Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4760 Qin Yi breaks through

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If the above-grade Xiantian Lingbao, or even the three corpses cut out by the middle-grade Xiantian Lingbao, would naturally not be as powerful as a true quasi-immortal king.

However, the combat power of the three corpses cut out by the best innate spiritual treasures is not inferior to the existence of ordinary quasi-immortal kings.

In other words, the leader of the Styx River is equivalent to four quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses.

In this case, even if the three immortal masters of Jingtai join forces with the quasi-immortal kings of the endless underworld and the nine secluded abyss, they may not be able to do anything.

It may not be possible to win without falling, but at least it is invincible.

after all.

Apart from the Styx Sect Master, it is not that there is no combat power in the quasi-immortal king realm.

For example, Qin Yi, if he uses the Dao of All Heavens to bless his body, is not afraid of damage to his body and soul, and forcibly stimulates the peak power of the Immortal Slaying Gourd, he may not be able to explode the combat power of the quasi-immortal king realm.

Of course, Qin Yi wouldn't do it if it wasn't a last resort.

Immortal Slaying Gourd's backlash against the soul is not a joke.

Not to mention other things, once Qin Yi's soul source is injured, it will be troublesome for him to make up for the soul source.

This undoubtedly shows that Buluoshenchao has enough confidence to face the next challenge.

But whether you have the confidence to deal with the next big war is one aspect, and being fully prepared is another aspect.

After the news of the arrival of the real devil, Maitreya Buddha still needs to inform Qin Yi, so that Buluoshenchao is ready for the war.

Maitreya Buddha did not delay too much, set off directly, and returned to Tianyao Continent.

With his cultivation base, he crossed countless chaotic paths and entered Tianyao Continent in an instant.


As soon as he entered the Tianyao Continent, Maitreya Buddha let out a surprise and looked down at the deepest part of the Tianyao Continent.


There, a vast and majestic momentum suddenly erupted.

The unparalleled power swept across the nine heavens and ten places, running through the chaotic void, and instantly swept the entire Tianyao Continent and the entire Eastern Frontier.

The mighty aura is like a torrent of world destruction, surging in the eastern boundary, shaking the avenues of the heavens, and almost overturning the eastern boundary.

At this moment, the Law of Infinity and the Great Dao were all squeezed out by this momentum.



I am alone.

This is the will revealed in this momentum, except for me, nothing exists!

"This is?"

Tianyao Continent, as well as countless creatures in the eastern boundary, could not help but look at the area where the momentum came from, and their hearts trembled, and they were horrified by the power of this momentum.

Whether it is the creatures under Heavenly Venerate or the creatures above Heavenly Venerate, they can't help but be shocked by the power of this momentum at this moment.

This consciousness is too terrifying!


The next moment, this momentum was withdrawn, and a figure appeared in the hearts of countless creatures.

One was dressed in a nine-chapter true dragon emperor robe, and the twelve-line glazed crown fell quietly, covering its face, making people look down on its face.

But between the gestures and gestures of this figure, there is infinite emperor energy permeating.

At this moment, a clear understanding rose in the hearts of the powerhouses of the five realms, that is, someone who has proven the way to the real fairyland.

At the same time, a group of strong people also realized the identity of this strong person.

Don't fall for God Lord, Qin Yi.


Then, the figure shattered in the hearts of everyone, and a huge roar erupted from the avenue.

This is Dao Tianyin, who is extolling Qin Yi's realization of the real fairyland, and all kinds of visions appear, filling the Tianyao Continent and even the eastern border.


In the depths of Tianyao Continent, the vast and majestic will fell back, wrapped in endless chaotic essence, poured back into the top layer of the space-time cultivation pavilion, and merged into Qin Yi's body.

"This is the real fairyland?"

Qin Yi stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes narrowed, and his emotions fluctuated slightly.

Before he retreated, he had already condensed the supreme immortal soul and the supreme immortal body, and he only needed to combine the physical body with the divine soul to become a nine-day true immortal.

With the blessing of many conditions such as the system disc, the Great Dao of All Heavens, and the Space-Time Cultivation Pavilion, Qin Yi also took advantage of the situation to complete a breakthrough.

At this moment, it is only two thousand years before Qin Yi came to the heavens and the world.

For two thousand years, for an ordinary immortal cultivator, even an emperor of the lower three realms, it may only be a time required for a retreat to cultivate magical powers.

Qin Yi went from a mortal with no cultivation to the present day by step, and he has also experienced a lot of acceptance.

In the beginning, the threat of the eldest prince, the threat of the ancient barbarian dynasty, the threat of the major sects in Qingzhou, the threat of the Xuanye Demon Race, and later, the threat of the Zhenhuang Emperor and other forces.

Then, there is the threat of the Wandao Dynasty, and then there is the threat of the Western Heaven Buddhism and other forces.

And now, Qin Yi finally proved the true fairyland and became one of the top existences in the five realms.

Holding the Great Dao of All Heavens, although it cannot compete with the quasi-immortal king, it is enough to fight against the real fairyland peak powerhouse.

If the Immortal Slaying Gourd is used again, it is enough to protect himself in the hands of the quasi-immortal king powerhouse. Because of the improvement of the cultivation realm, Qin Yi can exert the more tyrannical power of the Immortal Slaying Gourd.

"I should get out too."

Qin Yi took a step forward, and when he reappeared, he was already in the secret realm of enlightenment.

Generally speaking, after cultivators break through to the real fairyland, there will be a period of imaginary realm, and it takes a certain amount of time to consolidate their own cultivation.

However, because Qin Yi's accumulation is too strong, whether he is in charge of the All-Heaven Avenue or practicing the four avenues such as the Emperor's Avenue, he has accumulated far more than others.

It is precisely because of this that Qin Yi does not need to consolidate his cultivation, and even if he has already reached the threshold of the initial stage of the real fairyland, it will not be long before he can break through the early stage of the real fairyland.

After all, the Hunyuan Star Relic Golden Pill obtained from the hands of Gan Yizheng has not yet been taken. If it is taken, Qin Yi is estimated to be able to break through the early stage of True Wonderland.

Qin Yi was not in a hurry to choose a breakthrough. He had just broken through to the real fairyland. Although he did not need to stabilize his cultivation, the continuous breakthroughs would inevitably affect his foundation.

Why should he damage the foundation of his own body for the sake of being quick?

Therefore, he chose to suspend the breakthrough.

"His Majesty!"

After entering the secret realm of enlightenment, Qin Yi saw Maitreya Buddha waiting in it and bowed to him.

"Maitreya, why are you looking for me?"

Qin Yi's expression changed and asked.

Maitreya Buddha did not delay, and immediately opened his mouth to inform Qin Yi about doing a real demon.

"Do a real devil?"

Qin Yi raised the corner of his mouth, revealing a strange smile.

The last time, Gan Yizhen Demon came, but brought him a lot of benefits, which can be called a rich boy.

Whether it is "The Method of Promotion of the Immortal Dynasty" or the Golden Pill of Hunyuan Star Relics, they are all treasures that are of great use to Qin Yi.

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