Zhanxian - Chapter 547.2 - Dangers In The Core Region

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Chapter 547.2: Dangers In The Core Region

The area where the demonized demon vine was located was already the core area of the demon continent. Yang Chen has been able to sense the location where the demonic qi was most concentrated. That direction should be the location of the spatial connection point.

This was the most dangerous area, not to mention Yang Chen, even those great masters who have experienced hundreds of thousands of years in the Demon Continent have never dared to go so deep.

If nothing else, the demonized demon vine alone was enough to devour all the experts who come in, and treat those experts as nourishing fertilizer for its strong growth.

He doesn’t know how this demonic vine grows, it was possible to forcefully use demonic qi. Fortunately, the demonized demonic vine does not multiply very quickly, and it has only been more than 30 plants for so many years. If it grows all over the mountains and plains, maybe one day this powerful species will occupy the entire Demon Continent.

Here, Yang Chen didn’t use the shuttle, let alone a flying sword, he walked by himself, for fear of any accident. In this core area of demonic qi, no amount of caution can be overstated.

Along the way, Yang Chen was a little surprised. There were also a lot of plants in this area, all kinds of big trees, all kinds of shrubs and vines, all of which are the kind that can absorb demonic qi and grow extremely strong. However, there was nothing like the demonized demon vine here.

In this area, demonic fiends were relatively rare. Yang Chen thought that because of the demonized demon vine, it killed all the demonized beasts around a hundred miles, but it was obviously not the case.

After walking thousands of miles to the core area, Yang Chen finally discovered the traces of a demonized monster. However, the demonized monsters here were not the kind of monsters that only rely on their instincts to be particularly ferocious after being attacked by demonic qi, but another form.

Using the words in Yang Chen’s mind to describe it, it can be called a beast, a monster for breeding.

All kinds of demonized monsters that Yang Chen had never seen before, almost all of them could be seen along the way. Every tens of miles around, there were several pairs, both male and female. These monsters seem to be able to survive just by absorbing demonic qi. They don’t need predation, the only purpose of their existence was to reproduce.

No matter what kind of monster, their speed of reproduction was very amazing. The first demonic leopard that Yang Chen met, in a few breaths, gave birth to the next little leopard.

As soon as the little leopard was born, it was immediately attacked by demonic qi, and then grew rapidly. In just one day, the little leopard has grown to the point of the late Yuanying stage. Then the little leopard started to run wildly towards the periphery of the Demon Continent, as if it could no longer bear the pressure of the demonic qi here.

Running past Yang Chen, the demonized leopard didn’t even look at Yang Chen. It seems that getting out of here quickly and getting to the area where it can adapt was its initial instinct. After arriving at those places, it will think about its killing instinct.

Different leopards have different aptitudes and different final achievements. The more they are able to withstand the demonic qi, the higher the cultivation realm, and the closer the place to stay was to the central area. Just relying on this simple method, the entire demon continent was filled with various demonized monsters of different strengths, and the strong and weak were naturally separated.

No wonder Yang Chen often sees weak demonized monsters appearing in the depths of the Demon Continent. Many experienced people have disdain to kill those demonized monsters that are much worse than their own realm, otherwise these monsters will not become strong enough to provide cultivators with experience. When have you seen a cultivator kill an ant to gain experience?

Those beasts, their cultivation base even made Yang Chen feel incredible. With the experience of his previous life, Yang Chen can easily see that the realm of those beasts was almost close to the level of Earth Immortal. If they wanted to, they could easily kill Yang Chen in seconds.

Fortunately, these breeders don’t seem to have any desires other than reproduction. The first species of beast he encountered was the demonized leopard. They saw Yang Chen’s aura and glanced at Yang Chen, but Yang Chen always wore the nine nether flying sword as a robe, and the other party seemed to feel no less than the concentration of demonic qi of the demonized demon vine, so it didn’t take it seriously, it waved its tail lazily and continued to produce.

Here, it was the first time Yang Chen felt the pressure of facing the true death. Fortunately, with the cover of the demonic qi, the other party didn’t do anything, otherwise Yang Chen really wouldn’t know how he would die.

After realizing that as long as there is an extremely strong cover of demonic qi, he can be safe and sound, Yang Chen continued to move forward cautiously. The territories of several powerful beasts he has passed along the way all illustrate this point.

There were even two kinds of monsters, which are natural enemies themselves, and they produced by themselves at a distance of a hundred miles, regardless of the existence of the other.

This made Yang Chen more and more certain that this was the place where the demonic fiends were born. Although these beasts are powerful, they all exist as beasts, only breed, and don’t care about other things. As long as he doesn’t provoke them, he will be fine.

Surrounded by menacing beings that could kill him in seconds, but the demonic qi of that spatial connection point made Yang Chen decide to risk his life to explore. Once he can refine that space connection point, the Immortal beheading blade can have the ability to cut through space, and the nine nether flying sword will also have an endless source of demonic qi, which was more beneficial than anything and worth the risk.

Anyway, he only needs to initially refine the space connection points in a short time, and he doesn’t need to refine all of them at all. As long as the first step was completed, it would be like cutting the entrance to the immortal executioner stage, and he can continue refining anytime, anywhere. These species of beasts will not let it be done easily, there is an 80% success rate.

From here to the center, there are still thousands of miles away. Yang Chen’s journey was like walking on a tightrope, passing by the extremely powerful beasts, the feeling that there was no attack but his life hanging by a thread. Even more than the killing experience outside, Yang Chen can appreciate the benefits of this experience even more.

Being in between life and death all the time, this was the original intention of coming to the demon continent to gain experience. Previously, Yang Chen’s protective magic weapon was strong and would not be life-threatening, so although he also sharpened his attack methods, his real state of mind could only be improved through the experience of inner demons, which was far less dangerous than the current one.

What kind of emotional outburst could better enable Yang Chen to achieve the purpose of his experience than knowing that he would be killed if he made a slight mistake? Although the previous journey only covered two or three thousand miles, it benefited Yang Chen more than the hundreds of thousands of miles from the edge of the Demon Continent to the center.

Along the way, Yang Chen even had some vague expectations in his heart, hoping that this road would never come to an end, which was very contradictory.

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