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"So we need to take the initiative." Shen Chen took Liadrin's words, which was also the result of his careful consideration after returning.

"Take the initiative?" Tailan looked incredulous.

Alliance commander Keller also retorted: "In this way, we will open up the Zuldak battlefield, and we will face pressure from both directions!"

"Now our battle in the Howling Fjord is not over yet, Utgarde has been trying to launch a counterattack all the time; and the materials we have accumulated on the Eastern Front are simply not enough, and our troops are not enough to open up the three areas. battlefield!

What's more, the main energy of the inheritors is still in the cliffs of the storm, no matter what, they can't divide their troops to attack like this! "

These areas are all objective disadvantages, and at the military level, such a dispersion of forces is absolutely stupid.

Shen Chen is also very clear about this. Now the logistical pressure on the east line has increased slightly, and this is not counting the changes after the Vagade-Frost Castle transmission line was opened.

"It's just that our enemies are the same!" However, Shen Chen still had his own decision-making, he explained: "Zuldak, once the war between trolls and natural disasters ends, both sides will suffer heavy damage, and they will not be able to launch a new round in a short period of time. s attack."

After a pause, Shen Chen let several people in the meeting understand his intentions.

"This is a give-and-take opportunity, and we roll out to Zul'Drak and drop a wedge there!"

Point to the Zu'Drak map, approaching the silver front in memory, to the east, not far from the stairs.

"Here?" Tailan quickly understood Shen Chen's intentions.

There is still the area where the natural disaster and the trolls confronted. The trolls slowly retreated to the vicinity of the stairs, and because of the loss of personnel, they may retreat further to the northeast of Simtoga, and even further retreat to the altar of Matos.

And these vacated land, if the alliance does not enter, the power of the natural disaster will soon penetrate deep, and the corpses buried here will become the new nourishment for the natural disaster army.

"We took the initiative to take the territory that the trolls retreated from." Shen Chen expressed his key thoughts, "The power of the natural disaster cannon fodder has been severely damaged, and we are temporarily unable to launch large-scale attacks. In elite battles, we do not need to invest too much power. Entering, there is not much supply."

"If you don't do this, then when the natural disaster recovers, whether it is a troll or a bear, it will be dangerous and may fail. That is something our alliance absolutely does not want to see!"

One is neutral, and the other is the power that gradually turned to the Alliance. Their existence can continue to maintain the situation in Grizzly Hills and Zuldak; but if there is no more, all the pressure will be determined by the Alliance; !"

Several people quickly understood Shen Chen's deep meaning, and Liadrin nodded again and again, "The legion commander is right, we really can't let the undead here, at least... We have to kill this battle to a natural disaster. And the troll's corpse is cleaned up!"

The top level of the legion has unified their consciousness, but they still need to convince the commander-in-chief of the alliance. For the alliance fleet, the diligence is far from reaching the limit. The limitation is the complex situation of the alliance's ports and the seas around Northrend.

Shen Chen thought for a while, and then added: "So, Utgarde Castle, the war is changing rapidly, and our previous plan may not be fully implemented~~"

Everyone was disturbed by Shen Chen's escaping thinking, but Liadrin quickly understood the meaning of Shen Chen's words.

The entire Howling Fjord is subject to the existence of Utgarde, and the transportation capacity to the north is far from reaching its limit. The main supply base for the alliance army in Grizzly Hills at this time is Risk Bay, but the port has almost been expanded. to the extreme.

"Organize an attack on Utgarde now?" Keller thought about it and said, "Then our casualties will be very large, and... your Legion of Inheritors..."

What he meant, Shen Chen also understood, the inheritor's energy is now on the cliffs of the storm, and the difficulty of the vrykul's strategy is clear, this is definitely not a good choice.

But Shen Chen has his own confidence, which is that, a few days ago, the Eastern Emperor's royal family sent a message, "Xiao Nian Miao and Sister Luo Luo have already completed the Legendary Advancement, and they are going to advance together with them. A fellow Hall of Famer, wise, dumb, and following the waves,

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Also about to reach the legend! "

Similar to Shen Chen, the accumulation of the core group of the Hall of Fame in the world of gods and demons is far more than that of ordinary players or many old legends; after they complete the advanced level, their paper strength is above the legendary intermediate level. Once they return to Azeroth Si, will be a powerful real-time combat force!

The return of these little friends is also the confidence for Shen Chen to dare to fight on multiple fronts. He suddenly has 5 legendary masters in his hands. If he forms another elite team.

The terrain of Utgarde and the strength of the vrykul are indeed not suitable for a large-scale attack; but facing the attack of the legendary team, the restraint relationship can be completely reversed!

Of course, Shen Chen also has some control over the player's possible mentality; after all, in the eyes of the Legion of Inheritors, the mission chain of the Eastern Front is used to win over them tomorrow and further expand their power.

Tomorrow now has the largest guild hall of fame, an emerging power order group, what is lacking is to have a core legion in players and alliances~~

Northrend's quest chain is enough to allow many players whose talents and abilities can't touch the edge of legend at all to finally enter the realm of legend; this kind of great kindness is definitely enough to buy them all!

"I will select a group of good players from the evaluation of the previous two missions; in addition, there are still some inheritors in the alliance who have not yet entered Northrend, plus the personnel I transferred from the Heart of Order... .. to take down Utgarde before the Scourge and Troll war is over!"

In this way, even picky players have nothing to say, except for the gangs~~

This is also a special legion quest reward, Shen Chen is not generous, he knows very well which interests he should grab and which ones he can let go.

Most of Utgarde's drops and rewards are not as good as Ahn'Qiraj. You must know that most of Ahn'Qiraj's leaders are legendary mid-level or even peak power, while Utgarde is slightly inferior.

So Shen Chen didn't look down on Utgarde at all. The original plan was to leave Utgarde directly to the players of the Legion of Inheritors to slowly attack, and it didn't matter if they played for a few months.

Only now, he needs to win it within a week, so as to open up the complete channel for the transportation of Vagadde and Vengeance to the north!

What Shen Chen didn't expect was that he did this not only without much gossip, but on the contrary, the entire forum turned to him completely. The participants were honored, and those who did not participate were also more active in the storm cliffs. Participate in the mission.

the reason is simple......

Huang Quan, Crystal Crown, Invincible Shield, etc., more than 20, performed well in the series of tasks of the Legion of Inheritors, and did not show obvious hostility to Shen Chen and his order group on the forum and in the computing field of smart assistants. Players, got the [Invitation Letter] for the first time~~

They got a brand new task: [Sharp Change].

"Because of the war between trolls and natural disasters, Utgarde Castle in the center of the Howling Fjord gradually became prominent in the war. We cannot let it become a cancer on the throat of the Eastern Alliance Group for a long time. Unplug it!

In the early war in Northrend, you were the most outstanding warriors of the Legion of Successors. Your strength, courage and wisdom have been recognized and appreciated by the Legion Commander!

He is determined to recruit you to participate in this raid on Utgarde Castle, and use an elite team to go straight to the core of the castle to solve the king of the vrykul, which will be beneficial to the alliance's subsequent battle against the vrykul.

Are you willing to accept this assignment?

Note that you need to consume 15 Legion of Inheritors Exchange Tickets to receive this quest, as well as the corresponding contribution value according to your strength; and, in the follow-up battle, if you do not follow the command and order of the raiding team seriously, you may be expelled from the raiding team! "

Despite such a warning, no one will refuse. This is the real thing to get a copy of the legendary equipment, and to accumulate enough capital to challenge the bottleneck of the legend. UU Reading

What's more, there is a possibility in this mission, "Could it be that I have to personally command tomorrow, so there will be such words in the mission warning."

They guessed 50%, because after joining the battle, they will directly enter the intelligence assistant channel of the Raiders team, and the real team intelligence will be Sister Lolo; being able to fight with the elites of the Hall of Fame makes most players

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Even many guild players who did the same thing with the Hall of Fame in the early days of the forum said that they were all jealous. This is the first raiding group in the world of gods and demons, and it is regarded as a candidate for the next top power in the world of game. team!

It's like a secondary athlete who has the opportunity to participate in a top-notch competition with a superstar; as soon as the news was spread on the forum, the entire game world exploded!

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