Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering - Chapter 1944 - Xia Tang and Huo Ze’s Grand Finale (3)

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Chapter 1944: Xia Tang and Huo Ze’s Grand Finale (3)

Huo Heng’s business trip was very normal to Xia Cha.

Until a week after his business trip, she was about to get off work when Xiaofan accidentally asked, “Why haven’t I seen your Mr. Huo coming to fetch you recently?”

Xia Cha packed her desk documents. “He’s on a business trip.”

Xiaofan hummed softly.

Xia Cha looked up at Xiaofan and asked with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”

Xiaofan shook his head. “Nothing.”

The two of them walked out of the company. Xia Cha stepped forward into the car and Xiaofan could not help but ask, “Cha Cha, you haven’t had a vacation in a long time. You’re not busy for now. Why don’t you go on a vacation with Mr. Huo?”

Xia Cha knocked on Xiaofan’s head. “You’ve got a bad memory. He’s on a business trip. How can we go on a vacation?”

“What I meant was that you should go after he comes back. Mr. Huo is young and capable, handsome, and rich. I’m sure there will be many women staring at him. You have to hold on to him tightly!”

Xia Cha said, “What’s the point of having a man you can only keep by clinging to him? He’s not as dependable as money!”

Xia Cha got into the car with a smile.

Xiaofan scratched her head. What Cha Cha said seemed to make sense!

However, she seemed to have seen Mr. Huo when she went to the hospital to get her medicine this morning. He wasn’t on a business trip at all!

After returning, Xia Cha looked through her phone.

She realized that Huo Heng hadn’t sent her any videos recently, and that he only called or messaged her every day.

After Xia Cha showered, she made a call.

It rang for a long time. Just when Xia Cha thought that no one would answer, the person on the other end picked it up, but he changed it to a voice call.

“Is it not convenient to video call?”

Huo Heng nodded.

“Where are you?”

“The hotel.”

“Are there any other women around you?”

Huo Heng chuckled. “What do you think?”

“I bet you wouldn’t dare!”

After talking to him for a while, Xia Cha fell asleep.

She did not work the next day and slept in.

After washing up, she glanced at her phone.

An unknown number had sent a message.

“Yummy Restaurant. There’s a surprise.”

Xia Cha glanced at the message time. It had been sent half an hour ago.

Xia Cha frowned slightly.

Since she hadn’t eaten yet, there was no harm in going to Yummy Restaurant.

Xia Cha drove to Yummy Restaurant.

She was about to get out of the car when she saw a familiar figure sitting by the last row of the French windows.

A woman in her thirties was sitting in front of the man. She looked noble and elegant. They were talking about something and the smile on the woman’s face never ceased.

Seeing such a scene, it was impossible to say that she had no feelings.

She closed her eyes slightly to make herself calm down.

She took out her phone and called Huo Heng.

Almost immediately, Huo Heng answered the call.

“Huo Heng, I’ll book a flight to find you now.”

Seeming to have been surprised by her words, Huo Heng’s breathing froze for a few seconds. “Little Camellia, when I’m done, I’ll go on a vacation with you, okay?”

Xia Cha tightened her grip on her phone and looked at Huo Heng angrily. “What are you doing now?”

“Talking to a client.”

“Is it a man or woman?”

Huo Heng lowered his voice and said, “A woman. Don’t worry, Little Camellia. Other than you, all the other women have nothing to do with me, except for those who are only interested in the benefits I can give them.”

Xia Cha looked at Huo Heng and the woman. Their actions did not seem intimate.

Huo Heng was indeed seeing a client, and he was not lying to her.

But he was not on a business trip, so why had he lied to her?

“I’m still busy, Little Camellia. I’ll call you later.”

The moment Huo Heng finished speaking, Xia Cha hung up first.

Xia Cha turned the car around and left.

Huo Heng glanced at the road outside inadvertently. When he saw a familiar car, his heart skipped a beat.

“Madam Li, I’m sorry. We can discuss our collaboration another time!”

Huo Heng got up, paid the bill, and left quickly.

He was at the hospital originally, but this Madam Li only agreed to talk about a collaboration with him after meeting him, so he had no choice but to come personally.

Not long after Xia Cha returned home, Huo Heng also returned.

Xia Cha sat in the living room watching television.

She flipped through the channels mindlessly.

Huo Heng walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. “You saw me?”

The next second, Huo Heng waved his hand away.

“That’s really a client.”

Xia Cha put down the remote control and raised her eyebrows at Huo Heng. “I guess you know why I’m upset?”

She believed that he would not do anything behind her back, but she did not know why he had lied.

Huo Heng did not tell her the reason because he did not know if he could recover after the surgery. He was afraid that he would give her hope and disappoint her.

Huo Heng looked at Xia Cha’s expression that said that she would not forgive him if he did not explain himself clearly today. He sighed slightly and said, “I went to the hospital for an operation.”

Xia Cha immediately understood what he meant.

Her angry expression immediately changed after hearing his words. “Really?”

Huo Heng nodded in embarrassment.

He had promised to not let her take any risk, but he had not done it.

Seeing Huo Heng’s expression, Xia Cha could guess his thoughts. She held his arm and said softly, “I’m the one who wants a baby. I couldn’t be happier if you went for the surgery. I really won’t blame you.”

Huo Heng pulled Xia Cha into his arms and rested his chin on her head. “Little Camellia, I’m sorry for making you suffer again.”

Xia Cha smiled.

It was worth it to suffer like this!

After Huo Heng recovered, the two of them started to prepare for pregnancy.

Xia Cha felt that with her character, it should be easy for her to get pregnant.

After all, she had gotten pregnant very quickly the first three times.

But this time, she had not gotten pregnant for three months.

Xia Cha started to panic.

Was her body not fit to be pregnant again?

After another report, Xia Cha was not in the mood to do anything.

Huo Heng returned home from work and looked at Xia Cha, who was lying on the sofa. He walked over and touched her head. “This isn’t bad. There’s only the two of us and no one will come and snatch you away from me.”

Xia Cha threw a bolster at the man.

Half a year later.

After countless disappointments, Xia Cha did not have any expectations.

Perhaps God didn’t want her and Huo Heng to have children!

It was almost time for her period and her stomach was throbbing in pain.

Xia Cha knew that there was no hope this month.

She went to the Huo Corporation to look for Huo Heng. After the meeting, Huo Heng looked at the woman lying on the desk. He walked over and hugged her from behind.

“Stop thinking about it and just let nature takes its course. If it doesn’t work, wouldn’t it be better for the two of us to spend our life together?”

Xia Cha pouted. “Do you think it’s fated for us to have difficulty having children?”


Xia Cha glared at Huo Heng angrily.

“No, no. I have to go to the hospital for an examination. If I really can’t get pregnant, I’ll give up!”

Unable to beat Xia Cha, Huo Heng brought her to the hospital the next day.

When the doctor learned that Xia Cha was preparing for pregnancy, he gave her a scan to check if she was pregnant.

Although Xia Cha did not think she was pregnant, she still went for the checkup obediently.

Ten minutes later, the investigator handed Xia Cha a scan.

She froze when she saw the positive results.

“Huo Heng, look. Did they make a mistake?”

Huo Heng glanced at the report Xia Cha had handed over.

Tsk. How could this be a mistake? She was clearly pregnant!

“Did they type this wrongly?”

Huo Heng looked at Xia Cha, who had become a fool, and could not help but rub her head. “My foolish wife, you’re really pregnant!”


Xia Cha, who had always paid attention in public, could not help but scream out loud.

Huo Heng saw many people looking at them, but he did not stop Xia Cha and looked at her lovingly and gently.

“No, there’s still a blood test. I’ll only believe it when the results are out!”

An hour later.

Xia Cha did not dare to look at the results. After Huo Heng received the card, he glanced at it.

Xia Cha opened one eye. “What is it?”

“What do you think?”

Xia Cha glanced at the report in Huo Heng’s hand.

“Am I really pregnant?”


Xia Cha looked excited. She hugged Huo Heng’s neck and kissed him roughly on the lips.

“I’m really pregnant. I’m really pregnant!”

After they left the hospital, Xia Cha and Huo Heng returned to the Huo family’s old residence.

After dinner, Xia Cha sat on the sofa and looked at the people in the Huo family’s old residence. She smiled and said, “Grandpa, Dad, Mom, I have good news to tell you!”

“You’re pregnant!”

“You’re pregnant!”

Xia Cha said, “How… did you know?”

Jian Yi said, “Someone posted the video of you shouting in the hospital online!”

Xia Cha was stunned. After coming back, she had not looked at her phone, afraid that there would be radiation.

She hurriedly took out her phone from her bag and saw that she and Huo Heng were on the trending list again. Before she announced it to her family, Huo Heng had posted on Weibo: 1 plus 1 =?

This fellow!

“Cha Cha, after you get pregnant, move back to the old residence!” Old Master Huo said to Xia Cha, “There are many servants in the old residence. They can take good care of you. We have a family doctor too.”

Xia Cha had a trauma about being pregnant again. She was about to agree when she heard Huo Heng say, “Okay.”

Xia Cha looked at the man who was more nervous than her and could not help but smile.

The first night after Xia Cha and Huo Heng moved back to the old mansion, Huo Heng regretted agreeing to move back.

Old Master Huo and Jian Yi agreed to let Xia Cha and Huo Heng sleep in separate rooms.

Besides, in order to take care of Xia Cha, Jian Yi had even brought Qiu Zhi over. Qiu Zhi and Xia Cha slept in the same room.

Huo Heng could defy Old Master Huo, but he couldn’t chase his mother-in-law out!

Seeing Huo Heng’s depressed and afraid expression, Xia Cha was overjoyed.

Huo Heng pinched her nose when no one was around. “You heartless girl!”

Ever since they got married, as long as Huo Heng did not go on business trips, Xia Cha would sleep on the same bed with him.

Xia Cha was not used to it without him now.

However, Qiu Zhi was very good at taking care of people. Whenever Xia Cha wanted to drink or eat at night, she would bring her food in time.

However, it was very tiring like this.

Seeing the faint shadow under Qiu Zhi’s eyes, Xia Cha said with heartache, “Mom, it’s better if you don’t sleep with me. I’ll always wake you up at night.”

“You silly child, I’m not tired at all.”

Huo Heng came back from work and heard the conversation between Xia Cha and Qiu Zhi. He rushed over and put his face in front of Xia Cha. “Honey, go back to the master bedroom tonight. I’ll serve you well if you need anything!”

With that said, she looked at Qiu Zhi. “Mom, don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of your daughter.”

Qiu Zhi said, “You young and hot-tempered…”

Xia Cha interrupted Qiu Zhi with a blush. “Mom, we’ve finally waited for this child. Huo Heng and I cherish him very much. We definitely won’t mess around.”

Qiu Zhi nodded. “Alright then!”

It was really too difficult for the couple to split up.

“I’ll tell Sister Jian and Master Huo later.”

“Mom, you’re really a living reincarnation of Buddha.” Huo Heng held Xia Cha’s hand tightly. It was so good that he did not have to sleep apart from his wife anymore!

During the first prenatal examination, Xia Cha was lying on the bed. When she heard the child’s strong heartbeat, she was so excited that her tears kept flowing.

“Congratulations, Mrs Huo. You’re pregnant with twins.”

Xia Cha was stunned.

She was pregnant with twins?


The doctor nodded.

Xia Cha felt a lump in her throat and her eyes turned red.

Huo Heng was waiting for Xia Cha at the supermarket. When he saw her coming out with red eyes, his heart tightened.

Could it be that the checkup results were not good?

Huo Heng pursed his lips tightly. Reaching out his long arms, he pulled Xia Cha into his arms.

“No matter what the result is, I will always be by your side. Don’t be afraid.”

“You’re the most important one.”

Xia Cha looked up from the man’s refreshing arms and blinked her long eyelashes. “Really?”

“Of course it’s true. In my heart, no one is more important than my Mrs. Huo.”

Xia Cha pulled Huo Heng’s hand and placed it on her abdomen.

“How about your two children?”


Two children?

Huo Heng lowered his eyes and looked at Xia Cha in disbelief. “You… do you mean that you’re pregnant with twins?”


Huo Heng’s eyes turned red.

He pulled Xia Cha into his arms again.

“Mrs. Huo, your man is amazing!”

Hearing how he did not forget to praise himself, she really wanted to roll her eyes at him.

It was naturally much harder to have twins than to have only one child, especially with Xia Cha’s health.

In the later stages of her pregnancy, she bled a little and was confined to her bed.

Other people who were pregnant would gain weight, but apart from her stomach, her face looked even thinner.

“Little Camellia, is it worth it for these two children?”

Seeing her work so hard, Huo Heng’s heart ached.

Xia Cha caressed her bulging stomach and shook her head. “No matter how hard or tiring it is, it’s all worth it!”

Huo Heng pressed his face against her stomach and said to the two children in his stomach hoarsely, “You made Mommy work so hard. When you come out, Daddy will hit you!”

Xia Cha glared at Huo Heng. “Don’t hit them.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll listen to Mrs, Huo.”

Although she was suffering, she was now the family’s treasure.

Huo Heng’s status at home declined, and almost everyone surrounded Xia Cha.

Xia Yanran also came and would take care of Xia Cha personally every day.

Soon, it was time for Xia Cha to give birth.

Because of her weak body and the fact that she was carrying twins, she could only do a caesarean section.

The Huo family and the Xia family were all waiting outside the labor room.

Huo Heng was extremely nervous and his forehead was drenched in sweat.

He kept praying in his heart that the heavens would bless his wife, even if it cost his life.

After some time, the group outside the delivery room heard the loud cry of a baby.

“She gave birth! She gave birth!”

However, Huo Heng couldn’t seem to hear anything as he stared fixedly at the labor room.

Not too long later, the nurse came out with two babies in her arms.

“A girl and a boy.”

Huo Heng didn’t move. Old Master Huo and the others went forward and hugged the two children.

The nurse was about to go in when her arm was grabbed by someone.

The man who was grabbing him had his face tensed and was breaking out in cold sweat. “How’s my wife?”

The nurse’s arm was almost broken by Huo Heng, but she didn’t dare to complain and quickly replied, “Mrs. Huo is just a little weak. Nothing serious.”

Hearing this, Huo Heng let out a long sigh of relief.

When the Huo family’s twins were three years old, Old Master Huo brought them to an old friend’s house for a gathering.

Old Master Liu also went over. Seeing Old Master Huo with two delicate children, he lowered his eyes and left without eating.

The people from the Huo family, regardless of whether they were old or young, had an extraordinary aura around them.

“Grandpa, why did that old man look at you as though he was a mouse that just saw cat?” Little Huo Ling raised his head and asked Old Master Huo in confusion.

Old Master Huo said proudly, “He used to laugh at me for not having a great grandson.”

“Oh, so you brought our sister and I here to embarrass him.”

Old Master Huo was speechless.

Little Huo Ling and Little Huo Yao were five years old.

Little Huo Ling had already become the little bully in kindergarten. Not only that, he also doted on his sister to death.

If a boy gave Little Huo Yao chocolate, Little Huo Ling would beat that boy up.

When Little Huo Yao returned home, she complained pitifully, “Daddy, Mommy, I don’t want to go to the same school as Brother anymore.”

Xia Cha looked at her daughter, whose eyes were red, and pulled her into her arms. “What’s wrong? Did you brother not protect you well?”

“No, Brother does not allow boys to give me gifts, but he received many gifts from girls.”

Xia Cha and Huo Heng looked at Little Huo Ling at the same time.

Little Huo Ling threw his bag on the sofa and lay on the sofa, looking sideways at the two adults. “A boy can be romantic, but a girl can’t. A girl must be reserved, just like Mommy.”

“Me? I want to be like Daddy.”

Huo Heng strode toward Little Huo Ling, grabbed his collar, and picked him up. “Brat, tell me clearly. Since when was I such a gangster?”

“I heard from Grandma that you were very popular in the past and almost didn’t get Mommy.”

Huo Heng’s lips twitched. “You also said that gangsters can’t get any women. What else have you learned?”

“I don’t want to find a wife when I grow up. Mommy is good, you’re afraid of Mommy. You don’t have any freedom.”

Xia Cha and Huo Heng looked at each other.

Oh my god, oh my god, why was the son they had brought up like this?!

In bed at night, Xia Cha poked Huo Heng ruthlessly.

“Your genes are too strong. He inherited your unruliness.”

Huo Heng was also troubled.

He finally understood how difficult it had been for his parents in the past!

“That brat. I’ll teach him a good lesson tomorrow and make him understand that a gangster will not have a good ending!”

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