Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering - Chapter 1945 - The Bo Family Has a New Girl

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Chapter 1945: The Bo Family Has a New Girl

In a grand castle in the capital.

A hairstylist was arranging a girl’s hair.

The girl sitting in front of the mirror had waist-length black hair and her hair fell like a waterfall. The hairstylist put on her diamond tiara for her and her slightly childish and tender face was not covered with makeup, but she was already so beautiful that it was suffocating.

Her skin was fair, smooth, and delicate with no flaws. It was full of collagen and her eyebrows were slender and long. Her doe eyes seemed to be full of mist and her nose was tall and exquisite. Her diamond-shaped lips were red and her neck was slender and beautiful like a swan. Even without makeup, one could not look at her directly and who knew how dazzling she would be after makeup.

She was Bo Yan and Yan Hua’s daughter, Bo Cixue. Today was her 18th birthday.

The hairstylist helped Bo Cixue tidy her hair and the makeup artist came over to help her put on elegant and exquisite makeup.

Everyone knew that Bo Yan was the King’s most capable general while their mother, Yan Hua, was a well-known singer and philanthropist.

Their daughter was one of the richest young ladies in the capital.

If one were to ask which rich young lady in the capital was the most liked by their elders, it would definitely be the young lady of the Bo family, Bo Cixue.

It was said that she was well-educated, good at playing instruments, chess, calligraphy and painting. She was gentle, talented, and elegant. She was the top student in the level from primary school to high school and she spoke softly and softly. She was the model young lady of the capital.

Bo Cixue was the child that every parent talked about.

Everyone in the high society circle knew that Bo Cixue was too outstanding, so no man was worthy of her.


The unreachable Crown Prince.

Although the official engagement letter had not come down yet, everyone knew that Bo Cixue was going to be the Queen in the future.

Her morals, talents, intelligence, and appearance were befitting of such a high status.

Bo Cixue had just put on her makeup when the door was pushed open.

“F*ck, who is that goddess in the mirror?”

Bo Cixue looked at the boy who pushed open the door.

The boy was her biological younger brother, Bo Jingyu. He was 11 years old this year and was handsome and exquisite.

If Bo Cixue was the model young lady that the people in the capital talked about, then her younger brother would be the epitome of a rich young man.

His grades were bad, and he loved to play, often skipping class. Although he was still underage, he already played with all kinds of sports cars and yachts. From time to time, he would turn up at school wearing white clothes and carrying a bird cage, his eyes full of laziness.

Bo Jingyu had just finished speaking when the back of his head was hit hard.

“F*ck, who the f*ck hit me…”

Turning around, he raised an eyebrow when he saw his father, Bo Yan, standing behind him with a dark expression. “Ah, so it’s General Bo. I won’t take this slap to heart seeing that you’re an adult.”

Bo Yan’s expression darkened even more. If it wasn’t for his precious daughter turning 18 today, he would definitely lock this rude brat up.

“You’re never serious. Are you really my child?”

Bo Jingyu crossed his arms and laughed, his gaze moving to his mom, who was still as beautiful as usual for the past ten years. “You have to ask Mrs. Bo about this. Mrs. Bo, do you think I’m his son?”

Yan Hua sighed helplessly.

“Alright, the two of you are like enemies when you see each other.” With that said, she knocked her son’s head lightly and said dotingly and helplessly, “When will you learn more from your sister?”


“Learn from my sister?” Bo Jingyu had not finished speaking when he saw Bo Cixue glancing at him at a distance.

He could not help but shiver.

He really wanted to tell General Bo and his wife to not be fooled by his sister’s appearance.

But since his sister did not want to say it, he would not say it.

He was his sister’s most loyal lackey!

Bo Yan and Yan Hua went into the dressing room.

Seeing their beautiful daughter who had grown up in an instant, Bo Yan and Yan Hua were comforted and proud.

Especially Bo Yan.

He really doted on Little Apple to the core. Watching her grow up and become the object of adoration of countless teenagers, he felt really sad but proud.

This was his daughter!

“Dad, Mom, Brother.”

Hearing the sound of Bo Cixue’s soft hands, Bo Yan and Yan Hua went forward to hold her soft hands.

“Little Apple, you’re of age in the blink of an eye.”

“Mom, I’m of age, but you’re still as young and beautiful as before. Dad is also handsome and extraordinary.”

Yan Hua gently tapped the tip of Bo Cixue’s delicate nose. “You’re such a sweet talker.”

There was another knock on the door of the dressing room and the butler of the Bo family, Uncle Zhong, stood at the door. “Madam, Old Master, Young Miss, Second Young Master, the guests have almost all arrived.”

“The Queen and King have arrived.”

Bo Yan nodded. “We’ll go down immediately.”

According to the arrangements of the banquet, Bo Cixue would only go down when the banquet officially began.

Seeing her parents and younger brother walking out, Bo Cixue lifted her complicated skirt hem. “Butler, please wait.”

The butler stayed.

Her thin and butterfly-like eyelashes lowered slightly and there was a hint of shyness on her beautiful face. It was a shyness that only appeared in front of one person. “Did… he come?”

The butler stared at the exquisite and beautiful girl in front of him. As the Bo family’s butler for many years, he naturally knew how much his Young Miss cared about the Crown Prince in the Royal family.

Ever since she was young, her heart was tied to him and she could not be bothered with those young and talented men who loved her.

She loved that person wholeheartedly.

But that person’s thoughts were hard to guess. At least, every time the butler saw him coming to the Bo family, there was no love between his deep and dark eyes.

“Young Lady, have you forgotten? The King sent him to You City three months ago to repair their relationship with K Country.”

How could Bo Cixue forget?

But would he not come back for her?

Did he hate her so much that he didn’t come back?

The butler looked at the sadness in Bo Cixue’s eyes and could not help comforting her. “Young Miss, today is your coming of age party. You should be happy.”

Bo Cixue smiled and nodded. “I will.”

Looking at Bo Cixue’s obedient and gentle smile, the butler felt a slight pain in his heart.

Loving someone whose heart was not with you was bound to hurt. Young Miss was so beautiful. He really did not want to see her so sad!

Bo Cixue sat alone in the dressing room.

Her watery eyes stared at the phone on the table.

Her gaze landed on the chat screen between her and Brother Xiaojie.

She chattered nonstop in front of him, her voice messages always going above fifty seconds.

She would tell him everything that happened to her, and she liked to share the new information she had learned.

She knew that she seemed like a fool in front of him because he was wise and knowledgeable him.

Brother Xiaojie would reply to her every time, but his words were short.

It was mostly replaced with ‘Mmm’, ‘good’ or ‘not bad’.

When she was with Tiantian, they had discussed Brother Xiaojie.

Even in front of Tiantian, Xiaojie was also a man of few words.

She really wanted to send a message to ask if he would be back tonight. However, her fingers still stopped at the send button after a long hesitation.

“Young Lady, it’s time for you to go down.” The person who spoke was the personal maid, Yue’er, who was Bo Cixue.

Bo Cixue’s fingers trembled and accidentally sent the message.

Yue’er had already walked over and Bo Cixue did not delete the message. She put her phone back into the drawer and stood up.

Bo Cixue came down from the transparent glass elevator on the second floor and directly walked out onto the stage.

She was wearing a long, white lace veiled dress. Her waist was so slim that it looked as though she would fall in the wind. Her figure was slender and tall. Although she was not short, she gave people a sense of softness that they needed to protect.

She had learned etiquette in the palace since she was young. Although she looked gentle, she was graceful.

Nan Zhi was standing with Yan Hua. Staring at the spotless and elegant Little Apple under the light, she smiled happily. “Huahua, it’s Bo Yan and your fortune to have a daughter like that.”

Now that Little Apple had grown up, Yan Hua and Nan Zhi were both smart people. They knew very well that their child’s marriage could not be forced.

She had not mentioned the promise of marriage since she was young.

Yan Hua knew what Little Apple was thinking, but she also knew that Xiaojie only treated her as his own sister, just like Tiantian.

Yan Hua had once chatted with Little Apple, who only said that she was focused on her studies and had not thought about relationships.

That was why Yan Hua was relieved.

The child was still young, so she probably didn’t know what love was. Once she grew up, she would be able to forget all of the fairytales she had heard in her childhood.

“Your Tiantian is very good too. She’s playful but smart. She’s much more lively than our Little Apple.”

At the mention of Tiantian, Nan Zhi turned around.

Tiantian was wearing a pink princess dress and was making her way through all kinds of delicacies.

As she ate, she could not help but exclaim, “I can see beautiful women and men and eat delicious food. Tonight is really a good day!”

Nan Zhi could not help but shake her head. This girl did not look like a princess at all.

According to the process, Bo Cixue went downstairs to make a speech and then went to cut the cake with her parents and brother.

The cake was about the same height as her and Bo Jingyu had to stand on a stool, while Bo Cixue stood in front, her small hands held by her parents and younger sibling.

Everyone in the banquet hall looked at them.

There was still an elegant smile on Bo Cixue’s face, but there was a slight disappointment in her eyes.

Brother Xiaojie probably wasn’t going to come tonight.

After cutting the cake, enthusiastic applause rang throughout the hall, with all kinds of blessings.

Outside the magnificent castle.

Dozens of luxurious black sedans sped over.

The guards saw such a magnificent scene and then looked at the license plate. Immediately, they bowed respectfully when the cars passed by.

The car door opened and a pair of clean leather shoes entered her sight, followed by his perfectly ironed suit pants.

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