Global Reincarnation: No One Understands The Plot Better Than Me - Chapter 1111

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Two seconds passed.

Three seconds...

For Hilly Alice, who was still in panic, something strange seemed to have happened.

It was obvious that she should have fallen, but it didn't hurt at all.

There is even a feeling of flying in the air, the body is light and warm.

Even if I was afraid, I was driven away.

She carefully opened her closed eyes slightly.

"Ah ah--!"

The first thing I saw was the ground a lot closer than when I closed my eyes, and there was even a small stone on the ground directly opposite her forehead!


If she ran into her head on, it would definitely hurt!

Heili Alice subconsciously closed her eyes again and tried her best to endure the next pain in front of Mami's sister and try not to cry as much as possible.

But she waited and waited.


She couldn't wait any longer and opened her eyes secretly, only to find that she still didn't seem to fall to the ground.

By the way, does it seem that you are in a higher position than when you first opened your eyes?

That little stone seems to have become a lot smaller!

At this time, she felt the strangeness in her body when she was tightly stretched out of fear.

The flying just now didn't seem to be an illusion, it seemed that something was supporting her body.

The warm feeling seemed to come from the one holding her.

She tilted her head slightly.

Then I saw Lord God!

It's the big brother of the **** that Mami's sister has been talking about all the time!

Even if it's just the first time we meet.

Heili Alice, who is only 9 years old, is convinced that this elder brother who is holding him tenderly is the "sama god" that Mami sister likes.

Because as Mami sister said.

There is no one in this world who is gentler, stronger, and more secure than him.

"Are you okay?"

And the look on the face of this beautiful **** with a beautiful voice seemed to worry about her at this time.

Hilly Alice burst into a bright and brilliant smile.

"Yeah!" Chuan.

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