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  The effective caster level of Isaac's mage profession has reached level 34 with the increase of level 12 "magic power".

  However, when encountering Felin Mokui's "Legendary Dispel Technique", it still failed to withstand it.

   As soon as the "Legendary Dispel Technique" aimed at the "Extreme Effect - Burning Cloud Technique" was shot, immediately, the cloud of lightning and smoke covering a large dark space disappeared in the sky.

   And as far as this cloud of smoke that obstructs vision is gone...

   "Meteor burst!"

   "Lord of the Underground!"

   "Rainbow Law Wall!"

  In a short time, the spells that these magic sunflowers had already completed also appeared.

   Except for Simpson's "Earthquake Spell", it was directly destroyed due to the influence of the "Frenzied Magic Area".

  The spells of the other three elder magic sunflowers have all been completed.

   The four fireballs transformed by "Meteor Burst" flew out first.

  Later, it was faster than the "Destroyer Orbs" in the front, and the gorgeous light tail swayed in an instant, and it shot directly at Isaac and others.

   This attack spell is the first to be completed among these three spells.

  After it was completed, the same magic sunflower performed the "Legendary Dispel Art" again, directly dispelling the entire "Burning Cloud Art".

However, the second "Legendary Dispel" was not performed by the person who completed the "Lord of the Underground" next. Destroyed with the "frenzied magic area", at this time, the elder Mokui had already flown out of this area.

   "Rainbow Magic Wall" is the last one completed among the three spells.

  This kind of protective spell can not only block all the magic attacks on the opposite side, but also block all the magic attacks on the other side.

  The reason why the Elder Mokui was the last to complete it was naturally to be the last one to cast it deliberately.

   Once the "Rainbow Law Wall" is completed, it will completely block the spaces on both sides on a large scale.

  At this moment, the "Advanced Roaring Technique" performed by Isaac's projection was directly dispelled by Zhengya's second "Legendary Dispel".

   "Kill these two first!"

  A telepathic voice sounded in the hearts of all the magic sunflowers almost at the same moment.

   These two people are naturally referring to Storm and Dove!

  The opposite side was blocked by the "Rainbow Magic Wall", and Feng Feng and Dove were trapped on their side. How could they miss such an opportunity?

  However, it is almost in sync with this telepathic voice.

  The magic sunflowers' spells have been completed one after another, and the same is true for Isaac and others.

   What's more, because only the Phantom Archmage and a Belem Lich did not jointly attack, the spells completed by everyone at this time are far larger than those of Mokui.


  The scale is large and the quantity is large, but...

Laila and the others have just finished their attack on the "City of Ghosts". It can be seen from the fact that the whole team, only Kelben, still has a legendary spell that has not been cast. How fierce the war is.

At this moment, although they are all high-level spells being cast, of course there are both protective spells and offensive spells, but, together with the "Rainbow Magic Wall" on the opposite side, there is really no spell that can directly break through the past up.

  They are like this, and Imsford and Beren Lich are no exception.

The continuous fierce battle with the magic sunflower, especially, most of the time, they are even the passive side to deal with, but this spell consumes too much, especially those counter spells, such as "legendary dispel", such as "big Lysis"...

  Without the inventory of these two kinds of spells, and in the small underground space, they were equally helpless against the "Rainbow Magic Wall".

  It is the three undead archmages.

  Comparatively speaking, the three of them made the fewest shots. Although at this moment, the legendary spells of the Ghost Master and the Lich Master are all exhausted, their ninth-level spell reserves are still quite sufficient.

  It's a pity that their cooperation with Leila and the others is too poor in terms of tacit understanding.

  At this moment, no one has performed the "Great Disintegration Technique".

  Isaac has already known about this.

  If you can clearly identify the spells cast by Mokui, how can you miss your own side?


   "Over limit - instant - time freeze!"

   It was almost the completion of the "Advanced Roaring Technique", at the same moment, even half a moment earlier than the spells of everyone around him.

  The spell bit from the mage profession, today's last time-stop, was released instantly beyond the limit.

   Once again, everything in front of Isaac's eyes stopped.

   Four rounds of time!

   "The majesty of the eagle!"

  After "Fox's Cunning", another status spell is added.

   This is a temporary boost to the "Charm" attribute.

  The charisma attribute is mainly related to the strength of a warlock's spells. However, Isaac has the specialty of "spell assimilation", so it is naturally not to use this to increase the spell strength of the warlock profession.

  Charisma attribute, but this is directly related to the strength of his "majestic aura"!

  At this moment, the promotion of the charm attribute means that he is ready to unfold his real body!

   And since I have already prepared for my real body...

   "Exceeding Limits - Remaining Spell Power - Strong - Extremely Effective - Touch of Ghost Embryo!"

   "Energy Control - Fel Energy Replacement!"

   "Arcane Hand!"

  The moment the spell was completed, there was endless darkness and evil. At this moment, he seemed to be possessed by the Lord of Purgatory.

   This kind of evil power is even stronger than the "Ghost Embryo's Touch" that he used during the battle with the "Howling Daughter"!


  The third round, this is still projection!

  Not for anything else, just to use the projection as the source point, this spell can contact the "Rainbow Magic Wall" at the fastest speed, and even include the Felin Mokui behind it!

  Of course, with the obstacle of the "Rainbow Law Wall" in front, although Isaac's projection is still projected into the opposite space, it cannot surpass that "Rainbow Law Wall".

  The next moment when the projection is released.

  Using projection as the source of spells.

   "Great Disintegration Technique!"

  In the last round, it is natural to destroy the "Rainbow Law Wall".

  However, considering the 40-foot-radius burst of "Major Disruption"...

   "Shaping control!"

   Inevitably, Isaac wants to perform some temporary manipulation of this spell area.

  That's it, until the moment when the "big cracking technique" is completed and it is shot again.

   This is also the time when the time-stop ends, and all time-flow velocity layers are all unified.

  When the terrifying wave that disintegrated all magic effects and magic items exploded directly in front of the "Rainbow Law Wall".

  In an instant, the colorful light of the "Rainbow Law Wall" disappeared.

   What's more, the terrifying fluctuation of the "Great Disintegration Technique" is still surging suddenly and spreading instantly.

  In less than a blink of an eye, this great horror has already brought the multi-headed magic sunflowers, especially those that are casting spells and have spells on them, under threat.

  The ones who are casting spells are naturally the three heads directly facing Storm and Dove.

   And with the magic state...

   I just finished casting the "Lord of the Underground", and I haven't even started to cast the first "Earthquake Technique" yet!

  Facing the spread of the "Great Disintegration Technique", these magic sunflowers...

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