Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1092 - Chapter 1092 The 12 Dark Envoys.

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Chapter 1092 The 12 Dark Envoys.

“Sir, who are you?” A God Realm Master came to the shoreside and stared at the figure on the cyan boat.

But what responded to him was a long whip shadow like lightning.

The mysterious man in the rain cape did not say a word. With a shake of his wrist, the fishing rod in his hand crossed the distance of space in an extremely weird way. In an instant, it rushed over, broke the void layer by layer, and directly came at the God Realm Master.

“You… Go to hell!” The God Realm Master who had asked the question was both shocked and angry. His status was high. He snorted and struck out with his palms. Powerful Qi surged, and his palms were like knives, cutting at the fishing rod.


A powerful force exploded in the void.

The God Realm Master grunted and stepped back in shock. He held his right wrist with one hand, where blood spurt out. His entire right palm was hooked by the fishing line before it was cut off and fell on the ground.

He suffered a big loss in the moment of the fight.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this.

This God Realm Master’s name was Lan Xing, and he was also a well-known senior master in the Northern Region. His strength was above the one-apertured God Realm, and he had been famous for a long time. Unexpectedly, one of his palms was cut off at the moment of the fight. The mysterious figure in a straw rain cape on the cyan boat was terrifyingly powerful.

“You’re guarding here and blocking our way. Are you one of the 12 Dark Envoys?” Ding Honglei asked solemnly.

On the cyan small boat, the mysterious figure in the rain cape laughed heartlessly. The fishing rod in his hand shook slightly, and a heart-wrenching buzzing sound came. The fishing line once again hooked a crimson koi from the boiling magma. It wasn’t until he opened his mouth and swallowed it that he abruptly looked back.

His face under the straw hat was blurred in the shadow, giving off a weird feeling.

“Before the Extermination River, I’ll decide who gets to live and who gets to die!”

A faint voice reverberated in the air above the magma. It was like the curse of a ghost, filled with bone-chilling killing intent.

Ding Honglei changed her expression and said, “It turns out that you’re Dark Envoy Extermination, one of the 12 Dark Envoys.”

The mysterious figure in the rain cape laughed and said with an unquestionable tone, “I’m surprised that you know my name, little girl. Since that’s the case, I’ll spare your life. You need to turn back now.”

Ding Honglei smiled and said, “You’re merely a Dark Envoy. How dare you call me a little girl? You really don’t know your limits, and you’re even playing tricks here. I advise you to get out of the way. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Dark Envoy Ghost.”

Before she could finish speaking-


Great killing intent suddenly burst out above the magma torrent, as if it was winter in an instant.

The mysterious figure in the straw rain cape stood up, and the straw hat on his head exploded, revealing a black head. It had no facial features but a light mass the size of a head, swaying with black demonic fog. Two scarlet flames flickered in it like a pair of evil eyes, which looked extremely gloomy and horrible.

At this moment, the otherworldly immortal picture of the cyan boat, the straw hat, and the straw rain cape was instantly ruined.

“Bitch, it was you who killed Dark Envoy Ghost?” The man’s voice came out of the ghostly demonic fog head without any emotion, like rotten bones rubbing against each other. After a pause, he said, “No, no, how could you kill him with your strength? You know who the murderer is, don’t you?”

Ding Honglei’s face suddenly became fierce. “The 12 Dark Envoys are a group of rotten creatures that should have died a long time ago. You even climbed out of your graves, abandoned the glory of martial artists, wreaked havoc in the world, and reversed the Reincarnation. You truly deserve to die. Everyone should eliminate all of you. The ones who killed Dark Envoy Ghost are heroes. How can they be blasphemed and insulted by you?”

“How dare you!” Dark Envoy Extermination was furious, and the magma torrent around him surged. The fishing rod in his hand flashed like lightning, and like the chain of Death, it came at Ding Honglei.

“You’re just a dead soul. Today, I’ll bury you for real.” Ding Honglei’s momentum rose sharply. Instead of retreating, she advanced. With a flash of red light between her wrists, her vermillion net shot out.


The fishing rod and the vermillion net collided fiercely in the air. The two of them were evenly matched and were forced to retreat.

“It turns out that the Divine Artifact Vermillion Rainbow is in your hands. Good, very good. You killed Dark Envoy Ghost. Bitch, I will kill you.” Dark Envoy Extermination roared like a behemoth, and the surrounding void was broken by the sound waves. The magma river surged instantly.

“Guys, let’s attack together and kill him first!” The Blue Cloud Sect Master shouted and attacked simultaneously.


A Blue Cloud Palm Print, like a jade carving, pressed down on the fishing rod.

“Haha… hahahaha… What a group of weaklings. How dare you attack me? I’ll send you to hell.” Dark Envoy Extermination’s light laughter was full of contempt and cruelty for life. In the face of dozens of God Realm Masters, he was not afraid at all.

The fishing rod in his hand evolved into a sword move and instantly shattered the Blue Cloud Palm Print.

Dozens of Sword Lights broke through the air and rolled toward the crowd.

At practically the exact same moment, the other God Realm Masters took action successively.

Some of them who had been in the upper position for a long time had heard vaguely about the legend of the 12 Dark Envoys. It was said that they were the strongest 12 immortal generals under the command of Hades True Immortal. Their origins were mysterious, but they were all in charge of a certain region. They were very mysterious and cruel. One had basically no chance of survival in the face of this group of monsters walking in the dark.

In the history of the Land of Infinity, there were death cases where top experts were killed. Those death cases once created a great sensation but were now unknown. On the surface, it seemed that they were caused by all kinds of feuds and fights between sects, but in fact, the 12 Dark Envoys were behind these death cases.

Only some God Realm Masters knew a little about these secrets.

They didn’t expect to meet the legendary 12 Dark Envoys today.

However, since all of them had already taken the opposite side of the dark power, then there was no possibility of compromise. Moreover, all the God Realm Masters wouldn’t be deterred by the other party’s ferocious reputations. They would make a move against their opponent with all their might.

Only Ding Hao and other juniors were asked to assist them aside temporarily.

In an instant, the whole void was almost shattered.

Fortunately, the power of the rules in the depths of Evil Ghost Pit was extremely rich and powerful. The void would recover in the blink of an eye so that it would cause chaotic energy turbulence while so many God Realm Masters were taking action, and it would not twist time and space.

Ding Hao activated his Martial Arts Third Eye and carefully observed the fierce battle.

Juniors like Ding Hao needed to learn the application of strength and combat experience of the senior God Realm Masters. With the use of the power of the rules, they were obviously more skilled than Ding Hao and his peers, who had just entered the God Realm.

The only thing that made Ding Hao and the others a little regretful was that almost all the people on the battlefield were in the middle and low stages of the God Realm. None of them could build their own Tao, and they could not activate their Tao like the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region used to do, who activated the Ice and Snow Tao. This had always been one of the magical powers that Ding Hao yearned for, but unfortunately, he could not figure it out.

Bang! Bang!

There was a series of muffled groans in the collision.

Two God Realm Masters spat out a mouthful of blood and were blasted flying. Their bodies were torn apart, but they recovered in an instant. However, their countenances were slightly pale, and they were heavily injured.

Both of them were in the one-apertured God Realm and hadn’t reached the Completion Level yet, so they were unable to endure the fluctuations of a battle at this level and were the first to suffer an injury.

Dark Envoy Extermination was indeed very powerful. He stood firmly on the small cyan boat. The long and thin fishing rod in his hand was like a peerless divine sword, constantly evolving into all kinds of sword moves. He successfully blocked the attacks of dozens of God Realm Masters alone.

Ding Hao carefully observed the sword moves displayed by the fishing rod.

“It’s the sword technique from the Immortal Period, and it’s called Chaotic Wind Swordplay. It used to be one of the legendary martial arts of the Immortal Period. However, this person’s Chaotic Wind Swordplay is incomplete and he’s missing three moves.” Sword Master’s voice sounded. He was very clear about the sword techniques of the world and was most qualified to comment on them, especially the sword techniques from the Age of Teras, the Ancient Era, and the Immortal Period.

“Sword technique from the Immortal Period?”

Ding Hao nodded. “No wonder I felt that the sword technique he has been displaying was ancient and full of meaning. It’s completely different from the current martial arts swordsmanship. It’s different from the hundreds of ancient sword techniques I have obtained in the Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower. Obviously, it’s more ancient.”

Under the guidance of the Sword Master, Ding Hao soon found the flaws in this sword technique. It was indeed missing three very important moves so that this legendary sword technique from the Immortal Period could not fully exert its power. Even so, it was extremely terrifying.

Ding Hao had the Saintly Being of Saber and Sword. His comprehension and learning ability of saber technique and sword technique were unparalleled. Under the guidance of the Sword Master, he got to learn a lot about the Chaotic Wind Swordplay.

However, after all, it was a well-known legendary martial art from the Immortal Period, so Ding Hao had yet to obtain the methods to activate the power of the sword moves, so he could not exert the power Dark Envoy Extermination had displayed. However, when fighting against enemies in the secular world, he would never be at a disadvantage.

Ding Hao had mastered Saber Intent and Sword Intent. He needed to comprehend the momentum of the saber and sword, so he was not particularly interested in this legendary sword technique. He just needed to understand the meaning and set of patterns within, and he did not need to spend time studying it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosive sounds rang out.

Another dozen figures groaned and were sent flying, spitting blood.

So many people took action, but they failed to suppress Dark Envoy Extermination.

He was indeed a legendary being who walked in the dark and brought about destruction and death. He was just like Death.

“Hahaha, you’re just a group of weaklings. How dare you break into the pass I’m guarding? You’re courting death!” Dark Envoy Extermination laughed loudly. The fishing rod in his hand evolved into sword moves. Sword Lights all over the sky were dancing in the wind. They seemed to be traceless and irregular, but in fact, they contained great killing intent, forcing Ding Honglei and others to retreat.

When he displayed the sword moves, there would be chaotic winds that could kill a True God.

This was a widespread saying in the Immortal Period, which was about the horror of the Chaotic Wind Swordplay. Its power could kill a True God.

“Hahahaha, in today’s era, has martial arts declined to such an extent? A group of nobodies actually came to my pass. Lord Immortal has truly overestimated you…” Dark Envoy Extermination laughed with disdain, and his laughter was like thunder surging in the dark red space. He defeated the crowd with his sword. He felt extremely proud, and the power of his sword surged, causing the magma around the boat to shake and roll.

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