Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 102 survivor

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The pistol bullet accurately hits the brain of the licker.

[Hint: If you use a firearm to inflict critical damage on the licker, you will gain 35 firearm experience points].

[Hint: Your skill - Firearms Proficiency has been increased to LV: 2].

With a good start, the next thing is much easier.

Fang Heng even had the time to practice a few marksmanship on the tower.

When the wave of lickers finished, Fang Heng and Liao Bufan immediately climbed down from the tower, closed the prison gate, and checked the condition of the 'maze'.

After being devastated by the lickers, the 'maze' was destroyed in many places.

The thorn traps built on the upper floors have only about half the durability left, and the 'wall' made of logs and even the abruptly licked person dug a hole with their claws and passed directly through the big hole.

After tinkering, Liao Bufan turned the top over again and poured a new wave of engine oil.

Then tick another wave!

Until one o'clock in the afternoon, Fang Heng hooked five waves of lickers back and forth.


The last licker trapped in the maze was shot in the head by the elite NPC of the Dark Knights!

[Hint: The members of the Dark Knights that you temporarily recruited killed the second-order alienated zombie-licker, and you got survival points*26].

[Hint: You get the licker sample*1, the completion rate of the current task - collecting licker samples: 202%, the completion rate of the current task - cleaning up the second-order zombies: 100%].

"about there."

Previously, Fang Heng had roughly circled the entire prison to make sure that most of the lickers had been seduced and cleared.

A total of 101 lickers were killed.

This is consistent with the number of lickers estimated by Chen Yu in advance.

Next, you should go to the second floor to find a magnetic card to complete the task.

After Liao Bufan finished repairing the labyrinth for the last time, Fang Heng stepped into the prison building alone.

Along the main passage, Fang Heng went all the way up to the second floor and came to the door of the gun room on the second floor.

Sure enough, as he had guessed before, the door to the gun room was firmly locked.

Fang Heng took out a newly made small hammer and started smashing the door.

The iron gate has a durability of 2000. Fang Heng took some time to smash it open more than 50 times in a row.

Push the door and enter.

The firearms room had long been looted, the gun cabinet was open in a mess, and scattered bullets fell on the ground.

Fang Heng walked to the safe in the corner and opened it according to the password on the laptop.


A magnetic card and a piece of paper lay quietly in the safe.

[Hint: You have obtained a spare magnetic card (507 Prison)].

Item: Spare Magnetic Card (507 Prison).

Description: This spare magnetic card has the highest level of authority in the prison, and there is a note on the back of it, "Only for emergency use in special situations, it needs to be authorized by the "Meteor" company before use.

"Does it need to be authorized by the Meteor Company before using it? Is the Meteor Company more behind than the prison chief..."

Fang Heng muttered in a low voice, then picked up the piece of paper under the magnetic card to check it.


[The No. 507 Prison is authorized by the government to cooperate with the Meteor Company in secret, and the basement of No. 1 Prison Building is forbidden to enter. If it is necessary to open the basement of Building 1 in an emergency, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the "Meteor" company and the warden in advance (this notice is a confidential file, and it is strictly forbidden to spread it outside)].

"It implies that there is also a secret research room of the Meteorite Company in the basement of Building 1?"

Fang Heng put the note in his backpack.

He also went to the basement before when he was hooking.

There was a passage there that was blocked by iron gates.

In this way, most of the lickers entrenched in Building 1 escaped from the underground secret laboratory.

507 Prison is likely to be one of the sources of the doomsday zombie virus outbreak.

If there are a lot of lickers in the basement, it will be troublesome.

The mercenaries of the Dark Knights will leave at eight o'clock tomorrow, and Building 1 must be completely cleaned up before that.

You also need to go to the basement first and check it out.

Fang Heng made up his mind, grabbed the shotgun and headed to the basement.

There is still a backup power supply in the basement.

Fang Heng went back to the iron gate in the basement and used the spare magnetic card he just got to verify.

"Di Di Di Di..."

"Verification succeeded!"

The iron gate blocking the front slowly rose up, revealing the passage behind.

Different from what Fang Heng had expected before, there were no lickers in the passage.

He walked straight along the corridor.

At the end, there are explosion-proof doors on the left and right sides.

The door on the left was left open, leaving only a small gap.

Fang Heng tried to open the door to check.


Fang Heng took a deep breath.

The room is stacked with circular upright pods filled with lickers.

Most of the incubation chambers have been damaged, and the smelly green liquid has flowed all over the place.

There are still many carcasses of lickers left on the ground.

Most of them are oddly shaped and underdeveloped.

It seems that these are lickers who failed to breed.

Fang Heng saw that there were several culture capsules still in operation, and several lickers were still in the containers, their bodies twitching a few times from time to time.

They appear to be dormant.

Fang Heng was worried that the licker would suddenly wake up, and carefully looked around the room.

After finding that there were no valuable items, he backed out of the room and closed the explosion-proof door.

The room on the left is for cultivating lickers, so the room on the right is mostly a secret research room.

Fang Heng tried to push the explosion-proof door on the right.

Can't push it away.

The door is locked.

There is also a magnetic card induction device on the side of the explosion-proof door.

Fang Heng tried to scan the spare magnetic card before the induction device.

"Di! Your identity is not recognized!"

Huh? Unrecognized identity? Not this card?

Fang Heng was surprised.

The explosion-proof door has a durability of hundreds of thousands. It is not realistic to hit it with a hammer. It is better to find another place to smash the wall to get in. It is more reliable.

Strange, does the magnetic card to open the door need to be found elsewhere?

Fang Heng was in doubt when he suddenly saw a green indicator light flashing above the explosion-proof door in front of Click! "

The blast door is open! ?

Fang Heng alertly raised the shotgun in his hand.

Then, he saw an excited face sticking out from the gate.

Turned out to be a survivor? !

"That's great! I'm finally waiting for the rescue! That's great!"

A young man with black-rimmed glasses was incoherent with excitement, and he gestured with his hand.

"Quick! It's dangerous outside, let's talk about the advanced laboratory!"

Fang Heng stepped into the room and quickly looked around.

You guessed right, this is the secret laboratory established by the Meteorite Company.

The survivors immediately closed the blast door and locked it.

"I'm the second-level researcher of the Meteorite Company - Li Bo, are you the special operations team that came to rescue me? I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

Li Bo was trapped here for several months, and he finally saw a living person!

This excited him.

"If you arrive another half a month late, the rest of the food reserve will be exhausted! I thought I was doomed!"

"When can we leave here? When will the follow-up rescue team arrive?"

Li Bo looked at Fang Heng expectantly.

He's been waiting for this savior for too long!

"No, I'm not a special operations team, and I don't have any follow-up rescue team. If I have to say it, I just happened to pass by here."

Li Bo was stunned for a moment.

"Aren't you the one sent by the Meteorite Company to save me?"


Li Bo realized something, he clenched his fist.

"How's the situation outside? Have all the people outside been infected with the zombie virus? Has the world fallen?"


Fang Heng nodded.

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