Global Weird: Something is Wrong with My Body - ~ Part 1: Code Name Ghost Story

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Shi Qian also looked back at the somewhat dark corridor with a gloomy expression.

He also heard the strange footsteps.

It's just that Yin Ling's eyes have been pushed to the extreme.

I still couldn't see any figures or ghosts, but the clear footsteps really resounded in the corridor.

"It's really weird."

"What should I do? The ghost is walking towards us. If it comes in front of us, it's the time to pull us into the scene."

Zhang Erdong's tone was a little anxious.

"Go and have a look at the studio." Shi Qian didn't panic, even if the ghost walked in front of him, as long as it didn't trigger its killing rules, it would still be safe.

And just when Zhang Erdong was about to step into the room.

A low-pitched human voice suddenly came, very loud and accompanied by a faint sizzle, like an old radio playing.

The voices were mixed with the screams of men and women.

As if arguing.

However, neither Qian nor Zhang Erdong could understand the specific content.

The voice echoed in the corridor.

"It's over! That's it! That's the voice!" Zhang Erdong looked shocked! It frightened him more than the owner of the invisible footsteps.

"I heard this voice vaguely when I was pulled closer to the scene!"

Zhang Erdong spoke anxiously.

Because in the corridor, a strange distortion has begun to appear along with the noisy sound.

Those in relief, even closed their eyes.

As if afraid to look at the horror that is about to happen.

"Why didn't you mention this detail just now?" Shi Qian was a little annoyed.

When this voice entered his ears, an extremely cold breath rushed towards him instantly, and even the gaze that appeared before also stared at him.

This ghost is definitely not as simple as the level!

Its origin is even more bizarre than the ghost classroom that Shi Qian encountered before!

"I don't know. I just realized that when I heard it again, when I was upstairs, I thought it was the strange sound that the machine in the studio was caused by a supernatural invasion."

"It now seems that this ghost brought it with him."

Zhang Erdong's face was pale.

At this moment, he wanted to understand everything, and he became more and more uncontrollable in fear of this ghost.

Shi Qian didn't speak again.

Just staring at the changes in the corridor.

those reliefs.

In the midst of countless noisy human voices, it began to become lifelike.

Shi Qian's eyes narrowed.

He saw that those embossed black eyes that had moved before were melting away!

The original eyes seemed to suffer from high temperature.

Liquid like ink flows over the body of the relief.

And slowly formed a twisting text.

On the body of each relief, dense text began to appear.

And the noisy voice of resentment before gradually became clearer.

Zhang Erdong stared blankly at the changes in front of him.

It's even more bizarre than what I've encountered before.

It was completely beyond his comprehension.

"Did you hear it?"

Suddenly, the young man beside him said something in a low voice.

Zhang Erdong just wanted to ask.

A soft whisper seemed to be in the ear, echoing in the ears of the two, as if it was played from an old radio.

Again like a woman, leaning against her ear, whispering softly.

"The studio that had disappeared suddenly reappeared. At this time, the two people in the corridor realized that they were caught in a ghost story. One of the men suddenly turned back and looked into the room, where countless corpse-like staff were turning around. Turning around, behind them, a woman with a sluggish expression is broadcasting at a loss."

Shi Qian's face was gloomy.

Of course he heard it too.

The text flowing on the reliefs has been completely formed in the corridor, full of ghosts.

The content of words is exactly the same as words.

At this moment, Zhang Erdong suddenly turned his head and looked into the room.

The originally empty studio suddenly changed.

He Yu's frightened eyes pierced into his heart like a knife.

Director Wang Lan, lighting engineer, cameraman and other staff, just as the words described earlier, all turned their heads pale and looked at Shi Qian and Zhang Erdong.

These people seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

"When? When did it appear?!" Zhang Erdong said subconsciously.

"It's not that they're here, we're getting into ghost stories."

Shi Qian's cold words had no emotion at all, and he kept his eyes fixed on the corridor, ignoring everything that happened in the studio.

The power of this ghost.

He kind of figured it out.

"Codename: Ghost Stories."

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