God of Life and Death - Chapter 3962 Fang Yue's wish

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Chapter 3962 Fang Yue's Wish

Master Tongtian is right.

The Will of Heaven in the Dimensional World emphasizes a fair deal.

I can give you benefits, but you have to give me benefits too!

Fang Yue's breakthrough this time helped it perfect its own laws, and the will of heaven in the dimensional world can cancel the previous things.

However, if Fang Yue wants to break through in the dimensional world next time, unless Fang Yue continues to break through in the way of the dimension, otherwise, it will still turn around and chase Fang Yue at any cost!

Fang Yue laughed.

"Don't worry! If it's not the way of dimension that breaks through next time, I will sneak here and try not to let you know! I have already fully understood the way of dimension and the degree of integration with this dimensional world surpasses most of the dimensional world. native creatures!"

"If I sneak into the dimensional world, as long as I don't make too much noise, you shouldn't be able to find me! After all, it's impossible for you to monitor every place all the time in this huge territory in the dimensional world!"

Fang Yue said brazenly.

Tiandao of the Dimensional World was stunned. This was the first time he saw someone so shameless.

"Fang Yue, if you dare to secretly break through in the dimensional world, next time, I will never let you leave the territory of the dimensional world!"

The Will of Heaven in the Dimensional World said to Fang Yue's ruthless threats.

Fang Yue couldn't help smiling when he heard this.

He never cared about the threat of the dimensional world at all.

In the dimensional world, there are very few people who really understand the way of the dimension, and even fewer people can practice it to the level of Dzogchen.

This time, the will of heaven in the Yuan World, as long as he didn't do too much, probably wouldn't be willing to kill him at all.

In the dimensional world, he broke through the way of the dimensional once, and the benefits to the will of heaven in the dimensional world are simply incalculable.

Although the will of heaven in the dimensional world is powerful in words, but in my heart, I may not know how to expect myself to return to the dimensional world to break through the way of the dimension!

"Okay, I'm leaving now. I still have tasks in this Ten Thousand Realms universe. If I have time, I will come again next time!"

After Fang Yue finished speaking, he ran away in a hurry.

Traveling through different universes and time-spaces is now as easy as eating and drinking for him.

At the most terrifying time, even the will of heaven in the dimensional world seems to have adapted to Fang Yue's come-and-go mode. It has become somewhat accustomed to Fang Yue's appearance and departure!

Fang Yue returned to the Universe of Ten Thousand Realms.

When Master Tongtian saw Fang Yue's appearance, his face was a little numb.

Who the **** is this guy?

Why going to the dimensional world to break through is like going home, there is not even a single obstacle!

"The truly glorious world is about to begin!"

Tongtian Cult Master Fang Yue said.

"How do you say that?"

Fang Yue asked.

"When you unlocked some of the seals in Mount Tai, the recovery speed of the Universe of Myriad Realms has been at least doubled. According to previous calculations, it will take at least a thousand years for the Universe of Myriad Realms to recover to the fifth-level cosmic level. Now, it only takes five hundred years, and Mount Tai has a pivotal position on the earth and even in the entire universe of ten thousand realms!"

Master Tongtian said meaningfully.

It can open different dimensions and trade resources through different dimensional channels. The blood of all creatures on the entire earth will gradually recover, and the strong will emerge in large numbers. The more strong there are, the faster the pace of recovery in this universe will be.

"And there is also your variable that can refine the ominous power. If you can refine the power of curse for a thousand hours, the universe of ten thousand realms can be directly revived to the fifth level of the universe, and even five hundred years No need for time!"

Tongtian Cult Master Fang Yue said.

When Fang Yue heard this, he couldn't help but smile wryly.

"Master Tongtian, don't overestimate me. This time, I have broken through to the level of Dzogchen. Both body and soul have been baptized, and the increase has tripled, but the ability to withstand the ominous force has only increased. It's sixty hours, not even double! A thousand hours of ominous power, unless you want to consume me to death!"

"No, I'm not talking about you now, but about you in the future! Your cultivation breakthrough speed is very fast, and your ability to comprehend the laws is very strong! I'm afraid it won't take long before you can really carry a thousand hours of unknown Strong!"

"I'm afraid you are already a little bit overwhelmed at the peak of the imaginary fairyland! If you break through to the level of the real fairyland, what kind of situation will it be like?"

Tongtian Cult Master Fang Yue said expectantly.

Fang Yue couldn't help smiling wryly when he heard this.

Fang Yue knew his situation.

From the imaginary fairyland to the real fairyland, he might face an unprecedented calamity of life and death. The realm he suppressed was too ruthless, and at the moment of breaking through, the catastrophe he would attract was probably unprecedented.

But Master Tongtian said there was nothing wrong with it.

His realm is really about to be uncontrollable.

Every baptism of heaven and earth is a catalyst for a breakthrough for him.

How can there be a physical body at the level of the Immortal Realm and the Heavenly Venerable Realm!

"I directly trade some resources with different dimensions, and then leave!"

Fang Yue said.

His double on Earth appears.

This avatar was wounded by the shadow of the Heavenly Venerable and fell into a deep sleep, and has only just woken up now.

"This avatar has the combat power of the fairyland level until now. It is really too weak. His comprehension of laws and various methods are no different from the deity and other avatars. However, various resources in the earth are seriously insufficient. tempered his body!"

"You first refine the original power of these three groups of supreme level, and strengthen some meat shells. At least the level of the meat shell reaches the level of supreme level, so that you can bear the power of all kinds of backlash in the process of casting!"

Fang Yue said.

The original power of the three groups of supreme level was injected into the clone's body.

The earth clone instantly strengthened, reaching the supreme level!

Another split second.

Fang Yue injected another three hundred wisps of primordial energy into the earth clone.

The primordial qi washes away the impurities and recasts the foundation of the physical body.

The breath of the earth clone is stronger, and the level of the physical body is instantly comparable to that of the ordinary fifth-level powerhouse.


After seeing this scene, Master Tongtian swallowed involuntarily and said with emotion.

That's right, luxury!

Three regiments of original power at the supreme level, each representing the fall of a strong man at the supreme level.

And this primordial energy, is it all measured in hundreds?

A ray of primordial spirit can create a genius.

Three hundred strands, three hundred arrogance.

Fang Yue eats directly in order to strengthen his avatar.

Do you know that these three hundred wisps of primordial energy are enough to change the lives of three hundred human youths?

"Well, this is almost done, you can barely sit on the earth! You are in charge of sitting on the earth, if you encounter a strong person above the Supreme Realm, you will use ominous power to deal with them, understand?"

Fang Yue left ten ominous powers on his clone.

The avatars on this earth are a bit special, they are half puppet, half avatar.

Back then, before Fang Yue entered the underworld universe, the avatar left behind evolved from a drop of blood and was reborn with flesh and blood. Later, when his real body entered the underworld universe, this avatar had its own consciousness, and its memory was Split with the deity.

Although the deity later shared various abilities in law and cultivation, but every time when the heaven and the earth bless, this clone has never been baptized, so it is extremely weak.


The eyes of the earth clone flickered, and then said.

"Fire Dimension, I want to exchange two clusters of Yaowang flames, what do I need to exchange?"

Fang Yue said to the dimension of fire.

"Fang Yue, this is not how you communicate with the will of the dimension! You need to place an altar to offer sacrifices before you can communicate with it!"

Tongtian Cult Master Fang Yue said.

This dimension of communication is a technical activity, which needs sacrifices before it can be connected with the will of the dimension.

"Ten wisps of Primordial Qi!"

The voice of the Master Tongtian has not yet landed.

A voice came from the Dimension of Fire.

Master Tongtian's expression froze instantly.

What about trouble?

This Fire Dimension and Fang Yue were actually in direct contact.

"Fang Yue's heaven and earth realm has been cultivated to the extreme, and the heaven and man are one. He can directly communicate with any will of heaven, and even borrow power!"

Monkey King had sharp eyes and saw the clue.

Master Tongtian was helpless.

"This Fang Yue has great supernatural powers, what else does he not know!"

"it is good!"

Fang Yue directly handed over ten wisps of primordial energy to the will of heaven in the flame dimension.

Immediately, two clusters of Yaowang flames floated out from the flame dimension.

Each cluster of Yaowang flames is milky white, and there are wisps of medicinal fragrance blowing towards the face.

"This Flame of the Medicine King can cure all diseases! It is very precious, and it is extremely rare in the Universe of Ten Thousand Realms. What are you going to use it for?"

Master Tongtian asked.

"Of course, this medicine king flame was used to heal Fang Yunshan's soul trauma. Her soul was forcibly pulled out of her flesh shell! If I don't completely heal her soul, how can I return to the body and continue to practice!"

Fang Yue said as it should.

Master Tongtian was speechless.

"This pill flame is a treasure at the level of the Immortal Monarch Realm. As long as the creatures below the Immortal Monarch Realm get a wisp, they can live to the death, flesh and bones!"

"Fang Yunshan's soul injury is weak, as long as she recuperates well, there shouldn't be any future troubles! You actually used medicine king flames to heal her injuries. Isn't this death a bit violent?"

Master Tongtian said.

Medicine King Flame!

Only the Supreme Lord can refine this thing in the ancient heavenly court.

Even some heavenly soldiers and generals at the highest level would like to ask for a ray just in case.

And Fang Yue actually used Yaowang Huoyan to restore his sister's insignificant injury, what is it if it is not a waste of money?

Fang Yue said with a sneer.

"No matter how precious a treasure is, it is not enough to use it on my sister! She can't leave a trace of injury. The medicine power of these two strands of the medicine king's flame will stay in her body. If there is another injury in the future, the medicine power can be used Heal her instantly!"

Fang Yue said.

Fang Yue is a madman who spoils his sisters.

In this universe of ten thousand realms, the only person he loves most is Fang Yunshan.

The second is Li Tiezhu. The others are actually not that important in Fang Yue's heart.

Master Tongtian sighed softly when he heard the words.

"Your personality is not suitable to be an excellent king!"

"Did I say I was going to be king?"

Fang Yue said suddenly.

"I just want to live a good life. As for saving the world, let others do it! My biggest wish is to hope that my relatives and friends can live well! If anyone wants to block this goal, no matter what Whether it is human race or foreign race, whether it is the ancient heaven or the dimensional world, I will never forgive it!"

Fang Yue said.

"I'm such a person, I don't help my relatives! If you want me to be the savior, maybe I will let you down!"

Fang Yue's words silenced the leader of Tongtian.

He suddenly found that there seemed to be an inexplicable deviation in his perception of Fang Yue!

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