The Monster I Was Redeemed - v2 Chapter 86 not so important

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Chuck explained the cause and effect in two sentences.

The colleague laughed: "Hey, I said earlier, I thought you were going to search for DX818A for my life."

Walking into the room, Ledia in the bathroom was carrying a mosaic that barely maintained a human shape, just to extract the curse from the opponent's body.

Although the method is a little rough, at least people are still alive.

However, the researcher who had only half a breath left, probably only wanted a good time now.

"Tsk tsk tsk, it's really tragic."

Colleagues are amazed at the **** picture that they cannot pass the trial without playing mosaic.

Then he looked at Lydia, whose arms were covered in blood dancing: "Um... This beauty looks familiar, Lydia J? No wonder you can find clues about DX818A."

Chuck turned to look at him stiffly: "You know each other before?"

"The longer you live, the more information you will know."

The colleague didn't continue talking nonsense, and threw a card-sized miniature compass.

Although the induction device does not have a fixed shape, it can be processed by itself to make other styles.

But this is the first time I've seen Chuck sculpted like this.

"The breath originally stored in it has been taken out by me. You only need to put the cursed child in to take effect."

While explaining, the colleague intimately described the manipulation method.

According to the method and steps given by the other party, Ledia slowly injected the cursed child she took out into the interior of the compass.

After the injection was completed, the device responded immediately and became extremely hot.

The corners of the colleague's mouth couldn't help but curl up: "It seems to work... I heard that there is a fusion warrior following you, then I will not participate in the next thing, you can rest assured to arrest people, I will help deal with the corpse."

The colleague looked at the corpse and blood in the bathroom and offered to help dispose of the corpse.

Chuck's face suddenly froze, his eyes lost their lustre, and he said expressionlessly, "You don't have to go anywhere."

The two of them looked at Chuck together, as if they didn't understand why he was talking nonsense at such a time.

Different from Lydia, who has calmed down her vigilance after living a comfortable life for several years.

Colleagues immediately noticed something was wrong with Chuck.

boom! Haw!

A black tiger's heart pierced directly through Chuck's chest.

The friction between the sticky blood and the palm makes a sound similar to squeezing a slime.

Part of the bone slag, together with the pieces of organs, smashed onto the marble floor, and there was a crisp sound.

Lydia didn't understand why the person Chuck brought over would suddenly kill him.

But Lydia knew that Chuck had the hope of returning to the Ocean Heart Society, and he must not die here.

They are all weird messengers who drive weird things, not the fusion warrior who completely gave up the human body.

It is human instinct to be defensive and hostile to those who take the lead in raiding.

Ledia didn't think about it in detail, she chose to obey her instinct and attack the guy who pierced Chuck's chest.


The colleague scolded: "Have you not seen it yet! This guy is not Chuck Battier at all!"

When Lydia heard this, it was too late.

One hit straight to the chest of his colleague, kicking him out heavily.

When Lydia looked back at Chuck, she saw an incredible scene.

The colleague's right hand was embedded in Chuck's chest, and it was being decomposed and eaten away by a black unknown substance.

From the fracture, it looks like it was bitten off by something.

The organs and blood that were knocked out of the body turned into lumps of black mud, and they kept pupa towards Chuck's calf.

Weird is not a crazy mask like the cat's eye.

Although their bodies have been strengthened, they still have the fatal weakness of human beings, that is, the rescue time is slightly longer than that of ordinary people.

But Chuck's current performance is obviously beyond the scope of the weird messenger, like...

While Ledia distanced herself from Chakra, she said in shock, "He was completely assimilated by a strange thing? How is this possible! It was not long ago..."

"To shut up!"

The colleague stood up straight and pulled off the high-heeled shoe inserted into his chest with his only left hand.

He mobilized his muscles to temporarily seal the blood hole in his chest and the blood vessels in his right hand to stop the bleeding.

The colleague's eyes were fixed on Chuck, but his footsteps quietly moved towards the balcony inch by inch.

This is the Asian Union and it is not its own territory. If you encounter a strange incident, you don't have time to escape, so why stay here?

Waiting for the Countermeasures Bureau to issue you a good citizen certificate will fail.

If it wasn't for Chuck who locked him at the beginning, he would never have broken his wrist.

She had already taken Ledia but fled the scene with her meat shield.

Five meters, four meters, three meters...

When there was still three meters away from the window, the colleague kicked his right foot vigorously and hit the window sideways.


A good sound is a good head.

He bumped into the swirling colleague, staggered to his feet, and smashed the window with another punch.

This can really kill the fists of two cows, and it didn't even make the window frame vibrate.

"Don't waste your efforts, you can't get out."

Chuck, or Ai Liang, who was controlling Chuck's body, walked out of the bathroom slowly.

The colleague who saw that he couldn't escape didn't compete with the window anymore: "What the **** are you TM? The remote control armor of the Countermeasures Bureau?"

Colleagues began to regret in their hearts.

When Chuck's signal disappeared, Haixin Club specially notified the field staff around Qianhua City.

He clearly knew that Chuck's signal had disappeared for a while, and it was very likely that an accident had occurred.

But he still lost to the temptation of merit and chose to trust the orders of the Haixin Society.

Hai Xin will approve the borrowing of the induction device for a day. I am afraid he is hesitating whether to use himself to test Chuck.

The colleague originally thought that he would get out immediately after borrowing the device, but unexpectedly, this borrowing would probably stay forever.

Ai Liang held it in her hand just now while she was unprepared, UU reading www. The sensor device that snatched from Ledia: "I'm not a member of the Countermeasures Bureau, I'm targeting you because our purpose is exactly the same."

Same purpose?

A glimmer of light flashed in his colleague's eyes: "I won't ask where you learned about the existence of the DX818A.

What are you looking for DX818A for? Use him to exchange adaptation medicine from other forces to suppress the strangeness in the body? Or just want to change a resource?

If that's the case, we don't have to fight to death, we can give you whatever you want, and as long as you can help us catch DX818A, we can forgive you for killing Chuck..."

"It's not as complicated as you think."

After Ai Liang extracted the curse from the induction device, he burned it to ashes: "I just want to help her."

The colleague's face turned dark: "Since you are not from the Countermeasures Bureau, how dare you interfere with the mission of the Haixin Club? Do you know what will happen if you go against the Haixin Club?"

"Of course I know." Ai Liang replied.

"Then how dare you..."

"An organization that doesn't even have apostles, even if it perishes, it won't have much impact, are you right?"

In an instant, silent fear flooded the hearts of Lydia and Chuck's colleagues.

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