Ran, "I'm still very satisfied with this magic weapon."

"Don't you like it?"

Zhou Shu asked back.

"Should I like this?"

Mu Zhixing said angrily, "It's useless if I ask for this."

"You don't need it, you can take it as a gift."

Zhou Shu said meaningfully.

"All right."

After thinking about it, Mu Zhixing was right. Anyway, he didn't use this thing himself. He sold it to that guy who pretended to be a ghost, and he made a fortune himself.

As for whether the guy can use this magic weapon or not, it has nothing to do with him, Mu Zhixing.

"My lord, does this thing have a name?"

Ju Zhixing asked casually.

"The more serious one is called Wucaixiayi."

Zhou Shu said solemnly, "If it's not serious, you can also call it a pearl shirt."

"Its defensive power is amazing. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most powerful divine weapon I have ever cast in my life. Wearing it is a false god, and it can't hurt you in the slightest."

Zhou Shu pointed to the short shirt on Mu Zhixing's hand and said.

What he just threw to Mu Zhixing was a white short jacket.

That short coat seems to be woven with tiny pearls, and the style is a woman's underwear...

No wonder Mu Zhixing was so surprised when he saw it.

This thing, he is a serious man, he can't wear it at all.

It's not a matter of size.

In fact, the magic weapon can be big or small, let alone Mu Zhixing, even a giant of the giant spirit family can wear it.

The problem is, this style looks like a woman's clothes.

If Juzhixing wears it, the enemy can die with laughter, and it doesn't need its defensive power.

"When you marry your daughter-in-law, you can give it to your daughter-in-law. That way, you don't have to worry about your sister-in-law like your elder brother. Wearing this, you can walk around the pile of false gods safely."

"Even if it's a holy attack, you can survive a blow."

Zhou Shu added.

Mu Zhixing's eyes lit up, he smack it, don't say

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, he just got really excited.

Compared with shame, life-saving is obviously more important.

This colorful robe has such a strong defense that it can even block a sacred attack?

This kind of good thing is not a loss to wear, even if you lose face, its defensive power is amazing.

However, he shook his head immediately. He reckoned that he would never have a chance to fight against the Holy Spirit in his life.

"According to your auspicious words, if I still have a chance to marry a daughter-in-law in my life, then you don't have to follow the ceremony, that's all."

Mu Zhixing laughed and clapped the colorful robe on his hand, then flipped his wrist and put the colorful robe away.

"My lord, it's rare to come back once. This time you moved everyone away. I'm afraid I won't have a chance to come back in the future. I plan to walk around and take a look at my hometown. Is it alright?"

Juzhixing said.

"no problem."

Zhou Shu nodded and said, "As long as you come back before the last wave of humans leaves."

He knew that it was impossible for Mu Zhixing to ask himself for a magic weapon for no reason.

If his inference is correct, the person who wants this magic weapon is the one who designed him to see the amputated arm.

I just don't know if he is Mu Tian, ​​and what method did he use to convince Mu Zhixing.

Judging from Mu Zhixing's current performance, he should really not know that Mu Tian is still alive.

"Mutian, Mutian, if it's really you, I'd like to see how you can use this multicolored robe!"

Zhou Shu sneered, "Have a daughter-in-law? It's better to have a daughter-in-law. If you dare to wear this colorful robe for your daughter-in-law, there will be times when you cry!"

Seeing Mu Zhixing flying away, Zhou Shu secretly said in his heart, he is looking forward to what will happen after he gets the colorful robes behind the scenes!

Mu Zhixing flew slowly and leisurely in the air until it was thousands of miles away from the Huaxia Pavilion, when Mu Zhixing suddenly accelerated.

He flew left, right, south and north for several days, and then stopped on an empty mountain.

"Come out."

Mu Zhixing said loudly, "There is no one here, if you want a magic weapon, just give it to me!"

"I know you are nearby, don't hide your head and show your tail!"

"I don't want to deal with a shameless guy!"

"Have you got something?"

A voice sounded not far away.

Mu Zhixing froze in his heart, he just tried it, but he didn't expect the other party to actually appear!

Doesn't this mean that the other party has always followed him, but he didn't notice it?

Who is this guy!

Ju Zhixing raised his vigilance in his heart.

Then he saw the other party's appearance, and he was stunned on the spot.

"It's you?"

Mu Zhixing exclaimed in surprise.

In Huaxia Pavilion, Zhou Shu stood by the window of the shrine with his hands behind his back.

In the distance, a stream of light flew by constantly.

It was the people of Huaxia Pavilion who were busy relocating.

"Is it really that dangerous?"

A soft voice suddenly sounded behind Zhou Shu.

Then a pair of white and jade-like hands gently hugged Zhou Shu from behind.

"Why don't you sleep for a while?"

Zhou Shu said with a smile on his face.

He held his hands lightly, feeling extremely calm.

From a long time ago, as long as Yin Wuyou was by his side, he would calm down.

Back then, every time he finished his supernatural powers, or Zhuang Zhou Mengdie's mind technique, he would have a conversation with Yin Wuyou, and then his restless heart would settle down.

"Danger is relative."

Zhou Shu said with a smile, "When we faced five days of oppression back then, we were just as dangerous. Even when we were in Daxia, wasn't it dangerous for the Ten Kingdoms to perform martial arts?"

"Don't worry, don't worry, I'm not the kind of hero who serves the country and the people. I can't do things like sacrifice myself for the human race."

Zhou Shu said.

"It's going to be impossible

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At this point, I will protect you from leaving. "

Zhou Shu said with a firm expression, "The world is so big, there will always be a place for us!"

Yin Wuyou put her pretty face on Zhou Shu's back and said softly, "No matter what happens, we will always be by your side."

Zhou Shu held Yin Wuyou's sales and enjoyed this rare peace.

After an unknown amount of time, Shi Songtao's voice sounded outside the door.

"Pavilion Master, Liu Ruochuan is here."

Shi Songtao reported.

"Let him wait outside, I'll be right here."

Zhou Shu opened the mouth and said, he turned around and hugged Yin Wuyou, and said softly, "Clean up, and then we will go to the big world together."

Yin Wuyou nodded and watched Zhou Shu leave.

"Liu Ruochuan, long time no see."

Over the endless sea, Zhou Shu said.

"How long? It's only a few short years."

Liu Ruochuan looked at Zhou Shu, his face full of emotion, "The last time we met, you were only in the Taoist realm, this time, you are already a false god."

"To be honest, you are the person I have ever seen with the fastest cultivation base."

Liu Ruochuan said with emotion.

"Really? No matter how fast you ascend, you can't be as holy as you. You are born holy, and you are born stronger than anyone else."

Zhou Shudan said.

"I am now far from your opponent."

Liu Ruochuan smiled bitterly.

"I think the ancestral people seem to want to migrate, have you decided?"

Liu Ruochuan looked at Zhou Shu and said sternly.

"Didn't you think of it a long time ago?"

Zhou Shudan said.

Liu Ruochuan was taken aback, "Did you misunderstand something?"

"Liu Ruochuan, what's your relationship with Yang Zhitian?"

Zhou Shu looked at Liu Ruochuan and asked.

This Liu Ruochuan, who claimed to be holy, said that he was defeated in those sacred wars in the big world, and he was lucky enough to save a life and survived to this day.

Zhou Shu believed him before and didn't think much about it.

But now that I think about it, if Liu Ruochuan is really a saint of defeat and has lived until now, then he must have had a relationship with Emperor Gu Tianting.

With his strength, it is impossible not to know the true identity of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor!

"You guessed it?"

Liu Ruochuan was stunned for a moment, and then spoke up after a moment of silence.

"I didn't mean to hide it."

Liu Ruochuan said, "Yang Zhitian is Yang Zhitian, you are you, his business has nothing to do with you."

"I don't care about him."

Zhou Shutan said, "But what I hate most is that someone is plotting against me."

"You appeared in front of me on purpose and told me about sacred things. I'm afraid you're uneasy and kind?"

Zhou Shu sneered.

"I understand how you feel."

Liu Ruochuan said with a wry smile, "Sitting in your position, being suspicious is an advantage, but I still want to defend myself."

"I really have no ill will towards you, and everything I said before is true. I have never deceived you."

Liu Ruochuan said in a serious tone, "I really didn't tell you about Yang Zhitian, but it's not too much to hide it intentionally, I just think that the ancient heaven has been destroyed for so long, and Yang Zhitian has been dead for so long. important…"

"Yang Zhitian is really dead?"

Zhou Shu interrupted Liu Ruochuan coldly and said.

"You suspect that Yang Zhitian is not dead?"

Liu Ruochuan frowned, "I really don't know that. You know my situation. It's not easy for me to be alive. Most of the time, I'm sleeping to save my strength. Keep an eye on these things."

"If you say he's still alive, it's not impossible."

Liu Ruochuan said sincerely.

"Okay, let's not talk about it."

Zhou Shu said solemnly.

"Liu Ruochuan, you told me that as long as there is the power of the true source, the divine can live forever, then tell me, if the heaven and the earth are destroyed, the divine

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Holy, can you live? "


Liu Ruochuan said without hesitation, "Sacred, with the same life as the heaven and the earth, the heaven and the earth are there, the sacred is there, the heaven and the earth are not there, and the sacred nature is no longer there."

Zhou Shu looked at Liu Ruochuan, and Liu Ruochuan looked directly at Zhou Shu without evasion, without any evasion in his eyes.

"Of course, I'm talking about the destruction of the world in the big world, and the destruction of the small world. Holy can still escape."

Liu Ruochuan added.

"Has the world of the Great World ever been destroyed?"

Zhou Shu stared straight at Liu Ruochuan and asked in a deep voice.

This time, Liu Ruochuan did not answer immediately, but fell into silence.

After a long while, Liu Ruochuan spoke slowly.

"The foundation of the great world lies in the spiritual roots of heaven and earth. The spiritual roots of heaven and earth have a certain number of birth and death. There is a degree of withering and prosperity. The great world has been destroyed."

Liu Ruochuan said.

"So, in fact, the holy is also mortal."

Zhou Shu said coldly, "Although you didn't lie before, but you missed one thing, that is, the sacred battle is not just to compete for the power of the true source, more, you are to find a way to escape The destruction of this world, am I right?"

Zhou Shu's eyes did not blink, staring at Liu Ruochuan.

Liu Ruochuan sighed, "You already guessed it, do you need me to say more?"

"Everyone wants to survive. Isn't this a matter of course? Even if it is sacred, it is hoped to live forever."

Liu Ruochuan said.

"What about you? What have you done in order to survive? I don't believe it. You are willing to live on like this until the end of your life."

Zhou Shu said.

"Whether you believe it or not, I have never calculated against you."

Liu Ruochuan said sincerely, "I don't have the ability to count anyone, and I've exhausted all my strength just by living."

"My only hope is to see you flip those holy things off the altar!"

Liu Ruochuan showed a strong hatred on his face, "Why do they stand above and play with the fate of all beings? Why do they decide the life and death of all beings?"

"Damn me??? They don't deserve to live either!"

Liu Ruochuan said bitterly.

Zhou Shu frowned slightly. The future he saw in the stone tablet was only from his own perspective, and he did not see Liu Ruochuan in the future.

In this way, Liu Ruochuan may not have lied, he has not calculated himself, so he will never have an intersection with him in the future.

However, Liu Ruochuan has a sentence Zhou Shu agrees very much.

Why are those holy beings high above and controlling the fate of all beings?

Why, when others can die, they can live forever?

"I hope you're not lying."

Zhou Shu looked at Liu Ruochuan~www.novelbuddy.com~ and said solemnly, "If you are brave enough, you can go back to the big world with me, and I will let you see with your own eyes, those sacred scenes that were lifted off the altar. !"

"Aren't you afraid, if I go back with you, it will provoke those holy people?"

Liu Ruochuan was silent for a while, and then spoke slowly.

"The barefooted are not afraid of wearing shoes."

Zhou Shudan said, "There is a saying among the people, if you are willing to cut the emperor off your horse, they want me to die, so what should I be afraid of?"

"It's just a desperate fight, winning or losing is unknown!"

Zhou Shu said calmly.

"Okay, I'll go back with you."

Liu Ruochuan was silent for a moment again, and then said, "You are not afraid, I am dying, what else is there to be afraid of?"

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