World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5247 Three Holy Hierarchs

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When Chen Xiang heard that the sent saint belonged to the Hundred Flowers Temple camp, he was quite happy at first, but after thinking about it carefully, he still felt very uneasy, and this matter must not be that simple.

"After all, the third-rank ministers of the Three Saints Sect are dead, so it seems too peaceful now, right?"

These days, Chen Xiang has also learned about the structure of the dynasty of the Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth, and the status of third-rank holy ministers is not low.

Although the mountains are high here and the emperor is far away, and the local forces of the Three Saints in the Holy City of Jinniu want to go alone, but after a third-rank saint minister dies here, there will definitely be various forces in the palace making a big fuss, and then attacking each other with this .

That is to say, after the result of the fight in the palace, it will soon affect the Holy City of Taurus.

So this matter is not as optimistic as Palace Mistress Xiaoqing thinks, and it won't be so easy to fool around.

Chen Xiang thought carefully for a moment, and said seriously: "Xiaoqing, even if it is a holy minister sent by the Hundred Flowers Temple, we have to be on guard. It is very likely that the Hundred Flowers Temple will control the situation...or sacrifice you if necessary. Lose."

Palace Master Xiaoqing didn't take it seriously, and said with a smile: "Brother, how is this possible? The Temple of Hundred Flowers and the Empress are of the same heart! And our Taichu Xue Palace is on the Queen's side, and the Temple of Hundred Flowers will definitely face us."

Chen Xiang shook his head and said: "Xiaoqing, you don't understand! If the struggle in the imperial palace is very fierce, and you kill the third-rank ministers of the Three Saints Sect, it will put the Queen and the Hundred Flowers Temple at a disadvantage, so after they weigh it, they may choose Sacrifice you, or even sacrifice the entire Golden Bull Holy City, and give everything here to the Three Saints."

Chen Xiang is very clear about the meaning of the Taichu Academy Palace in the Holy City of Taurus, as long as he masters the Taichu Academy Palace here, it means mastering the huge underground Taurus star.

The Three Sacred Sect, the Starman, the Star Demon, and the Qingxing Queen, these three forces have been fighting openly and secretly for many years, mainly for the control of the underground stars.

Those underground stars represent powerful power, and they are all very important resources.

Because the heaven and the earth are too big in the beginning, and each underground star is very far away, communication is inconvenient, and there is very little communication between the stars, so the giants on the stars are not very clear about the situation on each star.

Chen Xiang is very sure that even if the Three Sacred Sect here becomes the Emperor, they will help them when the Three Sacred Sect needs it. After all, they all live and die together.

The multi-party forces are fighting, and the final result is to destroy each other, and it is difficult to be alone.

Palace Mistress Xiaoqing also seemed to have gradually thought of something. After all, she hadn't thought that far, because she always believed that there would be a tacit balance between the Three Saints and the Queen, and peace would be made at about the same time.

But what if the worst happens?

Chen Xiang said again: "The holy ministers sent by the Three Saints Sect have no background, they are all small shrimps, but they have a bad temper. Moreover, the Three Saints Sect seems to understand your character, knowing that you will definitely take action to destroy them! So, Xiaoqing, you are most likely to fall into their trap."

Palace Master Xiaoqing hurriedly said: "So, the Hundred Flowers Temple sent the holy officials here, either to take over or to kill me?"

Chen Xiang shook his head and said: "I don't know, so be vigilant! After the empress takes over the Jinniu Taichu Academy, you can give it to the Three Saints, or you can keep it yourself, and then push you to the Three Saints to calm the storm. "

Palace Master Xiaoqing sighed softly: "When the time comes, I will do whatever the Queen asks me to do... I will never betray, and I will never betray. Deep in my soul, there is the brand of loyalty to the Queen."

Chen Xiang now also understands that the masters of these Taichu Academy Palaces are also very important subordinates to the Empress.

Palace Master Xiaoqing has so many avatars, and there are many powerful avatars, if she is handed over to the Three Saints, the consequences can be imagined.

Chen Xiang said: "Don't worry, I won't let you fall into the hands of the Three Saints!"

Palace Master Xiaoqing bit her lip and said: "Brother, you don't understand! If the struggle in the palace really reaches that point, I have no choice but to make a sacrifice. No one will be able to save me then! It's all my fault So impulsive!"

Chen Xiang said: "There is another way, that is to delay time, I need time to become stronger."

Chen Xiang already has a plan!

Palace Master Xiaoqing frowned and said, "Brother, what plan do you have? Can you tell me about it?"

Chen Xiang said: "When the time comes, I will **** this Taichu School Palace, and then use my power to destroy the Holy City of Jinniu... No, I will destroy all the members of the Three Saints in the Jinniu Continent."

Xiao Qinggong opened her mouth and said: "'s hard! Even if I use all my powerful avatars, I can't compete with the Three Saints in a short time... You must know that this is not just the Three Saints. There are also star aliens and star monster forces!"

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "Xiaoqing, when we have a lot of high-quality pills in our hands, who will the stars, monsters, and beasts in the Taurus Continent listen to? As long as they have stayed in the Holy City of Taurus, they will hate the Three Saints Sect very much." The practice of raising the pill!"

Palace Master Xiaoqing has never thought of enlisting the entire Taurus Continent's creatures, because it is really too difficult to do, but if it is at the speed of Chen Xiang's planting medicinal materials and refining pills, this is possible.

Palace Master Xiaoqing said with a smile: "As expected of Brother Shen, it's no wonder you were the number one enemy of the Sansheng Sect back then."

Chen Xiang's current cultivation base is too low, and the power he has grasped is too weak, otherwise he can implement the bold idea in his mind once, such as refining and transforming the Taurus star to make the star levitate.

When Chen Xiang and Palace Master Xiaoqing were very engaged in chatting, Palace Master Xiaoqing suddenly said: "Brother, my avatar is in the hall of Taichu Academy Palace, and is receiving the leader of the Three Saints Sect!"

"The leader is here? What kind of person is he?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I've rarely seen him either. I didn't expect him to come here on his own initiative! Do you want to follow me to meet him?" Palace Mistress Xiaoqing said, "To be honest, I don't want to expose you right now."


Chen Xiang really wanted to meet that leader.

"Brother, I can kill him when needed!" Palace Master Xiaoqing's eyes turned hard.

"Depending on the situation, this leader might also be using a clone." Chen Xiang said: "It doesn't make much sense to kill his clone."

Chen Xiang and Palace Master Xiaoqing got up and went to the hall, Granny An was already receiving the leader.

There are more than a dozen women in the hall, who look like maids, but they are all avatars of Palace Master Xiaoqing.

The leader of the Three Saints is only a branch leader of the Taurus Continent, and there is a very strong leader in the palace.

"Master Ma, long time no see, what brought you here?" Palace Master Xiao Qing used the clone of a little girl to meet the leader, and asked with a smile.

When Chen Xiang entered the hall, he saw more than a dozen people from the Three Saints Sect, and they were also looking over.

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