American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman - Chapter 663 The Story of Spiders Knotting Webs (middle)

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"Look at what you've done! It's all you told Peter about netting. Now, he's full of nets in New York. He can weave three nets a day, and the cleaning company can't keep up with his speed!"

"I'm teaching him the importance of social engineering, not physical networking!"

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Stark Building laboratory, Stark and Schiller were arguing non-stop. Stark waved his arms and said loudly, "You know he's a fool! And tell him such esoteric things, Don't you know that he understands so many different things?!"

"Do you think, in Peter's wisdom, he might interpret what I said as weaving webs all over New York? Why don't you and Connors find something for Peter to do, what are your research projects? ?" Schiller retorted.

Connors, who was innocently implicated, held up a document and said: "In fact, he did not delay the research, he completed everything in half the usual time, and then set aside spare time. Going out to weave a web for himself, I have to say that as a spider, he is still quite diligent."

"But he's a man!" Stark raised his voice. "Spider-Man isn't a spider, he's a man! Even if he were a spider, he couldn't weave three spider webs over New York every day! He'd considered arachnophobia. people's feelings?"

Schiller looked up, looked at the spider web not far away, and said, "Don't tell me, this web is quite beautifully woven. If it weren't for the lack of space in my sanatorium, I would really like to get one back for decoration..."

He just finished saying that when the phone woke up and he picked it up and said, "Hello? Ultron? ... Oh yeah, I'm in Stark Tower, what's wrong?"

"What? There are spider webs in the sky above the nursing home. The guests complained that our sanitary conditions are not up to standard, and they want to refund the money?! You wait! I will go back right away!"

Schiller hung up the phone, scattered into a cloud of gray fog, and flew directly back to the Arkham Sanatorium. Stark followed behind in his battle suit. When he got there, he laughed directly.

The suburbs of New York are not like the city center. There are not so many high-rise buildings here. There is a problem with using relatively short houses as fulcrums to build cobwebs. That is, the collapsed part in the middle may stick to everywhere.

Looking at the messed up nursing home, Schiller took a deep breath, however, this is not over, soon. He got another call, and Nick said to Schiller, "Can you guys take care of that spider boy? Helicarriers are already expensive to maintain, and he's got spider webs all over the place, Is it because you are afraid that the staff in charge of cleaning will not ask for a salary increase?"

"This is the only good thing he's done!" Schiller said angrily. After he hung up the phone, he was just about to return to downtown New York to find Peter when Captain America jumped off the roof and came to the seat In front of Le, he said, "What's going on, what happened to Peter? I read news reports that he was weaving nets everywhere in New York, which seriously affected the appearance of the city, and the police department was dispatched..."

Stark touched his chin and said, "Peter's anomalies don't stop there. Since he is about to graduate from high school, he has become extraordinarily excited. Jarvis originally left several doors for him on the glass curtain wall of the Stark Building. But he smashes the glass every time..."

"Today, he ran back and forth in my lab for five or six hours, with no intention of stopping at all."

Steve added: "I just saw on the news that just an hour ago he beat a gang of bank robbers, helped a homeless move house, helped a snack vendor fix him and even towed a car that was occupying the fire exit two blocks away..."

Stark covered his forehead and said, "He's not driven by a reactor, is he really not tired?"

"The behavior suddenly becomes hyperactive. There are several possibilities..." Schiller stood on the spot, holding his arms, speculated: "The first is because of hyperactivity, overactive brain activity may cause humans to show various However, in the absence of mental illness, this mental hyperactivity is still limited by physical activity, and after the hyperactive state passes, you will feel extra tired."

"Generally people will not be in a state of high spirits for more than 6 to 10 hours. If the time is longer, it may harm the body. After that, the self-protection function of the brain will make them feel very tired, so they immediately go to bed.

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rest. "

"Peter's mental and physical strength are higher than that of ordinary humans, then, based on 4 times the maximum value, in about two days, he should get rid of this state of excitement, and in a short time will get excited again.”

"Come on." Stark raised his arm and said: · It has been almost two months since his high school graduation ceremony, and he is still like this. "

"There is also the possibility that the same effect can be achieved if the body is stimulated with a drug, and if the drug dose is large enough, this time can be extended," Schiller said.

"But it can't be extended for almost two months, right? Besides, why does Peter take stimulants? Just to perform stunts over New York, and make a lot of spider webs??" Steve was very puzzled said.

Suddenly, Stark recalled the conversation with Connors and the others in the laboratory, and he said: "Peter was bitten by a spider, and we still don't know what that bit did to him. such an impact.”

"On the surface, his power has become greater, his mind has become more active, and he has spider sense. So, will there be some other effects?"

"Like?" Schiller asked.

"Jarvis, help me get the spider habit data and let me see... Wait a minute, it's August, right? God, look at this!"

Stark pressed the button on his arm, and a projection was thrown into the air. Both Schiller and Steve stood by his side, looking at the projection, which read:

"Many spiders breed in the hottest part of summer. Around August and September, male spiders will build webs in advance and have courtship movements, while female spiders will..."

The three looked at each other, Schiller and Steve both looked at Stark, and Schiller said, "Don't tell me, Peter has the same courtship period as spiders?"

"But it's really similar, doesn't it?" Stark said the more he felt that his reasoning was correct, he said: "He would perform stunts over New York, which may be a kind of courtship dance, and, He also started spinning webs in the sky over New York, which may be a manifestation of the male spider's courtship advantage..."

Steve covered his forehead and said, "This is too ridiculous, he was just bitten by a spider, how could it be..."

Stark snorted coldly and said, "Peter is always on your side, but you never cared about him. Haven't you observed some of his postures when he was fighting? It's really like a spider. ."

talking. Stark pressed the button again and switched the projection. The projection in the air began to show some pictures of Peter fighting, some of which were the scenes of him seeking justice in New York captured by the surveillance equipment, and some of the mecha controlled by Peter and Stark. The scene during practice.

The current Peter has completely gotten rid of the green fighting style before, no longer running and jumping with his fists with the enemy. It can be seen that whether he is dodging or attacking, he is very organized.

The only problem is that the fighting technique he uses does not belong to any known fighting technique classification in the world, it is more like a fighting technique of his own creation, he is often on all fours, his body is close to the ground, and then he jumps high, sometimes It will also quietly climb onto the enemy's head, jump down instantly, and strangle their necks.

This looks more like a beast, or more like a spider, than human fighting skills.

"For the past two years, I have been recording his growth trajectory." Stark pressed the button on his arm again, and some pictures of Peter began to play on the screen. Stark continued: "Initially, Peter's strength and speed It hasn't reached such an exaggerated level, and at most it's similar to you."

Stark turned to look at Steve, who shrugged and didn't deny it, then added, "But as he got closer to adulthood, his speed, strength and reflexes , it started to become more and more exaggerated.”

"I have tested him with a mecha, but I haven't tested the upper limit of his strength, because the material of the mecha can no longer bear, that is to say, at this stage of human materials science, there is no way to create a material that can withstand him. The material of physical strength, which is actually very scary."

"And the speed of response, originally this part should be the easiest to test out.

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The limit, but later I found that as long as his state is good enough and his concentration is enough, his reaction can no longer be said to be a reaction, but more like a prediction. "

"How long can he feel the danger in advance, and he can't test at all, because every test is setting new records. There is no doubt that although Peter's mind is growing, it is far less fast than his physical strength." Stark concluded.

"He's a good boy." Steve said with some emotion: "I have lived for so many years, and among so many people I have met, he can definitely be called the best kind of good person, and I believe he can take advantage of it. Such power..."

"The question now is, where does this abnormality come from?" Schiller frowned and thought, he said: "I think we should not stimulate him first. When people are in a state of excitement, it is easy to develop attacks. Sex, in case Spider-Man does get out of control, it's in trouble..."

"However, if we don't let him cooperate with the medical examination, how can we figure out why he suddenly becomes so excited?" Stark asked.

"I think we can ask someone who has experience in this area for consultation, such as..." After speaking, Schiller took out his mobile phone. After getting through, he said to the opposite side, "Dr. Connors, we have something to do with you..."

Ten minutes later, Schiller Stark and Steve appeared in front of Connors. Connors was still busy with his thesis. He said without looking up: First of all, I have not been bitten by a lizard. "

"But you're also an animal genetically modified, wouldn't you..."

"I won't." Connors sighed, stood up and said, "The point of animal genetic modification experiments is to remove those parts that are not beneficial to humans, and only absorb the advantages."

"For example, I will carry out lizard transformation experiments, in fact, because lizards have the ability to regenerate severed limbs, as you can see now..." Connors lifted his sleeves, and Stark was surprised to find that his severed arm had already been A very large section has grown out, and it does not look any different from the original arm.

"Because I don't want the previous accident to happen again, the experiment was carried out conservatively. If it was carried out in the most efficient way, I should have a complete arm now." Connors's tone was very flat, no Any fluctuations, but everyone knows what it means, and once the experiment is fully completed, humans will no longer suffer from severed limb disabilities.

"If you can't get rid of those parts that are harmful to human beings, then the consequences will be the same as me who was out of control before. You will see a cold-blooded animal covered in scales, without human nature, only animal nature, that's not what I want, so, I It will continue to improve.”

"That is to say, this mutation of yours has been strictly selected and controlled." Stark understood what Connors meant, and he said: "This further supports my previous thinking that Peter was bitten completely. Random, without any experimental control, then, he may not only inherit the good part of the spider's ability, but may also inherit part of the animal nature."

"But don't you think that his animalistic state is a bit too gentle?" Steve asked: "I remember you said before that when Connors turned into a lizard man, but Destroyed half of your building."

"Could it be because, Peter was so over the top, that the wildest thing on his mind was probably doing stunts over New York, plus weaving nets full of New York?" Schiller offered a point.

Stark and Steve looked at each other, they thought it was absurd, but when you think about it, it's not impossible to put it on Peter.

"Well, it seems that Dr. Connors can't give us any advice, so let's ask the next one," Schiller said.

"Next? Who else?" Stark asked in confusion.

Ten minutes later, Natasha's angry roar echoed in the S.H.I.E.L.D. base:

"I'm not a spider!!!"

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