Fantasy: God-level Store Manager - Chapter 2642 Ilu

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There are similarities between the world of consciousness and the virtual world, and there are also many differences. There is no need to say more about which one wins and which one loses.

There is no holographic equipment in the origin mall, which is convenient and has a lot less functions, and can clearly feel the difference from reality...

When the demon emperor pushed the coffin up, he saw the message from Luo Chuan on the magic phone.

"Lord Demon Emperor, how is it now? 』

"Just now in the world of consciousness, I didn't see any news from the boss"

The Demon Emperor replied.

Judging from the way of calling, it should be Yao Ziyan holding the boss's magic phone.

Briefly describing the characteristics of the frost elves, the demon emperor felt that it was necessary to talk about the existence of the consciousness world and these special servers.

"By the way, there is something you should be very interested in."

Yao Ziyan looked at the message from the demon emperor on the magic phone, looked at Luo Chuan, and saw the doubt in the other's eyes.

Soon, the doubts were answered.


Yao Ziyan saw a cave in the ice, a transparent ice peak stood in the cave, and a brain was sealed in the ice peak.



She opened her eyes wide and couldn't help taking a breath, "What is this?!"

Luo Chuan frowned.

He felt that something was not right, why did the things he encountered began to develop in an indescribable direction?

Is this also the influence of information disturbance?

But then again, although the brain that was sealed in the iceberg seemed to be a little restrained, there was not much disgust beyond that.

It is fundamentally different from Soul Lock and Black Scale.

It seems that the problem of Yao Ziyan was expected, and the magic phone quickly received the information from the demon emperor again.

"This is a photo taken at the Temple of Heaven"

Yao Ziyan clenched her palm subconsciously, and all kinds of guesses appeared in her mind.

As the hometown of the frost elves for generations, the Temple of the Vault of Heaven has been overwhelmed for a long time, and has been subtly realized the erosion plan by the End God Court.

A hundred years ago, the only remaining resistance force of the frost elves made a decision to send Anno out.

The elf girl carries the hope of the entire frost elf tribe.

But by chance, he broke into the world of Kolo, and under the influence of a certain force, he lost those vital memories.

But the idea of ​​returning to her hometown has long been etched in her soul.

The Frost Elves were completely eroded by the darkness, while the Vault of Heaven Temple was still struggling.

It's also possible that it's all a trap!

A trap specially created by the Last Divine Court for Lord Demon Emperor!

Thinking of this, Yao Ziyan's heartbeat became rapid, and she felt a chill.

"What’s wrong with you?"

Looking at Yao Ziyan's changing expression, Luo Chuan couldn't help but ask, he felt that the girl might have made up some strange things in her brain.

"This must be the conspiracy of the end of the Divine Court, Lord Yaodi is in danger!" Yao Ziyan grabbed Luo Chuan and said extremely seriously.

Luo Chuan: ?

No, what does this have to do with the Divine Court of Doom?

In such a short time, what did you think about?

The author's brain supplementation ability is really powerful.

"That's the consciousness world server of Frost Elf. Don't always look at the world from the perspective of conspiracy theories." Luo Chuan patted Yao Ziyan's head lightly.

Yao Ziyan lowered her head, embarrassed for what she just said without thinking.

After the Demon Emperor's narration, they can be considered to have a general understanding of the social structure of the frost elves.

Buildings built from ice crystals, plants growing from ice crystals, animals carved from ice crystals...

Sure enough, it was worthy of the name of the Frost Spirit.

"Oh yes, Ali has left"


Luo Chuan thought for a few seconds before remembering that this was the name the demon emperor gave to the little white fox.

"Why did you leave? 』

Yao Ziyan felt a little pity, she had seen the appearance of the little white fox in the photos sent by the demon emperor, and she was much cuter than Chimera.

Originally, I was thinking about whether to let the little white fox stay in the store after the demon emperor came back, but now it's all meaningless.

She sighed.

"I don't know, it must have something to do with the frost spirit anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem."

The Demon Emperor was not worried about Ali's departure.

Although the little guy has never shown his strength, he feels that he will not be too weak. Now that he has come to the Temple of Heaven, it may be regarded as returning to his hometown.

"what is this?"

Yilu noticed the magic phone in the demon emperor's hand and asked curiously.

The material of the blue crystal looks almost exactly the same as the ice crystal.

"Magic phone."

"Magic phone?"

Yilu repeated the somewhat strange name, her eyes always on the magic phone, "Is this a special extraordinary item?"

"Well, I can contact other people." The demon emperor nodded.

"Just kidding!" Yilu opened her eyes wide, as if she heard something incredible.

If the Vault of Heaven Temple is in a state of nothingness, it is equivalent to being parallel to the Tianlan Continent. It is impossible to have such a powerful transcendent item that can connect to the outside world across the barrier.

"Why am I lying to you?" The Demon Emperor shrugged, "Forget it if you don't believe it."

In the end, Ilu reluctantly accepted this matter, and took it to heart, and then reported it in the report.

"Where do you want to go next?" Ilu asked with a smile.

The demon emperor scratched his neck, thinking in his heart.

Noticing that Ilu suddenly covered her mouth and yawned.

"I'm a little tired, let's go to the resting place first." The demon emperor made a decision.

Taking the flying vehicle again, I arrived at the interior of a building that seemed to be excavated from an ancient ice crystal tree. Both the walls and the roof were made of ice.

"This is a rest area for you. You can move freely. If you have any questions, ask other frost elves directly, or contact me."

Yilu handed a transparent snowflake ice crystal to the demon emperor and left the ancient tree.

Riding a butterfly, I returned home.

Different from those towering giant buildings, she lives in a house built by countless vines, located in the middle of an ice crystal cliff.

When she landed on the platform to go home, a frost elf was already waiting.


Ilu greeted the frost elf, and the two returned to the room together to start preparing food.

After finishing, and not in a hurry to fill her stomach, Ilu came to a special room with a portrait in front of her whose face could not be seen clearly.

Yilu knelt down on her knees and prayed devoutly.

"Is it really useful?" The frost elf named Lily sighed in a low voice and did the same.

"It must be useful." Yilu lowered her eyebrows, but her voice was unquestionable.

"It's been almost a hundred years..." Lily sighed, as if thinking of something.

"She will definitely come back." Ilu whispered.

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