Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 321 Who's going to play overtime?

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When Luo Kai stole the ball and the Chinese team counterattacked, the commentator on Dutch TV was relatively calm, although he shouted: "The Chinese team counterattacked!"

But the tone was not alarmed.

In his view, although the Chinese team's counterattack is fast, it may not be able to pose a threat. And indeed it is.

Because the two sides of the Chinese team are fast, but the speed in the middle can't keep up.

After Hu Lai retreated to respond, he had to run up again. With his speed, it was bound to slow down the Chinese team's counterattack. In addition, Zhou Zijing, who retreated and defended deeper just now, didn't even have time to participate in the counterattack this time - when Luo Kai stole the ball, he was still in front of the Chinese team's penalty area.

It means that there are not many people in the Chinese team who can participate in the counterattack this time, and the support points are limited, so it is relatively easy to defend. Although the Dutch team encountered a counterattack from the opponent, they responded well, and did not panic, staying calm and steady. When the football reached Zhang Qinghuan's feet, the Dutch team's defense was quite complete. In the end, only Hu Lai and Luo Kai were able to form a support in the penalty area. At that time, the Dutch team already had five people in the penalty area.

Not counting Chen Xingyi's right back William Colarenz who is defending Chen Xingyi, the remaining four can't defend against two? In the end... I really couldn't prevent it! Who would have thought of it?

Who would have thought that Hu Lai would beat the football in that way?

When the Dutch commentator saw Hu Lai leaning forward while swinging his left leg from behind, his eyes widened and he even forgot to make a sound.

So those Dutch fans who couldn't go to the scene and could only watch the game at home listened to the original sound of the scene and witnessed Hu Lai's wonderful goal...

Some of them exclaimed, some sighed, and some remained silent.

The commentators from other countries in the commentary booth were not only silent, but also very excited:

"Hucai! Hucai! Hey, beautiful! Beautiful! Hu Lai's ball... Shenlong wagging its tail! Shenlong wagging its tail! It's unbelievable!"

"The Chinese team equalized the score! At the 83rd minute of the game, the tenacious Chinese team equalized the score! Unbelievable moment!"

"This goal is so imaginative! An incredible goal! This goal can even be named the best goal of this World Cup... Oh no, please forgive me, the best goal has to be the one scored by Hu Zhongquan …It’s a pity, this goal will probably be the best goal in all previous World Cups! Hu is simply a walking world wave maker!”

"HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!! World wave! World wave! Amazing world wave! So brilliant! So beautiful!"

There was jubilation in the commentary booth, as did the stands where the Chinese fans gathered. "Long live! Long live Hu Lai!" "The Chinese team is awesome! Hu Lai is awesome!" Everyone shouted and hugged together.

After the Dutch goal in the 75th minute, an atmosphere of desperation spread in the stands where the Chinese fans were. Many people thought that conceding the ball at this time was equivalent to a death sentence for the Chinese team... Unexpectedly, a counterattack actually pulled the Chinese team back from the edge of the cliff! Li Qingqing and Xie Lan embraced together - this is normal.

But even the two elders, Li Ziqiang and Hu Lixin, are embracing and celebrating at this moment... and in front of the TV, there are even more people embracing and celebrating.

Chu Yifan hugged Tang Xiuyuan, Yan Yan hugged Jiang Yin, Meng Xi hugged Mao Xiao, Chen Rui hugged Zhong Shihao...they hugged, cheered, screamed and laughed. "My God! This ball is awesome!" "Hu Lai is too awesome!" "Mr. World Wave!"※※※

After scoring the goal, Hu Lai lost his balance and fell to the ground completely.

But even if he was lying on the ground, he raised his head and looked at the goal to confirm the result of his kick.

In fact, when he made this move, he didn't know whether the football could fly into the goal. This was completely subconscious, and he didn't want to give up this opportunity.

He doesn't know if he can touch the ball...

It turned out to be very lucky, he not only touched the ball, but also kicked the football into the goal!

After getting up, Hu Lai ran to the corner flag area as usual, but this time he raised his wrist and kissed

That red bracelet on it.

He knew that he was so lucky, it must be due to this lucky bracelet! However, in the eyes of outsiders, his behavior has another meaning.

"Wow! It's so sweet!" Han Shuyu screamed excitedly, "It's so sweet! It's so sweet! It's so sweet that I'm going to have diabetes!" Li Qingliang, who was next to her, heard her say this, with a black line: "You just say that the blood sugar is high. ! Needless to say so bluntly..."※※※

After Hu Lai fell from the sky and made his signature celebration, other players of the Chinese team also ran up to hug him.

Then, taking advantage of the situation, a "field mobilization meeting" was held.

"Counting injury time, there are still more than ten minutes before the end of the game, and we can still score their goals!" Zhang Qinghuan gasped.

"That's right! Don't play overtime with them! We can beat them in 90 minutes!" Xia Xiaoyu agreed, "Now that they are equalized, their morale and confidence will definitely be affected. As long as we can Keep pressing them, their defense is bound to go wrong, this is our chance! So don't slow down!"

Everyone agreed.

In general, this situation is indeed more likely to score goals.

Hu Cai also said: "No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard or tired you are, you must grit your teeth and persevere. When you win the game, you can rest as much as you want!"


In the stands, those Chinese team staff who could not sit on the coach's bench or the bench cheered when they saw Hu Lai's goal.

Everyone has excited smiles on their faces. Wang Guangwei was also high-fiving and hugging with them in celebration.

At the end of the celebration, they said excitedly: "Now you can feel at ease, at least you won't be eliminated immediately, and there is still a chance for overtime!" Can drag the game into overtime..."

Wang Guangwei shook his head and retorted: "No, it will not be dragged into overtime." "Huh?" Others looked at him in surprise.

Wang Guangwei further said: "I mean, they won't want to play overtime." The person next to him suddenly said: "It's true...we don't have the energy to play overtime now..." Wang Guangwei shook his head lightly: "It has nothing to do with physical strength, it's just I’m not reconciled to a tie like this.” The staff looked at him, a little unable to understand Wang Guangwei’s words. Isn't it good to draw?

It is not impossible to be able to tie all the time, even to the penalty shootout.

Even our tactics may have been designed in this way. Responding with a broken team, there is still a gap in strength, and it is not easy to draw with the Dutch team...

Wang Guangwei could feel the puzzled eyes of the people around him, but he didn't continue to explain. There are some things that cannot be explained clearly in a few words. He chose to continue watching the game in silence.

He turned his eyes to the court, and his hands gripped the railing in front of him tightly. ※※※

The game has resumed, and the Dutch team that lost the ball did not panic, or it was not as panicked as Chinese fans hoped.

After all, they only went from leading to being equalized. Rather than from being equalized to falling behind.

Even if this game is dragged into overtime, the Dutch team is definitely more confident than the Chinese team. After all, the integrity of their lineup is higher.

So after the kick-off, the Dutch team did not rush to attack, but played steadily and passed each other. They are going to take advantage of the Chinese team's attack, attract them to pull out, and then hit them behind. They successfully pulled the Chinese team out.

Facing the Dutch team's pass in the midfield, every player in the Chinese team was like a mad dog, running and chasing tirelessly. At this time, their formation has actually been pulled out of shape, and they can't keep it. It stands to reason that the next step should be the Dutch team to seize the Chinese team's flaws and fight back.

The Netherlands did intend to do the same.

But when Robin Feeney was about to pass the football forward, Rocky came up and rammed hard, interfering with him. After his ball was passed, it was destroyed by Ou Yangjin's shovel. The football hit Ou Yangjin's body and flew towards the middle. There, Maxikeli and Xia Xiaoyu competed at the same time. Xia Xiaoyu straight

Pick up the shovel.

Facing Xia Xiaoyu who was fighting so fiercely, Kaili didn't dare to fight head-on, after all he was seriously he chose to hide.

Xia Xiaoyu shoveled the football, then quickly got up from the ground and passed the ball to Zhou Zijing.

Zhou Zijing used his physical advantage in the frontcourt to resist the Dutch central defender Dean Lack, and then transferred the football to Chen Xingyi! The Chinese fans in the stands cheered deafeningly, while the Dutch fans booed and screamed. Amidst the cheers and screams, the players of the Dutch team retreated quickly. Originally, I wanted to attack the Chinese team, but I didn't expect to be attacked by the Chinese team instead! The players of the Dutch team who were calm and calm a while ago also panicked... The Chinese commentator He Feng shouted excitedly in the commentary booth: "Chen Xingyi! Opportunity!"

While Chen Xingyi took the ball Hu Lai ran forward with Danny Drew, and pulled out the empty space in the middle. Luo Kai chose to cut in from the side to the middle. That is, at the same time as he cut inside, Chen Xingyi passed the ball!

Roquet and Dutch left-back Willem Kolarenz collided hard. Despite this, Luo Kai still hit the ball! He headed the football towards the goal!

Dutch goalkeeper Tone Schulman jumped into the air and saved the football from the bottom line with one palm!

"Schulman!" The Dutch commentator shouted excitedly, "He made a wonderful save! Stopped an attack by the Chinese team!"

Although He Feng let out a long sigh of regret, he immediately raised his voice and shouted in an uplifting tone: "Good job, Chinese team! Just play like this! The game is not over yet!"


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