American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman - Chapter 522 Schiller's daily life in hospital (Part 2)

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"...So, you're actually still in school? Is it convenient to reveal the school you went to?" The bearded scout Bob took a bite of the taco and asked.

"This can't be done." Spider-Man on the opposite side refused, he said, "If my teachers, classmates or parents know that I do this in my spare time, then I don't want to go out."

"It seems that your family is still very strict. When I was in high school, I went out to parties every night and didn't return home, and my family didn't care about me." Bob said with a smile, and then he asked: "Although I know how to ask This is a bit unpleasant, but I still want to say, how is your academic performance? Which university are you planning to go to?"

"Oh, this, my academic performance is not bad, there are several PhDs and professors willing to write me recommendation letters, but I don't want to be too far from home, I think New York University or Columbia University would be good..."

Bob's eyes widened, he heard a lightheartedness from Spider-Man's tone, but New York University and Columbia University are both good universities, he said quite unexpectedly: "It seems that your grades are Really good."

"Actually, the instructor in the laboratory where I am currently interning wants to introduce me to Harvard. I may follow him to continue working in Harvard's laboratory this winter, and of course I may go to Los Angeles, depending on our experiments. progress……"

Then, Peter talked about his laboratory life, but Bob knew that this was definitely not what the audience wanted to hear, so he asked gossip: "So, do you have a girlfriend?"

Even with the mask on, Bob could see the shyness on Spider-Man's face, Peter nodded, and then said, "Actually, I'm going to see her, but luckily I left early, otherwise I'd be late. ."

"Oh, it seems that I interrupted your date. I'm so sorry, after all, I'm full of malice for all the sweet love in this world, because... I don't have a girlfriend!" Bob deliberately made a weird cry face, both of them laughed.

"Does your girlfriend support you in doing this? Does she know who you are?"

Speaking of this, Peter sighed and said, "Actually, I kept it from her before, because I felt a little ashamed, or I was worried that she thought I was not mature enough, you know, girls will like that This kind of party prodigal, if he behaves too seriously, he may be considered boring."

"But..." Peter paused, then said, "Later, I slowly changed my mind, because I didn't think she was that superficial, and my concern became that she might feel this kind of thing It's a little dangerous, I'm afraid she's afraid of me every day..."

"Indeed." Bob affirmed this, he said: "I met a strange middle-aged man before. The husband and wife are in love and have a happy life. He has never disclosed his identity to his family before, because he knows that his The wife must be very worried about him..."

Peter continued: "Maybe, I was just on impulse, but in the end, I told her, thank her for not blaming me for hiding her for so long, and honestly, after talking about it, our relationship is better. …”

Maybe it's because the local TV stations in New York have been relatively stable in ratings, and they don't need much hype. Bob's questions are also very mild, mainly around Spider-Man's life and family situation, and sometimes as an older person. To make some suggestions, the whole interview is very good to see now, and Schiller doesn't know why Peter has such a complicated expression.

Soon, Bob on the TV changed the subject. He asked: "A citizen of New York witnessed that you used to stay with Iron Man. Are you two friends?"

"um, yes."

"The two of you should have met because of the superhero career? Can you tell me the specific process?"

Peter gave a positive answer, but he is not stupid. He knows that discussing topics related to Iron Man may bring more controversy to Stark. Even if the scout asked this question without any ill will, he The answer may be taken out of context by someone with a heart and used to attack Stark.

So, Peter just said a few words more politely, probably because the two of them were inspired by justice and became good friends. Without talking much, he talked about his other superhero friends.

"Compared to Iron Man, there is another superhero who has a better relationship with me. You should have heard of him. He is Daredevil who is active in Hell's Kitchen. I prefer to call him my guide and teacher... …”

"Actually, after having him in Hell's Kitchen, the security situation has become better. I won't be stingy with using any words to praise him. It's definitely not because of my selfishness."

"He was a very noble man, strong, brave, determined, and he was very patient, he..."

Just as he was talking about this, he heard a loud "boom". Bob and Peter turned their heads together. They saw that on the skyline of Hell's Kitchen, a car was thrown high and then hit the ground again. .

The horizon in the distance boiled for a while, and two black dots jumped between the buildings. Soon, the black dot at the front began to enlarge in the field of vision. Peter saw that it was the venom running fast all the way. "

Venom, with fangs and a big mouth, ran wildly on the top of the tall buildings in Hell's Kitchen, and the figure chasing behind him was also very familiar, it was the Daredevil Matt in uniform.

Even from a long distance, Peter heard Daredevil Matt's deafening roar:



! How dare you block my toilet!

! I am going to kill you!

! "

Even wearing a mask, you can see Peter's shocked expression. He turned his head and glanced at the camera, showing a slightly flustered expression, and then said: "Well... Hell's kitchen is like this, the sewer system here is not good, It's quite irritating, and Daredevil can't be blamed entirely..."

At this time, a rainbow light flashed across the sky, and a female warrior dressed as a Valkyrie landed on the roof of Hell's Kitchen. Sif's mouth made a phantom voice:

"Venom! You'd better explain to me about Sakaxing, or we'll never finish!


With the sound of "Katha", a thunderstorm also hit the roof, Thor stepped forward and persuaded Sif: "Sif, don't do this, if you are still mad at Loki, I will apologize to you on his behalf. , I have locked him in 1300 years of confinement..."

Peter watched the two of them tugging at the top of the building, and he explained: "Uh, they are mutants with teleportation ability, maybe a couple quarrel, yes, a couple quarrel..."

With a "whoosh", the magic flashed, and Loki descended behind Thor, holding a stack of parchment in his hand, and said:

"Thor, I really doubt whether you have a brain or not. See for yourself, what is written on your will? Where did we get the 305th Fleet?"

"Hurry back with me. After you ascended the throne, your official affairs will be piled up almost 200 years later. On average, you write two wrong wills every day. When will we be able to change the fleet's defense network?"

"呲la", a portal appeared in the air, and the Supreme Mage Strange leaned out half of his body and roared at Loki:

"Do you know how long you've been off work?! Do you remember that you're a shareholder of the Holy of Holies? Are you trying to exhaust me?!


"Just kill or bury you and Schiller, I do all the work of the Holy of Holies, hurry back and work!


Spider-Man, across from the camera, thought hard for a moment, then said, "They're some secret magic society, you know, the kind of... researching, uh... magic circles or something..."

With a bang, a bunch of cars were thrown up on the horizon, followed by spikes that broke through the sky, dazzling shadows, and golden lightning. The combination of symbiotes and mutant students descended in front of Venom. Ling opened his mouth, and his voice was not angry and arrogant.

"Venom! You have violated Article 1118 of the Parasitic Law of the Cosmic Symbiote within three days! Come back with us for trial!

! "

"You're dreaming!" Venom grinned and sneered: "Want to catch me? In the next life!"

As he said that, he jumped on the spot and jumped directly to a nearby tall building. Matt, who was chasing after him, was helpless, but Sif and other symbiotes who could fly by themselves immediately followed.

Sif rushed out angrily. Thor was afraid that she was really doing something on Earth, so he had to keep up. Once Thor left, Loki would definitely chase after him. To escape from class, he flew out of the portal and ran after him.

This group of people is like a race. After ploughing back and forth on the skyline of New York's Hell's Kitchen, after a lot of chaos, gold and red meteors streak across the sky, and Stark's voice is heard from the battle. Come:

"Stop it all! This is New York! We're going to fight aliens!"

But Stark didn't come alone. He just paused in the air, and with a "swoosh", a shield slashed towards his head, and Captain America stood on the roof behind him and said: "We It's not over yet, where are you going? Are you going to run away?!"

"Shut up! Didn't you see that I was maintaining the law and order?!"

Stark dived to the next The two were entangled again, Peter gestured with his hand, and then said: "Actually... uh, this is practicing a flanking tactic, which is a kind of Emerging tactics, so it looks special..."

Bob narrowed his eyes, looked at Captain America and Iron Man, and said, "How do I feel that the two of them are just fighting?"

"Impossible!" Peter denied with a stern face: "We are all partners united by justice, how could we fight? We must be... must be..."

On the TV screen, Spider-Man explained the constant gestures and gestures facing the camera, and in his background, on the New York skyline, all kinds of demons and monsters danced wildly.

"Venom, go back and unclog the toilet!"

"Sif, calm down, Sif, let's go back to Asgard..."

"Please, Thor, can you work more seriously?!"

"Rocky! How dare you let others work hard! Have you worked yourself? Hurry back to the Sanctuary!


"Your fighting skills are as old-fashioned as yours! It's okay to be bad!"

"You have the ability to take off your battle clothes and say this again!"

"Who's thundering me?! Thor, what are you doing with me?!"

"It's not me! It's that symbiote!"

"Who let the venom hide from you, you let him get out!"

"Bang! Boom! Shila... The target is locked..."

"Oh! My new clothes!"

"I need my wrist!

my waist!

! "

Schiller hurriedly grabbed the remote control, turned off the TV screen with a "Katha" sound, and then covered his buzzing ears.

He and Peter looked at each other, and they both sighed.

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