Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036 The Omen of the Great Completion of Saber Intent and Sword Intent

“Are you finally admitting it?” Ding Hao sneered. His whole body was filled with sword Qi, and wisps of Sword Intent were like beams of light, lingering around him. With a thought, he could burst out tens of thousands beams of sword Qi.

“Nothing is important now.” Li Muyun’s tone was as gloomy as a ghost in hell. He said with a sinister smile, “As long as I defeat you, everything will be reversed. Who will remember a dead person?”

Ding Hao laughed and said, “I’m afraid you can’t make that happen.”

“Tsk, tsk. What a pitiful little bastard. Looks like you still do not know the true identity of my young master. You...” The black Ghost Shadow strangely laughed. He was about to say something.

However, at this time, killing intent suddenly filled Ding Hao’s eyes.

“What an ignorant old thing.”


A bolt of lightning appeared in the void without warning and struck down on the ghost’s head.

The black Ghost Shadow was shocked and immediately dodged to change his position. However, in the twinkling of an eye, a strange chill came from his shoulder, followed by intense pain. When he looked again, one of his black arms fell to the ground, and blood flowed everywhere.

“How dare an old dog as you bark wildly here?” Ding Hao said scornfully.

He just cut off an arm of a God Realm Master with one move. This kind of strength caused everyone in the square to gasp in shock.

“You...” The Ghost Shadow groaned. His entire body was surrounded by the Death Qi. In the blink of an eye, his broken arm grew again. In the black shadow under the cloak, two blood-red pupil radiances burst out as he stared fixedly at Ding Hao.

It was not difficult for a God Realm Master to regenerate his limbs. What shocked him was the stunning strength that Ding Hao showed easily.

“How could the strength of this boy of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect be so terrifying?”

In an instant, he put away all his previous contempt and carelessness.

“Attack me together then. It’ll save me some time.” Ding Hao stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His body was as steady as a mountain, and his Sword Intent and Saber Intent were full of vigor. The two completely different magical powers did not conflict with each other when they were performed by him at the same time. On the contrary, they showed a mutual generation and restriction of the Great Tao.

An invisible momentum spread around Ding Hao.

Everyone in the square felt that the prospect of their eyes changed as if there was only Ding Hao between heaven and earth. It was a kind of inexplicable feeling.

Under the pressure of this feeling, no one dared to move. It seemed that as long as one moved, Ding Hao’s body would burst out with an earth-shattering power, crushing everything.

Under the black hood, the Ghost Shadow’s eyelids were twitching.

Only then did he fully understand how powerful this young man was.

However, Li Muyun nodded calmly and said, “Okay. We’ll attack together then.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned into a black Death Qi and disappeared.

Immediately, the howling of tens of thousands of ghosts came from the void, and black shadows of ghosts emerged one after another.

If it weren’t for the four walls of Saber Intent, countless martial artists of the Human Clan would have been killed in an instant. This was a very horrible sound wave attack.

The whole field seemed to turn into a ghost domain in an instant.

The Ghost Shadow also sneered and turned into a black rotating mist. Like a huge black mist drill, it stirred wildly and rushed toward Ding Hao.


Streaks of lightning suddenly flashed within ten meters of Ding Hao’s body.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Once any black Ghost Qi or Death Qi approached this area, it would instantly disappear as if some water had been poured on snow. The thunder and lightning were one of the greatest Yang powers in the world, and it was best to restrain this kind of gloomy ghostly power.


Fine and dense raindrops fell, and the continuous rain covered Ding Hao’s figure.

This scene was too strange. The place, two hundred meters high and ten meters in diameter, where Ding Hao stood seemed to form a small world on its own. No matter how good the weather was outside, it was windy and rainy in this small world. Occasionally, the strange sounds of fish swinging their tails and geese crying could be heard.

“Could this be the power of the rules? What kind of method is this to change the rules within a year?”

Some people in the square were stunned.

This kind of magical power was really beyond their imagination.

“Kill!” The Ghost Shadow screamed, and the Ghost Qi drill became larger and larger. It spun rapidly with endless killing intent. Finally, it broke through the endless lightning and rain and killed its way in.

In the midst of the thunderstorm, there was crazy killing intent.

In the fierce wind and rain, the drill of the Ghost Qi vortex became more and more fierce. Although its speed was slowly reduced, it was firmly approaching forward. Under the crazy twisting, even the void became distorted as if it were a compressed jelly.

Ding Hao stood still and slowly clenched his fists.

A ball of bright silver brilliance emerged from his right fist, slowly extended upward along his arm, and finally covered his entire right arm like a suit of liquid armor.

He then punched out.

His entire arm instantly transformed into a translucent peerless divine sword.

The tip of the sword hit the Ghost Qi drill.


With a slight sound, the Ghost Qi drill was instantly shattered, and a ray of bright light shot out from Ding Hao’s right fist, faintly forming a huge shadow of a divine sword, destroying everything.

“Ah...” The Ghost Shadow screamed in horror. The black Ghost Qi condensed into a body and retreated quickly.

He did not expect Ding Hao’s attack to be so sharp.

This kind of overbearing Sword Intent crushed him head-on completely. His Phantom Drill could not resist the endless terrible Sword Qi.

Streaks of Sword Intent entered his body like wisps of silk, frantically destroying and plundering his vitality.

At the same time, Li Muyun, who had been invisible, appeared and slapped out.

“Ghostly Imprint!” he shouted. This palm strike seemed simple, but it contained endless ghostly power. A black imprint appeared in the center of his palm, spinning about.

“Haha!” Ding Hao laughed and suddenly disappeared.


The Ghostly Imprint failed to hit its target.

However, this kind of magical power of the Hades Ghost Sect was very strange. It did not disperse. Instead, it turned into a black light and rushed toward Ding Hao’s shadow.

However, Ding Hao moved instantly as if he hadn’t seen it. In an instant, he appeared beside the Ghost Shadow.

“I’ll kill you first, you old dog.” As his voice fell, the heavy rain fell again. Ding Hao’s killing intent had already been made up in his mind. With thunder and lightning in his left hand and wind and rain in his right hand, they all rushed into the Ghost Shadow’s body.

“Ah... puff!” The Ghost Shadow rushed forward to block the attack, but he was still hit. He opened his mouth and spat out a blood arrow while retreating madly.

He did not expect that he was not even as fast as Ding Hao.

There seemed to be two steel needles, one cold and the other hot, crazily passing through his muscles and veins while unbearable pain came to him. The black cloak on his body instantly turned into fragments and flew, revealing his skeleton-like figure.

What was he like? His dark brown skin was covered with wrinkles like a dry bark, tightly sticking to his bones. His head was also bony, his eyes were sunken, and his pupils were gray. It was as if he was a human-shaped skeleton covered with a layer of dried animal skin.

On his back, there were two palm prints of silver and gold. They looked very shallow. It seemed that they didn’t leave too many scars on him.

However, only he knew how serious the injuries in his body were. The crazy Sword Intent with killing intent was rapidly devouring his vitality.

It was not until this time that Li Muyun’s Ghostly Imprint came to Ding Hao.

Ding Hao threw a punch immediately.

The Sword Intent crossed the sky.

Now, every movement he made was full of Sword Intent as he made a showy display of his abilities. His movements were neither fast nor slow, containing a kind of great momentum that seemed to show great wisdom, which was difficult to shake.


The Ghostly Imprint was directly smashed.

Ding Hao’s body just shook, and his arm was numb, but that was all.

“Haha, the Hades Ghost Sect is just so-so.” Ding Hao laughed, and the Qi in his body was surging. He was a double-veined nine-apertured Martial Sage, which was equivalent to a double-veined Semi-God Realm master. His combat capability was close to that of a real God Realm Master. With the addition of the Sword Intent and Saber Intent, he was almost invincible.

Li Muyun’s expression became solemn.

“Has Ding Hao’s Saber Intent and Sword Intent reached the advanced level?” He felt the pressure.

The current Ding Hao was completely different from the man whom he met in the Stone Mouth City on the Land of Divine Grace a few days ago. Now, Ding Hao’s every move contained Saber Intent and Sword Intent. He could generate thunder and lightning, storms, cries of swans, and the blossoming of flowers with just a thought. Ordinary moves, in Ding Hao’s hands, contained the charm of a sword and saber. They were invincible and comparable to magic power.

This was clearly a sign of the successful completion of the Saber Intent and Sword Intent.

With a thought, he could turn everything into sabers and swords.

And the sabers and swords could also transform into everything in the world.

“His strength has grown so fast. It’s really terrifying.” Li Muyun made a seal with both hands, and a huge black ghost seal appeared behind him. It condensed as if it were real. His momentum soared as he attacked again.

The huge ghost seal fell down like a dome, covering Ding Hao.

Ding Hao was not afraid. He punched with his left fist and shouted angrily, “Open!”

The Saber Intent crossed the sky while the lightning roared and the thunder rumbled.

An illusion of a huge saber appeared from his fist and stood on the ghost seal.


The world shook.

The ghost seal was directly shattered.

But at this time, the skeleton-like Ghost Shadow came silently from behind with a ferocious look on his face.

Ding Hao acted as if he didn’t notice it.

When someone was about to remind him, something strange happened. Suddenly, with a bang, a blood arrow burst out from the back of the Ghost Shadow, and then his figure suddenly stopped as if he was completely frozen. He didn’t move at all, and blood spurted out of his wound like a spring.

The Ghost Sword in his hand was only less than a finger far from Ding Hao’s back.

But his sword could no longer reach the distance between them.

“You are dead.” Ding Hao’s voice was like the sentence of Death.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A series of muffled sounds came, and the Ghost Shadow’s body was constantly bleeding.

In the blink of an eye, this God Realm Master was blown to a bloody pulp and turned into a puddle of flesh. Only his green divine soul escaped, screaming and running away.

After his body was smashed by the Saber Intent and Sword Intent, he could not suppress the damage of this power at all.

Ding Hao raised his hand.


The Sword Intent streaked across the sky, locking onto that sparkling green divine soul.

Li Muyun laughed loudly and made a seal with his hands. A huge divine seal emerged and blocked these wisps of Sword Intent and Qi. With a flash, he came to the front of the divine soul in an instant and opened his mouth to suck it in.

Like a wisp of smoke, the divine soul was sucked into Li Muyun’s mouth.

“No, you can’t swallow me... I have lectured you and you owe me. You...” The divine soul roared wildly, but in the end, he could not escape from misfortune. He was entirely sucked into Li Muyun’s mouth mercilessly.

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