Cosmic Professional Gladiator - Chapter 82 Xu Jingming and Lei Yunfang

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When Xu Jingming made a big drink at the restaurant, and Lei Yunfang rushed towards Xu Jingming at high speed, countless audiences in Xia Guo's official live broadcast room were still boiling.

"Leiyun let go."

"Wow, we're going to fight."

"Lei Yunfang and Xu Jingming are going to fight."

"At the beginning of this game, are the two bosses going to fight each other? Shouldn't it be so fierce!"

"My scalp is going to explode, I don't dare to breathe, Xu Jingming must not lose with one move."

"The winning or losing of this semi-final depends on their duel!"

Countless viewers watched.

"Dad, can Uncle Xu win?" Fang Xinglong was watching the battle with his daughter. The daughter said with some uncertainty.

"Even if he loses, he won." Fang Xinglong watched this scene with a smile, and was forced by Cheng Zihao at the beginning, so he could only let his junior out of the fighting hall. Now that the virtual world has arrived, Junior Brother has soared into the sky, and Fang Xinglong is also happy for Junior Brother.

On the other side, Mr. Xu, Mrs. Xu Hong, Mrs. Li Chenan and others all watched nervously.

"Can our son win?" Xu's mother worried.

"It's a bit dangerous." Xu Hong watched nervously.

"Fight!" Old man Xu's eyes widened.

In the small town, the drizzle was like silk, and it also spilled on his face. Xu Jingming stood in front of the railing on the third floor of the restaurant, watching the cyan figure quickly approaching.


With a sudden kick, the floor of the restaurant cracked open. Xu Jingming had turned into a vague dark red figure and rushed out. At this step, he rushed out more than ten meters and stepped on the courtyard wall across the street. Part of the bricks and stones on the courtyard wall were cracked, and Xu Jingming was already rushing towards the blue figure.

In just two steps, he rushed down from a height of about eight meters on the third floor of the restaurant, first to the courtyard wall more than three meters high, and then rushed to the distance in front of the cyan figure rushing on the roof.

Carrying the potential energy of gravity and the explosive power of his whole body, Xu Jingming's power to rush to the front is indeed extremely terrifying.

"What a fierce kid." Lei Yunfang only felt the fishy wind blowing on his face, and Xu Jingming had already stabbed him with a gun.


Lei Yun Fang was not on the power route. He chose the shadow leopard evolution method with the weakest strength among the five evolution methods. He also only wore a commoner and two thin knives. What he took was' The'speed' route, the pursuit of extreme speed.

Xu Jingming was extremely ferocious, and Lei Yun flashed his figure, and the shadow vaguely traversed the curve, avoiding Xu Jingming's blow.


Xu Jingming's shot pierced the courtyard wall, and the spear revolved so hard that the courtyard wall burst. Numerous rubbles rolled down the street, and Xu Jingming also took advantage of the situation and fell on the street.

Standing in the center of the stone street, Xu Jingming held a gun and looked at the blue figure.

"The tricks that can't beat people are useless." Lei Yunfang also walked to the street, looking at Xu Jingming with fiery eyes and strong fighting spirit.

"Does Senior Lei only hide? Over time, the entire battle map will keep shrinking, and Senior Lei can't keep hiding." Xu Jingming looked at him.

"Haha? Hide?"

Thundercloud let go.


The figure was vague and ghostly, and it was approaching in an instant.

"Boom." A gun shadow greeted him! The shadow of the gun was like an arrow, piercing the cyan figure in an instant.

"I'm not as fast as you. Isn't the speed of marksmanship able to keep up with the speed of your bodywork?" Xu Jingming was extremely confident, and the shadows of the guns flickered, covering an area in front of him. Only the sound of clang clang was heard, and more than ten shots were shot out in an instant! Lei Yunfang's face was stern, and a single handle blocked more than ten guns one after another.


The long spear that pierced out suddenly turned into a broken spear. At the moment of resistance, Lei Yunfang's expression changed with the burst of strength, and his body was forced to fly backwards under the impact of his feet, and he landed on the roof. Stabilize your figure.

"Senior Lei, if you hold a knife like this, within dozens of strokes, I will definitely stab you to death!" Xu Jingming looked at Lei Yun Fang with a strong sullen expression.

Just over a dozen guns have completely suppressed Lei Yunfang.

Xu Jingming said this with full confidence.

"Hahaha... I really can't underestimate you." Lei Yun put his left hand and pulled out another knife from behind, with the two knives in his hand, the threats are naturally different.



"Xu Jingming said that dozens of strokes will definitely kill Lei Yun Fang... It seems that Lei Yun Fang also has to use a pair of swords."

"The gap wasn't that big. The people who said a move before, looked down on Xu Jingming too. If you dare to be careless, Xu Jingming sent Leiyun out."

"The battle will be more intense next."

Countless spectators in the audience stared at this battle, noting that Wang Yi and Yang Qingshuo rarely chased and killed the other four in Leiyunfang's team. It is this battle that is the pinnacle of the entire Tinder Cup competition so far.

Although Liu Hai was stronger, it was too easy for Liu Hai to defeat Zhang Qing. Once he was hit by a punch, his excitement was inferior.

In this battle, the gap is not that big, and it is much more intense, and both sides need to really go all out.

Leiyun held the double knives and carefully observed Xu Jingming: "This Xu Jingming, judging from his marksmanship just now, it is estimated that he is very close to breaking through the third floor of the Star Tower, and may be able to break through in a few days. He and My gap is not that big."

"But this is more interesting." Lei Yun moved his figure and struck again.

Xu Jingming was holding a gun, standing in the middle of the stone street, and when the opponent was attacking and killing him, he suddenly shot the gun.

Xu Jingming's marksmanship has achieved high speed in terms of speed. The ability to create the "Shadow Spike" is a proof, although at this moment he dare not easily cast the No Shake Spear, because the No Shadow Spear gave up the defense and did not leave any spare power. , Once the cast fails, the opponent can take the opportunity to fight back.

Lei Yunfang's reaction was too fast, and his defense was too fast. Xu Jingming had to be sure enough to cast the shadowless thorn.

Of course the usual gun shot... Xu Jingming was also very fast. This is the basic trick he has practiced since childhood.

"Shoo, hoo."

The air screamed, and shots shot out one after another, one after another, endlessly.

The master moves generally give seven points, leaving three points to spare, so that they can continue to perform the next move. One move after another... Even if one fails, the other immediately follows. Make the enemy unable to find the flaw.

"Dangdangdang." Lei Yun put his hand to the front, double-swords the move, the move is extremely fast.

The knife light is erratic! Strange and unpredictable!

Xu Jingming is brave and brave: "Long spear vs. double knives, I dominate the weapon. Lei Yunfang didn't dare to get close to his body, because when I was close to the body, I would pierce his body with a shot. He had to break mine. Marksmanship, breaks the marksmanship to get close."

Make progress! Make progress, make progress! The spear head fluttered, piercing out again and again, and once in a while, it blocked an area.

Lei Yun used his double swords to make constant moves, even with an occasional threatening one, Xu Jingming was able to stop him with a round shot.

"Boom boom boom."

Xu Jingming suppressed the opponent to retreat, and shot out one after another, thundercloud dodged, but the spear stabbed on a street courtyard wall, and the courtyard wall burst directly.

It also took advantage of the trend to collapse and sweep, and thundercloud released it before hiding, but this sweep was sweeping on the side street shop. The entire shop collapsed and exploded under this shot, and a large amount of rubble splashed in the direction of the thundercloud. Lei Yun Fang flashed back while using his knife to block the gravel.

"What's the matter? Why does Lei Yunfang have no advantage at all?"

"Xu Jingming was rather fierce. He chased him all the way and recruited fiercely. It looked like he was going to break the streets."

"Is the building on the map of this ancient town so fragile? Every building will collapse and explode with one shot?"

"I tested it specifically on the map. I am a Silvermoon player, a beginner in the evolutionary method, and hit hundreds of shots with all my strength to make a hole in the wall. This kind of ancient masonry building is still very resistant. Those. Wooden buildings are easier to destroy. In a word—it's not that small buildings are fragile, but Xu Jingming is fierce!"

"It's very fierce, bulldozer, every shot shoots out like a cannonball."

Countless audience comments rolled over.

"How do I feel that I have hope of winning?" Li Miaomiao watched nervously, feeling suffocated, "Jingming has always been dominant."

"Lei Yunfang and Lao Xu are too blind, isn't it?" Heng Fang thought while looking at it.

At the moment, Liu Hai also watched the matchup in the stands: "Leiyun, let him pass the third floor of the Star Tower, relying on his body skills! If he doesn't use his body skills, he can only rely on the double swordsmanship... I can't beat my apprentice at all."

Being chased by Xu Jingming all the way to attack, Lei Yunfang finally couldn't help it: "Xu Jingming is a long spear, and the long spear has an advantage over double knives. My double knives are 47% of Tier 3, and I can't rely on knives alone. Advantages, not to mention, it is considered to have had a lot of fun, and I have sharpened my knife skills."

"Then end the battle." Lei Yun's eyes were cold, and his whistling turned into a blue shadow, and he went straight to Xu Jingming.

As usual, Xu Jingming was fiercely stabbed with a whistling shot.

If it was before, Leiyunfang would use his sword to block, but this time...

Lei Yun flashed his figure, UU Reading wandered around Xu Jingming, sometimes leaping close to him, and sometimes turning around. Xu Jingming's spirit immediately tightened, and he looked around carefully: "What kind of body is this?"

A person, several meters away from oneself, around oneself, one's own spear can't reach the other party! The opponent circled again and again, and his body skills changed without the need for a knife. Xu Jingming was extremely nervous.

Because as long as he has a flaw and the opponent succeeds in getting close, he can kill himself with a single knife.


Lei Yunfang felt the wind surrounding his body, he was walking against the wind, sometimes speeding up, sometimes stopping, sometimes changing direction, sometimes attacking... everything is free, without a trace of intention, it has become instinct. The body is unpredictable, and the whole person seems to be a gust of wind surrounding Xu Jingming.

"The knives that Leiyun releases are light and agile." Liu Hai watched from the stand, "While using light and agile swords or swordsmanship, 70% of the strength depends on the footwork. As long as the sword is close enough to attack. Range, take away the enemy with one blow."

"Xu Jingming now only has to make a slight mistake, he will lose." Liu Haidao, "My good apprentice, the thundercloud who exercises her body skills is the real thundercloud."

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