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"Break it!"

Guihai Demon Knife sipped low, his long hair fluttered, Immortal Sword Soul whined softly, his aura surged, and five rainbow lights rushed out of his body, forming a mysterious formation together with the Desolate Cauldron and Dao Sword.


An earth-shattering force swept out like mountains and seas, knocking Wanfa Zhenjun back quickly in one fell swoop.

Even Lu Ming's arms were numb and he retreated continuously.

"Finally used the Supreme Seven-Star Formation, just wait for this moment. Not long after, the coordinates on both sides have been aligned.

On the altar of the cross-border teleportation array, there was a bright light, and a black vortex appeared on it.

Bai Shijin, Du Songjue and the others stared at the whirlpool.

Soon, two figures emerged from the vortex.

"Lu Ming!"

Bai Shijin and others were overjoyed.

Among the two figures, one of them is Lu Ming, and the other one is of course Xie Nianqing.

Lu Ming and Xie Nianqing stepped out of the vortex and appeared in front of Bai Shijin and others.

"Is this your second body?"

Xie Nianqing's big eyes were on Lu Mingci, full of curiosity.

"Why? Do you want to come and kiss me?"

Second body suddenly smiled.

This is Lu Ming's consciousness entering the secondary body and speaking.

Xie Nianqing's face turned red immediately, and she gave Lu Ming a hard look.

The second body turned slightly towards Lu Ming, took a step forward, became smaller rapidly, and finally sank into Lu Ming's eyebrows, and sat cross-legged in Lu Ming's sea of ​​consciousness.

At this moment, the gazes of Bai Shijin, Du Songjue and others swept over Lu Ming and Xie Nianqing, full of shock.

"Lu Ming, what level of cultivation have you reached?"

Bai Shijin asked.

In fact, he has already seen Lu Ming's cultivation, but it's just hard to believe.

"Peak of the fourth level of spirit and god, senior, what's wrong?"

Lu Ming said.


Bai Shijin and the others gasped.

It's only been about two years. At the beginning, Lu Ming set off from Donghuang and went to Central Continent. He was only at the eighth level of the spiritual embryo, but in two years, Lu Ming not only crossed the path of the spirit god, but also reached the spiritual level. The peak of the four gods, this is really amazing.

After reaching the Spiritual God Realm, they are all too aware of how difficult it is to advance to the first level, but for Lu Ming, it seems that there is no difficulty.

and also...

They looked at Xie Nianqing.

Naturally, they could see Xie Nianqing's cultivation, which was the peak of the third level of spirit and spirit.

Strong, too strong.

The point is, Lu Ming and Xie Nianqing are still so young, only in their twenties. It is amazing that they have reached this stage at such an age.

In comparison, those arrogances of Fu Puppet Sect are far behind Lu Ming and Xie Nianqing.

"Maybe, Lu Ming can really lead the Fu Puppet Sect to rise!"

they thought.


At this time, the teleportation array vibrated slightly, and two figures appeared again.

It's Xie Luan and Mo Ye.

Subconsciously, the spiritual consciousness of Bai Shijin, Du Songjue and the others swiped at Xie Luan and Mo Ye, and after a sweep, their faces changed wildly and they all exclaimed.

"The emperor! It's the emperor!"

"Two emperors!"

Bai Shijin and the others exclaimed, with intense alertness, and shock in their eyes.

"Seniors, this is Senior Xie Luanxie, and this is Demon Emperor Moye!"

Lu Ming quickly introduced.

"Those who mess with the emperor, thank you for the chaos!"

Bai Shijin and the others trembled in their hearts.

Not only the powerhouses in Zhongzhou, Donghuang, Nanming and other territories know the name of Emperor Chaos, and Bai Shijin naturally knows about them.

Afterwards, Bai Shijin and the others hurriedly greeted Xie Luan and Mo Ye to see him.


Xie Luan nodded casually, and his spiritual consciousness spread out.

"I didn't expect that the Fu Puppet Sect didn't join here. Back then, he was a famous Dazong in the Eastern Wasteland!"

Xie Luan spoke slowly, embarrassing Bai Shijin and the others.

"Thank you senior, I will show you around!"

Lu Ming smiled. After two years, he returned to Fu Puppet Sect, and Lu Ming was in a good mood.

Here, it is the forces that really belong to Lu Ming himself, and the forces that can be controlled by him.

Thanks to the chaotic forces, that is just an alliance.

Xie Luan nodded, and everyone walked in the air, flying towards the distance.

On the way, Xie Luan scanned his eyes and nodded secretly.

"It seems that I still underestimated Lu Ming. The strength in his hands is not weak except that he has no emperor, huh? Such a powerful junior, trying to break through the emperor, once he breaks through, it will be no small matter! "

Xie Luan's gaze, looking in the direction of the north, was full of brilliance.

Seeing this scene, Lu Ming knew that Xie Luan had sensed the Nine Suns Sovereign.

In the past two years, Nine Suns Supreme has been in retreat, trying to break through the position of emperor.

"Father, mother!"

Immediately, Lu Ming looked forward.

Ahead, Kuangzi Yan condensed his true energy into a cloud, and brought Lu Yuntian, Li Ping, Hua Chi, Bai Chixue and others, flying towards this side.

Obviously, they had received news that Lu Ming was back.

Originally, only a few people knew about the news that Lu Ming went to Central Continent and stayed behind in the Fu Puppet Sect. Except for Bai Shijing, Yan Kuangtu and other Supreme Beings, only Lu Ming's parents knew about it.

However, ever since Lu Ming's true identity was exposed during the battle of the holy city's million-year sacrifice, the Patriarch of the Wang Family, the Patriarch of the Jiang Family, and the Emperor God returned to Donghuang, and the news about Lu Ming's appearance in Donghuang spread. Outside Liangyi Mountain, Tianshen Palace publicly exposed that Lu Ming's secondary body was fake.

Only then did the rest of the Fu Puppet Sect know that Lu Ming had already left Liangyi Mountain and headed for Central Continent.

Of course, no one would have thought of such a marvelous secret technique as the Twin Life Ban Jue. They all thought that Lu Ming's secondary body in the Fu Puppet Sect was disguised by other people.

Now that Lu Ming came back, they got the news and naturally wanted to see Lu Ming.

Lu Ming pulled Xie Nianqing, flew forward, greeted Lu Yuntian and Li Ping, and said, "Father, mother!"

"Ming'er, it's good to be back!"

Although Lu Yuntian and Li Ping knew that Lu Ming was safe and sound through Lu Ming's second body, they were still overjoyed to see Lu Ming's real body now.

Immediately, the eyes of the two fell on Xie Nianqing, and after a moment of surprise, smiles appeared on their faces.

Li Ping held Xie Nianqing's little hand joyfully, and said, "Miss Nianqing, it's been a long time since I saw you, Ming'er finally brought you back! Good, good!"

"Uncle, aunt!"

Xie Nianqing blushed slightly, saluted Lu Yuntian and Li Ping, the two elders nodded again and again, very happy.

"Haha, these are the younger siblings, they are really beautiful, rare in the world!"

Yan Kuangtu laughed, making Xie Nianqing's little face even redder.

"Brother Yan!"

Lu Ming greeted Yan Kuangtu, Hua Chi and others one by one.

Among the crowd, Bai Chixue looked at Xie Nianqing with a look of loneliness in her eyes.

"Is this the woman Lu Ming likes? Back then, when he was so angry, he caused a war in Kowloon City. It was truly overwhelming. Only such a woman can be worthy of Lu Ming!"

Bai Chixue sighed inwardly, let a smile appear on her face, stepped forward, and greeted Lu Ming and Xie Nianqing.

Afterwards, Lu Ming introduced Xie Luan and Mo Ye to Yan Kuangtu and others.

However, Lu Ming only introduced his name, but did not introduce what kind of cultivation level Xie Luan is. Only Kuangzi Yan sensed the cultivation level of Xie Luan and Mo Ye, and his heart was shaken.

"Father and mother, you go back to your residence first, I still have something to do with the seniors, I will find you later!"

Lu Ming said.

"Okay, it's okay, you go to work first!"

Lu Yuntian said.

Then, they went back.

Yan Kuangtu stayed behind.

"Thank you senior, the Fu Puppet Sect is now besieged by the Emperor God Palace, and the owner of the Emperor God Palace is an emperor. Can seniors be sure to deal with it?"

Lu Ming spoke.

(end of this chapter)

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