Global Reincarnation: Only I Know the Plot - Chapter 819

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This scene surprised all senior people.

"Nani? Why is the screen black?"

"It should be the man's fist, which shattered all the camera robots."

"Fist-wind? Is it just the box-wind that has such great power? The shell of the camera robot is made of alloy!"

"It's really a god-like power. Can we humans also have such a ghostly power?"

"Hey! Hey! Didn't you notice that the horrible centipede was resurrected again!"

"In front of such a strong man, that terrifying centipede is no longer terrifying 18..." Someone said lightly.

People who frightened before, think about it too. With such a strong existence, even if the centipede monster is resurrected ten or a hundred times, it will be of no use...

"I just don't know, that man, can he completely kill the enemy centipede monster."

"Sure, I even suspect that he is the **** who came to save our humanity!"

There was a lot of discussion in the conference room.

At this time, there is no live video to watch, and everyone is more eager to know the identity of the strong man.


Everyone's eyes turned to Algni in the main position.

"Mr. Algney, can you tell us about the identity of this hero?" a senior government official asked.

Algney smiled when he heard the words.

Now he is very excited in his heart.

He never expected that the man named "Mondo" was so powerful, so powerful that it surprised him!

Now, if anyone dares to say that the opponent is not the No. 1 S-class hero of the Heroes Association, Algney will be anxious with him.

This trump card, staying in the Heroes Association, is the honor of the Heroes Association!

It is foreseeable that after this battle, when the news spreads, the status of the Heroes' Association in society will definitely skyrocket.

As long as the future develops well, the Association of Heroes will definitely become a major force in mankind.

Thinking of this, Algni felt that the appearance of Mundo was simply a gift from heaven to him! !

"Everyone, the adult who just defeated the centipede monster is the hero who once saved my grandson. The reason why I founded the Heroes Association is because of a hero like him!"

"Hopefully, after the establishment of the Heroes Association, more such heroes will appear."

Algney deserves to be a top rich man with a superb IQ.

When he said this, it made others think that he founded the Heroes' Association for Chen Ye...

It is tantamount to tying Chen Ye and the Heroes' Association together.

From now on, Chen Ye will be the representative of the Heroes Association!

Speaking of the Association of Heroes, no one can avoid the man who smashed the centipede monster with one punch! !


Hearing what Algney said, several senior government officials looked at each other and saw the solemnity in the eyes of their peers.

Originally, the government didn't care about the establishment of the Heroes' Association.

But with such a strong joining, the effect will be different immediately...

Even if only that man exists in the Heroes Association, who would dare to ignore it?

This guy Algney really hugged a thick thigh!

"Wow! It turns out that Mr. Algney established the Heroes' Association, and there is such a reason."

"It's great. With such a hero, weirdos will not be able to invade human territory in the future."

"Yeah! I just don't know if that centipede monster will die? If it dies, City H will be able to recover it again..."

"Mr. Algney and that Mr. Hero are great heroes of mankind!"


Just when everyone was flattering.


Someone broke into the meeting room.

It's Algni's assistant.

Algoni suddenly yelled angrily: "Baga! Who let you in? What a rude!"

"I'm sorry..." After the assistant broke in, he ignored Algony's scolding, and said in a panic: "Mr. Algony, something big happened outside. Someone showed up with the head of a centipede monster. Daxiakou!"


Algney was taken aback when he heard this.

Others were also surprised.

Afterwards, everyone quickly realized that it was the centipede monster that had been wiped out by the man, and that the man had brought the head of the centipede monster back...


Less than five minutes have passed! !

City H is away from City A, even if it is by plane, it takes more than half an hour to get there!

This speed...

That man... is terrible.

"Quick, go to meet you!"

Algney yelled, and hurriedly left the meeting room and rushed to greet him.

Seeing his running speed, I am afraid that his father's death would not make him so excited...

The other high-level people in the conference room didn't think much, and went out to greet Chen Ye with Algney.

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