The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3555 Chapter 3555 almost choked to death

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Suddenly, someone chimed in, “That’s right. It’s said that tower master Luochen rarely goes to any sect, so there’s no reason for him to stay in our Chaotian sect for a few days. No matter how I think about it, something doesn’t feel right.”

However, there were also people who disagreed, for example, elder zhuge: “Although Tower Master Luochen’s visit this time was a little sudden, he has been touring the north peak for the whole day. He didn’t return to the guest house until sunset, so he didn’t have time to enter the forbidden area.

“Moreover, if he stole the bead from the forbidden area, why did he help us catch the bead and put it into his storage ring?”

Hearing this, everyone felt that what elder Zhuge said made sense. Not everyone could enter the forbidden area of Chaotian sect. Although Tower Master Luochen had brought many guards, those people didn’t have the ability to enter the forbidden area.

Seeing that both sides were in a deadlock, the untainted sect master could only say, “It’s more important to find that bead first. As for whether Tower Master Luochen is related to this matter, we will discuss it later.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Then, they waited for the Sun to rise. After finding that bead, they would send it back to the seal of the forbidden area.

Chaotian sect was in a mess. A certain jiu, who always liked to join in the fun, didn’t come out to watch the fun. This fellow was afraid that di beiming would come to save her, so he didn’t dare to leave the dormitory for even a moment.

However, this fellow couldn’t suppress his curiosity. He stood in the courtyard and looked around. He vaguely heard something about a bead, and his mouth twitched. This Chaotian sect could be considered a big business. was there a need to make such a big fuss over a broken bead? Was he not planning to sleep?

pA(nD)A no ve1 However, when this fellow heard that the sect-protecting formation had been activated, he was instantly dumbfounded!

F * ck! Once the sect-protecting formation was activated, how could the pretty boy come in? !

This guy immediately hated that stupid bead. If it hadn’t caused trouble, she would have been able to leave Chaotian sect today. But now, with such a mess, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to leave for a while.

Hei Xinjiu had no choice but to take out the sound transmission talisman and brag about the matter. She asked di beiming to find a place to stay for a few days and come back to save her when the time was right.please visit panda(-)

Di beiming was silent for a moment before he finally replied with a “Yes”.

Hei xinjiu could vaguely hear that the noise had become quieter and yawned. Since she could not leave today, she would just go to sleep! She had not slept the whole night because of the gigolo. She had to catch up on her sleep today.

This guy opened his mouth and was yawning. Suddenly, something jumped into her mouth and almost choked him to death!

The guy rolled his eyes and was about to get the thing out of his throat when it slipped into his stomach.

Hei Xinjiu was dumbfounded! The guy inexplicably felt that the thing that went into her stomach was some broken bead that the Chaotian sect people were looking for.

The guy was afraid of getting into trouble, so he quickly went into the bedroom and began to look inside.

This guy searched his body and even his dantian, but he didn’t find that thing. It seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

Hei Xinjiu immediately panicked. That thing was the size of a longan. How could it disappear just like that? Where did it go?

When Hei Xinjiu was panicking, guai Cao shook its leaves. Hei Xinjiu widened her eyes. “Gou Weiba, did you eat that thing?”

Guai Cao immediately shook its leaves aggrievedly, and all the leaves pointed in one direction..

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