The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3548 Chapter 3548: Don’t go back tonight

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Hei Xinjiu curled her lips. Although the gigolo was quite powerful and he might be able to fight one-on-one, there were so many people here. No matter how powerful he was, he was no match for him.

However, this guy knew that he could not hurt his man’s pride, so he said with a smile, “Prince Charming, I knew you were the most powerful. I’ll wait for you. Come, give me a Kiss!”

Soon, the sound transmission talisman vibrated, and Di Beiming’s cold voice came from it, “Nonsense!”

Yun Chujiu curled her lips. Although it was only four words, she still heard a hint of arrogance.

This guy curled his lips. There was nothing she could do. She liked the arrogance of a gigolo. He was like an angry kitten. He looked powerful, but in fact, he was obedient when she touched his fur.

Tower Master Luochen saw Hei Xinjiu’s small movements from the corner of his eyes. Seeing her sudden joy and anger, his eyes immediately darkened, and the wine glass in his hand instantly shattered into powder.

Everyone looked at him. The female disciple who was playing the zither was so scared that she almost knelt on the ground. Was it because she played too poorly?

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Tower Master Luochen tightened his hands under his sleeves and said indifferently, “I’m sorry. I was absorbed in listening and used too much strength.”

The female Disciple’s mood instantly rose to heaven. She blushed and nodded to Tower Master Luochen before continuing to play.

Finally, the banquet ended.

Just when Hei Xinjiu was about to go back to her courtyard, tower master luochen said coldly, “Don’t go back tonight. Just stay in the guest house!”

Hei Xinjiu was dumbfounded!


Let her stay in the guest courtyard at night? What did Lan Luochen Mean?

Xing Yu panicked and said hurriedly, “Tower master, the rooms in the guest courtyard are all full. Let her return to her own courtyard…”please visit panda(-)

Xing Yu’s words stopped abruptly because she was so shocked by the gloomy aura of Tower Master Luochen that she was covered in cold sweat. She couldn’t even speak.

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes. Several plans flashed through her mind quickly, but there seemed to be no other way except to agree.

So, she nodded. “Thank you, Tower Master Luochen!”

Seeing that she agreed, tower master Luochen’s expression eased up a little. He lifted his leg and walked toward the guest courtyard.

Xing Yu couldn’t care less about the cold sweat on her head. She gave Yun chujiu a warning glance, her eyes like a poisonous snake.

Yun chujiu sneered in her heart. Damn it, why are you staring at me? I don’t want to Go!

She didn’t want to have too much to do with Lan Luochen in the first place, and now she didn’t want to have any ties with him.

Because she inexplicably felt that although the current tower master Luochen was Lan Luochen, the original LAN Luochen was only a little depressed, but now he was simply gloomy, and even a little paranoid.

Even though Hei Xinjiu was unwilling, she still came to the guest house.

Outside the guest house, there were still three layers of guards. Seeing these guards, hei Xinjiu’s heart jumped. Could it be that Lan Luochen knew that the pretty boy was coming to save her, so he let her stay in the guest house?

Because the guest house was heavily guarded, the Pretty Boy could not succeed?

Everyone entered the living room. After Tower Master Luochen took a seat, he resumed his usual expression and said coldly, “Xing Yu, move to Tao Xue’s room and vacate your room for her.”

Xing Yu couldn’t believe her ears. The other maids were all living in a room of four people. She had always lived alone, but now she was asked to vacate her room for Lin Chuchu?

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