The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3520 Chapter 3520 taking advantage of a burning house

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Yun chujiu thought for a while and said to big hairy with her spiritual sense, “Come here for a while. I have something important to tell you.”

Big Hairy was circling in the air in grief and indignation. Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, he hesitated for a while and flew towards Hei Xinjiu.

“Big Hairy, I don’t need to tell you. You know that you are no match for those sawtooth sea pigs. Moreover, your bird king is dead and your nest has been destroyed. There is no benefit in fighting them head-on.

“If you want to find a place to rebuild your home, then cooperate with me!”Hei Xinjiu’s crafty look was like a big-tailed wolf that kidnapped a little white rabbit.

Big hairy obviously did not believe Yun Chujiu’s words. How could a weak little girl help them find a place to rebuild their home? Stop bullshitting!

Yun chujiu snorted coldly when she saw the situation. “You don’t believe me? You also said that there are no islands within ten thousand miles, and there is no place to land halfway. Can You Fly that far?

“But I’m different. I have a boat! “If you follow me, I can lead you to find a suitable island or reef.

“Do you think I’m willing to interfere with your stupid business? “It’s all because of you. Otherwise, I would have left long ago.”

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, big hairy was silent for a moment and asked, “Are you really so kind? What are your conditions?”

“You guys are in charge of protecting my safety. This is the best of both worlds! Go and ask the other birds now. If they agree, bring me into the desert first. We can discuss it properly.”

pA(nD)A no ve1 Big Hairy looked at his companions who were circling around and wailing. He nodded and flew towards his companions.

Big Hairy told them everything. Although the other demonic birds were unhappy that big hairy had hidden the contract, Yun Chujiu’s suggestion was their life-saving straw. They all agreed without any arguments.please visit panda(-)

The flock of birds immediately flew towards the desert with Hei Xinjiu, but they could not find the entrance.

Hei xinjiu frowned. Could it be that the life gate of the array formation was closed because of the high tide?

The flock of birds tried a few more times, but they still could not enter. Therefore, they could only agree to Hei Xinjiu’s suggestion, because there was no other way out.

Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes. Babies loved to take advantage of others!

“Since we are now in a cooperative relationship, we have to show some sincerity. Come, all the birds come over and establish a temporary contract with me, then we will set off,”Hei Xinjiu said with a smile.

Those demonic birds stared at each other, establishing a contract with her? ! What kind of joke was this? ! If she was up to no good, wouldn’t they just be at her mercy?

Yun Chujiu naturally knew what these demonic birds were thinking. She sneered and said, “What? You Don’t want to agree? You have to be clear that you have something to ask of me!

“Other than me, do you have any other way to find a new nesting site? “Can your cubs follow you in the air for a long time? “It’s already good enough that I’m willing to help you, but you don’t even appreciate my kindness. What a bunch of stupid birds!”

When blue-tailed heard Yun chujiu calling them stupid birds, it was so angry that it wanted to slap hei xinjiu into the sea. However, when it saw the babies and eggs in the mother bird’s mouth, it immediately wilted.

It was still alright for them to be adult demonic birds, but these babies and eggs could not travel long distances at all. Moreover, it was unknown what kind of situation they would encounter on the way. The spiritual beast bags of humans were obviously safer.

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