The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3487 Chapter 3487 unsealing of a good item (monthly ticket)

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The children were terrified. At this moment, the flying spirit tool landed on the ground.

Instructor Liu Jiaoxi had a few guards chase the children off the flying spirit tool and then entered a valley.

The children were not fools. They naturally felt that something was not right. Some of the children began to cry and wanted to leave by force. They did not expect to be killed by instructor Liu.

With that, the rest of the children immediately lost the courage to resist. They could only follow obediently forward.

The children were brought to a cave and then locked in a huge cage.

Instructor Liu waved his hand and ordered the guards to guard outside the cave. Then, he laughed coldly, “Little things, are you curious about why this old man captured you?”

The children looked at instructor Liu in terror. Even in their dreams, they had never imagined that things would turn out like this. Hadn’t they agreed to send them back to the Kingdom of Jun? Why had they been brought here?

“This old man wants to unseal a good item. It must be soaked in the blood of a virgin boy and a virgin girl. Moreover, it must be fresh blood. You are the most suitable candidates,”instructor Liu Jiaoxi said with a strange laugh.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ Some of the children trembled as they said, “You, you can’t do this! If we don’t go back, our parents will find the Li Hate Palace and demand an explanation.”

Instructor Liu sneered, “Find the Li Hate Palace and demand an explanation?”? Not to mention you guys, even if that ninth Prince died, wouldn’t he die in vain? When the time comes, this old man can just find an excuse to fool them. Who Do you think will pursue this matter?”

Hearing what instructor Liu Jiaoxi said, the children could not help but wail in sorrow. They were really at a dead end now. They had truly experienced what despair was.

Hei Xinjiu’s focus was on the good thing that instructor Liu Jiaoxi had said. What kind of ghost thing could only be unsealed with the blood of a boy and a girl?please visit panda(-)

In the middle of the cave, there was a well-dug stone pit. Instructor Liu Jiaoxi carefully took out a jade box from his storage ring, and then took out a thumb-sized bone from it.

Hei Xinjiu was shocked when she saw the bone. This bone was very similar to the one that di beiming found in the fallen God Abyss.

She couldn’t help but look at di beiming beside her. He was still expressionless, but there were some waves in his eyes. This confirmed Yun Chujiu’s guess.

Yun Chujiu recalled what instructor Liu Jiaoxi said before. Could it be that the seal could only be broken with the blood of a boy and a girl? Was the piece in the Gigolo’s hand unsealed? Was it also unsealed in such a cruel way?

Yun chujiu could not help but spit at herself when she thought of this. No matter how cold-blooded and heartless the gigolo was, he could not do such a heartless thing. It must be that instructor Liu Jiaoxi’s nonsense!

Instructor Liu placed the small bone into the stone pit with trembling hands. Then, he looked at the imprisoned child with a fanatical gaze for a while.

This was the first time he was soaking in fresh blood, so he had to be careful. He had to choose two boys and girls with better aptitude.

As he looked at them, his gaze fell on Hei Xinjiu and di beiming. This pair of little things were brother and sister, so it was best to soak the holy bone for the first time.

Hei Xinjiu saw instructor Liu Jiaoxi’s gaze looking at her, and she couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. He was really courting death!

She stuffed a few bottles of the antidote for the soul devouring powder into the sleeves of the little fatty behind her. Although the little fatty was very surprised, he had been serving their king these past few days, so he had become more cautious, she immediately hid a few porcelain bottles in her sleeves.

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