The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3674 Chapter 3674 glorious image was destroyed

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Everyone was stunned by this sudden change!

Other than the sound of the altar collapsing, there was no other sound.

Prime Minister Sima widened his eyes and looked at their majesty’s shiny bald head in disbelief. Oh God, was their majesty quarreling with the Empress and wanting to become a monk?

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On the other hand, when a certain someone saw Hei Xinjiu’s shiny hairstyle, he recalled many things in the past. He looked at Hei Xinjiu with a doting and loving gaze.

Hei Xinjiu’s mind was blank. As she looked at the headscarf that drifted away with the wind, it was as if she saw her glorious image drifting away with it..

However, this fellow quickly calmed down. He took out another headscarf from his storage ring and put it on his head. He didn’t explain the matter of the hair, but said,

“Emperor bei Jing, the Black Tortoise has decided to sleep for the time being, so it won’t appear again for a while. Send someone to guard the Divine Hall and don’t let anyone in. I still have things to deal with, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Emperor bei Jing finally came back to his senses. He nodded blankly and said a few more words to persuade him to stay.

Hei Xinjiu said a few words perfunctorily, then left the divine hall with Prime Minister Sima and the others, leaving the capital city of Bei Xuan Kingdom.

On the way, prime minister Sima realized that his majesty and that young master di looked normal, so he put his heart back into his stomach.

When they arrived outside the capital, Yun Chujiu said to prime minister sima, “The few of us still have things to do. Bring your men and return to the capital of the East Phoenix Kingdom immediately.please visit panda(-)

“If the Li Hen Palace makes trouble before I return, you don’t have to panic. You can just join forces with the other eight kingdoms to resist.”

Prime Minister Sima was already used to his majesty disappearing from time to time, so he nodded repeatedly and left with his men.

After Yun Chujiu and the other three boarded the flying spiritual artifact.., hei xinjiu laughed dryly. “Brother Wuji, I’m really sorry. I don’t know what happened to the Black Tortoise, but it turned into an empty egg in the end. I’ll give it to you when the egg shell gives birth to the little black tortoise.”

Xue Wuji opened his mouth and sighed. “Sigh, it’s most likely that I don’t have the life of a divine beast or spiritual pet. Otherwise, why would there always be problems? ! Little Sister Jiu, you don’t have to blame yourself. You Can’t force this opportunity.”

Hei xinjiu comforted him a few more times, then said to di beiming, “Prince Charming, before we go to the bottomless ice abyss of the Immortal Yuan continent, let’s Find a sea first. I’ll release the shadow-skimming giant-winged bird.”

Di beiming frowned slightly. “There’s no sea on our way to the bottomless ice abyss. In the towering sky continent, only the northern continent has the sea, so you can keep it for now.”

Hei Xinjiu was a little discouraged when she heard this. However, time was of the essence, so it was better to first nourish the souls of Qiong Qi and the others. It was not too late to find a place for these birds to nest after the matter with the Li Hen Palace came to an end.

Thus, the four of them sped all the way to the valley that led to the boundless ice abyss.

“No wonder this place is covered in snow all year round. It turns out that it is connected to the boundless ice abyss in the Immortal Yuan continent,”Hei Xinjiu said as she looked at the thick snow on the distant mountain.

Xue Wuji curled his lips and said, “Little Sister Jiu, you don’t know that this place is not only very cold, but the demonic beasts are also very fierce.

“When we came from the bottomless ice abyss, we suffered a lot because our spiritual power was not as strong as it is now. “However, it’s different this time. Big Brother can deal with those demonic beasts alone.”

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