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The corner of Qin Luo's mouth hiding in the shadow raised a sneer, and his finger flicked a small pebble into the muddy water not far away, making a clear sound. The mutant who patrolled not far back and forth stopped and turned to look at the place where the sound was made, while a flashlight wiped Qin Luo's hiding place and shone at the sound of the stone. The mutant also took a few steps towards Qin Luo's place, and the distance between the two was shortened from just a dozen meters to a few meters.

Qin Luo held two long and one short daggers tightly in his hands, breathing very slowly. The mutant was puzzled by the flashlight, and looked up to see if there was a leak. After groaning for half a minute, and seeing nothing, he murmured twice and turned to leave.

Just as he lowered the flashlight, Qin Luo shot the short dagger in his hand like lightning, and straight j □ j transformed into a human heart. At the same time, he leaped to the mutant in a few steps, his right-handed dagger quickly lifted up, and leaned towards the mutant's neck.

The blood sprayed the corpse softly. In order not to make a loud noise, Qin Luo backed up the dead mutant and placed him slowly on the ground. By the way, wiped the **** dagger on the mutant, and took off the communicator hanging around his waist.

This is the depth of a city's underground heating pipe network. A sub-research institute of ZO is directly above the deep network. As long as it passes through the underground pipeline network blocked by ZO, Qin Luo can enter there smoothly. This road is also the easiest and most labor-saving way to this sub-research institution.

Pinning the communicator around his waist, Qin Luo moved forward across the body, and three identical communicators had been pinned away from his waist. Before walking a few steps, the voice of a strange man came from the communicator "There are unknown forces attacking the two entrances of the southwest and northeast of China. The personnel stationed in the southeast are alert and report the situation of the channel at any time."

"There is no abnormality at Point A in the southeast ..." A rough voice came.

"There is no abnormality at Point B in the southeast ..." a husky voice answered.

Qin Luo shook his mouth, and picked up the communicator he had just hung and said, "There is no abnormality at point C in the southeast ..." Then he took off the communicator in order to report the situation.

The mutant's voice is mostly hoarse and rough, and after paying attention to some details, it is not difficult to imitate.

"Stay alert ..." the man commanded Shen Shen.

On the surface, this sub-structure of ZO has only two entrances in the southwest and northeast. However, Qin Luo captured a mutant of the institution here half a month ago and obtained the hidden passage of the southeast heating pipeline entrance from his mouth. Over the next half month, Qin Luo and Gu Jinglei used tricks to defraud two extremely fierce mercenary groups and reached an agreement with them. The three parties led their respective men and women to attack the child organization from an entrance. After the child organization's annihilation, the three forces shared their power.

In this age of zombies where food is extremely scarce, mutual cooperation between mercenary regiments is common. In this way, not only can information be exchanged, but also help each other to obtain more living materials from the place occupied by a large number of zombies. It's just that these two fierce mercenary groups have no credit and no morality. Not only will the food obtained by the cooperative mercenary regiment be snatched away, they will even take the opportunity to sneak in on the mercenary regiment's location and **** away their families who are hiding in a safe area for food. And they regularly go out to hunt out live people to eat, especially children are almost their delicious food in the last days.

With such a messy reputation, fewer and fewer mercenary groups are willing to cooperate with them. However, they were compelled to act, and there were helpless mercenary groups who turned to them for help. Of course, the price paid was very high and painful. Over time, although they controlled a lot of spheres of influence, the mercenary regiments who approached them for help had approached zero, and their news had become more and more closed. Many people chose to avoid their sphere of influence activities. Sitting in the mountains, the two mercenary regiments ran out of food, and urgently needed new food.

Qin Luo appeared at this time with his mercenary regiment, and was willing to share the information with them, provided that he needed to cooperate with the mercenary regiments of the two parties to get together a research institute with sufficient food and water. This is a big pie falling from the sky. They have no reason to refuse. Even if they want to annex Qin Luo's mercenary regiment, they must weigh their weight. Although these guys are cruel and fierce, they also know that the current situation is in direct collision with Qin Luo's mercenary regiment. There is absolutely no good result. Therefore, the two mercenary regiments sat down honestly to discuss the plan with Qin Luo. However, Qin Luo is very clear that the vicious nature of the jackal will never be eliminated. They all have their own poisonous calculations, otherwise Qin Luo and his party will not be left with the most dangerous and most mutant channel.

However, they did not expect that they had fallen into the trap that Qin Luo dug for them. The so-called most dangerous channel was actually very secretive, with no more than five mutants arranged in it. Qin Luo himself can take down this secret passage without even having to do anything with the mercenary regiment. As for the rest of the mercenary regiment, Qin Luo had arrangements. After they entered the scope of the research institute, Gu Jinglei, Gu Qingyang and Niangehui soldiers divided into three paths, all the way to respond to his success and retreat, and the other two were to rescue ordinary people trapped by the two mercenary regiments as food. people.

The reason why Qin Luo wanted to win this institute was not for food, but because he got the exact news. ZO transferred an important research subject to this institute, and that research subject was a little boy. All this is very consistent with Qin Ke, so Qin Luo is unwilling to give up a glimmer of hope, knowing that there are many dangers, he must find a way to sneak in. Several life and death companions of Nian Ge had to come in with him. After all, one more person has more strength, but Qin Luo severely refused. How powerful ZO's power is, they don't know, they can only see the clue from the endless mutants. The degree of danger at this institute cannot be estimated. If one person is added, perhaps the mercenary group will have one less main force. This is very detrimental to the members of other mercenary regiments, and even worse to those who depend on them for their lives. Although Qin Luo wanted to rescue Qin Ke very much, he couldn't take more people's lives to risk.

Although in the last days, people became cruel in order to fight for food, but Qin Luo and others are still sticking to human nature. They refused to be cannibalistic beasts, trying to make more people survive. They all share a common belief that if human beings do not go to extinction in the end, they must find a way to keep the children alive and live as a human being. Several people are indeed working hard for this, which also makes their mercenary regiment harder, not only to collect more food, but also to teach the survival of the person who depends on them.

Qin Luo walked carefully, trying his best to slow down his pace. He didn't dare to put all the communicators into the space, because if there were no instructions from the communicator, his infiltration would be discovered. But in this way, pin the communicator around your waist, and if there is an instruction from there, it will be heard by the mutants approaching. He can only play his own luck. Do not send any instructions during this time. If there are instructions, let him have enough time and distance to destroy the other party.

The heating pipes here are obviously closed by ZO, but they have not been demolished, and many places are no longer maintained and repaired after the end of the world, so there is a lot of mud and sediment in the ground. Qin Luo's footsteps were very gentle, trying not to make the sound of landing very slight.

Traveling a short distance, Qin Luo discovered the mutant who guarded Point B by the light not far away. He intends to repeat his tricks, first attracting the other's attention, seducing him into his strongest attack range, and then killing him in one fell swoop. This will ensure that the other party does not make a sound, let alone let him have the opportunity to notify the institute, and send someone there or be alert.

Having made up his mind, Qin Luo carefully touched the shadow of the wall and slowly approached the twenty-meter range. There just happened to be a small fork road. Although the fork road had been blocked, it had a one and a half meter depression, which was enough as a temporary hiding place.

Energy is very tight after the end of the world. Even if the power supply here is likely to use solar energy, it is still not comparable to that before the end of the world. There is a small energy-saving lamp just above the head of that mutant. The scope of its exposure is very limited, which also facilitates Qin Luo's approach and hiding.

A stone bullet hit a puddle not far away, making a subtle sound. The next transient mutant really shook his flashlight in that direction, Qin Luo secretly looked out in the shadow, and when the guy came towards this place, he hid himself in the shadow more. The footsteps gradually approached, and the dagger in Qin Luo's hand was ready for projection. When Qin Luo was about to reinvent his skills, suddenly a strong wind rushed from the direction he had just passed. Qin Luo was shocked. The road he hid was very narrow, and he was sealed behind, except to lean over Rushing out, he has no second choice. Just listening to the sound of the blast, Qin Luo knows that if he hits this time, he will definitely be broken. This helpless action immediately exposed Qin Luo to the sight of the approaching mutant.

The moment Qin Luo rushed out, the dagger danced in front of him, forcing the attacker to stop him. When he rushed out of the attack range, he stood still and saw the mutant who attacked him, and his eyes widened in shock.

"You ... you are not dead." Qin Luo was extremely surprised.

The person who attacked him was not someone else. It was a mutant who had just been killed. From the blood on his clothes, it was obvious that he had just been hit hard. A fatal blow to the chest, and a stab at the throat to cut the trachea and carotid artery laterally.

Qin Luo is very clear that in such a situation with fatal injuries in both places, it is absolutely impossible to survive. Besides, he is very confident in his offensive power, so no mistake can be made. But the mutant standing in front of him did indeed die.

The mutant twisted his neck twice and made a few clicks. "I'm surprised ... your two knives will not kill me."

Qin Luo frowned, and this situation completely exceeded his cognition. He encountered mutants at the beginning. To this day, he has killed more than a hundred mutants, but he has never heard of them. They can be resurrected after being killed.

The mutant guarding point B stood only three meters away from Qin Luo, and was slightly surprised. "It seems that you are not small enough to break into this place by yourself."

The resurrected mutant sneered, "It wouldn't have been possible for him to get here without a sneak attack."

The mutant who guarded point B gave the blood-stained guy a glance, "If it hadn't been through the second improvement, you would already be a corpse. But I will report it to you, and you still want to explain how Right. "

The blood-skinned mutant glared at him with a gritted teeth, then turned to Qin Luo, his eyes became extremely venomous "boy, I will tear you to pieces."

Qin Luo was confused at this moment. How could he never imagine that the mutants would have any improvement, and this improvement would make them immortal. The mutant guarding Point B had the walkie-talkie in his waist. Qin Luo knew that he might report the situation here to his superior. The reason why he didn't report immediately was definitely not that Qin Luo had only one person and that was not necessary, it was likely that this guardian had joint responsibility, and he was thinking about how to make his punishment lighter.

The blast came, and the underground pipeline was very narrow. Facing the thick tail from the crazy attack, Qin Luo could only choose to dodge. Among the mutants killed in the past, there were more cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians, which also impressed Qin Luo with their whip-like tails and venom. Therefore, Qin Luo will reduce the fighting time as much as possible every time. Even if he cannot die, he will quickly find the opponent's weakness and reduce the opponent's combat power within a short time.

The mutant was extremely angry at his previous killing, and the attack was even more fierce. Coupled with his four claws with inverted hooks, and his agile reach, Qin Luo was unable to cause effective damage to him for a while. On the contrary, he also scratched his back and thighs. Although they were all flesh wounds, they would also have some impact on Qin Luo's attack.

The mutant seems to have restored some face. In his opinion, Qin Luo, who was blocked between him and another mutant, could not survive anyway. As a result, speaking is even more unbridled, full of contempt and provocation.

He caught another wound on Qin Luo's left arm. The mutant licked the blood on his paw hook and smiled proudly. "Actually, you almost killed me just now. The heart and skull are indeed our weakness, but you That's a little worse. "

The mutant next to him frowned. "You better move quickly. I have to inform the other side. If you don't want to be sent back to" Dog Camp ", it's better to solve him as soon as possible."

The other person's words stimulated the mutant. Although Qin Luo didn't know where the 'dog camp' was, he also vaguely guessed that the mutant must be terrified there. Because he attacked his own offensive, after hearing this sentence, he became even more fierce.

When the mutant kicked Qin Luo fiercely, Qin Luo took the opportunity to make a fake move. He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and he is slowly approaching the mutant in the constant fighting. This approach can not only make the other party suddenly alert, but also must make him feel that he has been arranged, can not pose any danger, so there will not be too much defense.

Qin Luo's body was kicked and flew out, but suddenly a strange twist in the air. In the eyes of the two mutants, this movement is extremely incredible. Normal waists cannot be softened to such an extent. By shaking the waist, the short dagger pinched in Qin Luo's left hand shot again with lightning, the target was the guardian of point B mutant.

Although Qin Luo just failed to kill the mutant, it does not mean that he was not suspended from death after being injured. Qin Luo was very confident in his judgment, so he decided to take another gamble.

This action was very sudden, even if the mutant wanted to avoid it, it was too late. The dagger was deeply inserted into his heart, and Qin Luo quickly swooped on him with that kick, and his right hand quickly chopped his throat. This time Qin Luo gave full strength, and with the force of fluttering, he even cut off the guy's head.

However, he no longer had time to guard, and the entire back was exposed to the mutants behind. Qin Luo does not expect the wound to be light, but he has no choice now.

The expected pain didn't come, but a groan came from behind. Qin Luo turned over from the mutant's headless body, and took the dagger from his chest by the way.

The mutant behind him fell to the ground, and Niange was stepping on his body, panting. Seeing him come over and grinning at him, "If you missed it, your kid would be miserable this time if I hadn't followed him secretly."

Qin Luo smiled helplessly. "Isn't it to keep you out? In case I can't get out this time, our mercenary regiment must also maintain power."

Niange pouted, "Several of us said that we should work hard together. Since those who came out together will go back alive together. Older brother also said that they will rescue the trapped people as soon as possible, and then come over to support them. We must Leaving alive, and the supplies here are really important and worth the risk. "

Qin Luo finally sighed, then quickly walked to Nian Ge, pointing at the mutant humane. "This guy has just been killed by me, but I don't know why he came back to life, and the wound has all recovered."

Nian Ge listened for a cool breath, Qin Luo's expression was definitely not a joke, and he also believed in Qin Luo's judgment.

Qin Luo turned the mutant who was stunned by Niange in turn, severely cut off the opponent's head, and kicked the head far away. The two were delayed for a long time until it was determined that the blood of the corpse was almost the same, but there was no sign of resurrection, and they quickly proceeded to the next place.

As they approached the lights, they both slowed down and approached them little by little.

Qin Luo's brow frowned, not far from the location of the light, and there was no guardian mutant. If he expected it well, there should be a guy here to guard Point A, and it shouldn't be empty.

"The other party may already know what is going on here. You go out and take care of someone outside. If the two of them also bring someone over, you must not let them break through. ZO may be more complicated and powerful than we thought. When you are 100% sure, you can't fight with each other. "Qin Luo turned around and told Nian Ge, then pushed him out.

Niange was anxious. "What about you, you know you're dangerous and you're going to break through."

"I can't bear to lose him here to suffer alone. He is the only blood in our Qin family." Qin Luo's voice shuddered.

"It is only possible to rescue him if you are alive. Maybe he is in pain now, but at least from the news you got, ZO values ​​him. But if they know your existence ... Have you thought about the consequences ... … Even if you try to hide from them, but how do you know that they have no other way? You look at the mutants, they even do this weird thing, do you think they are not perverted enough? Let ’s leave There must be another way to rescue him here, as long as we live! "

Niange's words are not without reason, and Qin Luo is not a fool. He gritted his teeth and looked at the door that was almost within reach. As soon as he enters the institute, he has a chance to find Qin Ke.

Suddenly, there were chaotic footsteps from behind Niange, and under the dim light that was originally empty, several mutants burst out. The chaotic footsteps gradually progressed, and Qin Luo had a very bad hunch. Sure enough, it was not the members of the mercenary group who supported them from behind, but all the mutants with embarrassed faces.

Both were sinking in their hearts, knowing that it would be very difficult to leave here today.

The mutant leader under the lamp sneered, "You thought it would be overwhelming if you could break into our research institute by virtue of your frustration."

As he said, he threw out something that was already flesh and blood, and both of them couldn't help but drew in their hearts. Although the only thing left was the skull and body, Qin Luo recognized the man's clothes. He was the leader of one of the two mercenary regiments that cooperated, and even though this guy deserved the due, the cruelty of the other side still frowned Qin Luo.

"These two little white faces are rare. The big guy is careful not to kill him suddenly. It is also good to drag it back for fun. If you have enough fun, you can give it to Dr. C to give him a few more pets." Among a group of mutants who had been scrambled for a long time, a gimmicky guy proposed.

Nian Ge looked at the guy fiercely, but he laughed and licked his lips and said, "It tastes good, I like it. Looking at the figure is also resistant to fucking, and it certainly won't break your breath."

Qin Luo sings slowly in recent years, "I try to hold them as far as possible, you must go out alive ..."

Niange gritted his teeth "to go together."

"This entrance has been completely sealed off. The two of you can't go out at all. As for the people you brought, and the people who might help you, none of them can run away." The mutant leader under the lamp was full of faces Hold your breath.

Qin Luo's eyes were staring at the guy, and the violence in his heart was expanding infinitely. Waiting for that guy to give no more orders, Qin Luo has flew towards him. At the same time, a series of daggers were thrown out in his hand, and they were put into the bodies of the mutants under the lamp. Although unable to cause a one-time vital attack, it also caused the mutants to panic.

There has never been a human being, or a human power, who can do this, not to mention that the other person is not a power at all.

The dagger was thrown out, and a short knife appeared in Qin Luo's hands, and he danced with a cold light. This is a close-to-hand combat, Qin Luo already knows that he can't send the New Year's Song out, and in the face of the many variants who surround them, the two do not know how long they can support. They can only kill as many mutants as possible, so that Gu Jinglei and Gu Qingyang, who came after them, will have more vitality.

Blood and water stained Qin Luo's clothes, and he could not tell whether it was his blood or his own. Qin Luo felt the pain of his lungs burning, and he seemed to have reached his physical limit. But he still waved his blade sharply, trying to take away another mutant.

"Fuck, this kind of perseverance from where the **** is this guy ..." Qin Luo waved a knife to separate a guy who tried to give Niange a fatal blow, and threw Niange behind himself. The back door is the entrance to this institute. If the door is opened, a lot of mutants will definitely rush out. But Qin Luo's head was numb at this moment, and a lot of blood loss made his thinking almost intermittent.

Niange's eyes had turned red, and now he has broken his legs and one arm, and he has completely lost his combat power. It is better to break himself, so as not to drag Qin Luo any more. Thinking that the door behind him was suddenly opened, he intuitively looked behind him, and Qin Luo had already stabbed a dagger before him.

Qin Luo's dagger stabbed for the first time. Niange didn't even see his opponent's shot, and Qin Luo was already in his arms. The mutant, whose eyes were coldly sweeping towards his body, said in a trembling voice, "No need to stay alive."

Just a short sentence, determines the fate of those mutants. Nian Ge was helped by the other person. He wanted to ask where the man was going to take Qin Luo. But the cold scent of the other side made him unable to ask a word. This is the first time that Niange knows that the murderous power can be so terrible. A man who releases his terrible murderous spirit can also have such gentle eyes.

Niange later learned that the man who took Qin Luo away was named Mo and was the leader of the Saviour Alliance. Their injuries were healed by a guy in the alliance called a ghost face, and most of the mercenary regiments who were almost wiped out by the army also survived and joined the Savers Alliance. Since then, they have found a goal, and they have to fight for all the people who have been persecuted by ZO and persecuted by the harsh environment.

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