God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 411 - Perfect Combination

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Chapter 411: Perfect Combination

“If it’s according to the situation now, it may be possible for you to defeat him.” The middle-aged man thought for a while before nodding his head.

After hearing the words from his teacher, Zhang Liangqian’s face lit up with hope.


Just when his mood got a little better, the middle-aged man suddenly spoke up.

“But what?” The look in Zhang Liangqian’s eyes changed as he asked the question.

“With his current abilities, it looks like he has been keeping some of it. He isn’t putting 100% of his strength into it. I can’t predict the result.”

Zhang Liangqian clenched his fist after listening to what his teacher said.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t move. I’m sure you’ll be able to win them. I’ll jump off the stage on my own.” Lin Xiu said as he looked at those from the fifth class who were still hesitating.

Their eyes changed upon hearing what Lin Xiu said, then they tightly grabbed onto their weapons.

After exchanging looks with each other, they dashed towards Zhang Ying as his gang!

There were three of them, one with swords and the other two with knives, and they were coming at them at an extremely fast speed.

Clang Clang Clang – –

When Zhang Ying and his classmates saw the three of them who were attacking him, a different look appeared in their eyes. They each quickly picked up their weapons and blocked their attacks.

“Earth Slash!” Seeing how Lin Xiu was still sitting on the ground, motionless, those from the fifth class put in their best efforts.

They noticed Lei Lei and one of them, a man who had a knife in his hands, immediately used his warrior skills!

In his opinion, Lei Lei, who was a girl, would be the weakest amongst all of them and would be the easiest to defeat.

“Use your shield.” Lin Xiu was seated on the ground and spoke to Li Ping.

Li Ping nodded his head as he grabbed onto his huge machete, changing it into a shield instantly!

“A modifiable weapon?!”

The crowd on the audience seats went wild when they saw it happening.

They didn’t expect that Li Ping would be using a modifiable weapon.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Li Ping was now holding onto the shield and stood in front of Lei Lei. Then, he held onto it with both hands and screamed out loud, blocking the strong attack that was coming from the other party!

Honglong – –

The ‘Earth Slash’ was a golden weapon. At that instant, the entire ground seemed to be violently shaking because of that skill.

“Sh*t!” The man didn’t think that the weapon that Li Ping had was a modifiable weapon.

Plus, he even got the timing right and managed to block his attack.

“This student of yours is not planning to move at all?” Wu Lin looked at Lin Xiu as he remained seated and asked Nan Zhengjun who was sitting next to him.

Before this, Lin Xiu instantly kicked out two of his best players in his class which made him extremely unhappy which explains why he was still looking extremely gloomy.

“He has his plans.” Nan Zhengjun was confused as well as he didn’t know what Lin Xiu was up to.

If it was only the four of them, it would be extremely difficult for them to win those from the fifth class since there was still a difference between their rankings.

“Lei Lei, use ‘Spur attack’!” Lin Xiu continued telling the others.

Lei Lei was using double daggers and his warrior skills were mostly for close-range attacks.

Lei Lei was shocked when she heard what Lin Xiu said but quickly came back to her senses. She quickly moved and instantly appeared next to the man who was hacking towards them with a machete.

The man’s warrior skills had been completely blocked by Li Ping’s shield. He was stunned when he saw Lei Lei who suddenly appeared next to him.

If it was according to the normal thought process, Lei Lei, who was the person that he had aimed for, would have taken the opportunity to escape from him. However, he didn’t think that Lei Lei would be directly attacking him with her warrior skills!

Clang – –

But at that moment, another man from the fifth class appeared out of nowhere with his sword and completely defended Lei Lei’s attack with his double dagger.

The other man who planned on Zhang Ying previously, suddenly turned towards Lei Lei.

Their motions were cleared. They planned on defeating one first and then moving on to the rest.

“Jiang Li, ‘Sledgehammer Attack’ at 7 o’clock! Zhang Ying, use ‘Silver Light Flashing Slash’!”

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes as he said towards them.

There was still quite a difference in their abilities. In order to defeat them, Lin Xiu would have to use the same strategy as those in the fifth class, defeating them one by one.

Plus, the combination between the four of them was indeed flawless.

Before they got onstage, Lin Xiu told Jiang Li to change his weapon into a huge hammer because he was proficient in both swords and hammers.

After hearing Lin Xiu’s instructions, Jiang Li instantly held up his hammer and swung it towards the man who was thrusting his long sword towards Lei Lei!

Even if there was a difference in their ranks, it would still be impossible for one to face head-on with such a massive force from the hammer by using a sword!


The man was about to hit Lei Lei but he didn’t think that Jiang Li would swing such a huge hammer towards him!

“Lei Lei, move aside.”

Lei Lei always had a fast reaction speed as she had been trained with using a double dagger and would always be fighting at close-range combat. Her body moved to the back, giving space to Jiang Li’s hammer!

Boom – –

The man that was pointing his sword at Lei Lei was instantly hit by the hammer.

The sword immediately flew out of his arms.

At the next moment, Zhang Ying had already jumped up high while waving the sword in his hands. Within a second, there was a silver shadow that drifted across the air in a crescent shape headed towards his direction!


When the man noticed what was happening, the look in his eyes changed!

Hong Long – –

With a loud bang, the entire stage was shaking violently. The man might have been able to dodge Zhang Ying’s ‘Silver Light Flashing Slash’ but the force that came from it still threw his body far away from the stage.

“That’s an opportunity!” Zhang Ying immediately reacted when he saw their chance.

“Jiang Li!”

“Coming!” Jiang Li immediately threw his hammer onto the ground. He felt relieved without his weapon and was finally able to travel at a fast speed. Jiang Li ran towards the man who was already thrown to a distance and knocked him out of the stage!

“He flew off the stage?!” Everyone in the audience seat was shocked.

None of them had expected that these four who were one rank lower than their opponent, would be able to defeat the ones from the fifth class!

“A sledgehammer, two short daggers, a sword and a war knife. With all of them working together with different warrior skills, a rank three warrior was able to eliminate a rank four warrior…” The middle-aged man who was seated next to Zhang Liangqian was shocked as well with his face full of surprise.

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