God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 412 - Victory!

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Chapter 412: Victory!

“Hmph! They just got lucky!” When Zhang Liangqian heard what his teacher said, he felt unhappy.

“No, it’s not just luck.” His teacher answered him while shaking his head.

His eyes were now on Lin Xiu as he continued, “Looks like he has been giving them the correct instructions.”

“Jiang Li, use the ‘Sledgehammer Attack’ at 9 o’clock.” At the same time, Lin Xiu called out towards Jiang Li.

It was now four vs two and it was getting more difficult for the remaining two warriors from the fifth class. As one of them tried to hide from Zhang Ying and Lei Lei’s duo attack, he saw Jiang Li’s hammer that was swinging in the direction that he wanted to go in order to escape!

He had no place left to hide! The huge hammer swung past his body and it immediately sent his body flying in the other direction!

There goes another warrior from the fifth class that was thrown out of the stage!

“Crap!” Those from the fifth class were already stunned by what had happened.

Without Lin Xiu’s help, they would have definitely won but they were losing instead.

“How is this possible?!” Wu Lin, who was the teacher in charge of the fifth class, seated next to Nan Zhengjun clenched his fist as he was surprised with what he saw.

It wasn’t only Wu Lin who was shocked, even Nan Zhengjun was in disbelief.

“Alright. You can directly attack him now.”

Lin Xiu put up a smile as he told his classmates.

Upon hearing what he said, Zhang Ying and the rest were already in their ‘zone’. Their battle mode now had clearly reached its peak state.

With four of them surrounding him, the last warrior left was definitely having difficulties defending against them. It was only a matter of them where he would be thrown out of the stage.

As expected, within minutes, the last warrior couldn’t stand it anymore and flew out of the stage.

“F*ck! F*ck!”The last one to leave was called Wu Fei and he was trembling in rage as he was thrown into the air.

He didn’t think that with Lin Xiu out of the game after being thrown out by them, they would still lose the match.

And they were defeated by Zhang Ying and his gang!

“The four weak warriors were able to defeat those from the fifth class with their tacit cooperation. Lin Xiu…” The rest of the warriors soon noticed that with Lin Xiu’s guidance, the rest of them from the tenth class had defeated the fifth class. This was outrageous!

“Match end. Class Tenth, victory! Accumulated score +1!” The elder once again appeared on the stage and announced the result.

“AHAHHAHA! Brother Lin, we won!!1” When Zhang Ying and the rest heard the announcement from the elders, all of them screamed out in excitement.

All of them initially thought that they wouldn’t be able to defeat those from the fifth class with their abilities but to their surprise, they miraculously won.

How could they not be happy?

“Don’t be too happy about it. We still have other matches.” Lin Xiu smiled as he reminded them.

“Would we still be the ones fighting for the rest of the match?” Li Ping was extremely confident now as he had just won the match.

Now, he couldn’t wait for the next match and wanted to continue fighting.

“Of course. Other than the first class, all of you would have to fight.” Lin Xiu nodded his head and told them.

Li Ping, who was originally excited, suddenly felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head. He gulped a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“We…wouldn’t be able to defeat the second class, right?” Zhang Ying asked out of curiosity.

Although they had won the fifth class with their tacit cooperation, they still wouldn’t be able to win those from the second class.

“Don’t be nervous about it. Just take it as a part of your training.” Lin Xiu said calmly to the rest of them.

Seeing how Lin Xiu was looking confident, Zhang Ying nodded his head as well.

“All of you continue practicing. This strategy is a pretty good one.” Lin Xiu laughed.

“Lin Xiu, how is it possible that you know so many things?” Zhang Ying hesitated for a brief period before asking Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu looked much younger than he is but Lin Xiu knew a lot more than all of them. This included their warrior skills and types; it was as if they were all imprinted in his brains.

Plus, he also had a lot of ideas on how to combine different skills together. He was just like an encyclopedia.

“Umm… I used to read a lot of books.” Lin Xiu smiled as he answered Zhang Ying.

As Lin Xiu thought about it, before he transmigrated here, the original owner of this body was someone who couldn’t cultivate which was why he always read books.

After accumulating for years, there was a mast amount of knowledge inside his brain.

“Congratulations on the victory.” Nan Zhengjun stood up from his seat and said towards Lin Xiu and his classmates.

This time, Lin Xiu and his gang had really given him a huge surprise.

“Teacher Nan, it was such a great match!” Jiang Li was still holding on to his hammer as he told his teacher. He was still engrossed in the excitement that he had gotten from the match before and hadn’t calmed himself down.

“En, but this time around, it was mostly because they were flustered. If it was the next round and you were facing those from the fourth class, it wouldn’t be as easy as this.” Nan Zhengjun nodded his head as he told the rest of the class.

Jiang Li and the rest who were still excited suddenly felt a cold bucket of water being poured on his head after hearing what Nan Zhengjun said. They finally remembered.

It’s true…. It wouldn’t be as easy to defeat the other classes.

“En…. don’t worry about it. You still have me.” Lin Xiu said in an indifferent manner.

“Tsktsk, Ouyang Hang, you’re so useless.” Just when Ouyang Hang was about to leave, a tall, muscular man appeared right before his eyes.

When the man appeared, Ouyang Hang’s face changed as if he had just seen something horrible.

“Who are you?! How dare you talk to Young Master Hang in this manner?!” The man that stood next to Ouyang Hang got angry hearing how the man spoke to Ouyang Hang.

He was about to fight the man.

“Stand back.” Ouyang Hang glared at him and warned him in a cold tone.

When the man heard Ouyang Hang’s instructions, he was shocked but quickly moved to the back obediently.

“Ouyang Hang, seems like you’re moving backwards in your life. You couldn’t even defeat someone like that?”

The man looked at Ouyang Hang and asked out loud in a calm voice.

Upon hearing his question, Ouyang Hang looked awful as he clenched his fist tightly.

“He didn’t even put in any effort today.” Ouyang Hang took in a deep breath and decided to say to the man.


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