Catastrophe - Chapter 1333 Our 1st life shouldn't be so bleak

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After Ning Zhe heard Su Fei's words, he was slightly startled.

He originally thought that Su Fei wanted to see himself and Ren Jiao at the same time in order to hand over the revolutionary army to Ren Jiao, and then say goodbye to his old friend.

He did not expect that Su Fei actually wanted to hand over the revolutionary army to himself.

Although Ning Zhe had a lot of personal ties with Su Fei and knew what the Revolutionary Army was doing in general, he had never had an in-depth understanding of this organization.

And Su Fei's sudden move made him a little overwhelmed for a while.

Su Fei knew what Ning Zhe was thinking, and without waiting for Ning Zhe to say something, he said his thoughts: "The reason why I chose to hand over the revolutionary army to you was after careful consideration.

I was born in a fortress. From my point of view, I can form a revolutionary army and let it run smoothly, but I did not grow up among refugees. It is difficult for me to empathize with their situation and put the revolution The army is handed over to you, which is the most suitable choice.

Without me, Su Fei, the revolutionary army would have no chance to enter Lingnan, and similarly, without you, Ning Zhe, the revolutionary army would not be able to leave Lingnan!

Although Ren Jiao has outstanding abilities, she is a woman after all, she is often difficult to convince the public, and she is not a general. I asked you to come together because I want Ren Jiao to be a witness. From now on, let her assist you. "

"This incident happened so suddenly that I never thought that the Starlight Armed Forces could merge with the Revolutionary Army. You are giving me a problem."

Ning Zhe's words were not polite, but expressed his true thoughts.

Now that his Starlight Armament has begun to take shape, he does not need to absorb the revolutionary army to increase his strength.

Although the Lu family has classified the Starlight Armed Forces as a disorderly party, the two parties are not actually the same organization.

The most important thing is that the Starlight Company exists for the sake of profit, while the Revolutionary Army exists to overthrow the chaebol. Although there is no conflict of interest between the two sides, their ideology is completely different.

If the Starlight Company incorporates the Revolutionary Army, the troops of both sides will be difficult to integrate unless they are mixed together. At that time, whether the Starlight Company will be incorporated into the Revolutionary Army or the Revolutionary Army will be incorporated into the Starlight Company, which is first and foremost a difficult reconciliation question.

Su Fei lay on the bed and said with cloudy eyes: "I know it will really make you embarrassed for you to do this, but you have also seen my situation. In a short period of time, there is no more suitable candidate to be found. Among the people, only handing over the revolutionary army to you will give me the most peace of mind."

Ning Zhe curled his lips and said, "That's not necessarily the case. We have known each other for so long, but you have never attracted me to join the revolutionary army."

"To be precise, the Revolutionary Army has never attracted anyone. Our officers and soldiers joined in voluntarily, because only an unyielding will can support us in a difficult environment for a goal that is almost impossible to achieve. effort."

Su Fei smiled: "Actually, I also found that doing this has drawbacks, that is, most of our members have extreme personalities and don't know how to be flexible. This is a good thing, but it also curbs our development.

And the reason why I choose you is not only because of your leadership ability, but also because of your character. You are a person who will repay your kindness. Even if it is not for the future of the refugees, even for me, you will agree, right? "

Ning Zhe sighed: "You are forcing me to make a choice."

"That's what I meant." Su Fei did not refute Ning Zhe's words, but looked at him seriously: "I founded the revolutionary army, and I don't want to see the cause I fought for disappear like this, because This means that I have chosen a compromise with the chaebol!

In the same way, so many people in the revolutionary army chose to make a revolution with me, not only because we have a common goal, but also because they have deep trust in our organization. As the leader of this organization, I must choose everyone well. Back off!

Seriously, if I had to choose someone to be wronged, I would prefer that the wronged person is you, not the thousands of soldiers in the revolutionary army, who are the only remaining fire among the refugees. If these people are gone , then this world is really hopeless.

Ning Zhe, just when I beg you, help me fulfill my last wish, so that the revolutionary army can continue to survive, and protect it for me, okay? "

Ning Zhe turned his eyes to the clock that kept jumping on the wall, and then looked at Su Fei, who would close his eyes at some point in front of him, and after a moment of indifference, nodded: "I can promise you, if the Japanese revolutionary army meets the right person. of……"

"As long as you promise me, it's enough." Su Fei interrupted Ning Zhe's words and said seriously: "You have to remember that I handed the revolutionary army to you, not only to your revolutionary army, but to someone from the revolutionary army. With this will and spirit, I am praying for you to complete the revolutionary cause in my place, the road of revolution is lonely, you have to remember that even if one day, you are the only one left in the revolutionary army, this flame will not be extinguished.”

Seeing Su Fei's expectant eyes, Ning Zhe nodded lightly, and answered.

Su Fei had a problem on his mind, and then turned his attention to Ren Jiao: "Did you hear what I just said?"

Ren Jiao nodded: "I heard, from today, Ning Zhe is the new commander of the refugee revolutionary army."

Su Fei was in a good state of mind just now because of the adrenaline, but as the effect of the drug gradually lost, his body gradually felt pain feedback, and asked in some pain: "Revolutionary Army, how many people are left?"

"Less than 4,000 people." Ren Jiao chose to tell the truth: "Our troops were attacked by poison gas during Qiongling's breakout process. Yes, but because of our limited medical facilities, by the time we entered the sea of ​​death, more than half of our soldiers had died from poisoning and complications."

When Su Fei heard the news, his eyes dimmed again: "Ning Zhe took over the revolutionary army in a hurry, there are many things he doesn't understand, and he will have to rely on you to assist him in the future... Ren Jiao, I have a few words, I want to be alone with Ning Zhe. chat."

"Commander, don't worry, the revolutionary army will not fall."

Ren Jiao left a sentence, then turned and left the ward.

Su Fei looked at the slowly closing operating room door, and turned to Ning Zhe: "Give me a cigarette."

Ning Zhe wanted to persuade Su Fei, but when he thought of Professor Yan's words, he stepped forward, took off his sterile suit, took out a cigarette, put it in Su Fei's mouth, and helped him light it.

"Cough cough!"

Su Fei's throat was already rotten, and he coughed again and again from a puff of smoke. He panted and said, "Ning Zhe, I'm going to die, I can feel it."

Ning Zhe did not comfort Su Fei, but just sat quietly by the bed: "Everyone will die."

"For so many I have been tortured all the time. Those brothers who died tragically on the battlefield will always appear in my dreams. I thought death was a relief, and I thought I was not afraid of death. , but I only now realize that I am actually afraid of death."

Su Fei looked sideways at Ning Zhe: "Isn't it shameful to say this in my capacity?"

Ning Zhe gently held Su Fei's festering palm: "No one wants to die, including your revolution, but also for a better life. People have the will to survive, it's not ashamed."

"Overthrow the chaebol, take revenge for me, and avenge yourself! Our life should not be so bleak, everyone's life should not be so bleak, we should not live within the framework, we should not be slaves!"

Su Fei's breathing became heavier and heavier: "The purpose of building a new world is to prevent others from being like me. I really wait until I die and recall my own life, only to find that I have always been a bull and a horse. , do your best for life without any color, this should not be what a normal life should look like..."

Su Fei's words stopped abruptly when he was only halfway through.

The smoke in his mouth also slanted to one side.

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