Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1108 Guardian of Magical Mysteries

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   A stable and long-lasting source of energy!

  Just like the "Stone of Tekira", the high mage bound his own life essence into it, and further resonated with the "spirit of the elves", which can actually be regarded as a "stable and lasting source of energy".

  Because of this, the "Stone of Tekira" is regarded as a treasure similar to a sacred vessel.

  The reason why it is only an approximation, and it is only a false sacred artifact, is that it only binds a part of the life essence of the high mage, and there is a gap in level between this and the real sacred artifact that is directly related to the gods.

  Of course, although the "Stone of Tekira" in the usual sense is generally just a false sacred weapon, there are not without exceptions.

  The manufacturing process of the "Stone of Tekira" is not only a "high magic ceremony", but also a call from the high priest to the **** of elves.

  Although it is impossible for the elves and gods to devote a lot of divine power to every call, this is naturally not without exceptions.

  In some cases, it is normal to have a sacred-level "Tekira Stone" that not only possesses the life essence of a high mage, but also has a direct relationship with the gods.

  Just like the "Serukila Stone" inlaid on the famous three holy swords of the elves, this bento is a sacred stone of this level!

  At this time, Ms. Sun Elf mentioned that the abuse of "magic essence" should be replaced by a stable and long-lasting energy source...

  Isaac's gaze suddenly lit up.

For a long time, in his understanding, the reason why magic equipment can maintain permanent magic attributes is actually similar to the "permanent duration" correction of legendary spells and the permanence of "tricky barrier". of the essence.

  The permanence of these is that they are closely connected with the "magic essence"!

It is precisely because of this that when magic equipment enters the obstructive environment of the "shadow shield", if it stays inside for a long time and it is difficult to get in normal contact with the "magic essence", its magic effect will gradually disappear until it is used again. Only by being in contact with the "magic essence" can one be able to recover.

   This is true for "Shadow Shield", not to mention "Deadly Magic Area", or even "Anti-Magic Field".

   With this understanding.

  At this time, Ms. Silinxi said that before there was no restriction, those ancient great arcanists, since they were able to create sacred artifacts by abusing the deep-seated power of the "magic essence"...

"It doesn't matter whether this is a direct abuse of the power of 'magic essence', or through the abuse of the power of 'magic essence', it is related to the source of some concept similar to divine power. Based on the manufacturing principle of magic equipment, this is indeed a holy The realization of the device is possible."

"Now, the Goddess of Magic has restricted this 'abuse', which also means that it is not the gods who take the initiative to invest in divine power, otherwise the manufacture of holy artifacts must be realized from the perspective of the 'magic essence' and the manufacturing principles of magic equipment. This is unrealistic, and it is the current limit to be able to create false sacred artifacts similar to 'Gem of Shadow Knowledge' and 'Stone of Tekira'."

   "However, what this lady said is even more interesting."

   "In the final analysis, it is closely related to the 'essence of magic', which means that magic equipment can be bound to a long-term and stable source of energy to achieve the permanence of magic attributes."

"However, referring to the 'Shadowfall Stone' and the 'Shadow Magic Equipment' of the Shadow Souls, this does not go from the perspective of 'magic essence', and uses other methods to bind the source of energy, which is not impossible to carry out alternative methods creation of magical equipment!"

   "So, the way to create the sacred artifact that this lady mentioned is possible."

  Isaac thought of some ways to realize it with only a slight movement in his mind.

  For example, if the Wailing Daughter who was once sealed in the "Waiting Cage" is bound as a source of energy by some means, it is entirely possible to create a powerful evil sacred weapon!

  The Howling Daughter This is not the main body yet.

  If the "hidden lord" who has been bound in the material world is sealed as a source of energy for a holy artifact...

  That one is the true body of the abyss lord. If such an evil holy artifact can be realized, it will undoubtedly be an extremely powerful high-level sacred artifact!

  In addition, the "magic essence" certainly limits this abuse, but if you can realize the binding to the "conceptual origin" without going from the "magic essence", it is also possible to complete the creation of the holy artifact.

  Of course, if you don't follow the "magic essence", this means that the difficulty will increase!

   But anyway.

  Ms. Sun Elf’s words not only solved some of Isaac’s doubts and doubts, but also made him feel touched like a bright eye.

   In this way, combined with the production materials of Kelben's "gem of film knowledge".

  He already has confidence in his heart, as long as he can find a suitable "energy source", to realize the creation of the holy artifact, it is no longer impossible to start!

  Of course, although he has such confidence in his heart, since Ms. Silinxi is face to face, he can't stop there.

Nodding slightly thoughtfully, Isaac pondered for a moment, then raised his eyes suddenly: "The lady's words made me suddenly understand, but I heard that among the five chapters of the golden scroll, there is a whole chapter. Chapter, it is related to the 'creation of the holy vessel'.

   I don’t know if the lady has read this?

  Is the core concept of this mysterious holy object inherited from ancient times compatible with the current magic age? "

   There are fifty golden scrolls in total.

   Vertical division is divided into upper and lower groups.

   Horizontally divided into five chapters.

  The entire chapter related to "Creation of the Holy Artifact" is exactly called "Discourse on the Mysteries", and there are ten chapters in total!

   Known as the "Guardian of the Mysteries of Magic", as the chief high mage, she has assisted the three crowned kings of the Elven Court. It is naturally impossible for Sirinxi not to know this.


When Isaac asked, she pondered for a while, but slowly shook her head: "The chapter His Majesty said is called 'Mystery Discourse' for us, and this chapter should indeed be related to the 'Creation of the Hallows'." Regarding, in the early years, when Myth Drannor was still intact, the Tower of Windsong did collect this chapter, but unfortunately, as far as I know, the chapter 'Discourse on the Mysteries' is different from the other four chapters. There is a difference. To read the scroll of this chapter, an additional key is required.

  But this key, with the collapse of that magical dynasty, has already lost all traces of traceability.

  Although I have also carried out a lot of secret investigations, in the end, I can only find three suspicious targets with a certain possibility..."


  Isaac didn't understand this.

  However, if there is such a key, this key is held by the Magic Dynasty, which is quite normal.

   Without this key, and without being able to read the golden scroll in this chapter, no matter how powerful the great arcanists of the magic dynasty are, it is unlikely that they will be able to create holy artifacts on a large scale.

  Hesitating in his heart, Isaac also nodded slightly, waiting for the next voice of the Sun Elf lady.

Silinxi didn't make a fool of herself, and she didn't even rush to ask Isaac for anything, and said directly: "The first of these three suspects is the first of the three arcane kings of the Magic Dynasty. bit.

  The one named 'Iolum' can be said to be the greatest figure in the Magic Dynasty.

  It not only realized the 'Longevity Technique', freeing those great arcanists from the limitation of lifespan, but also the creator of the 'Misser Energy Core', because of him, the Floating Void City was born.

   In addition, he is also a great magic teacher, and the arcanists he has taught can be said to be throughout the entire magic dynasty.

   When it comes to the influence in the magic dynasty, the other two cannot compare with him.

  As far as I know, Iolum seems to have had some kind of premonition before the catastrophe struck. He left his floating city alone, and never returned without any news.

  His departure took away the key and certain golden scrolls, which is undoubtedly quite possible. "

  Iolum, a name that can never be avoided in researching and exploring the ancient magic dynasty!

   It is because of this that the Magic Dynasty has become a dynasty instead of a small fishing village!

  Sirin hopes that this one is even possible, still alive?

  Even Isaac's eyes wrinkled unconsciously.

  However, she didn't interrupt Si Linxi, but kept this in her heart, and then continued to listen to Si Linxi's narration.

   "Second, His Majesty should also be aware that the Arcane King of the Magic Dynasty has already transformed into the Lich King's 'Lalock'. It is also possible that he took this key away.

  During the era of the Magic Dynasty, this key, including those golden scrolls, was periodically held by the three arcane kings in turn. "

  The second goal mentioned by Sirinxi did not make Isaac have any special ideas.

  It has been known for a long time that this person lives in seclusion in the depths of the Troll Mountains, and Isaac actually has doubts about him.

   "As for the third place..."

   "I wonder if Your Majesty has ever heard of the name 'Sage of the Earth'?"

  When this person was mentioned, Sirinxi also showed some subtle expressions on her face.

  Sage of the Earth!

  Isaac's research on the magic dynasty is not shallow, especially, whether it is the Lich Wilder or the ancient tribe, these are all inherited from the magic dynasty.

  Naturally, he also knows some legends about the magic dynasty.

  The mysterious person named "Sage of the Earth", in the legend of the magic dynasty, is the mysterious person who taught the "man of the fishing village" magic knowledge.

  The reason for saying "mystery"...

  The origin, identity, and race of the "Sage of the Earth" are all unknown to anyone.

  Everything about the "Sage of the Earth", in the Magic Dynasty, all happened in the "legend".


  Since Linxi mentioned this person, it is obvious that this person's legendary deeds must be true!

   "Ma'am, do you know the origin of this person?"

  Isaac showed some curiosity slightly on his face.

   "I don't know!"

  Si Linxi shook her head again, but her words changed immediately: "However, all the stories about this person are true.

  As far as I know, before the catastrophe came, the "Sage of the Earth" personally issued a warning to the lady, so the identity of this person can be confirmed! "

  Warning ladies!

  This deed is not within Isaac's understanding.

  However, since he has this deed, judging from his ability to have a clear premonition, and even warn the lady himself...

  Undoubtedly, the level of this mysterious person is absolutely unusual!

Si Linxi's words have not yet finished: "In addition, some clues point out that the golden scrolls that Iolum and others found in the early years, and even the interpretation of the golden scrolls, all have the participation of this , even guidance."

  With his familiarity with the golden scroll and his obvious premonition of catastrophe, it is naturally possible that he took away the key!


   La Roque!

   Plus this mysterious and powerful "Earth Sage"!

  After pondering for a short time in Isaac's heart, he realized that if he wanted to find out the existence of that key sometime, he would really only have Laroque as his first goal!

   "Laroque, Lord of Shadows!"

   "And his Tomb of the Warlock King!"

   In his heart, Isaac gradually put some thoughts away.

  What kind of ability this arcane king is, what kind of power is hidden in his subordinates and in his lair, but even he must be cautious.

  In addition, the current him still wants to focus on the gathering of dragons and the party in the cold place behind him as his main goals.

  For the time being, this is naturally not the time to talk face-to-face with Larlock.

  Especially, regardless of whether the key is in Lalock's grasp or not, he doesn't have the scroll of the chapter "Mystery Discourse" in his hand.

   At this time, it is still too early to inquire about the whereabouts of the key, or even whether there is such a key!

After thinking for a while, Isaac nodded slightly, and said with admiration on his face: "Ms. is really knowledgeable, and there is no mystery that can be hidden from you. By the way, it is not yet asked, unknown The lady is here, how do you want me to cooperate?"

  At this time, he was about to ask the other party's intentions.

  He already has a rough idea about the creation of the sacred vessel, as well as those aspects, and he wants to ask this lady for advice.

   Correspondingly, this is also linked to the difficulty of the next action.

   "Greycloak Mountain is the first goal. If Your Majesty can cooperate with us and completely wipe out the base of Felin Mokui lying in Graycloak Mountain, that would be the best."

   "Besides, after the Gray Cloak Mountain, if His Majesty is willing to continue to take action and directly throw the lair deep underground of the magic sunflower on the ground, I can reveal one thing related to Laroch that is absolutely hidden from His Majesty!"

  Silinxi said in a deep voice.

  The absolute secret related to Laroch! ?

  Isaac didn't have a hunch. This lady mentioned Laroque among the three suspects just now, and she followed closely. This actually gave a new image.

  Looking at this combination...

   "Could it be..."

   In my heart, Isaac suddenly moved!

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