Boyfriends Always Turned out to Be a Horror Movie Boss - Chapter 161 Fanwai "In the Mist"

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[Woo ---

The rapid whistling rushed into the clouds.

A small fighter glide over the town.

"Report! The destination has been reached, unknown fog is still hanging over the destination, and the internal conditions cannot be scanned for the time being." The pilot remotely controlled the fighter aircraft at a military base thousands of miles away.


A shadowy figure loomed over the town.

The pilot quickly controlled the fighter and approached the weird figure.

The blond handsome man hovering in the air motionlessly, he glanced over, expressionless.

His eyes met the camera on the fighter plane, and his blue pupil was dead silent.


In an instant, the wing of the fighter plane decayed at an extremely rapid rate and soon fell.

The smoke was permeating, and the pilot tried to control the operating system, taking the last picture recorded before the fighter was completely scrapped.

——Bone Bone Sensen, fleshy limbs, deformed monsters and rotting corpses walking on the road.

That is, **** on earth.


Inside military base

The pilot loosened the operating handle weakly, and spit out blood with an expression of anger, eyes widened, and could not die.

Above the town, the horrible figure was hidden in the mist with the wind, and disappeared. 】

——From "In the Mist"


The bell rang at the end of the class, and the students came out laughing and jokingly from the classroom. The sound was noisy.

"Well, look! What's outside?"

"Ah? Right, it seems to be foggy outside!"

"It's so foggy, I don't know if I can drive home in a while ..." The students looked at the glass windows of the corridor, startled by the dense fog outside, which had very low visibility.

"Captain, aren't you going?"

Standing next to the safe passage on the stairs, the reincarnations were tangled.

The blonde woman stopped and calmly said, "Wait a minute, I think something is wrong."

Looking at the mist outside the teaching building, a hint of confusion flashed in her blue eyes.

I don't know why, the seemingly harmless mist actually gave her a feeling of extreme danger, and a layer of goosebumps immediately appeared on her body.

In connection with the clue provided by the indigenous man just now, the blonde woman suspected that the white mist was the white mist filled with monsters in the indigenous mouth.

It's better to keep your guard and watch for a while.

After listening to the blonde woman, the other reincarnations stopped submissively.

The captive Zhou Yu stared expressionlessly at the dense fog outside, frowning slightly.

He has to find a way to leave here.

Otherwise, after seeing him, the simple ghost is afraid to rush over and become the target of these people.

Zhou Yu didn't really know the strength of ghosts, he only knew that he was a relatively strong existence among ghosts and had enough self-protection ability.

But given that these strangers just solved a female ghost by chopping melon and vegetables, he couldn't help worrying about ghost images.

Concern is messy.

Zhou Yu knew very well that if ghosts were killed by these people in order to save him, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Therefore, he must flee here before the ghost comes.

As Zhou Yu looked down and thought about the escape plan, students who had already walked out of the corridor pushed open the door of the teaching building.

"This fog is so cool!"

"Hahaha, that's not right. You thought the classroom air conditioner was too hot!"

"Let's go to a seafood restaurant tonight. I have ..."

These students walked further and further in the mist, and at last they even murmured and could no longer hear.

This fog seems to be fine.

Seeing this scene, the reincarnations turned to look at the captain blonde woman.

The blonde woman frowned and began to doubt her instincts.

Is she really nervous?

"... Okay, let's go." The blonde woman turned to look at Zhou Yu and wanted to see his performance.

After all, if someone is just experiencing a horror event related to Baiwu, he will definitely be afraid of such Baiwu.

Zhou Yu walked in the middle of the team with a low eyebrow and kept silent.

Since these people didn't find anything wrong, this was his chance, and he could run away.


The blonde woman walking forward narrowed her eyes and looked stern.

She strode to Zhou Yu in front of meteor and stretched out her hand.

boom! !!

"Oh!" Zhou Yu was thrown to the wall by the blonde woman, and she snorted in pain.

"Say! What did you conceal?" The blonde woman pinched Zhou Yu's neck, and her fingers continued to force, leaving a purple mark on his white and tender neck.

"I ... nothing ... no cough!"

Zhou Yu felt that she had encountered a group of neuropathy.

He is more ill than the one he was just discharged from, and is moody.

"You said just now that you met a ghost in the white mist. How could it not be a little scared at the moment? Say! What's in this mist?"

Zhou Yu was flushed with flush on his pale cheeks, and he could not breathe, but he still did not ask for mercy, but looked at the blonde woman coldly.

"Okay, what's the use of embarrassing this little guy? Let me answer you!" In the classroom not far away, a young man with dark hair and dark eyes came out, his face sullen.

"It's all bosses in there. It's okay to go in for a while, so I'll wait for death!"

Faced with this sudden emergence, the reincarnations were startled, and immediately took out the gun in their pockets and aimed the young brunette.

"If you don't want to know the plot, just shoot!" The dark-haired young man made a casual gesture, leaning against the wall, with a contented expression.

The blonde woman recognized the reincarnation who had left the team at the beginning, and while holding Zhou Yu's neck, she turned her head and said, "Drop the gun, I'll see what this guy can say?"

Zhou Yu is almost choking.

Fortunately, the blonde woman didn't want to kill him so early, she let go quickly.

"Oh, that's all I can say, for example, the native next to you is a cannon fodder supporting role, um, it's almost the third dead!"

The dark-haired young man walked to the blonde woman, bent down, and looked at Zhou Yu who fell to the ground.

Zhou Yu was a little unconscious at this time, and her black hair was sweating. She was breathing in the air with a big mouth and was very embarrassed.

But even then, the youthful beauty is still noticeable.

"It looks really good, very similar to that in the plot."

"He is a plot character?" The blonde woman asked doubtfully.

"Of course, he is actually a boss's neighbor. Ask him if he ever bullied a man named Arnold when he was a kid, that is boss."

Zhou Yu opened his heavy eyelids and looked at the dark-haired young man who was overlooking him.

What is he saying?

Are these things related to Arnold?

"Arnold, who was bullied during his childhood, was killed by the alcoholic father for sacrifice, and was later awakened by blood to kill the entire town."

"These fogs are Arnold's killing weapon. If you want to commit suicide, you can go in."

"What about Renard? He ..."

"I can tell you all these things, but I also have the conditions, that is, let me join the team and keep me safe."

Talking, the young brunette looked at the blonde.

He has been observing in the dark for a while, and of course he can see who is the principal.

He didn't really want to share these plots, but the situation was not boring.

The plot has changed a lot, and it's so dangerous outside. If he doesn't seek cooperation anymore, he will be terribly dead only if he fights for his three-legged cat.

The blonde woman was obviously attracted by the information held by the young brunette, and she simply agreed to his request.

As a result, the reincarnations on the side couldn't wait to start asking for clues about the plot, and they chatted hotly, and finally reached an agreement.

That is, the blonde woman and her group ensured the safety of the young black people, and they left the town together.

Zhou Yu was forgotten by the reincarnation in the corner. He slowly leaned against the wall, stood up, and walked outside the teaching building with his weak body.

While these people temporarily forget his existence, he has to leave quickly.

"Wait! That Aboriginal is about to run! Catch him!"

Behind them, the reincarnation finally found something wrong and rushed over.

Zhou Yu looked at the door not far away, clenched his teeth, and ran forward with his body hurting a lot because of the damage.

This is his last chance.

Those lunatics, looking at him in the gap between the chats just now, have the intention of killing, for fear that they have already given birth to killing.


Low tunes came from outside the teaching building, and the brisk footsteps were getting closer and closer, like a naive and cheerful young man humming to the teaching building.

After hearing the voice, Zhou Yu opened his eyes wide and blurted out: "Hurry up!" He couldn't be more familiar with this voice.

How come this silly ghost!

"Hybrid! Stop it for Lao Tzu!"

"Damn! It's half dead, and it's pretty fast! You'll run out if you don't notice!"

At the same time, two strong reincarnation chased him, stretched out their palms, and pressed Zhou Yu's head to the ground.

"Ahem! Come on ... go!" Zhou Yu was crushed to the ground by two reincarnations, her forehead slammed on the ground fiercely, and she smashed blood, almost stunned.


Hearing Zhou Yu's voice, Arnold clenched the rose in his hand and burst out of the fog quite eagerly, trying to surprise him.

He wanted his brother to see his changed face.

Now he looks almost like a normal person.

Brother, would you like him more?

Most definitely!

Thinking like that, Arnold Bai Jingjunmei's face showed an expectant smile.

What surprised Arnold, however, was that there was a bigger "surprise" in front of him.

"Come on ... leave here!" Zhou Yu struggled hard, yelling out in the direction of the ghost.

He really didn't want any damage to the ghost.

These people have no humanity, and they can be ruthless with the class. Their eyes do not even fluctuate from beginning to end. It is conceivable that they will not be merciful to the ghost!

"Who is this guy talking to?" The two reincarnations were confused and looked up outside the teaching building.



The roses fell to the ground and fell into mud.

Within sight, the dark-haired and dark-eyed boy was suppressed by the two strong men, half of his face was blue, his left eye was even swollen, and the other half was pale and bloodless.

The teenager was struggling, with a handcuff tied to his exposed wrist, and deep bloodstains were drawn near his wrist. It looked particularly shocking on the fair, almost transparent skin.

On the teenager's white and slender neck, a bruise mark was particularly noticeable.

Anyone who sees this scene can easily imagine how terrible the abuse of this thin boy was.


At the moment when he saw this scene, Arnold deliberately dressed his face with dark clouds, and covered his cheeks with fine blood, showing a fierce ghost appearance.

"you guys--"

Arnold's golden half-length hair was automatic without wind, and the blue eyes were stained with heavy blood.

"How dare-how dare-"

Arnold stretched out his palm, and the two still-laden samsaras floated.

First, he gently lifted Zhou Yu, who fell to the ground, before looking at the two reincarnations with resentful eyes.

The reincarnation finally saw Arnold's presence this time, and his face turned pale, and he screamed: "Ah, ah! Not good! There is a ghost! Alas! Come and save people!"

Shouting for help, they wanted to take out the weapons in the backpack space, but found that they couldn't move, and they panicked.

Arnold's eyes flashed full of brutality, he clenched his fists, and turned the two **** dregs into meat sauce.

"Ahhhhh- no-"

The two had only one time to cry, the next moment their limbs were twisted, their bodies collapsed and became a pile of rotten meat.

"Huh, huh! Ghost shadow ..." After seeing this, Zhou Yu gasped in Arnold's arms, finally letting go.

Fortunately, these two people are relatively useless and have no ability to hurt ghosts.

"Brother ... I'm sorry!" Arnold bowed his head and kissed Zhou Yu's cheek, locked him tightly in his arms.

"It's all my fault. If it weren't for the long time I left, my brother wouldn't be hurt ..."

Looking at the bruises on Zhou Yu, Arnold blame himself almost crazy, and the resentment and anger in his heart almost turned into substance.

If his brother was still in his arms now, he would have wished to kill all the people in the town in order to vent his remorse and anger.

"It's okay, I'm okay ... cough! Let's leave here first, those people are not easy to deal with, I don't want you ... hurt."

Zhou Yu nestled weakly in Arnold's arms, and his consciousness became blurred.

But he still wanted to persuade the ghost to leave here first, and those with strange weapons were still behind, and would not leave, for fear of hitting it.

But apparently, being held in his arms by ghosts gave Zhou Yu an unprecedented sense of security. His tense spirit relaxed and soon passed out uncontrollably.

"It's okay, brother, take a break first, I'll take care of the rest."

Holding up the comatose Zhou Yu horizontally, Arnold's gloomy blue eyes looked at the reincarnations who came out of the corridor.

"Rest assured, I will kill them all."

Arnold promised in a low voice, his voice terrifying.

Here, the dark-haired young man has just stepped out of the corridor.

Immediately after seeing Arnold, he took a sigh of relief, and turned and ran.

"Damn! The boss is out! Run away !!!"

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