Global Weird: Something is Wrong with My Body - Chapter 282 The ghost is back!

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Shi Qian felt that this sentence was not a lie.

After all, Su Lao is from the Federal Ghost Suppression Department, and it really has nothing to do with him, Shi Qian.

"That's good, I don't want to get involved with the ghost town yet, hehe, let's get to know each other formally?" Zhang Erdong relaxed a lot when he heard the words, and then extended his hand towards Shi Qian.

He is a relatively casual person. Of course, the man in front of him is not from the ghost town, and it is worth making friends with him.

Besides, Zhang Erdong still has his own selfishness.

In the corridor just now, he felt that there were only two ways to get out of here.

One is to hold out until the ghost town department discovers the supernatural event here and then rescues it.

The second is the man in front of him.

Looking at the extended palm, after thinking about it, Shi Qian decided not to hide his identity, and also extended his hand.

It's just that Shi Qian's palms are a little dark.

The moment the man's hand in front of him touched his own, Zhang Erdong felt an unusual cold.


He couldn't help sucking in a breath of cold air, then quickly pulled his palm back, looking at Shi Qian's eyes a little flickering.

Unexpectedly, this guy's ghost transformation has become so serious.

But just now I observed his behavior at the elevator entrance, but it was almost no different from ordinary people.

This means that Shi Qian, Li Gui's ability is also very strong.

Although Zhang Erdong is not a member of the Ghost Suppression Department, he often visits horror forums.

The more serious the ghost transformation, the more ghost-like the person is, and the more the ghost's power can be exerted at the same time.

But it is often accompanied by a loss of "sanity".

Now it seems that the guy in front of him still maintains a very high sense of reason and calmness, which is simply an irrational existence.

"He's a terrible guy."

"By the way, Shi Qian, you just said that you are here to save your friend?"

"Who is your friend?"

Of course Zhang Erdong didn't speak his mind, rubbed his palms, and then asked.

Even if they know each other by shaking hands, they can be temporarily regarded as teammates in this sudden outburst of supernatural events.

"Her name is Xu Jia, not from this TV station, but her aunt is called He Yu, who is a host."

"Mr. He Yu!? Are you talking about He Yu from the "Different" column group?"

Zhang Erdong's eyes showed shock.

It seemed that he was very surprised to hear this name.

"What's wrong? Do you know where they are?" Shi Qian's eyes flashed and he immediately asked.

Zhang Erdong didn't answer, just quickly took out a pair of mobile phones from his pocket.

A few clicks.

A picture popped up immediately.

The above is showing the broadcast screen of the TV station. A beautiful woman with a beautiful face is talking about what it is.

It's just that the host's hair is a little messy, there is no makeup on his face, and there is even a deep fear in his eyes.

"This is the live broadcast of Haicheng TV. "Different News" should not be broadcast tonight, but now it has entered the live broadcast, and Teacher He's makeup and state are extremely wrong."

Zhang Erdong said this, and there was a look of fear in his eyes: "It's the ghost who can only create scenes and controls He Yu."

"The ghost who created the scene?" Qian raised his brows when he heard the words. It was the first time he had heard such a statement.

"Yes! I was also entangled by this ghost. The reason why I didn't become a relief on the corridor is because my ghost is special."

Speaking of which, Zhang Erdong glanced at the corridor.

Then he pointed to one of the reliefs: "As you should have guessed, these people are all TV station staff. After they heard the ghost's story, they were all pulled into another scene."

"He Yu, who is on the phone now, is no longer in this time and space, but in the power of that ghost."

Shi Qian frowned, and Zhang Erdong's words made him even more confused.

Seeing Shi Qian's expression, Zhang Erdong was not in a hurry.

"This floor is the fifth floor. If my previous suspicions were correct, the ghosts are not targeting us now, so we are all less affected."

"But Mr. He Yu and your friend should be the target of the attack."

"No wonder I said last night's "Stranger Things" story, there is always a kind of infiltrating feeling. Damn, there are really ghosts."

Zhang Erdong scolded as he spoke.

Shi Qian told him that the target of the ghost was He Yu, but at this time He Yu appeared on the TV show again, which was very strange.

"What do you mean, He Yu is doing a live broadcast now? And not in our time and space?"

Zhang Erdong nodded, that's what he meant.

"Then what's the matter with you?" Shi Qian pointed to Zhang Erdong, who was still somewhat transparent.

"Actually, I was almost pulled into the scene, but when the invisible guy stood in front of me, I knew that he was staring at me."

"Then, an icy cold attacked me in an instant, but fortunately my ghost restrained him a little, and only half escaped."

Looking back on the situation at that time now, Zhang Erdong still has some lingering fears.

Shi Qian glanced at him and knew that this kid was hiding something. Of course, this is human nature, but the information in Zhang Erdong's words surprised him.

"Half disengagement?"

Zhang Erdong seemed to be in a tangle, and after being silent for a long time, he took a deep look at Shi Qian.

"Yes, this is also the drawback of the ghost in my body."

"Shi Qian, to be honest, my ghost is not really aggressive, but it is very concealed, and when it encounters danger, it can directly make itself transparent and successfully escape the danger center, which is also related to the nature of this ghost. ."

"Although it's a ghost, it's very timid. I call him a coward... My friends call me coward Zhang Erdong..."

Zhang Erdong's words made Shi Qian ponder.

A coward... or a ghost?

But concealment is indeed as strong as Zhang Erdong said.

If Zhang Erdong hadn't taken the initiative to speak up just now, even if there were three fragment-level ghosts, he wouldn't have been able to spot this coward.

As for that translucent state, it should be the ability of a coward.

"But this ghost's ability is too strong, I can't completely escape, so I peeped at you in the corridor before, mainly to confirm your strength."

Zhang Erdong looked at Shi Qian and said a little embarrassedly.

He really wanted to use Shi Qian's ability to go out, but he didn't want to reveal his strength. After all, cowards really didn't have the capital to talk to other ghost-possessed people.

If you encounter someone who is not right, I am afraid that the end will be miserable.

Similarly, I don't want to have an intersection with the ghost town department, which is also the reason.

Shi Qian didn't care too much about Zhang Erdong's ability, and he wouldn't kill anyone casually.

"So, you prove that you have been in contact with that ghost? You can't see him, can you?"

Hearing this, Zhang Erdong nodded.

"Where were you when you met?"

"On the eighth floor."

"But it's been a while now, and then after I went back, it wasn't there, because I was only half-disengaged, so I had to face it and figure out the rules of how it kills to get out of here, so I started searching every floor ."

Zhang Erdong then detailed what he saw on each floor.

Basically the scene in this corridor is very similar.

At that time, he judged that he was all pulled in by the ghost.

Later, I received a message from my friend that it was why "Strange News" was on the air, so I turned on my phone and saw the show hosted by He Yu.

So go straight to the fifth floor.

"So, that ghost is most likely in the "Stranger Things" column group?" Shi Qian held his chin and thought for a moment.

"That's right, so you have to find the ghost and let him pull you into the scene to save your friend."

"Similarly, I have to go in and completely cut off the connection with this ghost before I can truly escape."

Shi Qian nodded.

As for the coward in Zhang Erdong's body, he didn't know what was involved in the scene, and he didn't want to worry about it.

At this time, He Yu's voice came intermittently on the mobile phone Zhang Erdong was holding.

Although she was very scared, the words of storytelling never stopped, and a cold will invaded her.

The prepared draft in my mind has long since disappeared.

It became a story that even He Yu didn't know the end of.

The mouth doesn't seem to be hers anymore.

It was as if there was an invisible person telling a story for her.

"Xiaojia doesn't dare to act rashly."

"Fortunately, when she stopped, the cold footsteps stopped at the same time."

"The crisis is temporarily lifted."

"Xiaojia stood blankly beside the door at the exit of the stairs, just motionless."

"Suddenly, from the top of the fire escape, there was a rustling sound, and then, the cold footsteps sounded again, this time, not for Xiaojia, but went farther and farther, and gradually went upstairs ."

"Xiaojia's face is overjoyed, like the joy of rebirth after catastrophe, which can't be restrained."

"But her movements are still very small, for fear that the sound of opening the door will bring the invisible guy back."

"Until Xiaojia completely escaped from the fire escape and stood in the elevator, the footsteps never reappeared."

"It's really gone."

When He Yu finished the last sentence, the program on the mobile phone stopped abruptly and turned into a black screen.

"What happened?" Shi Qian asked immediately.

"I don't know, usually a node like this will go directly to the advertisement, but at this time this show may be controlled by the ghost, so I dare not draw conclusions casually."

Zhang Erdong shook his head and put away his phone.

However, the story told in "Stranger Things" just now seems to describe what happened just now.

The two looked at each other.

Shi Qian ignored the strange live broadcast of the show for the time being, and said solemnly, "Then can you perceive where this ghost is?"

Zhang Erdong shook his head slightly when he heard Shi Qian's words.

"I felt it was on this floor before, but now it's gone. Will it go upstairs like the story Mr. He Yu told?"

Shi Qian's eyes were dignified.

He has never left here, and if there are footsteps in the fire escape, he will be the first to notice it.

However, a ghost appeared from the fifth floor, and Xiaojia in the story was Xu Jia's words, why didn't he notice it at all?

Even if it's not in a scene.

Just like the two invisible corpses, he felt something.

"Go to the column group first."

The two returned to the corridor.

The dark, silent corridor seemed to be covered with a layer of ashes.

Countless figures in relief stared at the two of them.

Zhang Erdong sighed a little while looking at the colleagues on the wall who were originally fresh.

He didn't know whether they were dead or alive.

The open rooms on both sides of the corridor were already empty, but the number plate hanging on the door made Shi Qian feel a little bit more careful.

"Science and Education Federation."

"Music Live Hall."

"Morning law."

They are all the column groups of some Haicheng TV stations.

The two did not stop, and continued to go deep into the corridor until they reached a closed door.

On the door plate is written "Different News Column Group."

"This is where Mr. He Yu usually records "Strange Odds", and it is also the most famous program in Haicheng." Zhang Erdong looked at the house number, while He Yu on the phone was still telling stories.

But he had already muted his phone.

After all, ghosts can appear at any time.

The residents of Haicheng who watched the show became more and more alarmed.

Many people have even started calling the TV station's hotline.

But couldn't get through at all.

"At this time, Xiaojia hid in a room of the TV station. The slight slow footsteps stopped. Xiaojia covered her mouth and nose. The tension in her heart caused her chest to rise and fall."

"A trembling feeling rose from the bottom of her heart. She understood that the invisible person walked outside the closed door and stopped."

"However, when Xiaojia couldn't help peeking, she saw four dark shadows under the crack of the door."

"Outside the door! Two people are standing!"

All the audience in front of the TV raised their hearts with He Yu's voice.

"Something's wrong, absolutely wrong, husband, I'm really going to call the police." The woman who was wearing a mask before spoke anxiously to her husband who was sitting upright on the sofa.

In a woman's intuition, she is absolutely absolutely abnormal today, Teacher He Yu, UU reading www. The sudden broadcast of's "Stranger Things" on Tuesday was also an important factor.

She even suspected that Teacher He Yu was kidnapped.

"Call the police! I'll tell you."

"Hello? Federal Sea City Security Office."

"Hello, I want to call the police. He Yu from Haicheng TV's "Strange News" column group seems to have been kidnapped. This show should not have been broadcast today, and Mr. He Yu's state is extremely...weird. It's like being controlled by something."

"You mean Haicheng TV?"


"Okay, we have received a report here and have sent someone to investigate."

At the door of the "Stranger Things" column group, Shi Qian looked at Zhang Erdong next to him.

The latter noticed his eyes and nodded.

The two were silent.

Then the shadow under Shi Qian's feet slowly wrapped his feet and kicked them away!

A turbulent supernatural swept out in an instant.

Countless eyes stared directly at Shi Qian and Zhang Erdong.

However, it was pitch black in the large and empty office.

Right now, Shi Qian didn't see anyone.

However, it seems that in the studio not far away, there are countless people standing.

Just can't see.

Zhang Erdong's expression was even more ugly, and he turned back suddenly.

The moment he opened the door, he felt it.

An icy gaze locked on him again.

There were clear footsteps in the corridor behind him.

The invisible ghost.

came back.

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