The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3500 Chapter 3500 was really fierce

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Prime Minister Sima was completely in awe of their emperor’s eloquence. If he were the emperor of the Three Kingdoms, he would definitely raise his hands and feet to express his approval.

If such a good opportunity was wasted, it would be simply intolerable to the heavens!

Yun chujiu took over prime minister Sima’s embellished national letter and took a look. She curled her lips and said, “Prime Minister Sima, you are quite talented. It’s just that your handwriting is a little ugly.”

Prime Minister Sima:”…”

Don’t you feel guilty saying that? His handwriting is ugly? ! It’s simply ten thousand times better than your handwriting!

Yun chujiu immediately told Xue Wuji the contents of the letter and asked him to forge three letters. As for the Jade Seal, he could just get a large radish to carve it!

Xue Wuji and an Feng immediately changed their route and went straight to the willow country.

Yun chujiu thought for a moment. Even if Xue Wuji and an Feng split up, the three countries would not immediately respond. It would take them a few days, hence, the most important thing now was to stop the three countries’Alliance army from invading.

Yun chujiu thought of this and immediately asked Emperor Nan Xuan and the other two to lead the army to the border. She also brought di beiming and prime minister Sima to the border.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ At this moment, the emissary of the Sun Nation who almost died in the latrine had already returned to the Sun Nation. The Allied forces of the Sun Nation had also gathered and were ready to start a war at any time.

When Emperor Nan Xuan and the other two saw Hei Xinjiu, their gazes were immediately attracted by the three to four-year-old boy she was holding. Oh My, after not seeing each other for a few days, this Empress Zephyr had given birth to an illegitimate child? This girl was really fierce!

A certain someone’s eyes darkened. He swore to the heavens that he would never take that rejuvenation pill again, Definitely Not!please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu did not tell Emperor Nan Xuan and the other two about joining forces with the Three Kingdoms of the willow country. This matter was of great importance, so she naturally had to be more cautious.

Therefore, Emperor Nan Xuan and the other two had worried looks on their faces. They felt that they were most likely going to be finished this time!

However, they still felt a little lucky in their hearts. Perhaps that young master di of the female Emperor of Fenghua would come over to help. After all, his wife and son were here. They could not just leave them be, right?

With that great weapon, they might still have some hope of victory.

Yun chujiu did not have the time to ponder over the thoughts of Emperor Nan Xuan and the other two. She immediately brought her men to check out the terrain of the border. There was neither a valley as a place to set up ambushes nor a formation that prohibited flying. It could be said that.., if the Alliance Army of the three countries wanted to attack, there would be no obstruction at all.

It was not realistic to dig a trap. After all, the border stretched for tens of miles, and there was no way to complete the trap in a short period of time.

Hei Xinjiu took out the map and looked at it. Then, her gaze fell on a winding river..

At this moment, the atmosphere in the tent of the Alliance Army of the three countries was very warm. The generals felt that the East Phoenix country was simply not able to withstand a single blow, and it would not take long to take it down.

The Star Sun Country was the initiator country, and they had even sent their crown prince Xing Zhenyuan over to supervise the battle. Therefore, everyone made Xing Zhenyuan the commander of the Alliance Army of the three countries.

Xing Zhenyuan said with slight disdain, “The border of the East Phoenix country has no natural dangers to defend, and there are no large-scale formations. Once the war starts, the Alliance Army of the three countries will definitely be unstoppable, and we will take down the East Phoenix country in one fell swoop.”

Ghost Gold Kingdom’s seventh Prince Jin Haokui agreed, “That’s right. The East Phoenix Kingdom has been in turmoil for a period of time. Not to mention our three countries’Alliance army, even if we take out any country, they wouldn’t be a match for us.”

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