The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3513 The little girl in chapter 3513 was going to be in trouble

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Seeing this, Hei Xinjiu could only curse in her heart!

This damned Wu Yun actually knew the split-body technique?

Although Wu Yun’s strength had decreased after splitting into several pieces, it forced Hei Xinjiu to stop beating around the bush and could only continue flying forward.

This fellow took out a map and scanned it. To the west was a large desert. It shouldn’t have any effect, so he went there!

Therefore, Hei Xinjiu flew into the desert with a string of heavenly lightning and a few pieces of Wu Yun.

The demonic beasts in the desert were dumbfounded!

What the hell was that flying thing in the Sky? Why did it attract so many tribulation clouds?

After a short while, the demonic beasts saw a little girl jumping down from the flying spiritual device.

Oh My, what did this human little girl do to attract so many heavenly lightning?

She was probably going to be turned into ashes by the heavenly lightning bolts, but she deserved it! Who asked her to attract the heavenly lightning bolts? She almost scared them to death!

The demon beasts were shocked to find that although hundreds of heavenly lightning bolts struck the little girl, she was still alive and kicking. She actually didn’t die?

However, the little girl soon showed a pained expression. The Demon Beasts felt that the little girl was probably not able to hold on any longer.

Then, they were dumbfounded to see that the little girl summoned a flying spirit tool and then led a string of heavenly lightning to fly away.

Oh My, there’s such an operation?

The demonic beasts stared at the flying spirit tool in the distance with their mouths Agape. However, when they saw the flying spirit tool flying in the direction, they all revealed gloating expressions. That little girl was going to be unlucky!please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu had destroyed several flying spiritual devices, and Wu Yun had finally exhausted the power of lightning in the sky. Wu Yun had no choice but to leave in a huff.

A sentence came to his mind. He had been defeated again and again..

Seeing that Wu Yun had left, Yun chujiu pouted. She controlled the flying spiritual device and prepared to return to Boulder City.

The guy suddenly remembered that the sound transmission talisman seemed to have vibrated before. He took out the sound transmission talisman from his storage ring, and Di Beiming’s voice came from it.

Hei Xinjiu was stunned for a moment, then she pouted and mumbled, “At least that pretty boy has a conscience. Listening to him, it’s likely that he will seal the seven emotions and six desires again.”

Hei xinjiu wiped her tears with her sleeve and took out the sound transmission talisman, ready to reply to di beiming. However, she was surprised to find that the sound transmission talisman could not be sent out.

The guy was shocked. There was no way to use the talisman here?

But fortunately, it was not forbidden to fly. She could reply to the pretty boy after she left this area.

Hei Xinjiu’s thoughts were pretty good, but a full day had passed. She sadly discovered that she seemed to be circling because she had seen the low sea buckthorn grass on the sand dune a few times.

Just as this fellow was feeling miserable, she suddenly heard several sharp bird cries. She looked through the porthole and saw countless demonic birds flying over from the distance. Their sharp claws and beaks flickered with cold light under the sunlight.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Hei Xinjiu’s head was buzzing. Could it be that she had become a snack for these demonic birds instead of being struck to death by lightning?

No matter how Hei Xinjiu thought about it, she felt that there was no way to survive. Those demonic birds were huge. With a flap of their wings, her flying spiritual device would fall into the desert. Once she landed on the desert.., she would be eaten by these demonic birds immediately.

Hei Xinjiu wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Why did she encounter such terrible things every time she walked the Thunder?

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