Boyfriends Always Turned out to Be a Horror Movie Boss - Chapter 163 Fanwai "In the Mist"

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"Captain ... Captain is dead!"

The rest of the reincarnation saw the powerful captain blonde woman being killed so easily, all in panic.

They patted the elevator door closed in front of them desperately, begging for a way out of existence.

"Woohoo! Damn! Open the door soon! Is this elevator broken! Why can't it open!"

"I don't want to die! No! Who will save me!"

The white mist stopped not far away, leaving only a thick **** smell permeating in this narrow corridor, stimulating the slimmer nerves of the surviving samsaras.

The front is a ferocious boss, and the back is a tightly closed elevator. They have no hope of survival at all!


The blonde woman's broken head rolled down to the ground, and the only eyeball left stared forward without focus, as if she would end up after showing them to everyone.

Looking at the extremely **** and horrifying scene in front of him, the dark-haired young man stepped back involuntarily, and his whole body was stuck on the wall, his face full of fear.

He remembered, wasn't this indigenous named Zhou Yu the one who ran into the road a few days ago?

Did he offend this indigenous man at that time?

The blonde girl just died, the next one, is it his turn?

"... Ghost?"

Zhou Yu, who was still in Arnold's arms, glanced at the wreckage of the blond woman on the ground, turned her head to Arnold's normal face, and he hesitated a bit hesitantly.

Because the situation before the coma was too urgent, he didn't really notice the change of the ghost at that time, so that he finally saw the ghost's face until now.

Unexpectedly, the ghostly figure that was originally full of gloom had a very beautiful face.

"Yeah! It's me!" Arnold's eyes glowed and he bowed his head and kissed Zhou Yu's cheek.

Zhou Yu couldn't resist Arnold's enthusiasm, his face turned red.

"How did you suddenly ..." Looking at Arnold's face, I don't know why, Zhou Yu always had a very familiar feeling, as if he had seen this face somewhere.

Facing his brother's gaze, Arnold smiled and tried to show his handsome side.

The elder brother will definitely like a normal looking one!

The two looked at each other like this, the atmosphere was ambiguous, as if the pink petals were floating around.

"Master Arnold! Please forgive us! Whoops!" The dark-haired young man's heart was almost unbearable, and his somber face revealed the begging state of Lasi Si, who could only hope in the thin sympathy of the boss Heart out.

This plea also reminded the three remaining samsaras, who also fell to their knees and wept: "Oh, Lord Arnold ... we didn't mean to offend! Please, please let us go! "


Zhou Yu: "..." What did he just hear?

Arnold: "..." Even though it was just a ghost, at this moment, he still felt cold sweat slipping off his forehead.


Zhou Yu's face turned whiter. He looked at the nearby face with black and white eyes, and his familiarity was confirmed.

Blond, exquisite features, deep outline, handsome as a prince.

How similar is this face to Arnold's delicate face when he was a kid!

"Arnold?" Zhou Yu spit out this name that seemed like a nightmare to him.

"... Brother." After a moment of silence, Arnold chose to be honest. He had deceived his brother before. This time, he didn't want to hide it anymore.

The truth is that one day, sooner or later, it will be pierced. Although he hopes that the day comes later, the better, but what he can't bear is to always deceive his brother he loves.

Zhou Yu couldn't believe looking at Arnold, looking at the ghost that he once trusted with all his heart.

The past scenes that had been with ghosts before him passed in front of him, and eventually shattered like a mirror flower, leaving only the miserable scene when Arnold died.

Arnold, it turned out long ago.

Zhou Yu was still wondering if the ghost who hated his Arnold would come to revenge, then how should he get rid of that crazy guy, escape with the ghost, and continue to live carefree.

But it turned out that everything once warm was just his wishful thinking?

Arnold, the shadow that enveloped him all his life has long begun his revenge ... Oh, ridiculous, ridiculous!

He even thought about spending the rest of his life with this liar, but after all, this is just one part of this cold-blooded ghost's revenge!

"You've been lying to me! You are Arnold! Arnold! Arnold!" Pulling Arnold's collar, Zhou Yu growled his eyes, his eyes flushed, "Why? Why do you treat me so? Why--" Why pretend to like Me, why did you let me know the truth?

"What on earth do you want? If you want to kill me, isn't it good to do it directly? Why lie to me ..." Zhou Yu, who had suffered so many beatings and abuse before, didn't shed a tear and finally couldn't help crying Tears came out.

His cries were thin and his words shattered, as pitiful as a homeless animal.

As a person born with a lack of affection, he never really liked a person, but never thought that the first time he fell into this end.

"I love you, brother, I have always loved you." Arnold hugged Zhou Yu, struggling in his arms, with a soft voice.

Listening to his brother's heartbreaking cry, his heart will be broken, and remorse filled his heart, he began to regret the deception of his brother. If he was identified at the beginning and his heart was clear, maybe he would So sad.

After listening to Arnold's confession, Zhou Yu froze and said, "Do you want to keep cheating?"

How could Arnold, who died indirectly because of him, really fall in love with him? I'm afraid it's another lie.

"Did you hate that I trampled on your mind? I also deliberately concealed my identity and lied to me to fall in love with you, huh-okay! All this should be over! You don't need to be false anymore! Zhou Yuhong has a pair of rabbit eyes, and there are still wet tears on her face. She gritted her teeth and said, "I'm in love with you! I have fallen in love with you! Your purpose has been achieved, now! End this revenge! Kill me ! "

After so many tortures with each other, he has had enough.

Since meeting when they were young, they are as if there were old grievances in previous lives, and they are destined to fight each other until they die.

Now that Arnold has trampled on his feelings, the next step is his death.

If his death can bring an end to this evil, it is enough.

Arnold, who was not in a brain circuit with Zhou Yu at all, listened to Zhou Yu's confession and was already stupid on the spot.

He looked at Zhou Yu in his arms and stuttered: "Brother, brother, I, I, I love you too!"

After speaking, Arnold showed a big smile, looking a bit silly, completely dilute the **** horror on him.

Zhou Yu, who was already ready to lead the neck, looked at Arnold, who was stupid, and showed an indifferent expression: "My focus is not on this, can you do it now?"

Arnold rolled his face over, fascinated and stunned, as a reply.

He swears that the moment he heard his brother's confession was the happiest moment in his history!

Zhou Yu felt that this Arnold might have broken his mind during the process of revenge.

Aside, the reincarnations were still perseveringly taking pictures of the elevator doors, making a "bang" sound.

"Crouching! Boom! What is the relationship between the two?"

"It doesn't matter so much! Quickly find a way to open the door! Escaping is serious business!"

"Mother Xipi! Why is this door so strong! I knew I had bought a laser gun with all my heart!"

The dark-haired young man next to the elevator door looked at the scene of the dog's blood in shock, his chin nearly fell to the ground.

But surprised and surprised, he didn't forget the business. After all, his life was important. He reached out and kept pressing the elevator button, praying that the two plot characters who were in love continued, don't notice them.

However, sometimes the less you want to happen, the more it will happen.

Arnold, who was desperately trying to beat Zhou Yu, was noisy by this group of reincarnationists who slammed the elevator door crazy.

Immediately, he glanced at him with cold eyes, frightening the courage of the reincarnation.

It was this group of people that revealed his identity.

Arnold's gentle attitude toward Zhou Yu was only swept away, his eyes were dead and dim.

My brother didn't listen to his explanation and tried to die. It was the fault of these people!

The reincarnation enraged by the boss looked at the boss's gaze as if he were looking at the dead, his face pale, his body shaking like a sieve.


The white mist swarmed up, drowning the samsaras who were dying for help.



The dark-haired young man also ushered in his own death. In the severe pain, for the first time, he began to reflect.

Maybe he shouldn't be so arrogant about the indigenous people of these small worlds-after all, no one knows whether that indigenous people will become a boss lover someday.

Ignoring the screams and crying for help behind him, Arnold walked into the mist with no fingers.

Looking at Zhou Yu, whose face was full of ruthlessness, Arnold blinked those shiny blue eyes and smiled to see his teeth invisible.

"Brother, let's go out on a date! Then you will believe me!"

In order to be with his brother, he has seen many movies and books about love, knowing that dating is the best weapon to deepen the relationship.

My brother doesn't believe his love is true, so he will prove it to his brother!

Looking at Arnold with a serious face, Zhou Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he looked away silently.

He has to restrain himself and can't be fooled anymore. This is all a ghost's blindfold. If he is fooled, he loses!

The thoughtful two drifted away, leaving this high school of Santa Maria in the mist.

Behind them, stumps of broken arms piled up, and blood flowed into the river.

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