Dinghai Fusheng Recordsv3 Chapter 208 Peek back

Immortal arts, magic weapons, magical powers*, and the boundless spiritual Qi between heaven and earth vanished into obscurity overnight, and all the exorcists became mere mortals. 300 years later, the Five Barbarians traversed the pass, a prelude to an era of great turmoil in China. They heralded the end of the world, where thousands of drought fiends stalked the night and the collapse of the Divine Land** was imminent. Fortunately, within this long, dark night*** where silence had fallen on all magic, a lone star still glistened brightly on the horizon. The Heart Lamp appeared, illuminating the vast expanse around it. A 16-year-old young man, who will end his life on his 20th birthday, embarked on a journey of reclaiming the spiritual Qi of the heavens and earth that had been sealed away — only four years remain. The road ahead was filled with countless thistles and thorns, and it seemed improbable for him to succeed. Chen Xing, “The important thing is that I’m the last exorcist in this world, yet the only magic I am capable of is emitting light. What can I do?” Wait patiently then. When the Dinghai pearl reappears on earth, the uncertain trajectory of everyone’s fates will be completely disrupted before converging once more. Chen Xing, “Could I be partnered with a more normal Protector martial god?” Isn’t your Protector really skilled in fighting? Chen Xing, “He is good at fighting, but when he loses it he’ll hit even me……” There’s nothing that can be done about that, you can only blame yourself for losing yourself to lust. — *: Buddhist term: Abhijñā, a mysterious force that surpasses the limits of mortals gained through meditation **: old name for China ***: figurative meaning: long period of misery and oppression - Description from Novelupdates

Dear Mr. ShiChapter 997 Fanwai: Han Huan's happy little life 5

Shi Yuhan is the most black-bellied evildoer, cold and poisonous man Song Qinghuan has ever seen. God, is there any axiom? How to do? What do you propose…… - Description from Unknown

Don’t Heal the OthersChapter 579 Noah's explanation

Xiao Feng, the protagonist of the story was an ace at online games. By accident, he knew a game called Mystery which can reduce human’s energy consumption and improve the space-allocation on the earth. In this game, he hit monsters, increased his levels and met a lot of friends. However, at the same time, he was inevitably drawn into the struggle within and outside the labor union. What should he do? And what difficulties would he face? The following are his inner monologues. I was killed in the game and asked him/her to fight offline only to find that she was a girl. What should I do? I wanted to be a support and carry my team-mates only to find that all of them were newbies, what should I do? Please don’t court death and let me kill the boss with the hammer! To conclude, this story is about a support who would have liked to carry all his team-mates. However, after realizing that support could not save the world, he resolutely picked up the hammer and killed the boss in the game. - Description from Novelupdates

Deviant Immortal of Uncanny DaoChapter 891 Tongue

The uncanny Dao of heaven, the abnormal immortal and buddha, is it true? Is it false? Lost in confusion, Li Huowang can not distinguish.However, it wasn't just these that he cannot distinguish, but also himself. He's sick. He's very sick. - Description from Novelupdates

Dimensional Invasion of the Real EarthChapter 1785 Cannon fodder

Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them? Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening - Description from MTLNovel

Divorce: This is a Trivial MatterChapter 174 White Wolf Knights

Yang Wei and Qi Xiao Yan had been married for a year and were unable to reach mutual understanding on many topics, except for one——divorce! They didn’t know that there was still one more thing they also reached a strong, mutual understanding on—— Want to find your second spring?* In your dreams! In short: Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi end up happily remarrying each other. *(idiom) try to fall in love again - Description from Novelupdates

DOTA’s Madness~ Complete testimonials and new books

He has won some games, lost some games, but it always entertained him and made him happy. However, one day when DOTA is linked to his life, Zhao Dingguo couldn’t be calm anymore. Because in his PC, there was an unexpected DOTA battle platform! If he lost a game on the platform, he could be obliterated! However, when Zhao Dingguo was careful and triumphant, he found that the magical rewards he received were actually brought to reality. Whether it’s skills, equipment or bloodline, as long as he has survived a brutal Death Match, everything is possible! After many difficult battles, Zhao Dingguo finally could walk calmly on the narrow path between victory and obliteration. His unchanging pursuit is the victory! - Description from Novelupdates

Doomsday~ After finishing this testimonial, write the last words.

The aliens came with hostility. Facing the invasion of aliens, human beings are weak like ants. So this is the end, the real end. But there is resistance when there is an invasion. For some, this is not the end, it is war. So this is war. Real war! - Description from Qidian

Doomsday Wonderlandv9 Chapter 2284

“I think… my boyfriend is trying to kill me,” Lin Sanjiu muttered. As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend of hers, she could not help but tremble all over. At the present, someone close to her had personally raised the curtains to an apocalyptic hell, and slowly, it was creeping up to her. —- What if earth devolved into a apocalyptic hellhole? What if you found out you not only have to survive just one apocalyptic event but have to struggle through multiple worlds with different end-world scenarios? And you get to meet more superpowered crazies than you can imagine! Presenting the worst nightmare that your weird doomsday prepper neighbour with a bunker full of canned beans could have, Doomsday Wonderland is a novel filled with subverted tropes, non-OP characters and a female friendly label which offends all politically correct fanatics. As ‘lucky’ humans evolved to posthumans with abilities to adapt to the New World or mutate into disgusting duoluozhongs to survive, follow Lin Sanjiu as she struggle through the multiple challenges to just live one more day… and make sense of this New World that will no longer be the same. - Description from Novelupdates

Dual CultivationChapter 1040: A Small Punishment

What is the point of wealth and status if there’s nobody to share it with? Dual Cultivation explores the sensual side of the Cultivation world that is often filled with solitude!Su Yang was sentenced to life in prison within the Eternal Retribution Cliff, where only the universe’s most violent and evil criminals dwell.His crime?He seduced the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s sister, and even touched the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.He later meets a mysterious old man who would help him escape prison by reincarnating him.In his new life, Su Yang swears to reunite with his lovers and hold them in his embrace once again, all the while finding new ones along the way.

Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend MyselfChapter 182 Joined forces

Bending herself to fall in love with the female master. The straight pipe, writer Ke is bind to the romance system, the task is to love the female masters from each novel she written. In order to complete the task, she dresses as a vicious female matchmaker, at the expense of her thick face, she approaches the female lord. However, the female lord just reached out her hand… Ke Li: Don’t be jealous, I will bend myself! The female host silently retracted her hand, which was ready to beat someone. After bending herself…. Ke: The male master can roll Male Lord: …. - Description from Novelupdates

Dark Moon EraChapter 781 Iteration (6)

When a glorious old civilization was toppled overnight, a strange purple moon rose and thus began the Purple Moon Era. Damn it! What kind of ecosystem was this? The evolution was messy. Even rabbit bites and plants were not to be messed with. How can one survive all this? Evolve into a Purple Moon Warrior? What did this have to do with the Purple Moon? What kind of map was this? The Safety Sector? The Floating Domain? The Darkness Port? The Storm Voyage? The True Capital? The Horror Lullaby List? The resurrection of the Underground Tribe and the prospering Underground City? The Chaos Black Market that suffused the world? The Bloody Road? More importantly, one could end up in a bloody slaughter when dreaming and enter the Dream Domain? Fine, this damned era! - Description from Novelupdates

Dragon Insidev7 Chapter 1037 This world, it is over!

Juvenile Luo Yang, because of the body being blocked by evil dragons, and with the blood of God, has embarked on a road to heaven! Rise from the humble, turn the mountains and seas, step into the world, and press the heavens! - Description from 69shu translation

Dawn of the Grey TowerChapter 124 horn in the snow

Hey! Yes, it’s you! Where are you going in such a hurry? Oh, I know, I know life is not easy, but do n’t try too hard. You ask me what I am doing here? Haha, I just sit here and tell some old-fashioned stories about wizards, dragons … you know, those things that have appeared in our dreams. Hey, guess what, if you are not so anxious, why not sit down and listen to them? Although I think I am not a good storyteller, I can guarantee that this story is absolutely my heart! Come listen, maybe, it can make you dream again, those that have long been forgotten by us … legend. - Description from Qidian

Devilv2 Chapter 8 (One thousand to one thousand and three ...
ActionHorrorMysteryShounen Ai

Ji Huan’s parents both died in a traffic accident. Unexpectedly, his older sister also meets the same fate. Yet everything starts when he says “goodbye” for the last time. Hunting monsters? Genetic comparison? Ji Huan flees with his older sister’s posthumous child to his hometown, Bade Town. The three Grandpa, grandson, and nephew all live interdependent days. However, inside the swaddling clothes is not a human baby, But a monster… Black egg body, white ring eyes, red mouth. A child, ah! Doesn’t he have two eyes and a mouth! Resembling an egg, he is Ji Huan’s cute nephew! Vermilion tiled wall, white lotus pond, convalescent courtyard. This entirely neatly handsome and elegant young man: Ah Jin. However, he told Ji Huan about the secrets of the monsters and discreetly taught him. Bade Town is also slowly being covered in monsters… Or, the record of a small countryside monster’s growth. - Description from Novelupdates

Douluo Dalu Night WhiteChapter 183 end

On the same day, he and him, who were born a few seconds apart, have been around since they remembered. Surrounded by the wicked, instead of running away, he first passed his fist. After finally beating the wicked people away, he was bruised and bruised, carrying him home. His back is so warm… “You have so many injuries, don’t you hurt?” “Silly brother, as long as you call brother, I won’t hurt at all.” “Really?” “of course.” …. ps: I will try my best to write down this book. Of course, I can’t say anything about the future. If the support rate is not high, it also means that I am not doing well. The degree of writing depends on the situation! Similarly, as long as you let me know that you are supporting me, I will stick to it! In addition, although the protagonist has changed, the early plot, especially the part of Shrek, will overlap a lot with the original. I will omit part of it, copy part of it, and add part of it. Content label: Search keywords: Protagonist: Lu Chenye, Dai Mubai Supporting roles: Tang San, Xiao Wu, etc. Others: 1v1 original attack, other cp keep - Description from MTLNovel

Do You Remember My Name?v6 Chapter 31 Extra harvest (below)
ComedyRomanceSchool LifeShounen Ai

Hai Xiu has a slight social disorder. After he transfered school, his new teacher tried to help him to treat it slowly by giving him the task of sending and receiving homework and test paper from his fellow classmates. Although Hai Xiu has communication problem, he still stumbled around trying his best to do so. However, he accidentally misplaced the test paper of the school’s resident “bad student”… And thus, started their sweet story together… - Description from Novelupdates

Dreadful Radio GameChapter 179 Water Moon Sword

“Dear audience, welcome to [Dreadful Radio Game], hope you enjoy our company. Okay, now, let’s turn around and check behind you. Is there a smiling face looking at you?” —— A recommended Qidian novel, written by Innocent Dragonet. Will you survive such a system? Can you live through all these horrible encounters? Are you ready for a world of murders, zombies, suspense and darkness? What happens if a psychopath killer comes across ghosts? Come and join the adventure of Su Bai! As a human turned vampire, he’s gonna play the game with all kinds of other players— a Taoist, a will power controller, a fugitive, an elegant indifferent lady, and…you name it! Let’s enjoy the game! - Description from Novelupdates

Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the RegentChapter 690 season finale

Wen Qi Qi was just a stand-in actress who wanted to make a name for herself in the acting world. But when she opened her eyes, she became the cannon fodder ex-wife of the Regent in the book. In order to change the ending of the tragic death, she decided to capture the regent. The regent, who was ascetic and reserved and not close to women, looked at the women who had come up to him. He was expressionless and his voice was cold: “Stay away from this king!” The noble ladies snickered, how could His Highness the Regent be interested in such a cheap woman as Wen Qi Qi? Everyone was waiting to see her being abandoned. Later at the palace banquet, looking at the woman who was a hundred thousand miles away from him, the Regent was still expressionless, but his voice was coaxing: “Qi Qi, come closer to this king.” A group of civil and military officials: where is the so-called pure heart and soul and not close to women? The women were looking forward to the day when Wen Qi Qi was abandoned, but instead, they watched her being spoiled by the regent all the way to the sky. The women’s faces hurt badly. - Description from Novelupdates

Dragons Flies Phoenix DancesChapter 2994 Never return morning (sixty-nine)

“Can a person suffering from amnesia have a total change in personality?” The question lingers in Feng Ning’s mind. Other people treat her coldly, claiming she is insidious, cunning and selfish. There were even rumors of her not being a virtuous wife and having illicit affairs with other men. However, she had no such memories. After waking up from a heavy fall and knocked her head, she is now polite, treats people in good faith, and tries her best to get on her husband’s good side. No matter what she did, the past could not be undone and despite having no memories of it, Feng Ning calmly accepts her fate and slowly tries to mend things back. But why must fate be cruel to her? What did she do in the past to deserve this? In the first place, how did she end up in this sorry state?” - Description from Novelupdates

Dragon Dragon DragonChapter 215 Feudal superstition (two more, seeking flowers)

A tale of transporting to an alternate world! Let it be so, but why did she turn into a dragon? As the last dragon in this world, Yi Longlong became the target of the dragon knights, but why are they competing on who gets to ride on her back? She’s only a young girl who hasn’t even been on her first date! Are good looking men so remarkable? Just because they’re good looking doesn’t mean they can ruin this beautiful innocent girl… Dragon?! - Description from Novelupdates

Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eyev7 Chapter 336 End

Yan Hua loses her memory in an accident. Later, she is pregnant with someone else’s child. After kicked out of her husband’s house, Yan Hua is about to perform the story of an inspiring mother raising her child. Unexpectedly, the baby is regarded as a real treasure and, thus a bunch of people are rushing to acknowledge as the baby’s relatives. Therefore, Yan Hua is drawn into the whirlpool of disputes inside a noble family with ambitious aunt and unproved mysterious brother-in-law… Who is the father of her child? Who is she? Facing all these issues, what is her choice? - Description from Novelupdates

Doupo: Elemental GodChapter 1590 Xun'er enters the stone statue and goes to Big 0

This is the world of fighting spirit, this is the paradise of the strong. Lu Yunxiao walked out of nothingness, with bright gold in his left hand and a raging fire in his right hand, a long river of holy water billowed beneath him, and endless gods and thunder roared behind him. The mainland is vast, and the strong come forth in large numbers. In this turbulent world, he is destined to be a master of the ups and downs! - Description from MTLNovel

Death Is The Only Ending For The VillainSpecial Chapters 8

I’ve reincarnated as the reverse harem game’s villainess, the one and only adopted daughter of the ducal Eckart family.But the difficulty just has to be the worst!Everything I do will only lead me to death.I must be paired with one of the main male characters from the heroine’s harem before the ‘real daughter’ of the duke family appears!Two older brothers who always pick a fight with me on every little thing.The insane crown prince whose route will always lead to my death.‘I only see the heroine and no one else’s wizard, and also her loyal s*ave knight, too!‘First, let’s take some of them which I see no hope in, out of the list!’“I didn’t know my place up until now. From now on, I’ll live as quiet as a mouse so you wouldn’t care the slightest bit!But why do their interests in me keep on rising every time I draw the line?!

Death SutraChapter 1212 bid farewell

Born into a wealthy family, Gu Shenwei was spoiled and carefree. However, at the age of 14, his entire family were brutally murdered, and he was caught by some bandits who sold him into slavery. As a slave boy, he entered Golden Roc Fort by chance and found the man who had slaughtered his family. He endured insults and worked hard to improve his kung fu while working as a slave boy. He learned from and plotted against his enemy under the enemy’s nose. He became increasingly ambitious as he became more and more powerful. He would only be satisfied if he completely destroyed his enemy—by fair means or foul. Gradually his bitter experience turned him into a totally different person. This is a kung fu fiction that is full of mysteries and surprises. This is a story dealing with love, betrayals and distances. This is the journey of an ordinary boy who, against all odds, fought against formidable foes. This is a tale regarding a person who felt abandoned by the world made unremitting efforts to create a new world of his own, in which he was alone. - Description from Novelupdates

Detective Training ManualChapter 492 My past...
Sci-fiUrban Life

Please remember, never dig out unsolved puzzles. Because you will never know how much people paid to cover it up. Under the surface of false calm, most of the truth is cruel… Okay, let me make it clearer. If one day, you see a book falling on the ground on your way from get off work, and you are restrained by your curiosity, don’t touch it. …… Unfortunately, the original Zhou Yan did not realize this. So he picked up the book. That book has a very awkward name-“The Detective Practice Manual” As for the author… it’s called Fat Gua. - Description from MTLNovel

Doomsday Jigsaw Game~ Finish this testimonial

The rule of doomsday survival: Please avoid sadness, fear, and anger as much as possible; any negative emotions outside the tower can attract terrifying monsters. Without the white mist of any negative emotions for seven full years, I suddenly felt that this apocalyptic… was kind of friendly. (The introduction is weak, please see the cover of this book for more introduction) - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo God Punishment List, Start God Punishment Yu XiaogangChapter 330 Ranking announcement

Lin Yi traveled through the world of Douluo, foreseeing in advance that various god steles would descend on the Douluo Continent. Kill people on the evil list to get rewards from the god list. 【List of Hypocrites】: Includes all kinds of hypocrites Tang San: “Why am I the number one hypocrite list?” [Negative List]: Contains all kinds of negative men Tang San: “Am I second on the list?” Yu Xiaogang: “The No. 1 list will be announced soon. Who will it be? It definitely won’t be me Yu Xiaogang.” 【Announcement of No. 1 on the Negative List! Yu Xiaogang! 】 [Kill Yu Xiaogang, the number one on the Negative List, and the God List will reward a 100,000-year-old soul beast for voluntary sacrifice! 】 Yu Xiaogang, who was about to be chased across the continent, panicked and wanted to seek refuge in the Wuhun Temple, but Lin Yi, who had predicted in advance, was approaching Yu Xiaogang and was ready to kill! - Description from MTLNovel

Deposed Empress GeneralChapter 206 The law of yin and yang

You are the ruler, I am a subject, you want loyalty, I’ll give you loyalty. You are the ruler, I am the subject, you want my sacrifice, I will sacrifice for you. This lifetime, we’ll only be ruler and subject…… cannot become the one who accompanies you to experience everything. A deposed empress, a failure of a substitute. Charging into battle, he was the emperor, and she, his general. But within the intimacy of their military tent, he was her husband, and she, his wife. But everything was star-crossed. For the one he loved the most, he would push her into hell again and again. - Description from Novelupdates

Deer Demon RaceChapter 423 3 inches

When crossing the wrong species, the deer demon is also very troubled. The story of the little monsters gradually growing up among the group of monsters. - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo Dalu: Invincible Since Being Forced To Marry By a GoddessChapter 476

Northern Jiangsu traveled through the world of Douluo, signed to the Douluo male god system, and was forced to marry by the silver dragon king Gu Yuena at the beginning and became the king of soul beasts. Forced to marry by Gu Yuena: “Sign to Dragon God, Dragon Son, Peerless Cultivation…” Hu Liena: “I found a beautiful man in the Star Dou Great Forest!” Qian Renxue: “This person is full of holy light, and he also knows the rhythm, looks like an immortal!” Di Tian: “Master King is mighty, be worshipped by me!” [The task is completed, rewards: god-level paraquat (life), fairy flowers, unrivaled soul bones, god-level weapons…] From being forced into marriage, daily entertainment in Douluo World, daily robbed, daily Mobike…When will my invincible posture be accounted for, alas… Because of his outstanding appearance and always being scrambled by the world, Subei said that he was helpless: “Goddess, don’t come, men will be beaten when they come, and be abused when they come.” [Ten fierce beasts as younger brothers] [Hammer the Tang Sect, hold the Temple of Martial Soul, step on Shrek, I am the first in the world] [?G, just for fun~] - Description from MTLNovel

Didn’t Know General Was Femalev2 Chapter 2627 Ximen Li and Ximen Rong

After choking to death on a watermelon, Rong Jiahui thought that she would enter the netherworld and be reincarnated. But when she opened her eyes, she discovered, to her very horror, that she had returned twelve years into the past… Looking at the beautiful and awkward “little brother” that would be conferred the title of Marshal in the future for outstanding military service, she almost let out a snort of laughter. She firmly decided to hug the thigh of this little brother, and climb to the top of her life! The plan was beautiful, but it had just one problem. Why had this little brother… suddenly turned into… A little sister… - Description from Novelupdates

Doupo Starts From Nalan Yanran~ New book release "Starting sign at Ivanhoé Mansion"

Nalan Yanran: “I am the proud daughter of the Yunlan Sect. I came to Utan City to divorce.” Huh? Why is my fiance the Douhuang cultivation base? Do I have to divorce? Xiao Yan: “Ah! Nalan Yanran, I am the protagonist! I am your fiance!” Nalan Yanran: “Xiao Yan? I don’t know, my fiance is Xiao Huo!” Xiao Xun’er: “Where is the passerby, don’t pretend to be my brother Xiao Huo!” Xiao Huo: “Dog thief passerby, get out! Brother is the protagonist!” - Description from MTLNovel

Demon King/The Parting of the Orchid and CangChapter 939 Rainy field
ComedyFantasyGender BenderRomance

After hatching endless plots and suffering innumerable hardships, the demons of the Demonic Realm finally managed to resurrect the Ancient Demon King. The demons of the Demonic Realm had hoped that the Ancient Demon King would not only lead them in waging a war against the Heavenly Realm and enable them to lord their superiority over the Immortals, he would also ultimately gain control over the entire realm. Gradually, however, they discovered that their thoughts were very, very wrong. Whilst it is true that this Ancient Demon King still retains his aura of superiority and possesses unlimited powers, he… He seems to be a mental case… It’s alright even if he changes orders and does things in an incomprehensible way. But what’s with his habit of muttering under his breath, nagging and conversing with himself the entire day! Small Orchid: He’s not ill, he’s just despicable (贱jian)…can’t stand to see (见jian) people live a good life. Dong Fang: I am only unable to endure seeing you live a good life. Small Orchid: … *T/N: The Chinese pronunciation for the word “despicable” is the same as the word “see” – thus, the author is trying to show that Small Orchid, while trying to scold Dong Fang, is also careful not to incur his wrath, which is why she tried to imbue another meaning into her sentence after scolding him. - Description from Novelupdates

Demon King~ Concluding remarks

This is a colorful world, with warriors, knights, wizards, shamans, blood races, werewolves… Oh, the gods who created the world cannot be missing. However, the race called the Simulator is a race abandoned by the gods. Ivo was reborn as a mimic, with a demon lord living in his head. Demacia: “Under my guidance, you will become the great demon sweeping the world.” Ivo: “I just want to be a good person.” “You first let go of the Odin in your hand, let’s talk about it…” This is a story that started from scratch and is famous in the mainland. This book is easy to talk about, involving physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, polymer materials, low-molecular materials, many molecular materials, as well as philosophy of life, the truth of life, existentialism, and the least important secrets of death. Ps1: Except for the first seven words and the last four words, the rest are all nonsense by me. Ps2: I don’t know how to write a profile, I already have orz=3 - Description from MTLNovel

Dressed As Cannon Fodder In Interstellar Text AChapter 223

Lingfeng woke up to find that he was dressed as a cannon fodder in ABO’s cool text. Thinking of the fate he was about to face, Lingfeng decided to go back and hold the golden finger tightly. The protagonist and the horse let them stay aside. But who was the handsome pot sleeping next to him, when he saw the traces all over his body, Lingfeng once again messed up in the wind. When we first met Lingfeng: Don’t worry, I will be responsible. Mo Yan: Responsible? What does it mean to fight? Edge wind:… Later… Lingfeng: Daughter-in-law, he wants to hit me. Mo Yan: You stand behind. Remark: 1. Main attack, 1V1, HE 2. Abo, give birth, have space, thick and long gold fingers 3. Logic is no longer available for research and upgrade flow 4. Calm abdomen and black attack vs. can do it and never talk 5. Update at 9 o’clock every night (If you ask for leave, it will be said in the copy) Ps: Similar to the sentinel guide, set up a bunch of private, logic is not testable, everything is set to serve the plot, and all plots make way for dating! One sentence introduction: Auxiliary can actually be very handsome! Content label: A combination of heavenly works Interstellar Sweet text Chuanshu Search keywords: Protagonist: Ling (ling) wind, strange words Supporting role: Pre-collection of “Rebirth of Waste Materials and Sons Counterattack” for collection Others: Chuanshu, wealthy - Description from MTLNovel

Deep Space Beyondv2 Chapter 710 blocking the way
Sci-fiUrban Life

In the vast universe, the birth and death of a galaxy is just a momentary mottled streamer. Looking up at the starry sky, there is always a kind of sadness that the ending is doomed, where will you and me be after thousands of years? The home country, the fire of civilization, the earth, are but a speck of dust in the deep space. A moment in the starry sky, a thousand years in the world. Insect Ming’s life is only autumn, and you and I are fighting over it. What is at the end of deep space? —————— Book Friends Group See the top post in the Book Friends Circle. - Description from MTLNovel

DC TyrantChapter 39 don't come back!

past life. One day, the honest and kind ex-girlfriend he once loved came back to him. He married his girlfriend. An eight-month-old child was born prematurely. He stared at the child and his wife, hugged the child’s small body, and vowed to protect them. He works 16 hours a day and is very tired and bitter, but looking at his family, he is happy. Suddenly one day. A dazzling man hugs his son. “The child is not yours, thank you for your care, I will always remember it in my heart.” The wife said to him sadly, and looked at the real father of the child with hope and happiness. He broke down! Roaring and crying in the cold rainy night. Then…… ! ! ! ! ! He was shot! After his rebirth, his temperament changed drastically. PS: Only good people will aspire to become little devils! - Description from MTLNovel

Do You Want to Touch My Fish Tail?Chapter 47 end

The little mermaid Song Huai gets his head smashed and realises that he’s living in a book. The brother next door, whom he has always adored, is the protagonist gong in the book, and he is a standard cannon fodder shou, who not only withdraws from the marriage for the protagonist gong, he also ended up with a broken home. The original marriage partner of the little mermaid is Lu Mian, an imperial general, is rumoured to be cold and bloodthirsty. In order to survive. Song Huai decided: 1. Stay away from the protagonist gong decisively and not linger in front of the protagonist and seek death. At the very beginning, the admiral said coldly, as if he didn’t want to see him. The little mermaid was brave, grabbed the corner of his clothes with his little hand, raised his chin slightly, and said softly: “Um…Do you want to touch my fishtail?” The admiral who was bleeding from cuteness:! ! ! Before marriage. Lu Mian: Whom you like has nothing to do with me, as long as you don’t go too far. Song Huai: ok Lu Mian : We just have a simple marriage contract, we need to leave room for each other. Song Huai: okkk After getting married, Lu Mian : How can Dudu look at others, He still likes that dog thing! Lu Mian: What is Dudu thinking? He hasn’t spoken to me for three hours. Lu Mian: Why doesn’t Dudu come here for a touch? Song Huai: … - Description from Novelupdates

Douluo: Take the First Poseidon’s Nine TestsChapter 361 season finale.

After passing through, he became the prince of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Mubai’s half-brother, and his mother was the princess of the Heaven Dou Empire and his relatives. When he was six years old, he awakened the twin martial arts souls and suffered the jealousy of Queen Xingluo. He was sent to hunt down secretly, and his biological father, Emperor Xingluo, ignored him. His biological mother took him to escape, and after untold hardships, she finally sacrificed her life and successfully let him escape! The protagonist is living in the sea, and he planned to go to Poseidon Island to take a low-level test to increase his strength, but he didn’t expect that he would go straight to the Nine Test of Poseidon! Grabbed Tang San’s chance. The problem is that without the Shield of the Universe, why can I get the Nine Tests of the Sea God? ——Don’t lick Tang San, start to rise from the sea! Eventually become the only king of Douluo Continent! - Description from MTLNovel

Dragon Wizard of the Heavens~ End of this testimonial

After thousands of years of silence in the elemental tide, a peculiar soul crossed the boundary. With the body through the system, shuttle through the endless world, plunder the knowledge and resources of the endless world, and achieve eternity. - Description from MTLNovel

Dressed As a Rich Woman: Who Dares To Touch My Cub!Chapter 4

Zhu Xingtong got into her book and became the richest tyrant in the book. She also met her heroine, the current tepid young actress Zhong Ying. Confirmed the eyes, this is her cub, yes! President Zhu Ba secretly made up his mind that no one can bully her cub! Someone grabbed Zhong Ying’s role—— Mr. Zhu Ba: I bought this script! Someone posted Hei Zhongying—— President Zhuba: Buy it! Buy navy! Fight them hard! Black fans: … why can’t you afford to play? President Zhu Ba snorted to the sky: Rich and self-willed! I see who dares to touch my cub! “I wish Xiaobao…” “Hey!” President Zhu Ba turned into a sweetheart and rushed into his wife’s arms, raised his head and blinked: “What’s the matter!” “Make your favorite meal today.” Zhong Yinghou scratched the tip of his wife’s nose. “Great!” … The First World: Actors Attack X Domination (Entertainment Circle, Completed) The Second World: Colonel Attacks Star X (Interstellar ABO, Completed) The third world: The reborn oiran and her princess-in-law The fourth world: a mortal cultivator and her demigod daughter-in-law (Xianxia, ​​completed) #The book that goes in is a quick text, so this article is also a quick text# #Shou is a rich woman, any world is rich, the attack will become stronger and stronger, and the fancy is invincible# #1v1Double wear, no slicing, mutual favor, cookies, although the perspective is the main subject, but there are actually many attack perspectives# Content tags: sweet text fast wear through book cool text Search keywords: Protagonist: Zhu Xingtong, Zhong Ying ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: One sentence introduction: I have the ability to make money! Purpose: Spread the positive energy of love and make the world laugh more - Description from MTLNovel

Dragon Prince YuanChapter 1503 Almighty Sovereign Yuan (Finale)
ActionAdventureMartial ArtsXuanhuan

The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings?The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe.Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise?—Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black.Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.

Die For Life~ Final testimony
Sci-fiUrban Life

At the end of the road, desperately dying, yelled happily: “Kill me if you have a seed.” The enemy grinned and said: “I have never heard such a strange request.” Leyu is dead. Then Leyu came alive again, living in the enemy’s body. This is a story of a murderer who will be killed if he is killed. “Why are the people who killed me are some strange and old treacherous and cunning quest lines, a lot of heroes and ghosts who will die at any time?” “Isn’t there some loyal, honest, rich, and enemy national beauties who are the winners in life to kill me!?” - Description from MTLNovel

Don’t Show the SonChapter 453 Creator

When Lin Xiu woke up, the world was completely different. There are manpower to pull mountains, carry peaks and lift tripods; some lift their eyes for thousands of miles, with a sweeping view; some walk in the wind, free from the world; some hide invisible, come and go without a trace… The show is over. - Description from MTLNovel

Dragon-sama of the Kasumigaoka FamilyChapter 4

In the impression of Shiyu of Kasumigaoka, the dragon is an extremely terrifying legendary creature. But looking at the dragon about the size of a milk dog in front of her, she felt that her fear was unnecessary. “Then keep it, it feels very interesting.” Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu said. a few years later. Xiazhiqiu Shiyu felt that he not only wanted to raise and ride dragons, but also wanted to ride dragons. - Description from MTLNovel

Dressed As the President’s First LoveChapter 164 end

Tang Mi always thought that she was Mary Su Bensu, with countless ministers under her skirt. Until I met the investor’s father at a meal. This dad was the first love she got rid of by her disliked love for the rich. First love, who has become a billionaire, openly stated: “The reason why I have achieved what I have now is all due to my first girlfriend.” Tang Mi suddenly realized that she had traveled through a book of dog-blood sadomasochism she had read in her early years! And her, Tang Mi, is the biggest female villain in the book. When the heroine went online, she was surrounded by bad luck debuffs and was about to be rubbed on the ground! MMP, so exciting. ********* Cheng Hao: I hate that I love you. ********* user’s guidance: 1. Demining: The heroine is so angry that she is not a good man and a believer~! ! ! 2. Entertainment articles, the heroine Su, the heroine is beautiful, the heroine tears the little expert 3. The author’s glass heart does not accept ginseng attacks. 4. Three changes the next day, the update is irregular, please wait for the Buddha department, Jinjiang anti-theft, no manual anti-theft, subscription rate 70%, anti-theft time is 72 hours. - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms SystemChapter 402 Bibi Dong wipes his back and Huo Wu accompanies...

Tang San: Thief, return my Eight Spider Lances! Return my fairy grass! Why can’t my Blue Silver Grass awaken as the Blue Silver Emperor? Xiao Yan: Which thief stole my strange fire! Castan: Who stole Feiyan’s heart? I am pleased in every way, but she is indifferent! Tian Yan: Father, when will you come back to see me and mother again! Li Xingyun: Shouldn’t the empress like me? Two pillars: Return my Nissan’s writing wheel! … A certain Blue Star animal, by chance, crossed to the Douluo Continent, bound to steal the system! From then on, not only the treasures of the heavens and the world, and the techniques… let him steal it! You can also travel through the heavens. - Description from Unknown