Game of Thrones: Wrath of the Sleeping Dragon - Chapter 22 The inner layer

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"Okay, Professor."

"We have reached our destination."


At this moment, the convoy finally stopped moving forward.

Lieutenant Colonel Hank, who was carrying a submachine gun, jumped out of the passenger seat of the off-road vehicle in the front row and walked towards Professor Wilson's vehicle.

"This is the entrance to the ruins."

"Then there are places where vehicles cannot drive, and you need to rely on your feet to move forward."

Lieutenant Colonel Hank was once an outstanding commander of the Federation on the Gulf battlefield, with excellent combat skills, decisiveness, and bravery, so he was appointed as one of the commanders for the wasteland reclamation operation.

But even with such an outstanding talent as Lieutenant Colonel Hank, this place is still the past that he doesn't want to recall anymore.

"It still has that familiar smell."

"I swear, I would never want to come here again if I could."


And Professor Wilson also jumped out of the car, stepped on the broken ground, and thick dust was stirred up, and the old man also took a deep breath.

He heard Lieutenant Colonel Hank's last words, raised his head and looked around.

There are black buildings everywhere here, depressing and dull, not the effect seen in the photos, but people feel irritable when they stay here, as if there is a mountain on top of their heads, and they can't breathe.

But this is not the legendary Black Stone, because this is just the outer part of the magnificent ruins that hollowed out the entire mountain, and the real Black Stone building appeared in the sampling site of the Black Stone photos that Ms. Xu showed many experts. deeper into the ruins.

Professor Wilson looked around, and the never-extinguishing flames on the dragon-shaped torch stand danced, then he withdrew his gaze and fell on the other party again.

He saw a trace of fear in the eyes of a soldier like Lieutenant Colonel Hank.

But that didn't surprise him.

Because when Professor Wilson was young, he had also personally experienced a tomb inspection of the ancient empire, and he was the only one who escaped there after the disaster.

Because of this, he was invited as the chief expert to investigate this time the remains of the giant ancient empire.

"Well, such a place is really hard to miss."

The gray-haired old professor rarely agreed with the other party, his voice was a little low and hoarse.

His fingers involuntarily rubbed the silver ring on his left hand lightly.

This has something to do with the past that he didn't want to mention with others.


At this time, the federal soldiers stationed here in rotation saluted Lieutenant Colonel Hank, who had received a phone call from General Desmond.

Professor Wilson counted the students who got off the bus, and after confirming that everyone was present, he nodded and said under the shadow of the stone pillar cast by the dancing firelight.

"Let's go."


Stepping on some gravel and rubble, Professor Wilson had already made some psychological preparations for the fate of these children.

Lieutenant Colonel Hank and the soldiers led the way, while the students and professors from the Department of Archeology followed behind. Professor Wilson looked at the silent silver-haired girl in the crowd out of the corner of his eye.

He could almost confirm that this so-called 'expedition team' was actually serving his female student.

They are all victims to help Daenerys 'grow' and stimulate her 'potential'.

But this may just be a bold attempt by that family.

If the attempt fails, the life of a clansman will be sacrificed.

In fact, if you look at the history of the Targaryen family and know the reason why these silver-haired and purple-eyed people are crazy, then their purpose is not difficult to guess.

According to the information and speculations obtained by Professor Wilson, he suspects that there is still a legendary .

dragon egg.

There is only one possibility.

"They are known as the 'Dragon King'."

"But they are a group of outright lunatics who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals."

Now there is no so-called 'magic'. In today's era of highly developed technological civilization, even if the 'giant dragon' really recovers, what can they do?

Professor Wilson couldn't understand what this group of Targaryen descendants wanted to do.

Could it be that if the giant dragon reappears, will they be able to rule the planet again?

Even according to the records in ancient legends, an old dragon that has grown for a hundred years is no match for the indiscriminate bombing of today's missiles.

And the descendants of the Targaryen family are not at their peak now, with thousands of dragons overwhelming the sky.

Although they could become the overlords of the sky in the age of swords and magic, the times have changed now, and it is now the age of technology and civilization, and it is no longer possible for those ancient things to dominate this era

"Unless... those so-called 'gods' recover."

As the team marched forward, the old professor secretly thought that his eyes were on a broken half wall, and there were some murals carved on this half wall.

"What is painted on this mural? Professor."

At this moment, a student from the Department of Archeology asked appropriately.

On this half of the mural, you can see the magnificent Heavenly Palace and neatly dressed people. Some of them are holding hammers, some are blood-stained, and some are holding thick books, standing in the towering towers. Next to the stone pillar of Yun, while they were facing forward together, there was a figure sitting on the throne of Tiangong, but it was a pity that there was only half of the statue, and the face of the person could not be seen clearly, and the identity of the person sitting on it was unknown.


The old professor said without thinking.

"This is the map of the gods."

"The gods that people believed in during the ancient empire."

"They worship the ancestors of House Targaryen, and... many ordinary people of great significance and deeds."

The ancient Valyrian Empire did not have the so-called "gods" in the consciousness of later generations, but a living human being.

According to some historical records that survive today, some of the large and small "gods" they worship can actually find their prototypes in history.

Including the top gods in the ancient Valyrian pantheon, the king of the gods, the three queens, the sun **** and the moon god, and the earth god, the so-called human god, etc.

They are actually the earliest members of the Targaryen royal family with outstanding achievements in history.

In later generations, there were not so many members of the royal family who became gods. Even if they proclaimed themselves gods, they were generally not recognized by the people. They were forgotten by people within a few years after their death, and they did not receive much incense.

"Old Valyrians believe in people more."

"Instead of a 'god' who was born to rule over people."

The old professor said a meaningful sentence, which made everyone who stopped at the scene slightly unexpectedly fell into a brief silence. I don’t know what everyone is thinking in their hearts at this moment, Including the 'Moon Spirit' who was at the end of the team.

"And this... seems to be a queen?"

"Is this the coronation picture of the Empress?"

At this time, it was the old professor himself who broke the silence and spoke.


He stepped on the gravel and made a sound and approached, flashlight, squinting at half of the mural on the wall.

Although the other upper body of the figure sitting on the throne of Tiangong is no longer visible, fortunately, the lower body can still be seen, and the old professor didn't pay attention to it just now, because the angle of view of this mural is relatively far away, but when he got closer, he found that The lower body appears to be wearing a skirt.

This is a woman?

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