The Way of the Empress - Chapter 99

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Zhuo Yang has always been very cautious. After receiving news from Gordon that he accidentally learned some clues related to the Xue family's unjust case and wanted to tell him face-to-face, he also deliberately chose a safer place and took his guards to the appointment. Yes, before leaving, he even sent a message to Moodys' personal terminal to inform him about it.

But unexpectedly, when it comes to calculations, he will eventually lose Dein...

As soon as Zhuo Yang entered the door of their agreed box, he was directly stunned by a burst of drugs and was taken away from the dark room by Dein.

When he woke up again, he was already **** and thrown on the spaceship. There was also Emperor Winston who was **** and thrown on the spaceship with him.

"Father..." As soon as Zhuo Yang woke up, he saw Emperor Winston at a glance.

Emperor Winston was already in poor health. This time he was fascinated by the drug, and his whole person was not well. He opened his eyes in a daze, even unaware that he was bound and forced to kneel on the ground. Question: "Zhuo Yang? Where are we?"

"Father, we're afraid we are here..." Zhuo Yang frowned, as he hadn't finished speaking.

Behind the two, there was another familiar voice: "Are you awake?"

"Din, why are you here?" Emperor Winston was still a little dazed, as he asked when he saw his brother opening his mouth.

However, Zhuo Yang suddenly woke up, and immediately looked at the Changdiqing on alert: "Is it you?"

Suddenly, Tan Yuzhi saw Di because of why he was so scared, and Zhuo Yang suddenly had a rough outline.

Diyin Changdiqing has always been an exquisite, noble and calm guide. Although he is a Changdiqing, he has a very good temper. He has always been considerate and considerate when facing Emperor Winston.

Therefore, although Emperor Winston and he were half-parents, they thought they loved this younger brother very much.

"Why am I here? You should ask your good son, Winston Bricania. If he had found something that shouldn't be checked, he dug up my old bottom and turned it out. I Now I'm not going to prepare for the end of the world." At this moment, although Dein looked a little embarrassed, he was still calm and high, but the respect he had previously disguised for Winston was gone.

Winston's brain has never been turned around until now: "Moodys has found something that shouldn't be checked, why do you need Destiny?"

In his eyes, this half-brother is simply an existence that can't stand up to himself any more.

"Are you the real mastermind behind the injustice case of the Xue family's extermination, and the real leader of the anti-imperial society organization?" Zhuo Yang reacted right away.

Moodys recently followed the clues left by Duke Andrew to investigate the case of the Xue family. What was implicated was the anti-imperial organization behind the scenes...

Dein chuckled, tacitly acquiescing to Zhuo Yang's question: "His Royal Highness responded very quickly."

"Anti-imperial society? You are also a member of the royal family. Why do you want to set up such a reactionary organization to overthrow the royal family? And Xue Zhanting, don't you like him, have you interceded for him several times? Why did you design the Xue family's destruction of the door?" Wen After hearing these, Emperor Ston still seemed to be outside the situation.

He didn't understand and couldn't understand why Di was doing this?

He questioned: "You are almost the highest, most powerful, and pampering guide in the entire Osphia, aren't you? Good clothes and jade, everyone is respected, prosperous and rich, the royal family and the people have been supporting you, why are you Do you want to do this?"

"High position and highest status?" Dein sneered after listening to Winston's questioning: "I am from the queen, the royal blood is not the most orthodox, but now I want to succumb to the **** of your mistress. Below, you nod and bow your head, beg to be complacent, even when you see your woman, mistress, and even your daughter-in-law, you have to give three points and salute when you meet. Is this also called high position and pampering?"

Although he has always pretended to be very good, he has never seen Winston in his heart, and now the person he despises the most, even his family, the younger generations are pressed on his head, and how can Dein be Can you be willing?

Winston never knew that this obedient half-brother actually thought of himself like this in his heart, several in a row: ""

Can't tell why.

"The anti-imperial society's opposition is never the anti-rebellion, but the anti-chaotic reaction!" Dein looked at him but sneered: "My emperor brother is dead, it should be my successor... Why, why should I want to You have to look at your face when you are taken away by a trash that has nothing but paste in your brain? Just because you are a sentry, trash, I am not reconciled, I am not reconciled... So, in The day you became the throne, I had already decided to take back everything that belonged to me!"

He sneered: "But I didn't expect that I organized a few times and the plan failed to take shape, so that you, a trash, can become the emperor for many years!"

This is the thing he hates most in his life-

What happened to the wizard? The guide can't be the emperor of Ophia for any reason, he is also a man, he is still a queen, and his blood is noble.

"You... these are all determined by the emperor. I never thought about becoming the emperor. It was your emperor's brother who was unworthy and engaged in human trials, which dragged down the entire imperial family. Caosuga had to die. What is my business! "Winston gritted his teeth with a sigh of relief from his bite.

This emperor was never what he wanted to be, and this mess was not what he wanted to clean up!

Dein sneered and seemed very gloomy: "Heh, what about my emperor brother's human experimentation? It's just the physical lives of untouchables who have never contributed to the country and society. There is nothing to cherish. They are all. Ordinary people are not sentimental. My emperor's brother grafts their bodies and adds other abilities. That is to help those lower creatures evolve!"

"If Chris wanted to save my emperor brother, there was nothing that could not be suppressed, but he just wanted to execute my emperor brother at the will of those untouchables, just for his own partiality and help. Are you a **** at the top?" He never felt that Hannibal's death was due to Hannibal's fault, but felt that all of this was caused by the emperor's eccentricity and the desire to help Winston to become a leader.

Chris is exactly the name of the emperor.

Dein never believed in axioms and justice, but felt that everything was nothing but success or failure.

Winston was speechless at his extreme, and only angrily forced: "You-well, even if I rob you of your throne and take everything from you, if you want to think so, I will recognize them. But, What about Xue Zhanting? Didn't you grow up with him since you were young? Didn't you like him? What is wrong about him, why did you kill his family?"

After learning all the truth, Winston felt that Dein was simply a poisonous snake. While begging for Xue Zhanting and saying that he liked him, he secretly operated and killed the Xue Zhanting family.

"I like him so much, but he rejected me and stayed with others. Of course he is sorry for me..." Dein was confident, as if he had really been let down by Xue Zhanting.

Zhuo Yang was only amused when he heard it. He felt that Dein was simply faulty: "If you like him, he will like you. Can't he refuse you? Feelings have to be consensual. How can there be such a reason? ?"

This long emperor is simply inexplicable.

"I am Chang Diqing, and the most honorable guide in Osphia. Since I was young, there has never been anything I can't get. I like him. Of course he must like me. Otherwise, I will destroy him. Now." Dein was righteous, and his eyes were full of malice. He felt that because he was a long emperor, the whole world would revolve around him, and no one could disobey him.

Zhuo Yang was speechless: "Oh, you are simply robber logic."

In his eyes now, Dein was completely crazy.

"What about the logic that I am a robber? Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me die. Even if he doesn't like me, doesn't he have to stay with me for so many years? Will he only be with me in the future? "As Dein said, he walked into a rectangular transparent object in the center of the spaceship very affectionately, and looked at the people sleeping in it obsessively.

It's great, Xue Zhanting will always belong to him.

Zhuo Yang and Winston hadn't noticed at first, until Dein walked over, they discovered that the transparent rectangular object was an ice coffin, and the person sleeping in the ice coffin was Xue Zhanting, who had been dead for sixty years. .

Really abnormal, Dein actually kept Xue Zhanting's body for sixty years.

Winston and Zhuo Yang were suddenly disgusted by him.

Suddenly, Winston thought of something and asked: "Back then, you sent someone to execute Xue Zhanting to death one minute ahead of schedule. Then you specifically revealed to me that Xue Zhanting's wife is the daughter of an arms dealer? And Xue Zhanting Quantum The beast is a five-clawed blue dragon, and will surely subvert the royal family. You also released the rumors about taking the world?"

After knowing this face of Dein, he recalled many things that year and found many doubts.

"Yes, did you actually react? Winston the Great, you are really slow!" Dein had completely torn off his painted skin, and he recognized it openly: "I let him have a real dragon. The emperor’s fate will overthrow the royal family. Rumors of taking the world are hoping that he can rebel and overthrow the Osphia royal family. He will be the emperor of the new era and I will be the queen... It’s a pity that he is loyal to the emperor and patriotic to you. It was so, why he refused to rebel, and blinded his five-clawed blue dragon quantum beast... Later, he refused my courtship and was with other guides, so I had to let him go to death!"

He downplayed it very lightly.

Zhuo Yang and Winston heard him startled.

Especially Winston, he hadn't thought that many of his decisions for so many years were made under the interference of Dein, but he didn't know it... it was terrible.

Zhuo Yang looked at this person, only to feel the horror: "It is as terrible as a nightmare to be liked by you!"

He didn't know how bad his grandfather, who had never lived before, had done so that he was loved by such a perverted lunatic.

"I only need him to belong to me." Dein was very satisfied with the current situation, and he never regretted killing Xue Zhanting.

Zhuo Yang looked at him but sneered: "You were wrong, you never got him, and he never belonged to you. What you have now is his body. The most valuable thing about a person is his soul. His soul never belonged to him. I have never loved you even for a moment... and now, I have been reunited with my grandmother under Jiuquan sixty years ago."

"If he knows well, thinking of you will only find you disgusting." Zhuo Yang made a loud voice.

Feelings need to be paid, and I hope that the other party can be happy and happy...

What Dein had for Xue Zhanting was not feelings at all, but perverted possessiveness.

"Grandma? I almost forgot, you are that woman's grandson?" Diyin seemed to remember that Zhuo Yang was Xue Zhanting's grandson. When he came to him, he lifted Zhuo Yang's chin with his hand: "You are now This person is so polite, self-righteous, and looks exactly the same as your disgusting grandmother in a tirade, your Royal Highness..."

He patted Zhuo Yang's face lightly, full of disgust: "However, you'd better not irritate me easily, because of your grandpa’s love, I will leave you a whole body. Otherwise, I will let you die. It's ugly."

He threatened.

"Heh~" Zhuo Yang sneered.

"My lord, my lord is okay. The crown prince led an army to surround us." At this moment, one of Dein's men rushed to report.

Dein was not surprised that Moodys would come so soon, so he directly ordered: "Don't worry, he doesn't dare to move us. Help me connect with Moodys."

"Yes." Dein's subordinates were very obedient.

Moodys was obviously very anxious. As soon as Dein's communication passed, his communication was connected almost immediately. He asked, "Din Bricania, what on earth do you want to do? My father and emperor. Where is Zhuo Yang?"

"Moodys, my good nephew, if you still want your father and your prince to survive, let me leave Osphia safe and sound, and I can let them live. Otherwise, I will die now. One, I had no choice but to bring my respected His Majesty the Emperor and His Royal Highness to the burial for me.” Dein interrupted him carelessly before Moodys could finish speaking.

Moodys frowned. Even if he saw Zhuo Yang and Winston through the projection, he did not dare to let go of his heart. He almost immediately agreed to Dein's request: "You let my father and Zhuo Yang go, I promise Let you leave Osphia."



Zhuo Yang and Winston spoke in unison, both disagreeing with Moodys's terms of agreeing to Dein. Dein is a poisonous snake. If he lets him go, he will surely come back to harm again.

Moodys heard their voices, but his heart tightened.

"No, you promise, I can't rest assured." Dein refused Moodys' request without saltiness: "At least, you have to let your people back away for a while until I get to Oss. Outside of Feia, I am completely safe before I can return the person to you. Otherwise, without these two hostages, I would be too unsafe. Who knows if you will let me go."

Moodys was very anxious: "I promise with my personality that if you let my father and Zhuo Yang go, I won't let you leave Osphia, and I will die."

"Moodys!" Zhuo Yang and Winston shouted in unison.

"Zhuo Yang, Emperor Father." Moodys gritted his teeth: "Din Bricania, let go!"

"Moodys, good nephew, uncle also wants to believe in your character, after all, your character is outstanding throughout Osphia, but uncle really doesn't want to die, and cherish his little life... …So, I won’t let anyone go until the border.” Dein casually.

When the voice fell, he suddenly looked at Zhuo Yang and Winston very fiercely: "Otherwise..."

"What do you want to do?" Moodys was immediately taken aback by him, lest he tear the ticket.

"Don't do anything, don't worry, I still want to survive, so I won't kill them. Immediately, let your people back to a safe distance and don't chase them again..." Dein fiercely provoked Zhuo Yang's chin: " Otherwise, what your father said is related to me, and I won’t take him as anything, but your princess, his pretty face can’t be kept..."

"Do you know the burns of the zerg venom? You have been troubled for 20 years. You should be very clear. If you can't cure it, if you don't retreat, I will pour it on the face of your princess... I don't know. By the time he doesn't have this good-looking face, will you still love him so much." Dein threatened.

Zhuo Yang shouted: "Moodys, don't believe him!"

Dein had directly taken out the Zerg venom and put it on Zhuo Yang's face.

Moodys was taken aback immediately, and he promised: "I will retire...I will retire immediately, don't hurt him!"

Dein cut off the communication without waiting for Moodys's voice to fall. After Moodys was threatened by him, he immediately ordered people to retreat to a safe distance that could be monitored but could not be chased. He followed behind, and began to let Dein's spacecraft fly out of Emperor Star, the inner galaxy, and slowly head towards Oss. The outer galaxy of Feia drove to the border.

As he got closer and closer to the outside world, Zhuo Yang became more and more anxious.

Dein's spacecraft is a miniature spacecraft that is easy to conceal. It goes out of Osphia without surveillance, and goes into the sky to hide. The people of Osphia can never find them again.

Moreover, his instinct told him that Dein would never let him and Winston go back...

Zhuo Yang was extremely disturbed.

No, he can't sit still, he has to find a way...

Between the lightning and flint, Zhuo Yang suddenly thought that when he was almost raped when he was young, he eagerly manipulated more than a dozen sentinels to kill each other with mental power.

Maybe, he can try again.

Zhuo Yang looked at Dein's guides, and suddenly had a plan.

Just when Dein's spacecraft traveled to the Heart of Rose, approaching the star field near the Nine-Tailed Star. Zhuo Yang used his mental power to control Dein's men while their guards were getting loose, let them untie the restraints for himself and Winston, and launched an attack on Dein.

Dein was taken aback by his own attack.

Zhuo Yang said that it was too late to grab the control panel of the spacecraft and urgently set up a setting for landing the Nine-Tailed Star nearby, and wanted to land the Nine-Tailed Star urgently.

Jiuweixing is Feng Bai's territory, and they will not be completely controlled by others when they land on Jiuweixing.

Dein kicked away the two sentries who had grabbed him one by one, and pressed a control button.

Several sentinels controlled by Zhuo Yang's spirit stopped immediately and began to attack Zhuo Yang again.

Dein didn't believe in people. After so many years of human experiments, the minds of the subordinates he took away were all equipped with chips that obeyed his orders. Zhuo Yang couldn't control them for too long.

"Unexpectedly, the prince, you actually have such a skill, and you almost let you run away." Dein looked at Zhuo Yang but sneered: "However, even if you have such a skill, it's useless. You are destined to fail. I."

Just after Zhuo Yang set up the emergency landing procedure, he subconsciously wanted to run when he saw a few sentries rushing towards him.

I didn't want to, but was blocked by Xue Zhanting's ice coffin, and was forced to desperately ran into Xue Zhanting's ice coffin. A few sentries rushed forward, trying to catch him back and imprison him again.

Zhuo Yang struggled desperately, just as he was hurriedly kicking and beating, he didn't know what device on the ice coffin was touched.

"Di——" With a sound, Xue Zhanting's ice coffin actually opened.

Xue Zhanting has been dead for sixty years. His corpse needs a special environment to be preserved intact and lifelike... At the moment the ice coffin was opened, the air touched Xue Zhanting’s corpse. The body quickly withered...

In an instant, it was broken into dregs and broken into sand.

"Ah--" Dein screamed when he saw it, and rushed over, subconsciously trying to grab Xue Zhanting's body with all his strength, but it was too late.

Xue Zhanting's body was completely destroyed. He only caught an unshaped hand of sand, and the other hand was mixed with broken bones...

Dein fumbled desperately in the ashes, and finally only caught a piece of bone less than the size of an egg. He grabbed the broken bones, and rushed towards Zhuo Yang in a hysterical manner: "I want to kill you, I want to kill you! The battle court——"

He squeezed Zhuo Yang's neck irrespectively, with no sense of reason, and he was very likely to die with him.

Zhuo Yang was dizzy, his face was suffocated by him, and he couldn't breathe, almost feeling that he was about to suffocate to death.

Just when Zhuo Yang thought he was going to die, the spacecraft suddenly stopped. As soon as the spacecraft landed, the door of the spacecraft opened automatically.

Moodys immediately rushed in with someone, pulling away Dein for life, and surrounded all Dein and his related party feathers.

As early as when Dein's spacecraft swayed from left to right and suddenly changed its sailing route, Moodys realized something was wrong, and immediately let people speed up to catch up...

Sure enough, Dein didn't even notice any other people, so he sent a warning, but swayed and fell to the ground on the Nine-Tailed Star.

"Zhuo Yang, Zhuo Yang..." Moodys held Zhuo Yang, who was almost unconscious, and his heartbeat missed a few beats.

And Di didn't realize it because he was caught, just like crazy, clutching Xue Zhanting's broken bones tightly and crying: "Zhanting, don't, don't leave me..."

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