Cosmic Professional Gladiator - Chapter 89 Such a master

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"Sister Yi, I'll block him, you look for opportunities." Xu Jingming said in the voice of the team, but his eyes were always fixed on Master Liu Hai. At the same time, he reached out and took out a pair of shields from behind, holding one in his hand. Xu Jingming walked a few times. Step, blocked between Master and Sister Yi.

"Using a shield?" Liu Hai laughed and rushed forward suddenly.

His burly figure was blurred, and he rushed directly to Xu Jingming. This scene shocked Xu Jingming's heart: "So fast, much faster than me."

The moment Liu Hai rushed to the front, Xu Jingming also rushed forward, and the double shields slammed forward, as if they were about to push the sky away.


Liu Hai's figure flashed, as if moving horizontally, when he reached Xu Jingming's side, the light of the knife had already come down with a flash.

"Boom." Xu Jingming closed the knife with his left hand shield slightly.

Shields are too good at defense. Even for ordinary people who don't understand anything, both shields are blocking a large area in front of them. If it is a master like Xu Jingming, moving the shield a little can block the enemy's attack angle.

"Boom bang bang!" But the light of the knife didn't stop, three consecutive knives, and the knives were fierce. They all slashed on the left shield, making Xu Jingming feel that the shield trembled and his arms were a little weak. When Xu Jingming wanted to release his strength again to resist the fourth knife.

The moment the fourth knife was slashed, it strangely stuck to Xu Jingming’s shield, causing Xu Jingming to relieve his strength. Xu Jingming’s face changed slightly, but the sticking knife suddenly exerted its force at this moment, making him caught off guard. Xu Jingming's shield shook open, but Xu Jingming reacted quickly, and his right hand shield immediately closed, blocking the light of the sword that was about to attack.

"Boom! Boom! Whoops! Clang!"

The light of the knife flickered and looked exactly the same, but the sound of colliding with the shield was different. Different impact sounds represent different force-generating techniques. It made Xu Jingming very uncomfortable, as if he was trapped in an undercurrent, which was turbulent, and the different powers of the sword made him a little difficult to follow.

"My tactics of taking advantage of the strength and unloading force were useless, and it made myself a little messy." Xu Jingming discovered this. "Only by attacking against the attack, using the collapse of Jin to instantly destroy the master's sword technique, and the double shield cooperates. Make up for defensive deficiencies."

Xu Jingming almost instantly changed the shield technique.

The defensive shield method is also extremely tough. The moment the sword and the shield collide, the shield suddenly exerts force, or it collides head-on, or presses down, or pulls! Every time a weapon collided, Liu Hai felt the shield in front of him, like a rotating reef, either rotating clockwise or counterclockwise, and sometimes even actively striking.

"It's interesting." Even so, Liu Hai still pressed Xu Jingming with a knife, teasing Xu Jingming, and tearing Xu Jingming's double shield defense.

In Xia Guo's official live broadcast room, countless people also watched this confrontation.

When Liu Hai rushed towards Xu Jingming, countless viewers became excited! Here comes, here comes the peak battle they are looking forward to!

"Xu Jingming, don't be slapped in seconds."

"A few more cuts."

The audience watched nervously.

Liu Hai's sword shines like white practice, seemingly exactly the same, but the strength is completely different. There is rigidity, femininity, and yin and yang changes. Xu Jingming was a little confused while holding the double shields, and flaws began to appear. But immediately after Xu Jingming's shield method changed, he became extremely violent, with every move to attack! Fierce attack and kill a large area forward.

Under the fierce shield technique, Liu Hai still suppressed and pulled a knife, but with the cooperation of the double shields, the defense was stabilized, and he did not break open for a while.

"Fruitness is king!"

"Xu Jingming, you have to be so tough. The tough shield technique is hard to crack."

"Haha, Xu Jingming blocked it, it's wonderful this time."

The audience is looking forward to it more and more, they want to see a turning point in the battle.

"Baji is good at close combat." Xu Hong, who was eliminated from the game, was already with his wife. He looked up at the fight and nodded in satisfaction. so easy."

This is the difference in fighting style.

The shield is good at defending, and the eight poles are good at close combat. The two work together...Within a distance of three feet, Xu Jingming's double shields are extremely fierce. Even Liu Hai can hardly break the double shields with a single blade.

Mountain forest map.

When Liu Hai struck Xu Jingming single-handedly, Wang Yi, who was already fifty meters away, stood behind the big tree and raised his hand with an arrow!

"call out."

Wang Yi, a high-level evolutionary and third-level swordsman, is now as fast as an arrow, and equally terrifying.

"Huh?" Liu Hai, who had been paying attention to Wang Yi, frowned slightly, his body dodged the arrow, and the arrow shot into the trunk behind him, causing the tree to burst, breaking directly and crashing down.

"This Wang Yi's evolution method has also broken through, and the arrow is fast enough." Liu Hai discovered this.

"Shoo." "Shoo." "Shoo."

At a distance of fifty meters, Wang Yi looked for opportunities to release arrows again and again.

Liu Hai just attacked Xu Jingming with a few shots, so he had to dodge.

"I can't concentrate on dealing with my apprentice. More than half of my attention must be on Wang Yi's girl." Liu Hai thought, "Let a Tier 3 archer shoot an arrow and kill Xu Jingming? I can't do it either."

"If I'm careless, I'll lose the arrow, and my stamina can't keep up with that Thunder Cloud Fang. Lei Yun Fang is planted." Liu Hai didn't dare to turn his back to Wang Yi. He wanted to always make sure that he could see Wang Yi. , Most of the attention was on Wang Yi.

"Wang Yi's arrow speed exceeds 700 meters per second. Liu Hai is also a little panicked at such an arrow speed."

"Allow the archer to attack wildly, and still have to deal with Xu Jingming with all his heart, Liu Hai is still a bit too arrogant."

"If he hits an arrow, Liu Hai may lose the game."

Countless audiences could see that under that terrible bow and arrow, Liu Hai also tried his best to dodge or use his sword to resist.

The arrow is too fast!

Even the first person in the world needs to be careful with such bows and arrows.

"This goddess archer's bow and arrows are very powerful." The Blue Star Alliance envoys, envoys from various countries watched the game, and also made a judgment. "

"The Shield Master and the Goddess Archer are placed in our Sakura Country." The Sakura Country Envoy looked solemnly, "It is also the top three masters. Xia Guo is really powerful. Our Sakura Country is one of the first in the Starry Sky Tower so far. There are none on the third floor. The younger generation of Xia Guo is so powerful... we must make the people work harder. Our population is small. If we don’t work hard, we will only fall behind!"

Liu Hai suddenly took out a shield behind him, holding the shield in one hand and the knife in the other. This surprised Xu Jingming and became more careful: "Master is going to do his best?"


However, Liu Hai rushed straight towards Wang Yi in the distance.

"What? Not to deal with me, but to deal with Sister Yi?" Xu Jingming was shocked and immediately followed.

"Coach Liu Hai is going to defeat us one by one?" Wang Yi panicked, "I thought I would be confident enough to let me shoot arrows."

Liu Hai burst out with all his strength, making Xu Jingming chasing him farther away.

Wang Yi judged at a glance: "He is so much faster than mine, I can't escape."

"The only hope is an arrow."

Wang Yi instantly took out an armor-piercing arrow.

Sunder Armor, with the big bow in hand! It is enough to break the light armor of these Tier 3 masters.

"Ordinary arrows must be shot at the head. His big shield is in front of him, and he can't shoot at all. Only with armor-piercing arrows... but at a short distance, only one armor-piercing arrow will be available."

"I have only one chance."

Wang Yi stood calmly on the spot, pointing her bow and arrow at Liu Hai.

For Liu Hai at a distance of fifty meters, it takes less than a second to rush to Wang Yi, but for such a long time...for an archer of Wang Yi's level, his thinking can turn better.

She was expressionless, watching Liu Hai rushing indifferently.

Thirty meters, twenty meters... let the distance be reduced.

"If you shoot an arrow within ten meters, I don't believe he can stop it." Wang Yi waited for the best time.

But when he rushed to fifteen meters, Liu Hai slammed out the knife in his hand, which caught Wang Yi somewhat by surprise, almost instinctively letting go! Originally, she wanted to wait until the distance of seven or eight meters, and suddenly release the arrow.

But Liu Hai was too cautious.

The knife thrown from a distance of fifteen meters was so swift and violent that Wang Yi was slashed and penetrated his body before he could hide.

And Wang Yi shot the armor-piercing arrow. At a distance of fifteen meters, Liu Hai's left hand moved slightly downward to block the arrow.

"He must have practiced the knack of throwing knives." Wang Yi was unwilling to think, "The coach Liu Hai is too cunning."

Liu Hai came to the place where the knife fell and reached out and picked up the knife.

"Rushing to the shooter head-on, in the end it is all about throwing hidden weapons. It's just to deal with juniors. There is no need to carry hidden weapons." Liu Hai is so accurate in throwing knives and stones, and he has indeed practiced a hidden weapon.

It's just that in this competition, when he chose weapons and equipment, he didn't choose.

I just threw the knife at close range just now!

For him, with a single-handed shield at close range, he can be sure to defeat any opponent one-on-one, and throw the knife when he throws it.

"It's uncomfortable to be stared at by the archer. Now I feel comfortable." Liu Hai held a shield in his left hand and a knife in his right, looking at the rushing apprentice Xu Jingming.

"Master, with your strength, is it necessary to be so cautious?" Xu Jingming couldn't help but said, "When dealing with our two juniors, we must first get rid of the archer?"


Liu Hai said in a private voice, "This is the final of the national competition. If it is to the effect, it will be a lifetime. Also, you must remember...when you are fighting, you must use your brain! Obviously there is no need to be so difficult, otherwise the game will change. What is it so hard to do?"

"On the battle, UU reading must be stable! If you can win, try to win. Do you think your master, I have five consecutive competitions that year, why haven't I been injured?" Liu Hai looked at Xu Jingming, "You little guy I broke my leg the first time I participated in the World Series? It's because...I am more stable."

"Adventure, it's easy to stumble, I have suffered so much and haven't learned a lesson." Liu Hai looked at Xu Jingming, "Fighting is not adventurous. Fighting strategies are also part of Tai Chi principles."

Xu Jingming sighed secretly, he was clearly strong to be the number one in the world, yet so steady and careful, can such a master be defeated by himself?

"Come on, without the interference of the archer, Master, I can give you a better temper." Liu Hai smiled and looked at Xu Jingming, looking gentle.

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