Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 698 Enter the sealed place

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Ji Sheng's words surprised Jiang Dao.

Each of the ten elders in the settlement is a powerhouse with three elements in one. They have indeed done many things for the settlement for a long time, but in recent years, they have already begun to decay.

The ten elders were at odds with each other, and many of them secretly took refuge in the people of the source, and they were really paying attention to the Holy Blood.


Ji Sheng transmitted the sound, his body flashed, and he flew towards the distance at a high speed.

Jiang Dao and Wu Dao all behind him followed closely behind, turned into lightning, and passed across the sky.

The dense and terrifying atmosphere ahead is constantly expanding, and the miasma is black and dense, like a vast river, in a mess.

Some are the people of the source, some are the ten elders, and some are from some evil monsters, one by one hiding in the dark, watching everything coldly.

Even under that mountain range, there is still **** light emerging, faintly steaming, as if there is a terrifying **** magma hidden in the ground,

The sacred and terrifying atmosphere suppressed Shifang, making everyone feel terrified.


Ji Sheng led Jiang Dao and Wu Dao to flash past, landed in one of the hidden mountain ranges, restrained his breath with all his strength, and began to wait.

His gaze turned to the distance, and the red sun magic pupil moved, and the pair of pupils seemed to turn into a strange vortex, with lightning and chaos emerging inside, enough to see through all space obstacles.

Not only him, but Jiang Dao and Wu Dao on one side are all like this.

Pairs of Chiyang magic pupils followed closely and looked forward.

This is the unique supernatural power that belongs to Dicha's holy body. Using their blood to activate the magic pupil, the power is powerful beyond imagination.

At this moment, Yang Fang could see the scene ahead more clearly.

Even the hidden elders can see clearly.

"Six of the ten elders have come."

He whispered.

And there is that Feng Rulong!


Wu Dao on one side nodded slowly.

In addition, this area is still not peaceful. Every once in a while, there will be a terrible light across the sky. Although it is obscure, it is still quickly captured by them.

A strong person flashed by quickly, and after each one appeared, they quickly hid themselves.

Most of them are source organisms.

Jiang Dao's eyes flickered quickly.

In his eyes, these source creatures are all intangible experience points. As long as he kills them, his cultivation base will skyrocket rapidly.

This time we must achieve the three elements in one!

Only with the unity of three elements can we truly take the initiative here and have the ability to protect ourselves.

That's it, time passes.

More and more powerful men came together, their auras were terrifying, and they were rolling and shaking.

In the end, even Ji Sheng couldn't help showing a dignified look, because some old monsters even felt difficult for him to meet.

"There are more and more powerful people gathering. It seems that something must have happened in this seal that we don't know about."

Ji Sheng whispered.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to attract so many masters to appear.

A while passed.

Suddenly, the bottom edge appeared in front of him, and the ground shook like a terrible earthquake. Pieces of scarlet blood gushed out in front of him, dyeing the sky red with mighty force, turning the whole world into scarlet in an instant. , There is a breath of terror everywhere.

Ji Sheng, Jiang Dao, and Wu Dao all changed their expressions, and their eyes shot out with divine light.

Holy Blood of the Human King!

The seal is loose!

Not only them, but everyone's expressions changed, and they raised their heads one after another, looking at the terrifying **** light with a look of shock on their faces.

Under the **** light, there seemed to be a terrifying crater, from which blazing **** light continuously spewed out, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Afterwards, someone who didn't know shouted loudly, and his body turned into a stream of light, and rushed towards the terrifying opening first.

Others followed closely behind, bursts of light erupted, and their auras were terrifying.

"Go away!"

Someone started to fight in mid-air, bang bang, and the sound roared.

The whole sky was in turmoil.

"Let's go, let's go there too. I'll attract firepower for you. You can sense the Holy Blood immediately after entering. With your bloodline, you can easily sense the specific direction of the Holy Blood. No one can compare to you!"

Ji Shengning said.


His body suddenly grew bigger rapidly, soaring into the sky, with the rolling rays of light, filled with a terrifying aura, as if he had transformed into an unrivaled holy body, and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a size of ten thousand feet, shaking the sky and making people feel horrified. The people of the fountainhead fight.

The person from the source is obviously also a strong man who returns to the unity of three elements. After realizing the terrifying movement, he turned his head quickly, his pupils shrank, and he began to drink loudly.

"It's you, three-turn Chongyuan Gong!"


The sound roared, flesh and blood splashed, and bones and flesh were scattered everywhere, flying randomly.

As soon as the man from the source came up, he was torn apart by Ji Sheng's terrifying punch, and he was vulnerable. His remnant body quickly reorganized in the distance, and he let out a terrifying roar.

"Ji Sheng has appeared, surround and kill Ji Sheng immediately!"

His voice is huge, echoing here.

Boom boom boom!

Fearsome strong men also rushed over from other directions, and rushed towards Ji Sheng's body as soon as they came up.

Feng Rulong, who was rushing forward, turned his eyes cold, and suddenly turned back, his eyes were cold and terrifying, looking at Ji Sheng's body.

"Ji Sheng, it's you!"

He quickly showed a sinister smile, ignored it, but sped up his speed and rushed directly towards the sealed place. '

Ji Sheng actually took the initiative to seek death, daring to seek trouble from the people of the source.

This is exactly what he wants.

Because in this case, without Ji Sheng, he can better find the blood of the King of Kings.


He and the other elders speeded up and rushed forward.

at the same time.

The bodies of Jiang Dao and Wu Dao flickered, their auras were fully restrained, as if melting into the void, they quickly submerged into the scarlet crater at an incredible speed and angle, without attracting the slightest attention.


The streamer flashed.

Soon Jiang Dao and his wife landed firmly in the world inside the crater, looking at them with surprise and incredulity.

I saw that the whole world was extremely vast and boundless, just like the real world, with blue sky, white clouds, and the sun shining.

There are also undulating mountains and lush greenery.

Every mountain range is covered with all kinds of exotic flowers and plants, and countless small animals come and go.

The people who broke in were all surprised.

Unbelievable face.

"this is···"

"A piece of the world? How is this possible?"

"Where is the holy blood of the king? How to find it?"

"Quick search, it must be nearby!"

Many people opened their mouths, and their bodies moved quickly.

Jiang Dao and Wu Dao, who had just entered, didn't wrinkle. They immediately closed their eyes and felt carefully.

After a while.

The eyes of the two opened instantly, and the glow was like lightning.

After entering here, they can feel the aura of the same root and origin more clearly, boundless, vast, ancient, vast and majestic, it seems that there is some kind of ancient will, calling them continuously.


Venerable Wu Dao whispered.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The bodies of the two flashed past, extremely fast, as if they were traveling through space, and rushed towards the distance at extreme speed, without stopping along the way, what they saw and heard was incredible.

The whole world is like a sealed prehistoric world.

Many things have never been seen before.

They flew for a long distance before they stopped again. The white mist in front of them was vast and boundless, filled with an unspeakable depression.

This seems to be an ancient battlefield.

The bodies of Jiang Dao and Wu Dao all stopped, and their brows were tightly frowned.

Their eyes stared in all directions, and the feeling in their hearts became more intense.

The Holy Blood of the Human King must be nearby!

The two activated the Chiyang Demon Eyes, and they began to spread in large numbers in all directions.

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Suddenly, a strong crisis hit from behind, Jiang Dao didn't even think about it, he swiped his hand back, there was a bang, there was a metallic sound, and the flames burst into flames.

A huge golden mouse was swept out by him on the spot, smashed hard in the distance, and made a screeching sound when it fell.

Jiang Dao was shocked.

What kind of weird existence is this mouse?

After receiving his palm with all his strength, it's all right?

Even Venerable Wu Dao noticed something was wrong, sensed it carefully, his face changed suddenly, and said: "There is a king's holy blood in this mouse!"


Jiang Dao was shocked, and soon caught the anomaly. Feeling a strong sense of familiarity, he lost his voice and said, "Could it be that this mouse swallowed the holy blood of the human king!"

"No, he should have swallowed a little, the blood is very thin!"

Wu Daoning said.

"Damn things, you dare to break into our squirrel clan, hehe, leave all your flesh and blood today, and no one will leave."

Suddenly, the golden mouse that was swept away uttered words, let out a strange sneer, and looked at Jiang Dao and the other with dark eyes.

Jiang Dao and the two were even more shocked.

This mouse can actually talk!

"The Holy Blood of the Human King is there, take us there!"

Jiang Dao said coldly.

"You also want to get the holy blood of the king? Hehe, take care of yourself first."

The golden mouse suddenly let out bursts of weird laughter, creaking and creaking, and the sharp and piercing sound waves quickly spread out from its mouth.

All directions suddenly began to violently stir, rumbling.

Then the ground crumbles.

Countless golden mice quickly crawled out from the ground, **** and bloody, with scarlet eyes, densely packed, I don't know how many.

Immediately surround Jiang Dao and the two of them firmly!

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