Apocalyptic Rebirth: Earth’s Vast Changes - Chapter 117 Fanwai missed three

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Qin Luo sat on the parking lot with his knees bent, rubbed a long-blade machete with a thin animal skin that was slightly stained with saline. The blade of the machete was plated with silver, and pale under the rubbing of salt water, just like Qin Luo's face at this time.

Gu Jinglei sighed, knowing that it was useless to say anything at the moment. Some wounds are destined to last a lifetime, unless time can really go backwards.

This is the fourth year after the death of Niange, and the tenth year after entering the last days. Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang were not in the camp, so they did not see the scene when Nian Ge died. Qin Luo, who was immersed in blood only half a breath, was rescued by Mo from the mad werewolf pile. As long as Mo appears no later than half a second, Qin Luo can really be freed from this **** world.

For a year after that, Qin Luo was in a state of half-heavyness. Mo had to stop all his tasks, Qin Luo fell into an endless masochism. Although each of them has various psychological constructions, after the long-term killing in the last days, the passing of comrades-in-arms, loved ones, and loved ones is not uncommon, and it can be said that every day and every time someone will be released from this nightmare-like world. Only this time it was Niange's turn, Qin Luo lived and died with his brothers. What made Qin Luo unacceptable was that the brother died under his muzzle.

Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang both knew how Qin Luo spent that year. He never touched the gun again, and even the sound of the gun would panic him. The two and Mo, the leader of the alliance, have thought of many ways, but it has always been difficult to work for Qin Luo, and Qin Luo's body is not as good as the day. They all know that Qin Luo will surely die if he goes on like this.

In fact, the death of Niange could not be counted on Qin Luo's head. If he didn't shoot Niange, he would die even worse. But at such a long distance, the sharpshooter who ended Niange's pain was only Qin Luo.

As things went, Gu Jinglei heard them mentioned by others present at the time. At that time, they received a task to rescue a medium-sized camp. Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang led people to attract and seduce the zombies in the siege camp. Qin Luo and Niange led the rescue escort. As they escorted the ordinary people in the camp, they suddenly encountered a large group of frantic werewolves. Niange was seriously injured in order to rescue several children, and the scene was in chaos. Eventually, he was caught by a strong and crazy Werewolf and dropped into the Werewolf.

The cruelty of the werewolf maddened was several times better than the zombies. They didn't kill Niange directly, but tore the flesh a little bit from under him, the flesh and blood of a high-level ability made their beastness to the extreme. In the end, Qin Luo couldn't bear to see Niange suffering like that, and shot him with tears, but he rushed into the wolf crowd with anger and fought.

Although Gu Jinglei quickly returned to help, they were still in a hard fight, and their personnel continued to decrease. Qin Luo in the werewolf pile was torn without a complete skin. If it weren't for the ink ribbon people who came later, none of them would survive. When Mo hugs out Qin Luo, what Gu Jinglei can see is a bright red blood man.

Everyone living in the last days has lost close friends, but they are still struggling to survive, and Qin Luo is no exception. He watched his relatives and friends leave him alone, and Niange's death became the last straw that crushed him.

In the end, Mo used a very extreme method to bring Qin Luo into the crazy Werewolf pile and killed him once. He forced Qin Luo to pick up his gun and face the scene he was not far away from. Gu Jinglei thought that this method was cruel, but it was also the only way that Qin Luo could 'live'.

Since then, Qin Luo has gradually improved, restarted to take over the task, and once again became the middle and senior personnel of the alliance. It's just that he has undergone a great transformation as a whole. The increasingly fierce fighting power makes him look like a long-slaying sword. Although the sharp sharp scared the opponent, it was also at risk of breaking due to the deposited scars.

A rescue mission was executed today, killing more than forty mad werewolves, nearly half of them were killed in Qin Luo's hands. He also paid a lot of money. Several small wounds were torn from the back and chest. Fortunately, he was accompanied by a healing power, which healed the wounded near the wounded, but there was no way to add blood.

Almost all the people who lost a lot of blood lay down during the return journey, and only Qin Luowo wiped his curve in the corner. By the way, I repeatedly recalled the scene when Niange died.

Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

Gu Qingyang secretly approached Gu Jinglei and said, "The big stupid bear in the league can see that Mo is not normal for our wood. When do you say that we can open the wood?"

Gu Jinglei shook his head. "It's difficult. I think our family's seven emotions and six desires are lacking. For so long, have you heard that wooden has said his first love, which man and woman do you like?"

Gu Qingyang frowned. "It doesn't seem to be."

Gu Jinglei sighed. "It didn't seem to be, or there wasn't. He hadn't even done anything for himself. If he didn't believe in any ghosts and gods, I would have doubted what he was" to the Buddha ", and gave God the whole body and mind Monk. "

Gu Qingyang touched his chin. "It won't work in this way. Life is already short, and it has shrunk after the end of the world. They have been suffering for so many years. If I go on like this, I may have no results in my life."

Gu Jinglei leaned on Gu Qingyang's waist and put his head on his shoulder. "Mo doesn't want to say that he also has his concerns. If Qin Luo knew his feelings for him, he would probably avoid him if he didn't know. This melts a little bit. At least Qin Luo now has only a few acquaintances who can say something besides being close to the two of us. This includes Mo. "

Gu Qingyang sighed. "It's not easy, waiting for our wood to naturally open up and melt the ink."

When he returned to the headquarters, it was already evening. Ye Chen rationed Qin Luo with some nutrition products, and asked Gu Jinglei to supervise him to finish a bottle of nutrition solution.

They walked towards the camp while talking.

"Why did you two mumble when I was on the bus?" Qin Luo asked with a glance at the ancient thunder.

Gu Jinglei chuckled "What say you, overheard others' love, your kid is thinking spring."

Qin Luo stunned him, "Don't think I don't know, you two gave me the nickname" Wood "in your back."

Gu Jinglei secretly wiped the cold sweat, and the kid's ears were too spiritual.

After a half-minute, Qin Luo slowly asked, "Where am I?"

Gu Jinglei was very eager to roll his eyes. Qin Luo's looks did not say that his kung fu was very good. Many handsome men and women in the league have sent Xiubo to him secretly and glamorously, but after knowing that he is a person who hasn't stopped for a few years, most of them died out. After a few more explicit hints were ignored, it gradually became clear that not everyone can consume the 'wood'. So many people in the league gave Qin Luo a wooden nickname in his back. I must have listened a lot, ‘Wood’ is a rare player who notices his nickname.

Gu Jinglei was thinking how to explain, Qin Luo's communicator suddenly rang. This pager is used only after entering the base. Everyone has a special code, and its functions are almost the same as those of pre-apocalyptic mobile phones.

Qin Luo clicked the answer button, and a clear voice came from inside. "Qin Luo, you come to the Information Processing Section of Office Building No. 8, your nephew Qin Branch has news." The other party paused, adding a sentence "Very accurate news, if nothing else, this time should be able to rescue successfully."

Qin Luo listened to the previous sentence, but was silent for a few years. They have not received much side news from Qin Ke in these years. After all, Qin Ke is a very important test subject of ZO, and has been kept very meticulous all the time. The failure of many rescues has to do with the constant replacement of the hiding place by ZO. After so many years, Qin Luo has not heard Qin Ke news several times, but dozens of times. The mood fluctuations have also changed from the initial turbulence to the present day. However, the last sentence of the other party caused Qin Luo to shake his hand holding the communicator.

"I, I'll be right here, right now." Qin Luo's voice was very excited.

Gu Jinglei turned his head to see him "Are there any news from Xiao Qinke?"

Qin Luo nodded. "Exactly, I'll go to the Information Processing Section of Building 8."

He turned around and walked away. Gu Jinglei quickly said, "I'll go with you." Then he used the communicator to contact Gu Qingyang who was going back.

The information this time is very comprehensive, and there are even nearly twenty candid photos. Inside the sealed chamber marked with the 'R'-type experimental body, a very thin figure was lying on the side, and Qin Luo squeezed the hand on the edge of the photo tightly and tightly. Although the figure lying in the sealed cabin was very sloppy and looked a little old, several clear close-ups of the face made him see that it was Qin Ke. Although those big eyes were already empty, he could imagine his former agility and the same bright and intelligent as his mother.

Gu Qingyang and Gu Jinglei both hated gritting teeth, and several intelligence processing staff members also expressed anger. The cruelty of ZO has long been known, and many of them were rescued from ZO by the Savior Alliance and joined the Savior Alliance. But seeing a teenage boy being tortured like this is still very angry.

Qin Luo felt his tears, and this time he would rescue Qin Ke anyway.

Gu Qingyang patted him on the shoulder. "Rest assured, we will succeed this time."

The news this time came by chance. It was delivered by the agents who were mixed into a certain base of ZO. Because the alliance and ZO fought frequently in the recent stage, ZO lost several large research bases in a row. Although they eventually took away some of the more important subjects, a large number of subjects were rescued. The taken-out subject urgently needed a new base to receive it, and the current situation of the battle was fierce, which caused ZO a headache. In the end, they chose the smaller experimental base where the agents were located to temporarily store these important experimental bodies. Qin Ke, labelled 'R', is the top priority.

The door of the intelligence processing department was pushed open, and a young man walked in. Seeing that he was only twenty-five years old, the people in the intelligence processing department respected him very much.

The youth was transferred to the vacated theme, and sat down without being polite.

"Let me talk about this rescue mission. No matter what kind of relatives or friends there are, the first thing you need to do is to successfully execute the mission. This includes not only the successful rescue of the experimental subjects, but also your successful evacuation." Said the youth. Looking at Qin Luo "I honestly don't recommend that you follow this time."

Qin Luoteng stood up from his seat without waiting for him to speak. The young man hugged his shoulder and said, "You see, you are fully emotional now, which is very detrimental to the overall rescue command. If you want to participate in the rescue, you can surrender Your command. This rescue is directed by Chief Gu Jinglei, and Gu Qingyang is responsible. Qin Luo, you have to know, I am not asking for your opinion now. This is an order. "

Qin Luo knew that Tong Wei had a bad mouth, and what he said to him today was very polite. What's more, he was right that his heart had been disturbed and he was really not suitable for command.

"Okay, I give up command ... This task is under the command of the commander ..." Qin Luo gritted his teeth.

Tong Wei looked at Gu Jinglei. "He is definitely not a pioneer right now. You better watch him."

Qin Luo stared at Tong's only eye. "I won't be emotionally disruptive. I don't need to accept any supervision."

Tong Wei rolled his eyes, and then Gu Gulei said, "The boss went to the suburbs of Washington and talked with Dr. Jameson about some things about Evolution 3000. It used to be a very important experimental body of ZO, and it doesn't seem to be the original Earth. There are creatures, and they are not evolutionary creatures. But it may have some subtle effects on the earth, and we must get it. So ... the boss may not care about this, and we can not let him be distracted. "

Said Chonggu thunder raised an eyebrow, which means ‘you know’.

Gu Jinglei nodded. "I will look at Qin Luo."

Qin Luo's hate could not put both of them under the table. Of course, he knew that the boss in Tong Wei's mouth was Mo, because the Savior Alliance could be called the boss, and there was only the leader of the alliance, Mo. But Mao would look at him if he didn't let Mo be distracted, when would he cause trouble for the Alliance. At that time, he was worried about using the alliance, and even if there were any things, there were several senior executives who could handle it. Wasn't this always the case when Mo was not here before?

Tong Wei rubbed his hands. "Then I'm relieved. I don't want someone to be hurt but only one breath is left, and then we suddenly receive the boss' order: do not flatten ZO at all costs."

Qin Luozhang Erjingang couldn't figure out his head, Tong Wei's mouth only hurt him, but Mao Mo suddenly wanted to flatten ZO. It's inexplicable, can anyone explain to him.

He turned his eyes to Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang, both of whom had no intention of saying anything clearly. Qin Luo just opened his mouth to inquire, but Gu Qingyang switched off the topic. "Since ZO only uses there as a foothold, we better hurry up and agree on a rescue plan to avoid night long dreams."

Qin Luo immediately nodded, and there was Qin Ke in it, and if Qin Ke was not rescued quickly, he did not know what kind of torture he would encounter.

In the end, several people negotiated and decided to take a day off tomorrow and set off early the day after tomorrow.

This day and night, Qin Luo was just like the year, full of little Qinke. What he didn't know was that the man who negotiated far away in the exotic suburbs was full of him.

When Qin Luo decided to die, and when the space was destroyed due to strong explosives, Mo was on his way back. The sudden pain in the heart made him have a bad hunch, and it was not the indifferent person who greeted him at the Alliance headquarters, but the bad news of his death.

Qin Luo felt that he was floating in the air, and Mo was within his reach. He wanted to hug the painful man, but passed through his body like air.

After his death, Mo finally destroyed ZO with thunderous methods. In a snow-white empty room, he entered the 'door'.

Opening his eyes sharply, Qin Luo looked nervously to the side, Mo was lying there, and when he looked over, he was also looking at him with black and bright eyes.

Mo held Qin Luo in his arms, and kissed his sweaty forehead gently with his lips. "Have a nightmare?"

Qin Luo gently shook his head. "On and off ... have had several dreams ..."

Mo then kissed the tip of his nose. "What's the dream?"

Qin Luo felt that hand that was walking along his back was trying to slide towards his cleavage. "Dream, dreamed of the last time ... Have you ever joined the alliance before, or have you joined the alliance ... and ... and you entered the door after I died ... "

Mo chuckled "Is that right? I just had a dream ... don't you want to know what I dreamed about?"

Qin Luo felt Mo's fingers slipping between his groin, and couldn't help but tighten his body slightly. "Dream, what did you dream?"

Mo bowed his head and bite Qin Luo ’s lips, and the tip of his tongue teased Qin Luo ’s tongue slowly before he slowly said, “I dream of you ... I only have you in the dream, and the two of us are in different places ... making \\ love ... "

Qin Luo's body shook and she felt a finger of Mo clearly. Mo had turned over and trapped Qin Luo under her body.

"Do you know? Once I could only look at you like that, you are like a small hedgehog covered with thorns, I am afraid that the action will be big, you will shrink into a ball. I also thought about pulling out your thorns, but I Knowing that would ruin you. For a while, I was jealous of the new year songs and jealousy went crazy ... He can stand side by side with you every day, but I can only watch from a distance ... especially at night ... You will sleep in one room, and I can only ... "

Qin Luo raised his hand and groped for Mo's face, "only what ..."

Mo smirk "I can only think about your appearance ... so in this life, you have to compensate me ..."

Qin Luo's legs looped around Mo's waist, and he also needed to prove with a fierce love, Mo was right next to him, and he would not have that desperate look.


"At that time, did you save me from the mutant?" Qin Luolei's fingers didn't want to move one, but Mo was still very spirited, holding Qin Luo's hand and kissing one by one.

"Which time, I have saved you many times." Mo invited.

Qin Luo chuckled. "It should be the first time we meet. I asked, my eyes were blind and my body was paralyzed. If you didn't save me in the end, I would probably be killed by those two mutants. Later I woke up At that time, in a house, the unspeakable guy had left. "

Mo bite Qin Luo's finger slightly. "I didn't say nothing, but you didn't find me at that time. I evacuated after you woke up and left. But ... that wasn't the first time we met ..."

Qin Luo was a little confused. "Have we met before?"

Mo nodded "I've seen it, and you weren't blind, but we forgot to tell each other's name."

Qin Luo frowned "impossible ..."

Mo is so handsome, he can remember it for a lifetime at a glance, it is not a character that can be forgotten at all.

Mo thought for a while. "At that time, I was the first time I escaped from the institute. The strength just awakened. I killed two researchers and got a lot of useful information through their blood. So I ran all the way until I hit Human child. At that time I didn't understand what he said, but I could feel that he was not malicious, and he came to kiss me. "

Qin Luo's eyes widened "No, impossible ... absolutely impossible ..."

Mo licked his lips. "Let me think about what he said ... Oh, I remember ..." Are you an angel ... Will you be my wife? If you don't speak, I will be You agree ... Let's kiss, it's a promise. '"

Qin Luo covered her face and mourned "This is not true ..."

Mo smiled happily "this is true ..."

Thanks to his parents, Qin Luo also went abroad several times as a child, and Qin Ya often inculcated him with some inexplicable opinions. Qin Luo was worried about the imbalance between men and women, and he would not have a beautiful wife, which is what Qin Ya called not to seek early, and would hit a bachelor in the future. To Xiao Qin Luo, bachelor seems to be a bad word, so every time he sees a beautiful little girl, he will have a relationship with each other to avoid becoming a bachelor in the future.

And that time out, he was hit by a beautiful little girl like an angel, and the little girl really fell from the sky. He was stunned by the beauty of each other, and then couldn't help but get close to each other. When the family found him, he slept by the road.

Qin Luo thought that he had only a very real dream, and because of this very real dream, Qin Luo studied English very hard. He didn't understand a word because of the envoy of that day. After mastering a lot of English vocabulary, Qin Luo knew that the angels treated me as not English. He once thought that it was a language that belongs to heaven, but later he learned that the language had a name—Thai.

"You, you were wearing a skirt ..." Qin Luo struggled.

It's hard to believe that the lover of dreams that he has been secretly secreting for many years will ‘walk away’ like this.

Mo was helpless. "ZO's clothes were broken when I escaped. Later, I only stole a skirt. Didn't you see that I was still barefoot?"

Qin Luo rolled his eyes. ‘Have you ever seen an angel wear shoes? They do n’t even wear clothes ... ’

"Why did you speak Thai ..." Qin Luo gave up the struggle.

Mo sighed "I was just awake at that time, and my brain was messed up after taking the two researchers. When I saw you, your Asian appearance, I just thought of those two Thai words ..."

"Then let's discuss why I would fall asleep on the side of the road ..." Qin Luo raised an eyebrow.

Mo Qian laughed, it seems that the lover wants to settle accounts after the fall, and quickly switched off the topic. "Are you saying that a few days is our father and mother's wedding anniversary? And my grandfather is going to have a birthday, and Xiaoyu they adopted the little guy. Out of the incubator ... Do you want to send any gifts? "

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